Student responses Law Assignment Help

Student responses Law Assignment Help. Student responses Law Assignment Help.

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All follow-up responses (minimum of 2) should require 250-300 words.



The abstract of a paper is a very important part of the paper. The abstract is an indicator of the quality and nature of the work that is about to be presented in the paper following the abstract. You want to have an abstract that is well structured, focused and purposeful. The abstract is the first thing the reader is looking at for a research paper and this gives the reader the idea of what they are about to get into before they ever start reading the research in the upcoming pages. The abstract is expected to be somewhere between 150 to 250 words in length. When writing the abstract for a research investigation it is divided into five different categories that include background, hypothesis, design/method, results and the conclusion. When writing an abstract for a research review it is divided into four different categories that include background, purpose, scope/method and conclusion. When the abstract is broken down into these categories it keeps the abstract in order and also makes it easier to read and understand. (Lohmann, J. R. (2009)

The introduction of the paper should grab the attention of the reader. The introduction is really the first impression of paper by both the professor and anyone else who reads the paper. When writing the essay for a paper it should include the main idea of the paper, the significance of the essay that is written and whatever the main thesis is that you plan to explain in the body of the paper. When you write your introduction your goal is to excite the individual that is reading your paper and motivate them to continue reading and understand the thesis and the reason behind why you wrote the paper and what you hope to explain. When writing your introduction page you should avoid using rhetorical questions. The reasons to avoid rhetorical questions is they serve no real purpose within the essay.

A rhetorical questions is a question that has no real answer to it and does not provide any new information to the reader and the paper is unable to answer any rhetorical questions. You can however use what is known as a narrative hook within your introduction. The narrative hook is also known as a literary hook this is used to hook the reader and give them enough intrigue that they will keep reading the rest of the paper. Essentially when someone looks at any type of writing from a fictional book to a research paper they are trying to figure out if what they are reading is actually worth their time. A reader will open up a book or research paper and look at the introduction and after about thirty seconds to a minute of reading they will have figured out if what they are reading is worth their time. It is the writers job to get that person to continue reading and they do this be using the abstract to give a brief overview and the introduction to give the narrative hook.


Lohmann, J. R. (2009). Editor’s page: Structured abstracts. Journal of Engineering Education, 98(4), 305. Retrieved from…


There are various parts of a research proposal that are necessary in order to lay out a clear purpose for the research being proposed as well as how it will be conducted. One important section in a research proposal is the abstract of the proposal. This is a section that appears at the beginning of the proposal, even before the introduction, and acts as a summarized layout of the entire research proposal. It serves to give an initial purpose for the research proposal as well as lays out the focal points of the research to be conducted. It is vital to addressing the necessity of the research, the benefits it will yield, as well as grabbing the attention of those reading the proposal. It is a big picture look into the proposal which lets readers know what they can expect to see as they read through the paper.

The introduction of the research proposal serves the purpose of giving a much more detailed outline of what the research proposal is about. It also serves to set the tone of the paper and grab the readers attention in order to get them interested in the subject and more open to the proposed research being conducted. It also sets the stage for the proposal by citing previous research or papers related to the topic which can help establish the validity for the proposed research as well as the benefits it could yield. A good introduction can set the stage for a reader to focus more on your research proposal as well as layout the rest of the proposal.

The key to an effective introduction is the use of a Narrative Hook to grab the attention of the reader and set the tone for the rest of the paper. There are various methods that can be used to set a Narrative Hook in a paper to grab the readers attention and arouse their interest. These hooks can range from the use examples of the topic, statistics regarding the topic, a short story to intrigue, or the use of questions to generate curiosity among readers. One thing you do not want to use as a narrative hook is a rhetorical question. This is due to the fact that the hook is meant to captivate the audience and establish a sort of relationship with the author. A rhetorical question does not due this and instead simply states the authors opinion in the form of a question. This keeps the reader from developing a sense of curiosity or arousing intrigue.


American Military University (AMU). 2016. “Beginning the Writing Process: Abstract and Introduction Construction

Student responses Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

NR 250: Careplan see all instructions below for clarification Health Medical Assignment Help

Hello, please review the instructions below.

