Stock journal Business Finance Assignment Help

Stock journal Business Finance Assignment Help. Stock journal Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Please note that this assignment is based on a pretend scenario and fictitious money. However, the assignment is based on actual stock pricing in real time situations. Do not invest your personal money for this assignment.

You may be following your stock every day, but if you’re not, for Week 8 you must:

  1. Record the current price of the stock for each company you selected in Week 3’s Stock Journal. You may use any price during this week (e.g., day one price, the opening, the low, the high, the close, or any price you find when you check it during the day). Using MS Excel spreadsheet or MS Word document, put your Week 3 and Week 8 stock prices side-by-side, to show your comparison.
  2. Determine the current value of your total investment. Do not make any changes to your investment at this time. Calculate your total based on the number of shares and the new price per share, for each company.
  3. Provide your opinion / assessment of your investments. Evaluate the results of your current investment. Are you happy with the result and the trend? Are you upset because you’re investment is worth less than $25,000. Feel free to speculate / guess at why you believe the stock increased, decreased, or remained static.



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Explained below Writing Assignment Help

These are discussion questions for a discussion board l. This is initial post it must be 250 words… thanks for taking on this assignment in advance! The question is below with a place for you to write the answer please provide references.

1.) We all know that bacteria are capable of causing serious illnesses. Research has now shown that bacteria are helpful in many more ways than had previously been known. How is your life influenced by helpful bacteria?


2.) Is it possible that these parasites may be links to the earliest days of the beginning of life on this planet? Using the information you have learned from your textbookand Mastering Biology, about biogenesis and explain why you think this may be true or is false.


3.) I am very excited to see what biological research interests you. Pick a topic that has made the headlines in the last 30 days. This is a biology class, so the research you discuss needs to be about something that is alive.

In your discussion please include the following information:

• Report the source of the information, both the news source and original publication of research, in APA format.

◦ For example, did you read a summary of the research article in a newspaper?

▪ If so, please include both the newspaper article and the research paper citations.

• Describe the research that is being reported and summarize the article

• Who funded this research?

• How does this research affect you?

If you are not sure where to find science articles, here a few places you might find helpful:

(With this on just find a topic and summarize it)



Inventing Argument Humanities Assignment Help

Unit 7, you will not be writing a full essay. Instead, you will prepare for the later drafting of your Argumentative Essay by identifying a topic and a viable debate within the topic, choosing your argumentative stance, locating library sources, and performing prewriting toward building a successful essay of argument.

To complete this assignment successfully:

  1. Identify a topic from the many covered in the List of Approved Articles for Writing (“The Argument Culture” by Deborah Tannen, page 302-from The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers, 11th edition.) that is relevant to your life and goals. This topic may pertain to your academic program and interests, your current or future career and goals, or one of your personal passions. ( Note: you will not use any sources from your textbook for this essay. The only sources you will employ in this essay will be peer-reviewed, scholarly library sources. No sources from your textbook or elsewhere will be acceptable.)
  2. Identify a viable debate within this topic (that is, an arguable concept over which scholars and academics or professionals in the field may hold differing opinions).
  3. Research your topic and identify two scholarly, peer-reviewed articles that appeal to you and which both clearly and firmly present opinions on your topic.
    • Again, note that the only sources you may use for this assignment, and for your Argumentative Essay as a whole in Units 7–10, are peer-reviewed scholarly library sources.
    • Perform your library research by going to the Capella Library and searching across all collections, using the Summon search tool. On your iGuide page, go to Library, and locate the Summon search box. You will use your search terms and once you have searched, check the boxes Items with full text online and Limit to articles from scholarly publications, including peer-review. This way, you will know that your results are both in full-text (so you will be able to read the entire article online), and that they meet the important requirement of being scholarly and peer-reviewed by other experts in the field.
  4. Read your peer-reviewed, scholarly library articles several times, taking careful notes on the authors’ viewpoints on your topic.
  5. Identify your own stance on the issue, creating a single statement that forwards your argument and that illustrates how your opinion is situated in the larger debate.
  6. Carefully review the following:
    • The Prentice Hall Essential Guide for College Writers:
      • Pages 298–302, Argumentative Appeals, covering logic and reason; character, credibility, and ethical appeal; and emotion (or logos, ethos, and pathos).
      • Pages 336–345, Arguing: Writing Processes.
    • The two media pieces, Claims and Evidence and Developing an Argument (attached).
  7. After you have reviewed these items, perform structural prewriting for your argumentative essay that focuses on voice, purpose, and audience by listing at least five items in support of your stance. Draw on the argumentative appeals of logic and reason; character, credibility, and ethical appeal; and emotion (logos, ethos, and pathos) and list at least two opposing viewpoints, or arguments that reasonable, educated scholars or professionals may make against your stance.
  8. Compose your prewriting for the Argumentative Essay. Include the following:
    • Your thesis statement (your stance on the issue in a single statement that forwards your argument and which illustrates how your opinion is situated in the larger debate).
    • The authors and titles of your two peer-reviewed scholarly library articles.
    • Your full list of at least five items in support of your stance, each of which draws on an argumentative appeal of logic or reason, character, credibility, or emotion.
    • Your full discussion of at least two opposing viewpoints, or arguments that reasonable, educated scholars or professionals may make against your stance.
    • A statement of how you will avoid bias in your argument and of how you will carefully consider audience, purpose, and voice.
  9. When you have finished your assignment, carefully and very thoroughly read through the Inventing Argument Scoring Guide before submitting your work. Read and comprehend all categories in the scoring guide, asking your instructor if you have any questions about any element of these criteria. Do not finalize and submit this assignment until you have taken this step.
  10. Submit your essay prewriting in a Word document with full and proper APA formatting. You will find detailed instruction on APA document formatting, as well as an example of an APA-formatted essay, in A Writer’s Reference, in the APA section, under APA: Manuscript Format, Sample Paper.

