Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help. Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Purpose: To learn about investing in stocks by conducting research, making investment decisions, and summarizing outcomes.

Written Report-Stock Market Project: The most important part of this project is the research and analysis. Explain why you made each decision in your stock selection and rooted this in the research you will conduct. Your use of textbook terms and ideas from class should be obvious and woven strategically into your report.

Helpful Tip: Your essay should be written using formal academic third-person voice. You may want to insert headers to break up this section from the rest of your essay.

Instructions: Research potential companies for investment opportunities. Use business periodicals, daily newspapers, or the Internet for your research. You must have at least four researched references (Hint: Harvard Business Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, and are excellent sources). Once you have conducted your research follow steps 1-5.

  1. Select four stocks, listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

  2. Diversify your portfolio. Each stock should represent different industries and have different investment objectives.

  3. Pretend you have $200,000 to invest. Divide your money between the four stocks selected. Be sure to tell me what date you selected for purchasing this stock.

  4. Create a spreadsheet or table showing how much money you allocated to each investment. Include the share price,

    number of shares purchased, and total money invested. Calculate your total investment, which should be close to $200,000 without going over.

*Share price=stock closing price. See example below:




# SharesPurchased

Total $Invested








Facebook Inc.






Alibaba Group






Coca Cola






5. Write a three-page paper that includes:

  • An introduction for each stock include the name of the stock and ticker (abbreviation of company name listed on

    stock exchange).

  • A description of the companies and industry you select to purchase stock in (be sure to include in-text citations showing where you researched this information).

  • A discussion of the reasons (at least three reasons for each of the four stocks selected) for your stock selection (be sure to include in-text citations showing where you researched this information).

  • A description of your investment goals. For example 1) long-term, 2) short-term, 3) risk.Guidelines:

Guidelines: Use grammatically correct business writing that is “audience centered purposeful, persuasive, and economical” (M.E. Guffy & D. Loewy, 2010, p. 50).

  • You should have a minimum of 4 researched citations. Your reference page and in-text citations must be in APA format.

  • Double spaced page, 12 – Times New Roman Font

  • Be sure to cite your sources using APA. Please use the American Psychological Association (APA) format to cite your article. Instruction for using APA can be found online at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

  • Use Chapter 15, 16 of the textbook for more information and background securities market for finance and investing.

  • Do not plagiarize.

  • Wikipedia research is not accepted.

Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

writing essay Humanities Assignment Help

Guidance for Doing the Final Essay Assignment

  1. The final essay draws upon the material presented in the course. No new material will be presented or expected.
  2. Locate the class session screens which are most relevant to the topic you have chosen for your final essay. Review these screens, possibly taking notes on which screens present material relevant to the parts of the essay.
  3. Sections a-c of the essay are your presentation of the course material for your decisions in the remainder of the essay. Make sure you have completed these parts completely and thoroughly. Sections a-c overlap, and they may be combined in your essay.
  4. Sections d-e of the essay contain your conclusions and your reasons for these conclusions. You will not be graded on your conclusions (they are your choices). However, you will be graded on the reasons you present to support these conclusions.

All the material you need for writing the essay can be found in the Class Session Screens on Canvas.

The essay will include the following:

  1. A 5-7 sentence description of the conflict.
  2. A 7-9 sentence history of the conflict, including a statement of why the conflict arose.
  3. A 7-9 sentence statement on whether the conflict was ever resolved or not. If resolved,state how that happened. If not resolved, state the reasons for that lack of resolution.
  4. A 5-7 sentence statement of how this conflict has impacted and possibly still impactsAmerican culture.
  5. A 6-7 sentence statement on the future of America, because of the impact of this conflict.Conflicts Seen in the United States


Preparation Notes Globalization and the Post Cold War World Writing Assignment Help

Read Chapter 27: Globalization and Its Discontents, 1989–2000

at least 1 page , do not use outside sources

The notes are informal but must consist of hand or typewritten observations, thoughts, questions, comments, comparisons, controversies, criticisms, reflections, etc. that impress you, that you consider worthy of discussion, or that you would like to know more about. The notes must not be simple reading notes or reading summaries. Instead they must reflect your thoughts or interpretations of the readings.

Rules For Preparation Notes:

No bullet points. Write using proper grammar and spelling, in complete sentences and paragraphs.
No summaries. I have already read the reading assignments and know what it is in them. I want you to tell me your thoughts on the readings, reflections, insights, questions, criticisms, etc.

Preparation notes do not have to be comprehensive or cover all of the readings assigned (although you must complete all of the assigned readings).

You can select one of the readings as your focus or even a passage from one reading and focus your notes on that. However, if you wish you may write on any or all of the assigned readings for that particular week.

one month ago


Social media and its impact on the norm Humanities Assignment Help


The prevalence of social media has had a huge impact on society in the area of how we tend to relate to each other and on what is considered to be normal in general. Taking a look at the ways in which social media changes attitudes and “norms” makes for an interesting study, and one that is applicable to understanding how society is slowly changing over time.