I have attached three documents, only the care plan needs to be filled out according to the steps the other attachments are just to utilize.

Let me know if you have any questions.

2. Ask your client assessment questions (SEE ATTACHED FHP) based upon Gordons Functional Health Patterns and record your answers on the Telehealth Assessment.docx . (SEE ATTACHED TELEHEALTH)

3. Complete an objective assessment of your client using Schoolcraft’s Shift Assessment.doc (SEE ATTACHED SHIFT ASSESSMENT) Identify those assessments that cannot be done utilizing telehealth techniques. Record these findings on the Telehealth Assessment.

3. Complete a care plan for your client with ONE nursing Diagnosis. Document on the Telehealth Assessment.

4. Implementing a teaching topic with your client. Document on the Telehealth Assessment.

Thank you


6-2 Final Project Milestone Two: Short Paper: Collective Bargaining—Employee Wages and Benefits Business Finance Assignment Help


Students should reflect on the Discussion Topic from the previous module and their experience with the negotiating process. This short paper should include:

  • A copy of the agreed-upon collective bargaining agreement section (posted in the discussion topic)
  • A personal account of the negotiating process. This account needs to include:

    • A listing of the key challenges or points of friction.
    • An analysis of the negotiating principles used by both parties and the BATNA of their own position.
    • A review on the success of interest-based compared to distributive bargaining principles.
    • An analysis of the strength of the other positions – were their positions weak and not supported well or just the opposite?
    • A reflection on how this negotiation session was different than the first one completed under Milestone One in Module Three.
    • What might need to be changed to be more successful in follow-on negotiating sessions?
    • A conclusion about the outcome – did it favor one side or the other?

This short paper will be graded separately using the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document. Feedback should be applied to the final project.


MBA 670 Strategic Decision Making Business Finance Assignment Help


Can someone please complete the 2 questions listed below? Please submit the answer back to me on 2 different word documents.

Question 1:

BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR THE TASK: First, select either China or Germany as a new market for MediCorp to expand into, and decide on a medical diagnostic device that MediCorp can use to drive expansion. To help with your analysis of the industry, you will need to identify the NAICS code for the industry subsector to which your selected device belongs. Then, begin to develop a six- to seven-page marketing strategy for MediCorp. As you begin your marketing strategy for MediCorp, first analyze the characteristics of the company’s potential customers in the new market and address the international cultural differences.

TASK: Write a 6-7 page marketing strategy that includes the following components in the marketing strategy:

  • selection of new product for MediCorp to introduce in the selected country
  • MediCorp’s main competitors in the medical diagnostics devices industry in the selected country
  • market and segment growth over the next three years
  • Where does MediCorp add value as a way of gaining a competitive edge?
  • the legal business entity to market the products in the country (review Modes of Entry for help)
  • impact of the country’s legal, ethical, and cultural standards on MediCorp’s operations in the country (review Governance and Accountability for more information)

Question 2:

BACKGROUND INFORMATION FOR THE TASK: As you continue to work on your international business plan prepare market share estimates for MediCorp’s product(s) in the selected country and revenue forecasts for the next three years. This analysis will form a portion of your final international business plan. In the next step, you’ll examine another element of the business plan, strategy implementation. The next step is to specify the major factors to be tracked for strategy implementation using the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard: the learning and growth perspective, business process perspective, customer perspective, and financial perspective. Next, you will combine your marketing strategy and your financial, governance, and implementation analysis into a final report.

TASK: Write an international business plan that should be 10–12 pages, excluding cover page, executive summary, reference list, and appendices. Any tables, graphs, and figures should be included as appendices. Your plan should have one-inch margins and be double spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font. In-text citations and references should abide by APA format. The plan should be organized using headings and subheadings to improve its readability. The final international business plan should include key findings from the marketing strategy and financial projections and strategy implementation. It should also include an executive summary. The final international business plan should include the components outlined in the international business plan template.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you so much!


