Strategic plannning, writing homework help Other Assignment Help

Strategic plannning, writing homework help Other Assignment Help. Strategic plannning, writing homework help Other Assignment Help.


Strategic planning within organizations provides a plethora of benefits to the organization including meeting goals specified in the plan and contributing to the long-term success of an organization. Refer to Exhibit 8.3: The Strategic Management Process, located in Chapter 8 of the Management textbook.

For this assignment, select either your own organization or one you know enough about to complete a series of assignments related to strategic planning for a proposal you would like to implement. The same organization will be used in the following assignments:

  1. Strategic Planning: Strategy Map (Topic 4)
  2. Strategic Planning: Action Plan (Topic 5)
  3. Strategic Planning: Communication Plan (Topic 7)
  4. Strategic Planning: Evaluation (Topic 8)
  5. Strategic Planning: Presentation (Topic 8)

Once you have selected the organization, identify a strategic goal through preforming a SWOT analysis within your sphere of influence. For example, if you are not currently in a management or leadership position, it is acceptable to focus on a more focused area of your organization you are currently in a position to impact. If you are a classroom teacher, perhaps you see opportunities for improving access to technology in your district. If you are a nurse, perhaps you see opportunities to improve communication processes in your department, etc.

A SWOT analysis is part of strategy formulation that leads to goal setting and then progresses to the development of a strategic plan. Be sure to follow the criteria for effective goals as illustrated to Exhibit 7.5, located in Chapter 7 of the Management textbook.

Complete a SWOT analysis using the “SWOT Analysis” template. Using the SWOT analysis results, develop at least one strategic goal. Submit both the completed SWOT analysis document and the strategic goal.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

SWOT Analysis


these prompts to complete this section:

What are the
recognized strengths of your identified area?

What does your
identified area do better than other companies?

What unique
capabilities or resources does you identified area possess?

What do other
companies consider to be your strength?


these prompts to complete this section:

What are the
recognized weaknesses of your identified area?

What do
competitors do better than your identified area?

What areas can
be improved at your current position?

What do other
companies consider to be your weakness?


these prompts to complete this section:

What trends or
conditions impact the company in a positive way?

opportunities exist for the identified area?


these prompts to complete this section:

What trends or
conditions impact the identified area in a negative way?

What is the
competition doing that may have an impact on your identified area?

Does your
identified area have solid financial support?

What impact does
your weakness have on the threats your identified area faces?

Strategic plannning, writing homework help Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

College Students, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

For this writing scenario, you have been asked to write a short essay
with sources on an issue important to college students in the 21st century.

You will submit this essay to a student journal that is publishing a
special issue on topics important to modern college students. You may
choose to write about issues of costs and financial aid, balancing
work/school/family, access to technology, or another issue you feel is
important. The topic is up to you, as long as it fits the scope of the
special issue of the journal. You notice the journal usually publishes
short student essays, with a few sources.

Your task is to write
a short essay, 750—850 words, on the topic above. Your essay should
include at least two outside sources, which should be cited according to
APA guidelines.


Selling To Walmart , management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help


For many companies, the opportunity to sell to
Wal-Mart is the equivalent of winning the PowerBall lottery. For other
companies, however, selling to Wal-Mart is perhaps not the best strategy.
Although some companies, like Procter & Gamble, are able to successfully
navigate Wal-Mart’s demands, others find that it causes them tremendous
problems (even to the point of pushing them out of business). Regardless of the
ultimate outcome, making the commitment to sell (or not to sell) through
Wal-Mart is a decision as big as the retailing behemoth itself and one often
made by management teams rather than by a single manager.

Setting It Up 

Read the case. You should reconsider the facts of
the case and work to answer the questions. Along with answer the questions
below in a paper format, also explain the process you went through to reach
each decision you made.  Also, conduct
some baseline information about selling to Wal-Mart. The supplier relation’s
page on the company’s Web site will give you access to a supplier application
(yes, companies must apply to become a Wal-Mart supplier) and the parameters
Wal-Mart establishes for doing business with the company. Research the business
press to uncover some Wal-Mart success stories and failures. All of that
groundwork will make for more fruitful papers and learning material for
you.  Remember that a more successful
case solution can be built through the use of background information collected
through outside research.  The paper
should be in APA formatNo
length requirement


Because of your company’s success, the
end-of-the-year accounting review is usually an upbeat occasion, and this
December is no different. Your company manufactures an innovative kickstand
that reduces injuries by keeping a child’s bike from falling all the way to the
ground. After the device was written up in a parents’ magazine recently, sales
to specialty bike shops—your primary customers—have started to climb. Despite
the increased demand, you can still make kickstands to order.

