SU Theft of Property from A Vehicle Report Law Assignment Help

SU Theft of Property from A Vehicle Report Law Assignment Help. SU Theft of Property from A Vehicle Report Law Assignment Help.

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Writing detailed and accurate reports is very important in the criminal justice field. To complete this assignment, you will choose one of the scenarios from the list of scenario links provided below. If you are not sure which report you would like to focus on, feel free to download all the links and review them prior to making your selection. You will base your complete report on your response to the scenario you select. Part I is the report template, and Part II is a reflection of what you learned in this assignment. Note: Both Parts (I and II) of this assignment are contained in the scenario documents. You do not need to add anything to the template other than your responses.


Select one of the three scenarios and download the template to your computer by clicking the links below:

Part I:

  • Submit a completed report template that contains accurate information based on the scenario you selected.

Part II: 

  • Write a 300–350 word, double-spaced reflection on what you learned in this assignment. Use acceptable grammar, sentence structure, and writing conventions for all report fields that require written statements or descriptions of locations, events, and in your reflection.

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Concorde Career College Energy Conversion & Gravitational Potential Energy Discussion Science Assignment Help

I’m working on a chemistry writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

  • What are some of the various forms of energy?
  • Explain how energy is converted from one form to another.
  • Demonstrate these conversions using an example from daily activities.  For example, when you are riding a roller coaster, there is a continuous conversion from gravitational potential energy  when you are at the peak of a roller coaster to kinetic energy as you move toward the bottom of the coaster.  As you travel down the coaster the kinetic energy increases and the potential energy decreases.


Rasmussen College Summary of Mr Lawrence Patterson Depository Document Law Assignment Help

I’m working on a law exercise and need support to help me learn.



  • A client of ours, Chris Sheffield, was sued for wrongful death and has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. We are representing him in both cases. Part of the case involved us requesting certain public records from the recorder’s office. We were provided with a copy of a deposition conducted previously with a recorder’s office employee, Lawrence Patterson, which we might want to use in his defense. A copy of the has been provided for you:

Deposition Transcript

  • You will need to read through the deposition transcript and prepare a summary. You should first read through the entire deposition. Then, you should read through it and make notes on the various topics, summarizing them for your attorney. Your summary should contain the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why). Finally, you should also include a topical index. The Index might look something like this:
  • Page/Line – Topic – Testimony
  • 25/4 – Work history – witness has been a doctor 10+ years
  • 27/1 – Past Depositions – witness has never been deposed


ACCT 401 Saudi Electronic University Audit Committee Financial Statements Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

1.What is the role of an Audit committee? (2 Points)

(Write one or two paragraphs, max 200 words in your own words and with supporting references)

2. Imagine you are the auditor of an organization, and you find that the trial balance of the financial year does not tally (Dr and Cr are not equal) Explain the assertions you would apply. (2 Points)

3. When an Auditor finds misstatements in entities financial statements which may be the result of fraudulent act, what should be the role of an auditor under that situation? (1 Points)


EVR 2861 001 University of South Florida Endangered Species Act of 1973 Paper Law Assignment Help



Rasmussen College Exclusion of Mr Bouden from The Use of Marijuana Case Study Law Assignment Help

I’m working on a law exercise and need an explanation to help me study.

CIVIL TRACK: The judge in the Bouden case has ordered motions in limine be filed this week, so there is time to rule on them well in advance of our trial date. You will need to prepare a motion asking the court to keep out any testimony related to Mr. Bouden’s use of marijuana. The defense might try to argue that his use of marijuana was an intervening cause of his injury as he was not as aware of his surroundings. We believe this argument is irrelevant and should not be provided to the jury. A template the firm uses for motions in limine has been provided for you here:

Rasmussen College Exclusion of Mr Bouden from The Use of Marijuana Case Study Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Yonsei University Process of Writing by Annie Dillard Essay Humanities Assignment Help

Choose one of the works??How to Write an Autobiographical Novel?, Alexander Chee?or ?the writing life?you covered in class and write a paper focusing on your own appreciation. It is possible to use another piece in your report. However, at least one piece in class must be included. The core of this task is to develop your reasons deeply after reading a piece. You don’t have to look at professional data. It is important to explain what you feel faithfully. If you think you need it, you can cite academic or press release. There is no content that must be included. Freedom of form. You can choose a form of writing that can show your reasons. Like an interim report, research report format is possible, and essay format is also possible. Or literary critical writing. I want you to choose a format that is comfortable for you to express your thoughts.


Southern New Hampshire University Communication and Social Media Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Review the scenario and then answer the case discussion questions that follow.


We are living in the age of social media. According to Pew Research Center’s survey, 73% of all Internet users use social networking sites. Regardless of whether we like it, many people live their lives online now. We have fewer expectations of privacy, we are more likely to write about what we see as opposed to talk about it, and everything we do and say has a broader audience. This has consequences for how employees work and how companies deal with the online footprint of their employees. For example, companies care about the online presence of job applicants. In a 2013 Career Builder survey, 39% of employers stated that they screen out candidates based on their online presence, and 43% decided to withhold a job offer because of what they came across online. Online behavior can signal whether the applicant would make a bad hire: Someone who bad-mouths a past employer or is disrespectful toward the opposite sex may do the same if hired. But online behavior that has no bearing on performance can also be held against the applicant as well, such as a photo in a bikini, a story the candidate authored that has too much violence, or revelations about the individual’s religious beliefs (the last of these would be illegal if done, but could be a challenge to prove).