25.5.1 Overview — Homework 5 ASSIGNMENT Trying something new In this homework, you’re going to find out about something really weird: a paraphilia you never knew existed. There are two documents to look at: • Humanities Assignment Help

25.5.1 Overview — Homework 5

ASSIGNMENT Trying something new

In this homework, you’re going to find out about something really weird: a paraphilia you never knew existed.

There are two documents to look at:

Homework 5 instructions is the assignment itself. It’s on the next page.

Homework 5 answer sheet (in text format, on the page after the next one) is easy to download, to use as a framework for your own work. Then you can copy and paste the results into the appropriate Canvas window.

Read the instructions carefully on BOTH pages. In particular, notice:

Do NOT choose dendrophilia (for the reason mentioned on the answer sheet).

Do NOT choose fetishism; that’s too general. You may choose a specific fetish like hair fetishism or underwear fetishism.

Frotteurism is very easy to do, so there is a 4-point penalty if you choose it.

25.5.2 Details for homework 5

ASSIGNMENT Trying something new

This exercise is designed to introduce you to the huge variety of sexual fantasies that humans can experience, and to encourage you to learn something new about at least one of them—in a way which is non-threatening and legal, but interesting, enlightening, and fun.

Your task: use the Internet (or any other research method) to find a paraphilia (or sexual turn-on or lovemap fantasy) that you had never heard of before you took this course. Investigate this paraphilia well enough to understand its major components. Follow these steps:

(1) Find a paraphilia (as defined in class and the textbook) which fits the rules in paragraph (2). You can find one from the textbook or from any of a number of Internet sources. Several sites list large numbers of paraphilias:

(2) The paraphilia you choose should follow these rules:

It should be legal, or (at worst) a misdemeanor. No pedophilia, incest, or rape.

For your own protection as you conduct your research (now, or at any time), you should stay away from any sites which feature pedophilia or incest.

It must be a paraphilia which you never heard of before taking this course.

It would be best if the paraphilia is not one that personally excites you sexually. This is for your protection in case someone watches your surfing.

Choose a paraphilia which does not personally disgust you, upset you extremely, or harm you. There are dozens and dozens to choose from, and there is no need to be in turmoil as you investigate one of them. If, during your research, you encounter a disgusting or offensive site or advertisement, close its window and go elsewhere.

Do not choose “fetishism” in general; you’ll get zero points if you do. A specific fetish is OK (socks, hair…).

“Frotteurism” is too easy. If you choose it, the maximum possible is 16 points.

Do not choose “dendrophilia”. Most of its information on the Internet appears to be a joke, not real research.

(3) Write down the name of the paraphilia and a 1- to 3-sentence description of it.

Add 2 or 3 sentences in which you mention what scientists say about the paraphilia (beyond just the definition of it).

Add 2 or 3 sentences about what people with that paraphilia think about having it.

Next, in 2 to 3 sentences speculate (guess) about what childhood events might have caused the paraphilia, if any (I believe that most come from childhood, but some do not).

Finally, list at least 2 references you consulted (3 to get maximum credit of 3 points).

oFor references, you do NOT have to follow APA format. Just list the web pages you may have consulted, the textbook pages you may have used, or the other printed sources you may have used. Do NOT just list or as your references; copy and paste the complete URL to the page you consulted ( or whatever).

(4) Do not use the word perihelia. One point will be deducted every time you use this word. It’s from astronomy and has nothing to do with paraphilia. For some reason it turns up in student papers a lot; perhaps it’s a spellcheck suggestion??

25.5.3 Blank answer sheet for HW 5

Click this link to download a blank answer sheet for this assignment.

It looks like this:

Assignment 5

Trying Something New

Name of paraphilia: _________________________________

Description of paraphilia (4 points):

What scientists say about the paraphilia (5 points):

What people who have the paraphilia say about having it (4 points):

What childhood events might have caused the paraphilia (4 points):

References or websites you consulted (3 points):


Minus 1 point if you use the word "perihelia". That is a term from astronomy that has nothing to do with paraphilia at all!
Minus 4 points if you choose "Frotteurism". That's OK, but too easy.
Minus 20 points (i.e., zero credit) if you choose "Fetishism" in general. It has to be more specific than that (for example, hair fetishism, panties fetishism...).

