Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help. Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Purpose of Assignment

Students will have the opportunity to develop a Balanced Scorecard. This, in turn, will allow them to create effective strategic objectives to be included as part of their overall strategic plan. They will also be presented with the task of creating a brief communication plan that will be used by their proposed division to efficiently distribute information with regard to their strategic initiatives.

Create a minimum 1,050-word strategic objectives summary.

Include your balanced scorecard and its impact on all stakeholders, and the communication plan.

Identify key trends, assumptions, and risks in the context of your final business model.

Develop the strategic objectives for your new division of the existing business in a balanced scorecard format in the context of key trends, assumptions, and risks. The strategic objectives are measures of attaining your vision and mission. As you develop them, consider the vision, mission, and values for your business and the outcomes of your SWOTT analysis.

Consider the following four quadrants of the balanced scorecard when developing your strategic objectives:

  • Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective, which includes strategic objectives in areas such as:
    • Market share
    • Revenues and costs
    • Profitability
    • Competitive position
  • Customer Value Perspective, which includes strategic objectives in areas such as:
    • Customer retention or turnover
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer value
  • Process or Internal Operations Perspective, which includes strategic objectives in areas such as:
    • Measure of process performance
    • Productivity or productivity improvement
    • Operations metrics
    • Impact of change on the organization
  • Learning and Growth (Employee) Perspective, which includes strategic objectives in areas such as:
    • Employee satisfaction
    • Employee turnover or retention
    • Level of organizational capability
    • Nature of organizational culture or climate
    • Technological innovation

Evaluate potential alternatives to the issues and/or opportunities identified in the SWOTT Analysis assignment and table you completed in Week 3.

Create at least three strategic objectives for each of the four balanced scorecard areas. Base your solutions on a ranking of alternative solutions including the following:

  • Identify potential risks and mitigation plans.
  • Analyze a stakeholder and include mitigation and contingency strategies.
  • Incorporate ethical implications.

Develop a specific metric and target for each strategic objective using a balanced scorecard format.

Example: a strategic objective in the shareholder or financial perspective is to increase market share. A metric to actually measure this strategic objective of market share increase is, “The percentage of increase in market share.” The target is the specific number to be achieved in a particular time period. The target for the metric of “Increase market share” could be “Increase market share by 2% for each of the next 3 years” of an increase of 2% per year for 3 years.

Outline a brief communication plan discussing how you will communicate the company’s strategic objectives including the following:

  • Define the purpose.
  • Define the audience.
  • Identify the channel(s) of communication and why you selected that channel.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

answer question below Business Finance Assignment Help

Investigate professional journals and locate two articles pertaining to organizational behavior that are of interest to you. You are to critique each of the two articles according to the instructions below. The articles should be less than three years old. You are encouraged to use the ProQuest Database found in the Ashford Online Library.

Each one- to two- page critique (a total of two to four pages for both critiques) must include the following three parts and must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide (including title page, in text citations and reference list).

Identification of the Article – Provide the reader with enough information about your article so he/she will be able to locate the article.

Summary of the Article – List the main points that the author has tried to establish (i.e., 1, 2, 3 or first, second, third). There normally will be three to five main points. If you are summarizing a court case, you should discuss: What provision of the law was at issue? Briefly state the facts of the case. What legal tests were applied? Were there any unusual elements in the case?

Your Critique – Provide your reaction (insightful, critical, and logical) to the points that the author tried to make, or an overall critique of the entire article. A simple statement of agreement or disagreement is not sufficient. While you may make such a statement by way of introduction to your reaction, you must clearly and logically state the reasons for the position that you have taken.


Six Sigma term project Writing Assignment Help

This project is designed to allow you to
complete primary components of a quality improvement project. The information and data will be provided to
you in class and/or in documents. You
will use this information to work through the Six Sigma DMAIC process. The project will be submitted in phases over
the Term. you will be working on a project that follows the Six Sigma process. Each week, we will examine an additional phase, and add onto the project.

There are four parts in this project, Define Phase, Measure Phase, Analyze Phase and Control Phase. I have finished the Define Phase, I need you to finish the other three phases for me.

I will put the materials in the attachment.

In the Measure Phase, , you will be required to complete the Measure phase of the problem. You will need to define the Critical to Quality elements and how to measure them. Data will be provided to you, and you must develop Control Charts for the CTQ data.

In the Analyze phase, you will prepare several of the critical problem root cause identification tools commonly used in the Six Sigma Process. To help understand why so few guests were taking the “green option”, the project team decided to survey two groups: Housekeepers and a Random Sample of Guests. Both of those surveys have been conducted, and the results are in the attached Excel files. In addition, you will prepare a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for use by the departments when this process is implemented.

In the Control Phase, you will be provided with updated CTQ data (now including periods 13-20 post implementation). You will chart this data and include the charts in the first part of your paper, discussing whether the data suggests you have identified the root cause, or if not, what changes you would recommend to the process to improve the CTQ data.