At a meeting with
your management team, you remark that although sales are increasing at a slow
but steady rate, the company still has a large amount of excess capacity. A
colleague agrees and then enthusiastically announces, “I know how to take care
of that. Let’s sell to Wal-Mart!” A hush falls over the meeting. Becoming a
Wal-Mart supplier would mean honing your current distribution process into a
finely tuned, perfect delivery operation. The retailing behemoth gives
suppliers a 30-second window to deliver their goods to Wal-Mart distribution
centers; you currently ship product via UPS ground. Wal-Mart requires severe
price concessions from all its suppliers, a practice that has forced many American
manufacturers to outsource production overseas in order to get their production
costs low enough to meet Wal-Mart’s pricing mandates. Master Lock, Carolina
Mills, Levi’s, and, a bit closer to home, Huffy Bicycle are a few examples.
Your company uses local suppliers for metal, paint, plastics, and packaging and
pays its 25 workers above-market wages. Thankfully, at the moment your company
is the only manufacturer of the kickstand, so you have more freedom to set a
competitive price on that item. If you begin selling through Wal-Mart, however,
imitators will soon follow, and that would definitely affect your already
modest margins. Not to mention that Wal-Mart uses historical price data about a
company and its competitors to drive prices down across industries. Suppliers
are rarely if ever granted a price increase; on the contrary, they are asked
for regular price decreases!

In addition, if
vendors want their products on Wal-Mart’s shelves, they have to implement
Wal-Mart’s “customized business plans.” Each year, the big retailer hands its
suppliers detailed “strategic business planning packets.” Wal-Mart grades its
suppliers with weekly, quarterly, and annual report cards. And, when it comes
to discussion of price, there is no real negotiation even for household brands.
Plus, Wal-Mart often requires its suppliers to underwrite the costs of the
retailer’s supply-chain productivity initiatives, like using radio-frequency
identification (RFID) tags on their products for inventory tracking, a system
that can cost between $13 million and $23 million to put in place. Trying to
meet Wal-Mart’s requirements has pushed many small- and medium-sized businesses
into bankruptcy. Businesses that stay afloat have generally done so by
outsourcing to China (in areas like shoes, house wares, and apparel, 80 to 90
percent of Wal-Mart’s inventory comes from China).

But there are also
benefits to selling to Wal-Mart. You have instant access to the world’s largest
global retailing network. Doing things the “Wal-Mart way” inevitably leads to
more efficient operations. And the volume! You could sell exponentially more
kickstands through Wal-Mart than through the small specialty retailers to whom
you currently sell. If doing business with Wal-Mart is so bad, why do Unilever,
P&G, and Dial sell 6, 17, and 28 percent of their goods, respectively, to
the giant retailer? A former president of Huffy Bicycle once said that Wal-Mart
gives you “a chance to compete. If you can’t compete, that’s your problem.” You
agree, to a point. Before you can voice any of the pros and cons, another
manager expertly sums up the dilemma by saying, “The only thing worse than
selling to Wal-Mart is not selling to Wal-Mart.”

Before you begin
this you will probably need to do some preliminary research on Wal-Mart’s business
practices; go to the campus library to find articles on topics like
productivity, inventory management, and even Wal-Mart’s business practices. A
visit to the Wal-Mart stores website ( can
give you a wealth of information on how the company manages its suppliers. You
may also wish to visit the PBS show Frontline’s web page “Is Wal-Mart Good for
America?” (

Sources:C. Fishman, “The Wal-Mart You Don’t Know,” Fast
, December 2003, 68–80; M. Boyle, “Wal-Mart Keeps the Change,” Fortune,
10 November 2003, 46; C. Y. Chen, “Wal-Mart Drives a New Tech Boom,” Fortune,
May 2004; “Is Wal-Mart Good for America?,” Frontline,


1.  Do you apply to become a Wal-Mart supplier,
with all that entails?  Why or why not?

2.  If you become a Wal-Mart supplier, what key
areas of your operations will need to change and how?

3.  What decision-making technique would you use
and how could that choice affect the outcome of your decision.

4.  If this was your decision, would you apply to be a supplier?  Would it depend on the type of industry you
are in?  What research did you find which
would support or deny your opinions?