Do NOT use material on dendrophilia. Dendrophilia may or may not be real; much of the information on the Internet about it is a joke, not real research.



Case law It was a dark and stormy night and Snow White and three of the seven dwarfswere hatching a plan to get back at the Evil Queen for the whole poisoned apple episod Law Assignment Help

There is NO NEED to use case law for this assignment. This is not a research assignment. In this assignment, I am testing your ability to spot issues and apply the criminal laws, as you learned them in this course, to a fact pattern.

For each question:
1- state what the elements of the law is based on the courseware and/or lectures;
2- apply the law to the facts and;
3- draw a conclusion.

Again, there is NO NEED to cite cases and/or statutes for this assignment! There is also no need to “IRAC” each issue. Just answer this as you would a series of exam questions.

Please also note that this includes materials from classes 13 and 14. So you may want to wait until after those classes to complete this assignment.

It was a dark and stormy night and Snow White and three of the seven dwarfs, Happy, Doc and Bashful, were hatching a plan to get back at the Evil Queen for the whole poisoned apple episode. Snow White wants the whole gang to accost the Evil Queen as she is getting home from work and to grab all of her money and then run away.

They all go to the Evil Queen’s house and camp out in her driveway. A while later, the Evil Queen, tired from a long day of doing all sorts of evil things, is driving home. She decides to stop off at a local bar and to let off some steam. She drinks a few shots of vodka and relaxes a bit. The Evil Queen gets drunk. She sees car keys on the counter that she assumes to be her own and takes them. She goes to the parking lot and, because of her state or drunkenness, she mistakenly enters the wrong car. Amazingly, the car she enters happens to be the car for which the keys work. The Evil Queen drives off.

On the way home, the Evil Queen, who has a blood alcohol content that is over the legal limit, loses control of the car and hits a bystander. Meanwhile, Snow White and the dwarfs are getting to be restless. Bashful, who does not like confrontation in any case, decides to go home. By the time the Evil Queen gets home, only Snow White, Happy and Doc are there.

With Doc and Happy hiding in the bushes, Snow White lunges at the Evil Queen and announces, “Give me all your money or I’ll kill you.” The Evil Queen, in a combative mood because of the alcohol in her, takes out a poisoned dagger and says, “I may not have gotten you with the apple, but this will kill you.” Fearing for Snow White’s Life, Happy pulls out his gun and shoots and the Evil Queen, but misses. The Evil Queen then lunges at Snow White. Snow White eludes the stab and pulls out her gun and shoots the Evil Queen and hits her. The Evil Queen survives but sustains severe injuries.

Later, the police come, and Snow White and the dwarfs run away. Snow White visits another dwarf, Grumpy, and tells him the whole story. Grumpy agrees to dispose of the gun and he does so. Eventually, Snow White, Happy, Doc, Bashful, and Grumpy and the Evil Queen are all arrested.

Snow White is charged with attempted robbery.

Snow White and Happy are each charged with attempted murder of the Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen is charged with larceny of the car and assault on the bystander.

Happy, Doc, Bashful and Grumpy are all charged with accomplice liability for the robbery.

The parties employ the following defenses:

– Snow White asserts self-defense for the attempted murder of the Evil Queen.

– Happy asserts “defense of another” against the charge of attempted murder of the Evil Queen.

– The Evil Queen asserts intoxication as a defense to both of the charges against her.

– Finally, Happy asserts that he was only 15 years old at the time of the incident.

In your assignment, please discuss all of the charges against all of the above parties and if the charges will stick. You should also discuss if the defenses raised are valid defenses.

Case law It was a dark and stormy night and Snow White and three of the seven dwarfswere hatching a plan to get back at the Evil Queen for the whole poisoned apple episod Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Environmental Science HW Science Assignment Help

These are just fill in the blank questions. I will give you the options to what to fill in for each blank. Also there are ones where you have to check off the boxes.