Please use only peer reviewed scholarly articles.

APA formatting


Management Effectiveness Using Technology Resources/Information Technology Project Management Writing Assignment Help

The company that you are working for is considering buying another smaller firm. However, there is some business analysis needed for your company to make its final decision about purchasing. Throughout this course, you will be working on creating the Business Strategy and Management Plan.

Keep in mind that the final Business Strategy and Management Plan template should contain the following elements:

  • Title page
  • Course number and name (part of the title page)
  • Project name (part of the title page)
  • Your name (part of the title page)
  • Date (part of the title page)
  • Table of contents
    • Auto-generated
    • Up-to-date
    • Maximum of 3 levels deep
  • Section headings As a preview, each section will contain the following subsections:
  • Qualitative Evaluation of the Industry’s Strategic Position
    • Choose an aspect of the information technology (IT) industry that has not been previously used as an example in this course. Use Porter’s five forces to make a qualitative evaluation of the industry’s strategic position. Be sure to explain each of the five forces as well as explain how they relate to your chosen industry.
      • Note: The mobile phone industry was provided as an example in the video material and may not be used as the subject for this assignment.
    • Remember to include the following elements (Porter’s five forces):
      • Threat of new entrants: Are new entrants being attracted to the market, and are there barriers to entry in the industry?
      • Threat of substitute products or services: Are there other products that could be alternatives to offerings in the chosen industry?
      • Bargaining power of customers: What degree of bargaining power do the buyers have in terms of putting the industry under pressure to provide more products or less cost?
      • Bargaining power of suppliers: What is the importance of raw materials, components, labor, and services that are required for the industry, and are there substitutes for those inputs? Discuss the possibility of switching suppliers, if necessary.
      • Intensity of competitive rivalry: Does the industry have a sustainable competitive advantage?
  • Strategic Information Systems Assessment
    • Analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the case study organization that are related to its present information systems environment.
    • Assess the forces that are presently governing competition for the case study organization.
    • Using Wiseman’s framework of strategy development, define the strategic thrusts (and related advantages) that the case study organization should use to build a business case for implementing an information systems management plan.
  • Information Systems Business Case
    • Based on the information contained in the Business Systems Plan and the Strategic Information Systems Assessment, write an IT strategy statement that details the following:
      • Critical success factors for the IT manager
      • A general strategy for how the IT department will determine congruence between the goals of the IT department and the goals and objectives of the case study organization
      • A general strategy for how the IT department will support the goals and objectives of the case study organization
  • Strategic Business Plan (Your company was impressed with the information that you provided about Porter’s five factors and your qualitative evaluation of the industry’s strategic position. Your management has now asked you to create a Strategic Business Plan for the newly acquired company. You must provide this new plan and incorporate the information about Porter’s five factors.)
    • Executive summary
    • Marketing analysis
      • You should identify a target market.
      • You should establish a strategy for acquiring a customer base.
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis
    • Financial statements
    • Summary of the relevance of Porter’s five factors
    • Conclusion
  • Project Management Plan (Your input was greatly valued. Senior management believes that you have a firm grasp on how to handle the new business; therefore, you have been assigned the role of project manager.Your boss has asked you to write a Project Management Plan. Your plan should contain the following sections:)
    • Initiating
    • Planning
    • Executing
    • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Closing

