Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help. Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help.

have to chose any one IT related topic for this assignment. and complete the task. whole topic must be on one topic only.

Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review.

  1. Identify and select one peer-reviewed research article. Evaluate the article using the template provided.
  2. Identify and select one professional article. Evaluate the article using the template provided.
  3. Identify and select one popular article. Evaluate the article using the template provided.

Requirements for this assignment by the professor.

The purpose of this Research Proposal is to develop a systematic plan that can be used to conduct primary research for the MBA management application portfolio industry analysis. You are not collecting data; this is merely a proposal to collect data.

Include the following in your research proposal:

Select a topic of meaning to your professional career and/or industry.

  • Design a research question(s) about the topic selected formed as quantitative or qualitative.
  • Share why this topic and research question is important for you.
  • Present your review of the literature related to your topic. Apply critical thinking as you write at a synthesis level what you learned from the sources of knowledge reviewed. Aim for three themes drawn from the literature.
  • You should include a minimum of 10-12 reputable sources, including academic, industry, and business publications. (Academic sources include juried journal articles.) Books may also be used if they are written by relatively well-known authors.
  • Use APA 6th standard to format paper, e.g., titles, spacing, citations, and references. Double-spaced, consistent font throughout paper, 12 font size

also i need explanation about these three.

in the bottom 12 resources are needed with authors name.

Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

writing from draft Humanities Assignment Help

I have 5 drafts about 400-600 words each and I need to turn them into 5 little essays of about 800 words in length. There is no need for citation referencing or paraphrasing from any sources although you may research and relief on any source to gather related information and add up to the draft.each essay has a main question concerning main ideologies such as liberalism, conservatism or socialism and the questions have been somewhat answered by the drafts. You’ll need to elaborate deeper into the points mentioned in drafts and add to it in a simple essay format.


Social Structure Theories knowledge, law assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

these are the questions and these are the choices.


  1. In Anomie Theory, out of Merton’s modes of adaptation, which would be most associated with property crimes?

1 points


  1. Bev has been an elementary school teacher for the past 5 years. She rents a small one-bedroom apartment. She drives a 15-year-old Toyota. She has no internet or phone and spends most of her time in her garden growing her own food. She donates around half of her teaching salary to her local animal shelter. According to Anomie theory (i.e. Merton’s Strain theory), Bev would most likely be classified under which mode of adaptation:

1 points


  1. Tyler is a 27-year-old male living in Topeka, Kansas. He always wanted to go to college, but did not have funds to pursue his dreams. He married shortly after high school got a job at his local dry-cleaners. After 9 years of employment, he lost his job. Two months later, his wife left him for another man. Shortly after that, Tyler started drinking heavily and frequenting prostitutes. Which theory best explains Tyler’s behavior?

1 points


  1. Kerri is 15-years-old and in 9th grade. Her family doesn’t have a lot of money. She lives on Becker Street which has a lot of small dilapidated houses. Every day on her way home from school, she has to pass by Lyon Estates, which is a ritzy secluded community where all the rich kids live. Those kids have all the latest and greatest technology while Kerri doesn’t even have a phone. It bothers Kerri that everyone has a phone but her. She begs her parents to get her one but they cannot afford it. Kerri decides to steal a phone from the local Walmart. Which of the following theories BEST explains Kerri’s behavior?

1 points


  1. Which of the following would a Social Structure theorist consider to be a factor in crime causation?

1 points


  1. According to Social Structure theories, crime could be reduced by all of the following EXCEPT:

1 points


  1. Keenan, a 42-year-old male, prefers to drift around sleeping on different friends’ couches. He has no steady income and tends to spend any money he does acquire at whatever bar is closest to his latest couch. According to Anomie theory (i.e. Merton’s Strain theory), Keenan would most likely be classified under which mode of adaptation:

1 points


  1. The gap between rich and poor living in close proximity to one another is known as ___________.

1 points


  1. Criticisms of Anomie (Merton’s Strain) theory include all of the following EXCEPT:

1 points


  1. ___________ suggests the structure of the neighborhood is strongly connected with the amount of criminal behavior in a neighborhood.

1 points


  1. If a police department embraced the ideas of the broken windows theory, which of the following would they LEAST likely do to reduce crime in their community?