*FYI: Project #1 ‘Selling to
Wall-Mart’ General Grading Rubric

Points Possible



Organization of the paper (flows,
includes all necessary information)


Explanation of answers (Use of
book, experiences, outside material, etc.)


Outside research (specific


APA, grammar, punctuation




Six Key Elements of A Situated Activity System, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

Please answer the ten questions below with complete, precise answers. 

Chapter 3 

Six Key Elements of A Situated Activity System

Six Key Elements of a Situated Activity System

  1. Who identified the six elements?


2.  List the six elements


3.  What is Leisure?


4. The configuration of the other five elements does change—the individuals in the program do not change.

A. True

B. False

5.  Give an explanation of the role and effect that each of these elements has in a program.

  • Interacting People


  • The Physical Setting


  • Leisure Objects


  • Structure


  • Relationship


  • Animation


6.  Define The Service Continuum


7. Two major issues affect whether an agency will operate in a facilitator or direct provider role


8.  __________________ can develop program services that require varying degrees of design input and operational effort from the agency and the individual participant

9. These elements are such fundamental importance that if one of them is changed, the program is also changed.

A. True

B. False

10.  Which type of service an agency will develop depends on the type of agency one is in and the agency’s philosophy, role, and mission?

A. True

B. False


communication log, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Now that you have committed to a communication behavior to address, the next step is to monitor your interpersonal communication behavior for 7–8 days as it relates to this issue.

2A. List your interpersonal communication goal from CCC Part 1E. Keep a DATED conversation log, spreadsheet, journal, or diary of SPECIFIC instances when you exhibited this behavior. Think about who, what, where, when, why, and how questions. Record who you spoke to, what you talked about, where you spoke, when you spoke – the time of the day, why you had this conversation – the circumstances, and how you spoke. Think about your feelings and your nonverbal communication. Did you listen well? Were you delighted, hurried, rude, polite, angry, frustrated, and so forth? Record other important or interesting conversations as well, even if they do not relate to your goal. You need at least five entries this week, but you may have many more.

Be sure to include an entry each day from the time you begin monitoring your communication behavior (conversations with others) until the time you conclude 2A. If you do not face your challenge on a particular day, say so. If you face other challenges, perhaps related challenges, on any of these days, include that as well. If you cannot document a conversation about your challenge that day, record another interesting or important conversation. You should have at least one daily entry for your conversation log, and you may have multiple conversations on the same day.

2B. Review your log and look for patterns. The following questions can help you to identify patterns of behavior. At what time and under what circumstances did I perform this behavior most effectively?

In what places?

With whom?

Under what conditions?

2C. Review your log and look for patterns. The following questions can help you to identify patterns of behavior.

At what time and under what circumstances did I perform this behavior least effectively?

In what places?

With whom?

Under what conditions?

2D. Review your log and look for patterns. What other recurring communication behaviors did I exhibit when I did or did not perform this behavior?

2E. Review your log and look for patterns. What seems to be your most pressing behavioral pattern? Is your greatest communication problem the same one you listed in your goal for CCC Part 1E at the top of your page? Do you need to modify your goal for this project? If so, state your new goal by revisiting Part 1E in Week 1, Course Project.