Once hired, employees may lose their jobs for misbehaving online. This is probably a surprise to no one, except for the speed at which this occurs. Chrysler fired its social media consultant who tweeted (rudely) from Chrysler’s corporate account that people didn’t know how to drive in Motor City. A police officer lost his job in Florida after venting about parents and teenagers online. Racism, sexism, or just plain rudeness are simply more visible online and have more witnesses, and are therefore more easily actionable.

Not all examples are as clear-cut in terms of how companies should be dealing with online behaviors of employees. Recently, a female computer developer overheard two male conference attendees privately making (what she thought were) sexist jokes at a technology conference. She felt uncomfortable confronting them, so she took their picture and tweeted about them online and blogged about them the next day. One of the male developers in the photo was wearing a name tag, so he was identifiable. The conversation turned to whether the overheard comments were really sexist, was she being overly sensitive, or was technology as a field hostile to women. Then came the announcement that one of the male developers had lost his job following the online reactions to the event. This resulted in counterattacks and threats against the female developer and her company. Her company decided to respond to this situation by firing the female devel-oper. Within four days, two employees had lost their jobs as a result of one person’s using social media to call out perceived bad behavior and the public pressure that resulted afterwards.

Should organizations monitor employee behavior online? Experts differ in their suggestions. It is true that the online presence of employees may have job-related consequences. When Richard E. Grant, a guest actor on the popular show Downton Abbey tweeted pictures from the set, the cast of the show was chastised for their online behavior, as they risk giving away plot points. Companies need to guard their trade secrets and ensure that private and confidential informa-tion is not being shared or that laws are not violated, such as a hospital employee discussing a patient in a Facebook forum, and violating health information privacy laws. A study of IT employ-ees reveals that IT employees witness a lot of bad behavior on the part of employees: Employees download games (52%), download inappropriate attachments (57%), and browse social media sites (82%), introducing concerns about whether employees are doing any actual work during work hours. At the same time, the protection of the company’s rights needs to be balanced with employee privacy concerns and respect. For example, a new trend in some organizations is to ask job applicants to surrender their Facebook passwords to learn more about them. As of 2014, 12 states in the United States have banned this practice, and yet it endures. It seems that orga-nizations will continue to grapple with the reality of the online lives of prospective employees in the near future, and try to figure out the best way to do so.

1. The case only covers the surface of how the changing social media landscape is introducing challenges for managing employees. What additional incidents have you observed? What other challenges face organizations dealing with online interactions among employees, or employees and third parties?

2. How open are you online? Why do you take this approach?

3. How do you think the incident with the conference attendees could have been handled dif-ferently? What should the respective companies have done?

4. How do you think companies should respond to social media and the online presence of their employees? What should a social media policy look like?


Bowie State University Integrity Ethical Leadership Trust and Work Engagement Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

I’m working on a nursing writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Servant leaders must be internally consistent with their words and actions (credibility). A credible person will do what they say. Describe a time when you felt free in displaying your integrity at work. 

Conversely, describe a time when you felt fearful or wary of displaying your integrity at work. 

What was the determining factor(s) that allowed you to lead by example versus going against your heart? 

If you never felt free in displaying your integrity at work, describe what conditions would need to exist for you to do so?


Southern New Hampshire University CH13 McDaniels Burgers Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Review and complete the Real-World Case Study in the 13.4 Chapter Exercises. In this activity, you will evaluate theories for their advantages and disadvantages in addressing the specific case. As you complete the case, consider how the changes at the company may drive the need for a different theory than the one used previously.

Real-World Case Study

Clancey Shoe Factory has a reputation for good shoes made with pride and love. Clancey Shoe Factory is a small family business that supports many of the businesses in the major metro-politan area of Lubbock, Texas. However, a new generation of Clancey children would like to see their business grow and have expanded their market online. Now, the business is getting even busier. More and more orders are coming in every day from all around the world. To keep up with the demand, the Clancey family had to hire more workers to make shoes. However, with more workers also come more problems. In order to keep production moving in an efficient and timely order, they had three main work areas. The first station was in charge of advertising and taking orders and inventory. The second station was in charge of shoe development and creation. The third station was in charge of shoe delivery and order completion. Every worker had different perceptions about the other stations and believed that their own work was harder. Hence they wanted more compensation and more benefits compared to the other workers in the various stations. Within stations, there was friction among the workers with more experience or higher customer satisfaction. At first, everyone was paid the same amount. However, workers felt that was not fair due to their personal tasks or experiences. The Clanceys have many orders to fill, but they will lose business if they cannot satisfy their workers.

1. Pretend you have been asked to be a human-resources expert for the company. What can you do to improve the company?

2. How can you fix this problem? What changes can be made to the company?

3. If you were a worker for this company, what would you want? Why?

4. If you were the owner of this company, what would you do? Why?


SU Theft of Property from A Vehicle Report Law Assignment Help

SU Theft of Property from A Vehicle Report Law Assignment Help

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