Sociology chapter 2 Humanities Assignment Help

I need to make me 2 Question and 4 responses answers for the class. I want it so perfect and if you did a great job will be in tech with you every week to do the same thing

For the Questions and description for each question and if you a source for the question, not coping the same exact question just get an idea from the source that will be great. if is not that it fine

For the responses every response I need summary one or two sentences like general idea for the response no more than 255 letters and source for each response.

here is some Questions, read from it and understand it and respond to 4 questions . and its better to answer a question that has no response, so there is no similar answer to it. Also, here is pic for the chapter to know what is they talking about to make a great questions:


Financial Statements Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

This activity helps students recognize the significant role accounting plays in providing financial information to management for decision making through the evaluation of financial statements. This experiential assignment requires students to use ratios to evaluate and analyze a company’s liquidity, solvency, and profitability.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), University Library, Library resources: Company Directories and Financials

Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft® Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

Select a publicly traded, U.S. corporation with which you are familiar or one where you currently work or have worked in the past.

Research the company on the Internet and download the Income Statement, Statement of Shareholders’ Equity, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows.

Develop a minimum 700-word examination of the financial statements and include the following:

  • Determine the net income for the current fiscal year (FY). Is this income up or down from the prior year?
  • Explain the relevance of changes in net income to investors.
  • Determine the ending balance in shareholders’ equity. Why would organizations such as labor unions be interested in this?
  • Determine the total value of assets.
  • Discuss the relevance of the total value of assets to potential creditors and why this is important.
  • Compute the return on assets. Discuss the relative profitability of the company based on your results.
  • Compute the working capital and current ratio. Evaluate the relative liquidity of the company based on your results.
  • Compute the debt to assets ratio and the free cash flow for your company. Analyze the results and comment on the relative solvency of the company.
  • Discuss how the financial statements are used in your current role or a position you would like to hold. How might these aid you in managerial decision making?

Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Include the four financial statements along with your assignment.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



need help answering this question Business Finance Assignment Help


I need 2 different answers for these questions including resources

the writing structure is

simple grammar and vocabulary ( ELS student )

Question 2

In anticipation of next week’s reading, starting with your local community, identify each Emergency Management Agency /Governmental Authority linked in the chain to the Department of Homeland Security / Office of the President for the Declaration of a Disaster and provision of Federal Assistance. NOTE – International Students may choose one if the following American cities. Note – Only one student may focus on any given city, so please let me know via email which one you choose I will then post a list of choices, so you can see which ones are taken.

***one answer for Tallahassee FL, and one for Bozeman Montana

need help answering this question Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Studies In Child and Adolescent development Humanities Assignment Help

You have noticed several schools in your community have been reporting failing scores and are struggling to engage students. In this Assignment you will be working with a group of peers to design a new school to serve the children in your community. The design of the school will be based on what you have learned about the concept of multiple intelligences through your textbook and at least two additional sources.

1.Based on what you have learned about the theory of multiple intelligences,

describe how students in your new school would be grouped.


research question/sub-questions, rationale, definitions and hypothesis Writing Assignment Help

Please see attached Example.doc for guidelines.

The research questions, (minimum 4) if answered through conducting your research, would solve your problem. It must be clearly related to the problem statement and structured such that it clearly summarizes the purpose and focus of your proposed research effort. The research question should be clear, concise, definitive, unambiguous and easily understood by anyone who reads it.

The rationale, is a brief summary of the need for the research study. Why is this topic being examined?

Definitions are a list of the terms you believe need to be defined for this research proposal for clarity or are not commonly known terms.

The hypothesis is a brief statement of what you believe is the solutions to your stated problem and/or the answer(s) to your stated research question(s) that you will be able to prove through your proposed research.

The hypothesis, rationale and definitions will also comply with the following general formatting requirements:

  • Maximum of two (2) pages in length
  • Typed using a 12-point Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced throughout entire paper
  • Use a 1 inch margin
  • Page header will include your title and page numbers
  • Cover/Title page will include your name and the date of submission


Question and Problem Sets Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

Students should be able to calculate time value of money problems including solving for; present value, future value, rate and payment, determine the value and yield of corporate bonds, and use the dividend discount model to calculate the value and expected return of a common stock.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft®Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web that offer support for office products.

Complete the following Questions and Problems from each chapter as indicated.

Show all work and analysis.

Prepare in Microsoft® Excel® or Word.

  • Ch. 5: Questions 3 & 4 (Question and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® templates provided for Problems 3 and 4
  • Ch. 6: Questions 2 & 20 (Questions and Problems section)
  • Ch. 7: Questions 3 &11 (Questions and Problems section)
  • Ch. 8: Questions 1 & 6 (Questions and Problems section): Microsoft® Excel® template provided for Problem 6

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines if submitting in Microsoft® Word.


Problem Solving Evaluation Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

LEAP initiative taken in 2015 to help incarcerated individuals develop skills for the working world before their release from jail. It was granted by the department of labor. It was a 10 million dollar grant for numerous jails across the country.

Resources: Problem Solving Model Video

Discuss the programs identified by each team member in the Program Evaluation Paper.

Select one program for evaluation.

Create a 4-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which your Learning Team compares the selected program with the problem solving model presented in the video presentation from Week Two. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Identify how the selected program did or did not meet the various elements of the problem solving model.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the program.
  • Explain how following a problem solving model would have impacted the program’s effectiveness.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines

include a title slide, reference slide, footnotes, proper grammar


Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

Strategic Plan Part III: Balanced Scorecard and Communication Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

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