Remember, you should identify these patterns from the log you have recorded over the entire week. When you make a statement about an observed pattern, be sure to document it with specific data/examples from your log. You may find at the end of logging your communication behavior that your challenge is not what you first thought it was. As a result, it is possible that you may ultimately modify CCC Part 1E at this point in the project



methods of communication advancing every day, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Responses should be a minimum of 150 words and include direct questions, evidence from the literature, alternative points of view or additional insight.

post #1

With the methods of communication advancing every day, it’s easier to spread the word of a cause to different parts of the world. Social media is a bolstering platform for many different organizations. It has influenced political campaigns as well as help spread propaganda. Sites like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share their ideas and opinions quickly using the internet. In a 2014 poll, about 70% of people on social media engage with Facebook every day (Duggan, Ellison, Lampfe, Lenhart, & Madden, 2015). How does this impact a network or non-state actor?

A network is defined as “individuals or groups one interacts with regularly” (Arquilla, 2007). Transnational networks know no defined borders, are not states, and are not actors on a global scale compared to IGOs, NGOs, or MNCs. However, networks are used to link people from different regions for a common issue. Civil networks raise awareness for causes like human rights, injustice, environmental concerns, etc. Uncivil networks, rather than raise awareness to help others, seek out for self-gain through power, violence, and in some cases, terrorism.

One example of a civil network impacted through social media is the 2014 kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls. On April 14, 2014, Boko Haram kidnapped over 200 girls from a Chibok secondary school. The Nigerian government has been accused by the locals of not handling the matter in an effective manner. Activists took to Twitter with the trending topic #BringBackOurGirls (Litoff, 2014). The event quickly raised awareness to people around the worlds, with everyone from celebrities to the First Lady of The United States posting pictures with signs echoing the #BringBackOurGirls. The use of twitter helped rally more organizations to send aid in combatting the Boko Haram as well as providing support in identifying any of the girls that were rescued. It’s been two years, and the group is still raising awareness until all the girls are brought home.

Social media has also aided uncivil networks in their causes, namely terrorism. Paul Wilkinson described it best by saying “Terrorism is not a philosophy or a movement: it is a method” (Wilkinson, 2007). The terrorist network ISIS also uses Twitter as a means of spreading their message. They use it as a primary means of recruitment and spreading fear (Bean, 2015). The threat of this organization is multiplied when you factor in that their information is readily available to anyone.

Modern communication is a faster means of spreading information for both civil and uncivil goals.


Arquilla, J. (2007). “Of Networks and Nations.” The Brown Journal of World Affairs XIV (1): 199–209.

Bean, D. (11 August 2015). How ISIS Made Twitter One of Its Main Recruiting Tools – And What Can Be Done About It. Retrieved from

Duggan, M., Ellison, N. B., Lampe, C., Lenhart, A., & Madden, M. (9 January 2015).Frequency of social media use. Retrieved from

Litoff, A. (6 May 2014) ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Becomes Rallying Cry for Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls. Retrieved from

Wilkinson, P. (2007). International relations: A very short introduction. Oxford, GBR: Oxford University Press, UK. (pgs 72-75).


The evolution of technology has had an unprecedented impact on the ability to both state and non-state actors. This evolution has increased the capability to communicate in that transfer of information is now near real time. This means that any message sent from one side of the world will be received in almost near real time on the other, and some kind of response will be yielded. With the evolution of technology, state and non-state actors took advantage of the impact this was having and used it to fulfill specific agendas. There are civil and uncivil actors which each have a vision and with the overwhelming advantage this communication upgrade brings, each used it to amplify its message.

Civil actors seek to improve the welfare of something that is inherently necessary to (Arquilla 2007) improve social, environmental, and civil rights. Take People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for example which seeks to improve the welfare and rights of animals. PETA’s mission is to protect the rights of animals that are suffering because of the food industry, clothing trade, laboratory experimentation, and entertainment. PETA has been pretty successful in delivering the message worldwide and networking has made their successes a reality. That being said, PETA did get hit up for allegations of euthanizing animals which was also broadcasted around the world almost pretty quickly.

Human Rights Activist (HMA) are another example we can use with networking. In several states around the world, groups of people are being oppressed and the only means by which they can deliver a message is by sending a message to people who may be able to support a cause. Whether it’s a legitimate cause or not is where the disadvantage lies. People around the world each have their own agenda and the message may not really be uncovering the truth of what the person and/or organizations intentions really are. So when the message goes out and because in this case, it’s a social improvement that’s desired, a timely and efficient way of getting support and an answer can be established. But lets say there is an uncivil group or organization that’s not human rights and has a very clearly defined goal which is not morally correct like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. That group’s agenda is to establish a caliphate and sharia law. It does that quiet well from what we can see on TV and with networking, the group could easily get support with the ability to network.