In addition, your plan should touch upon the following components:

  • Integration
  • Cost
  • Human resources
  • Stakeholder management
  • Scope
  • Quality
  • Communications
  • Time
  • Procurement
  • Risk management

These components should be worked into the sections of your assignment noted above.


Biochemistry Science Assignment Help

Your team is in charge of selecting which of two new drugs should further be developed by the pharmaceutical company for which you work. Drug A is an acidic drug and Drug B is a basic drug. Both Drug A and Drug B show equal efficacy for inhibiting the activity of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. However, Drug B has a higher potency than Drug A when considering its ability to inhibit HMG-CoA reductase.

Based on these facts, which of the two drugs would you select to develop further?

Justify your answer below and include does-receptor curves for drug A and drug B.



Appeal Form Writing Assignment Help

a. Describing the circumstances that contributed to your not meeting SAP requirements.
Include how/why the circumstances affected your classes, the period of time and dates classes were impacted, and the
semesters affected by the circumstances.

b. A thorough explanation describing what has changed that will now allow you to succeed academically from this point

c. Appropriate and thorough documentation to support your claim of extenuating circumstances.

d. A typewritten, well-defined and specific academic plan for guiding you back into good standing. The details of the plan
must address the mitigating circumstances that caused the academic problem, must be measurable, and must create a path to
get you back on track

REASON: from June 16 to July 25, take care of relative who was discovered the presence of lung cancer. Take the relative to hospital to do several surgeries and treatment options

Appeal Form Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The Hardware Install Writing Assignment Help

For this project assignment, you will begin to work on implementing the hardware that you specified in the Module 02 project assignment. Before you begin, you will want to view Initech’s SOHO in order to gather a little more information. In 2-4 pages, discuss the following:

  • What hardware does Initech currently have in their SOHO? Using 2-3 websites, research and recommend some hardware in order to meet the minimum requirements of 5 PCs, 5 mobile devices, and 1 server. In your recommendation, make sure you provide information about how much memory, the type of video card, storage and any other hardware issues that might exist. Make sure to provide reasons for your recommendations. Are you able to reuse any of the hardware based on your recommendations from the Module 02 project assignment? Why or why not?
  • What software will you have to install during this phase of the plan in order for hardware to work? Explain your choice. Using 3-4 websites, research and recommend software that Initech will need for its SOHO. At least one of these websites should provide resources for device drivers, and at least one website should provide other utility software needed to support the recommended hardware.
  • How will you go about installing all of this equipment? Which would be installed first? Second? Third? Give reasons for your choices.
  • What are at least two risks one can encounter when configuring hardware? How would you configure the hardware to mitigate these risks?
  • What troubleshooting plan will you implement in order to minimize any issues? Why?
  • What resources will you use for device drivers? What resources will you use for other software?
  • What troubleshooting plan will you implement in order to minimize any issues? Why?

Be sure to use credible websites for the basis of your hardware and software research. Cite those sources and include an APA-formatted references page. Citing your research and references is an important component of information literacy and professional ethics.


Comprehensive Assessment Plan1 Writing Assignment Help

Select a strand, cluster, and set of standards appropriate for the grade level and content area in High School. From this information, you will create an original, comprehensive assessment plan.

Part 1: Assessment Plan Summary

In creating the assessment plan, include an introduction that provides a 250-500-word summary of a 3-5-day unit of study to contextualize your assessments. Your summary should include:

  1. Learning targets/objectives that are aligned with your standards and consistent with the unit of study that you have summarized.
  2. Instructional strategies that are appropriate and effective in promoting student achievement of the learning objective.
  3. Targeted reasoning skills to be measured that are aligned with your standards and consistent with the unit of study that you have summarized.
  4. The different ways a student can demonstrate knowledge and skill attainment.
  5. The needed tools and resources to develop these skills in the content area.
  6. Academic language for the unit of study, including key vocabulary, form, and function.
  7. Potential use of technology to support assessment, in the form of engagement and addressing student needs.