For this assignment, you will first conduct your own research on the effects of social media on societal norms (Part 1), then you will examine what has been found through previous research conducted by others (Part 2).


Part 1:

Compare and contrast the attitudes of two cohorts of people; one that consists of five people that rarely use social media and one cohort of five people that uses social media 2 or more hours a day.

Create a list of five people that you know that use social media at least 2 or more hours per day. This group of people will make up your first cohort. Then create a list of five people that you know that either do not use social media or use it very rarely. Take into account age when creating the cohorts, and try to keep the ages as similar as possible between the cohorts. Keeping a certain level of consistency in the two cohorts will help to negate the potential effects of generational differences. Provide a brief description of each of the ten people you are going to interview divided into their respective cohorts.

In other words, list the five people that uses social media at least 2 or more hours a day, and provide a brief description of each along with why you chose them. Then provide a list of the five people that rarely or never use social media, and provide a brief description of each along with why you chose them.

Interview the participants to learn the similarities and differences between the two cohorts as it relates to attitudes, lifestyles, and relationships. Write a two-page paper comparing and contrasting what you learned about the two cohorts. Be sure to relate your findings to cultivation theory and socialization theory in the paper.

Part 2:

Now you will compare your research with research findings through previous research conducted by others. Look up at least 3 articles that relate to the topic of social media and its impact on society. You are not limited to articles that are strictly written on the specific topic of social media and norms. Articles that are covering social media and society are available from a wide number of angles. After studying these articles, write a two-page paper on what you learned on the topic of social media and its potential impact on societal attitudes, customs, and norms.


​please see all the material mentioned in the following and writing a memo about it. Writing Assignment Help

please see all the material mentioned in the following and writing a memo about it. It should including a small summary, what you learned form that and what is you thinking about that.

Peter Berger, “Sociological Perspective – Man in Society” and “Sociological Perspective – Society in

Man,” in

Invitation to Sociology

(New York: Anchor Books, 1963).

Goffman, Erving.

The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

(New York: Anchor Books, 1959).

Coleman, James.

Adolescent Society: The Social Life of the Teenager and Its Impact on Education


York: Free Press, 1961).

Arum, Richard. 2011. “Improve Relationships to Improve Student Performance,”

Phi Delta





Two Million Minutes.



The activity requires students to perform research conduct the research and answer the Lowes vs Home Depot comparison? Business Finance Assignment Help

The activity requires students to perform research and analysis on competing companies and the potential implications of international standards. This real-world analysis is key to understanding how a company’s profitability, liquidity, and solvency can be useful for all users. Students also learn to analyze financial statements and use managerial tools to make decisions from an investor’s and creditor’s standpoint.

Assignment Steps

Resources: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), websites such as Annual Reports (

Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft® Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

Select two competing companies, one of which must be an international company, and locate annual reports for these two companies on the Internet.

Research the two companies on the Internet and download the Income Statement, Statement of Shareholders’ Equity, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Develop a minimum 525-word examination of the financial statements and include the following:

  • Make a 5-year trend analysis for each company, using 2011 as the base year, of:
    • Net sales.
    • Net income. Discuss the significance of the trend results.
  • Compute for 2015 and 2014 the:
    • Debt to assets ratio.
    • Times interest earned. How would you evaluate each company’s solvency?
  • Compute for 2015 and 2014 the:
    • Profit margin.
    • Asset turnover.
    • Return on assets.
    • Return on common stockholders’ equity. How would you evaluate each company’s profitability?
  • Evaluate the financial opportunity presented by the companies. If you were a creditor, which company would you be more likely to lend money to? Defend your decision.
  • Which company would you recommend as an investment? Discuss the items that were considered in your decision.
  • Research global implications for the international company selected. How might changing environmental factors affect organizational choices?
  • Consider the ethical climate (internal or external) of your chosen companies. Describe the ethical issues and impact on the stakeholders. What has been/is being done to resolve these issues? Do you agree with these methods for resolution? If not, what might you do differently?

Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Include the four financial statements along with your assignment.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

All of the computations has been conducted if there is any miscalculations please correct and finish off the solution with all the correct info .

The activity requires students to perform research conduct the research and answer the Lowes vs Home Depot comparison? Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

3 part assignment Humanities Assignment Help

Creative Options

  1. Create a 4-5 page graphic novelization of any scene from any selection in the textbook, even a poem, but you must use original text, like the Dracula graphic novel.

Select one of the Victorian Issues

  • Evolution
  • Industrialism
  • The Woman Question
  • Empire and National Identity

and then write a 2 page explanation of how that issue is manifested in one or more of the assigned readings in the Victorian section of our textbook (Volume E).Be sure to use internal citations and Work Cited entries. These should be cited as a Work in an Anthology. Don’t forget to cite quote from and cite from the issue reading you choose.Do not use sources other than those assigned in class.