Arquilla, John. 2007. “Of Networks and Nations.” The Brown Journal of World Affairs XIV (1): 199–209.

methods of communication advancing every day, political science homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

INTD 670 Business & Finance Question help Business Finance Assignment Help

I need help with week four INTD 670 ASAP please?




Note: All character
and company names are fictional and are not intended to depict any actual
person or business.




Will this work?
What do we do next?


Those were just
two of the questions that weighed on Tom Tramlin’s mind as he walked with Mike
Miller to yet another meeting. The merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM was
underway, and things had become chaotic at the office during the past week as
the management teams clashed over differing policies and procedures.


“I am glad that
we decided to hire ALTAP Consulting for this project.” Tom said as he joined
Mike on the elevator, “Their experience will certainly be helpful as we try to
move through this merger.”


Mike looked
down, hesitated slightly, and then responded, “Yes…I think you’re right. I have
some doubts about bringing in outsiders, but they might be able to offer a
perspective that we lack. I just wonder what they can really offer since they
don’t know our industry.”


“I can
understand your hesitation, Mike, but I really think we’re making the best
decision possible,” Tom responded confidently as they exited the elevator and
headed down the hall to the meeting. “The team has been under a lot of pressure
the past couple of weeks trying to deal with this merger, and we need help. I
don’t know if we can do it alone any longer.”




“Can you
believe it?” asked Steve Maine as he barged into your office with a huge smile
on his face. “We got the contract for the merger between UWEAR and PALEDENIM.”
Excitedly smacking the contract on your desk, he said, “This is huge for our
company and a big opportunity for you!”


You were just
promoted to the strategic manager position after spending your first 2 years as
a strategic analyst. You work at a management and leadership consulting firm
that specializes in corporate management training and solutions.


Maybe this will
be your first real project to manage.


“I want this
project, Steve,” you stated emphatically. “I’m ready for it, and I won’t let
you down.”


“What makes you
think you’re ready for a challenge like this so soon?” Steve raised his left
eyebrow, glancing uncertainly in your direction. “This is a pretty high-profile
project, and all eyes will be on you. Do you really think you’re prepared for


Right now is
your opportunity to win the job.


“I’ve had
experience with projects like this before with my previous company, Steve. Do
you remember the merger project I mentioned that I was in charge of for the two
petroleum companies?”


“All right,” he
responds, “if you think you’re ready, then I’m willing to put it in your hands.
Let’s go over the company briefs because you need to prepare for a meeting next
week with the CEOs of UWEAR and PALEDENIM.”

















Company Name









New York City, NY






Publicly held






Tom Tramlin



Number of Facilities



4 in the US

  (1 manufacturing plant + 3 distribution centers)



Number of Employees






Company Description



UWEAR is an upscale uniform supply
  company that has been in business for over 40 years. They design,
  manufacture, and supply uniforms for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and cruise
  lines from around the world. UWEAR is recognized worldwide as the leading
  supplier of elegant durable uniforms.


















Company Name









Cincinnati, OH






Privately held






Mike Miller



Number of Facilities



1 in the United States

  (sales office and distribution center)



Number of Employees






Company Description



PALEDENIM supplies low cost denim
  and coveralls to the trades industry and their main customer base is located
  in the Midwestern United States. They have been in business for only 5 years
  but are gaining market share rapidly due to their entry-level pricing
  structure. They do not manufacture any of their products.



The Merger


After reviewing
the company briefs, Steve began to discuss the merger. “The two companies have
decided to combine their marketing, sales, strategic analysis, human resources,
and leadership teams.”


This will be a
challenging project.


“So, my primary
responsibility is going to be solving problems and resolving conflicts within
and between the companies,” you mention nonchalantly, as though this will be an
easy task. “I will work with them and propose solutions that will benefit the
merger and allow the companies to more easily transition through this period.”


“You seem to
have a handle on what needs to be done for this project,” Steve nods as he
heads out of your office. “I’ll be here to consult if you run into any issues.”