Part 2: Assessments

Consistent and aligned with these items, create one pre-assessment you would use for this unit. Your pre-assessment should assess:

  1. Prior student knowledge.
  2. Student interest.

Create three formative assessments that would appear in this unit. Your formative assessments must be:

  1. Aligned to the standards and objectives listed in the unit.
  2. Minimize bias and document learning.
  3. Differentiated for the populations described in your class profile.

Create one summative assessment that consists of:

  1. Specific directions for the student.
  2. Three short-answer response items that require the use of varied targeted thinking skills.
  3. At least 15 multiple-choice questions assessing reasoning by focusing on a variety of particular reasoning skills or reasoning tasks.
  4. One restricted response essay item that clearly identifies the tasks to be performed.
  5. Modified short answer response and multiple choice items for students on IEPs.
  6. An analytic scoring guide for the restricted response essay item that describes the criteria and features to be scored.
  7. An answer key that includes answers for the short responses, multiple choice items with explanations for each option, and a sample answer for the extended response essay.

Part 3: Conclusion

In finalizing your assessment plan, include a conclusion that provides a 250-500 word rationale for the original assessments you created. Discuss how the pre-assessment data would help you to plan for instruction.

Discuss the feedback you received from your mentor teacher on your assessment plan. Explain how you used the information from the class profile you created and describe how the assessments are aligned to the objectives and differentiated for the population of students represented in the class profile. Discuss how you could provide feedback to your students based on the assessment data you would get if you executed this plan.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.


Mock Arbitration Project (3 Phases) Business Finance Assignment Help

In this project, you will gain real-world experience in the labor relations field by conducting a Mock Arbitration. You will be showing negotiations between the CAC Company and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 3. Details of Instructions will be at the bottom for your review and preparation for Parts I, II, and III of the project. You will find instructions for project attached below:

Project Instructions

The guidelines for the project have been prepared, and both parties are in agreement to arbitrate the labor contract. Throughout the project, you will analyze the case from three different perspectives as you take on these roles. The different roles will include: the CAC Company, the Int’l Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union (IBEW) Local 3, and the Arbitrator. The proposition of this project is that both parties have agreed to arbitrate the labor contract after face-to-face negotiations have stalled.

The Mock Arbitration document will include the following:

  • Demographics of the employees working for CAC Company, which will include pay rates, length of service, and titles
  • Current contract expiration on the last day of this month
  • The demands of labor and the issues that will be part of the arbitration
  • Items and issues the company will be taking to arbitration and those they will not be taking
  • Current contract

Project to be completed in three phases:

Phase I – As the CAC company representative, you will be accountable for detailing the current total cost of labor, under the current contract, to include things such as; benefits, paid time off, and wages. Also, provide detail of the full cost of a new contract and detail what the labor cost if the company is victorious in arbitration.

Phase II – As the IBEW Local 3 Representative, you will provide five specific reasons and explain why each of the contract demands presented was items not negotiable.

Phase III – As the Arbitrator, you will prepare an Arbitration Agreement Checklist for CAC and IBEW, and a summary of decisions on the contract issues and state conclusions based on the facts of the case. Make sure to give specific reasons for your decisions.

Please see the attached documents for further instructions and information on each phase. Let me know if you have any questions.


LP3 Assignment: Variables, Input, and Output Programming Assignment Help

This assignment will assess the following competency: 3. Incorporate variables into a Visual Basic program.

Directions: Complete exercise 38 on page 66, exercise 7 on page 85, and exercise 28 on page 86 of your textbook. Create a MS Word file that contains your name, chapter, exercise number, and the answer for each exercise.

Submit to your instructor via the dropbox “LP3 Assignment: Variables, Input, and Output.” This assignment is worth 45 points and will be graded according to the following scoring guide.

38. Dim tax As Double

tax = 200

tax = 25 + tax


7. Dim var As Double

var = 123

txtBox.Text = CStr(var)

28. Dim quote As String quote =

I came to Casablanca for the waters.

txtBox.Text = quote & “: ” & “Bogart”


Stock journal Business Finance Assignment Help

Stock journal Business Finance Assignment Help

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