Fill in the blanks for 1.1

For 1.1 part 1- #1-3, The fill in’s are either, humanities, natural sciences or social sciences

For part 2- #A- The fill ins are either, natural resource, natural service, or point source

#B- First one is either, nutrient cycling, utilizing solar energy, or conserving biodiversity

For the second part in the question, it is either natural resource, natural sciences, or point source

#C – First part is either, perpetual, nonrenewable, or renewable

Second part- either, millions, thousands or hundreds

Fill in the blanks for 1.2

#2- It asks to fill in either, “larger or smaller” for both

For the one thats looks like, < < , it says to fill in cropland, forest, and carbon in it

#3 Theres 3 fill in the blanks

for the 1st part its either sudan, turkery, or australia

second part is, larger than, smaller than , or similar to

Third part is, larger than , smaller than, or similar to

Fill in the blanks for 1.4

#1- 2 fill ins

1st- deplete or not deplete

2nd- exponential growth, ecological footprint, or natural income

#2- 2 fill ins

1st- renewable or non renewable

2nd- renewable or non renewable

#3- 1 fill in

1st- biodiversity, available solar energy, or natural chemical cycles

#4- 2 fill ins

1st- point or non point

2nd- cleanup or prevention

#5- 1 fill in

1st- solar energy, biodiversity, or natural chemical cycles

The questions are screenshots in the file


2 History Question Cold War and WWII Humanities Assignment Help

You need to answer both question wih a minimun of 350 words each question

Need to answer every part of the question



What led up to the outbreak of the World War II and how did the US initially respond? When and why did the US actually enter the war and how did the war affect the home front


Discuss the origins of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Include a discussion of the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and the creation of NATO. Drawing on at least two specific examples, explain how and why America’s containment policy (The Truman Doctrine) resulted in actual conflict or intervention.


Anthropology writing paper Writing Assignment Help

Two pages (650-750 words), double-spaced thoughtful response essay to one of the assigned readings.

  1. You must state what the author’s main argument or claim is.
  2. You must share some of the evidence that the author uses to back up their claims.
  3. You must respond to the article, i.e. analyze the claims and evidence
  4. You must connect the article’s premise to other course material and/or a personal experience that shows that you understand the main argument and can connect to a novel situation.
  5. Your paper should be relatively free from grammatically errors, it should be in academic tone/style, and be in essay format with an intro paragraph.
  6. You must cite all references to the article and other course material using in-text citations (author’s last name and page number). No need for outside research or a “works cited” page (unless you bring in outside sources)
  • Choose any article from Unit Two:
  • Sterling “The Five Sexes”
  • Reis “Divergence or Disorder”
  • Seidman “Revolting Against Sexual Identity”
  • Lang “Lesbians, Men-women, and Two-spirits”
  • Blackwood “Culture and Women’s Sexualities”
  • Murphy “Redirecting Sexual Orientation…”
  • Nanda “Hijra and Sadhin: Neither man nor woman in India”
  • Kulick “The gender of Brazilian transgendered (sic) prostitutes”


Robbery is the taking of personal property via force or violence or the threat of force or violence Law Assignment Help

Matt is walking down the street in downtown Orlando, wearing his brand new leather jacket of which he is very proud. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Gary sneaks up behind him and pulls hard on the jacket. Matt’s arm flails backwards and his jacket is pulled right off and Gary runs away.

Later Gary is caught and arrested and charged with robbery. Robbery is the taking of personal property via force or violence or the threat of force or violence. Pickpocketing, although of course constituting larceny, has not generally been held to constitute robbery because it is not accomplished by force or violence. Gary argues that though he is guilty of larceny, he is not guilty of robbery under Florida law because he did not use force or violence to steal the jacket and his actions were more akin to pickpocketing than to robbery.

Is Gary correct or is he guilty of robbery? Please use Florida case law to justify and explain your response.

An IRAC-based essay is appropriate for this question.


Student responses Law Assignment Help

Student responses Law Assignment Help

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