SOC110 Multiculturalism, social science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

By Wednesday, September 21, 2016, using the textbook and Argosy Online Library references that you may select, write a paper using APA standards, of at least 750 words that focuses upon the following:

  1. Describe the meaning of multiculturalism in your own words.
  2. Is the United States of America a multicultural country?  Why or why not?
  3. Why is multiculturalism a controversial issue for some people?
  4. How can the three sociological perspectives  (structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction) be used to conceptually understand multiculturalism?

Please post your completed paper to the M2: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Introduction of issue and a conclusion that reviews all main points you present.


Defined multiculturalism and applied the concept to the United States of America.


Discussed the reasons why multiculturalism is a controversial subject.


Gave a complete explanation as to how structural functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction can be used to understand multiculturalism.


Related essay writings to the concepts and theories discussed in the textbook and outside resources.


Submitted on or before due date, using correct spelling and grammar and appropriate APA format.




The book we use: Macionis, J. J. (2016). Society: The Basics, 14th Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from


Behavior modification case study, psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

For this unit’s Assignment, you will use the concepts in this course to analyze three case studies. You should rely on the textbook readings. Be sure to include other outside research that is from peer-reviewed behavior analytic journals. The case studies are located in the Doc Sharing area.

After reviewing each case study, write out the answers to the following questions for each case:

Case 1: The Case of Bobby

  1. Select and identify a target behavior for increase in this case and provide an operational definition.
  2. Identify and discuss the reinforcement system at work that is supporting the undesired target behavior. Define operant conditioning and discuss how this method works to increase desired behavior.
  3. Select and outline a reinforcement-based intervention for this case and include your rationale for selection. Be sure to include a definition of positive reinforcement and operant conditioning in your discussion.

Case 2: The Case of Jackie

  1. Identify the target behavior and provide an operational definition.
  2. Both classical and operant conditioning account for Jackie developing this phobia. Pick one and use it to explain why Jackie has remained fearful of dogs.
  3. What evidence-based behavior modification program can be designed for Jackie so that she does not experience fear when seeing dogs? What is your rationale for selection?

Case 3: The Case of Emma

  1. Identify the target behavior and provide an operational definition.
  2. Discuss the principles of operant conditioning that may be maintaining Emma’s current challenging behavior.
  3. Describe how you could apply operant conditioning theory to create an evidence-based behavior modification to address Emma’s behavior. Outline all components of the procedure selected and be sure to provide the rationale for its selection based on the information provided in #2.

Your Assignment should be 3–5 pages (not including your title page or references) in 12-point, Times New Roman font. Include citations to avoid plagiarism. It is always necessary to give the author credit.



Title: Applied Behavior Analysis
Edition: 2nd (2007)
Author: John O. Cooper, Timothy E. Heron, and William L. Heward
Publisher: Pearson
Book ISBN: 9780131421134
Ebook ISBN: 9780131421134

 Title: Behavior Modification: Principles and Procedures
Edition: 5th (2012)
Author: Raymond Miltenberger
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Book ISBN: 9781111306113
Ebook ISBN: 9781285311012


Construct a​ 99% confidence interval about the population mean difference?, assignment help Mathematics Assignment Help

The following data represent the muzzle velocity​ (in feet per​ second) of shells fired from a​ 155-mm gun. For each​ shell, two measurements of the velocity were recorded using two different measuring​ devices, resulting in the following data.

Observation        1           2            3         4          5            6

                         793.8    792.5    793.1  793.8 790.8   790.3

                         802.5    799.8    802.5  796.2  791.9    787.1

​(a) Construct a​ 99% confidence interval about the population mean difference. Compute the difference as device A minus device B. Interpret your results.

The confidence interval is (_, _) 

(Round to three decimal places as needed.)

Choose the statement that best agrees with your interpretion of your results.

A) I am​ _% confident that the mean difference in measurement lies in the interval found above.

B) I am​ _% confident that the mean difference in measurement lies in the interval found above.

C) I am _​% confident that the mean difference in measurement is 0.

D) I am _% confident that the mean difference in measurement is 0.01