  1. The decades before and after the turn of the twentieth century saw a rejection of Victorian optimism and a move toward skepticism and resignation. The new century brought with it a sense of flux and indeterminacy—a perception that truth and certainty no longer existed and that identities, social relations, and meaning structures, could be made and unmade according to need, opportunity and inclination. Some writers responded to these changes with dark pessimism, stoicism, or outright despair, while others cheerfully embraced the chance to experiment with new forms. Choose one of the works below, and fully discuss it as a modernist text.

Minimum 2.5 pages – Do not use outside sources, just your textbook or other materials assigned for the class. Be sure to quote from the work and text intro on Modernism or other class-assigned materials as you develop your examination of the “heart of darkness” as a Modernist text. Include Internal Citations and a Work Cited page. Do not include a summary of the work.

  • Conrad – Heart of Darkness

texts for these assignments

The Norton Anthology of the English Literature.

Ninth edition. Package 2.

M.H. Abrams, General editor.

W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.

New York 2012.


Stoker, Bram (adapted by Jason Cobley). Dracula: The Graphic Novel, The Original Text. 2012

Stoker, Bram. Dracula


Select two companies in two different industries and do the tasks Business Finance Assignment Help

at least 7 pages.

A2: Estimate Stock Returns:Students will select 2 companies in different industries and will estimate the relative valuation and the expected return for the companies through the use of the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

Estimating Stock Returns

Project Outline and Tasks:

Select two companies in two different industries and do the following:

Provide background information on the company and describe the industry in which the company operates in and its main products.

Determine key macroeconomic factors impacting each firm.

List and describe the major competitors to the selected company. Evaluate each firm using Porter’s 5 determinants of competition.

Compute and interpret the financial ratios described below for a five-year period.Look at the trend in the ratios to determine if they are deteriorating or improving and compare them against peers or the industry:

  • Current and quick ratios and net working capital
  • Inventory turnover, fixed assets turnover and total assets turnover
  • Debt ratio and TIE.
  • Gross profit margin and net profit margin and operating margin
  • ROE and ROA
  • Price/ Earnings and Market/Book
  • Du Pont Analysis

Find beta, R squared, alpha and the residual standard deviation for each firm using Excel. Interpret the results and recommend which firm should be added to a well diversified portfolio.Use 60 months of return data for the calculations.

Find the correlation between the two stocks and interpret.

Estimate the required return for each stock (SML).

Estimate the sustainable growth rate (g) for each stock. Find it for 3 years and take an average.

Estimate the 5 and 10-year historic growth rate in earnings. Compare to sustainable growth method.

Estimate the intrinsic value (price) of the two stocks using the 1) dividend discount model (DDM) approach and the 2) P/E multiplier approach.Make a buy or sell recommendation.

Evaluate stock using value criteria of dividend yield and price to book.

Use the Black-Scholes model to find the value of a call option and the value of a put option for each stock


discourse : culture and diversity reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

VI. Self-Reflection Essay
Due Date: Tuesday, May 1
Length: Four (4) pages
Scholarly Sources, and APA: Quotations and paraphrasing from your textbook, Communication
Highwire, and/or the UMKC Discourse Reader are required for reflecting on your learning. As a
result, multiple APA parenthetical citations (PC) are required in this essay where this information is
included. An APA Reference page at the end of your essay is required as well.
The final assignment of this course invites you to look back on your work this semester and
consider what you have learned about writing, speech, and multimodal communication in our
Discourse class. Address your learnings this Discourse class. Be certain to give specific examples
and reasons.
In a four page essay, you will consider our learning objectives and how you achieved them.
Address the following questions in narrative form, restating the prompt without listing the actual
question, in your paper due on Tuesday, May 1. Be sure to use good paragraph development as
well as transitions between paragraphs.
1. What was your experience of Discourse 200: English for Speakers of Other?
2. Discuss two specific feelings, emotions, sensations and/or thoughts that came up for you
during these courses. Discuss why you felt/thought in this manner. Give reasons and
3. What two (2) specific learnings have been most important for you in this course? Give
reasons and examples.
4. How will you specifically use these learnings in the near future in your university education
and in a more distant future in your profession? Give reasons and examples of course.

Paper should be written professionally and exactly as described above please.


write a proposal and a ppt Writing Assignment Help

Use the discussion started in instructor conferences as a starting point to refine your topics and thesis to submit as a proposal.

Submit a brief 250 Word PROPOSAL for your research topic for the Final Project. Format this proposal as bullet points addressing the areas below, to include:

  1. A topic for your Scholarly Research (Part A)
  2. A possible creative Praxis artifact (Part B)
  3. The Critical Theory(s) Philosopher(s) or Critical ‘Apparatus’, or Critical Lense(s) that you will focus your scholarship
  4. A provisional research question or thesis (this can evolve and change, of course)
  5. Your research plan of how you will begin your process of scholarly research
  6. Include any questions or concerns

The final project file can be found in a previous week’s course folder, but below is a current link:

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


Google Drive is a free way to keep your files backed up and easy to reach from any phone, tablet, or computer. Start with 15GB of Google storage – free.


Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Stock Market Project Business Finance Assignment Help

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