1 points


  1. According to the ideas of social disorganization, as the composition of the population of a neighborhood changes, the crime rate will:

1 points


  1. Which theory suggests that dropping out of school should reduce delinquency?

1 points


  1. The MOST important contribution made by the ecological school is:

1 points


  1. According to the ___________ theory, violence occurs more often in urban areas because in those areas, it is seen as an appropriate way to resolve social conflicts.

1 points


  1. According to Agnew’s General Strain theory, crime and deviance occurs when which of the following events occurs?

1 points


  1. Criticisms of the Broken Window’s Theory include which of the following?

1 points


  1. Social structure theories tell us:

1 points


  1. Strengths of Social Disorganization theory include which of the following:

1 points


  1. Luke and his friends are hanging out in the alley behind the local bar in a poor urban community. A man walks out the back door of the bar and bumps into Luke. The man (who is clearly drunk) calls Luke a derogatory name. Luke punches the man in the face, and the man is knocked out cold. Luke smiles and his friends are impressed. “Ain’t nobody going to talk to him like that!” Luke thinks. Which theory best explains the actions and reactions of this scenario?


Identify the instructional model you have chosen, project help Writing Assignment Help

Final Project

Part One: Lesson Plan

Review the Common Core State Standards website. Select two to three academic standards on which a unit of study can be developed. Create three lesson plans that could be used in this unit using three different instructional models (select from models that have been covered in this course) and can be utilized effectively to create objectives to meet the standard you have chosen. Be sure to address each of the items below in each of your lesson plans:

  • Identify the instructional model you have chosen.
  • State the academic standard on which the lesson is based.
  • Describe the grade level for which your lesson is written.
  • Write one students will understand objective, at least two students will know objectives, and at least two students will be able to do objectives to meet the academic standard you have chosen.
  • Describe assessments that will be utilized to measure students’ mastery of objectives.
  • Explain the procedures you will use to teach the lesson. Be as specific as possible. Pretend you are writing plans for a substitute teacher. Your lesson must be explicit enough for the substitute teacher to be able to implement.

Your lesson plans should be written using the KUD format as shown in your course textbook (See examples in Chapters 4 through 10). One of your lessons can be a revision of your Week Three assignment. Make sure to incorporate your instructor’s feedback. All three of your lessons must build on and/or support each other.

Part Two: Rationale

You may begin working on these areas through weekly assignments throughout the course. Address each of the following bullet points in your Final Project:

  • Introduction: Describe the focus of your project (unit of study).
  • Rationale for selection of instructional models: Explain how and why each selected model will be effective in meeting instructional objectives for that lesson.
  • Meeting the needs of diverse learners: Describe how individual needs can be met in each model/lesson plan.
  • Assessment and accountability: Describe types of assessment that will be used in each lesson and how they measure students’ mastery of objectives. Describe how you will use assessment data to guide your instruction.
  • Evaluation plan: Explain how you will evaluate the effectiveness of your unit of study. Describe adjustments you might have to make during implementation.
  • Conclusion: Describe how you feel about lesson planning. What do you think are your strengths? What do you need more support with?

The entire project must be a minimum of 10 double-spaced pages in length, not including title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA style (where appropriate) including a title and reference page. You must use a minimum of four sources, in addition to the course text. The sources do not have to be scholarly.

***CCSS Link –

***KUD Lesson plan template and example of the project will be attached**


business communication, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help


Assume you have been selected to participate in Troy’s study abroad program. The study abroad committee has asked all those selected for the program to create a power point presentation on a specific country outlining communication and cultural differences and challenges. As well as outlining how you will prepare to have a successful study abroad semester.


  • Use what you have learned in the course, the chapter readings and the information presented in Bonus Chapter C (I will give you the document of the Bonus Chapter C)
  • Use three outside sources and cite your sources on a power point slide at the end of your presentation
  • Pick a country you would like to go to for your semester abroad
  • Create a power point presentation (6 – 10 slides)
    • Include in presentation
      • A brief overview of the country
      • Communication (both verbal and non-verbal) challenges, obstacles and differences
      • Cultural differences and challenges
      • How to prepare for and overcome the communication and cultural barriers, obstacles and challenges for a successful semester abroad

To assist you in your preparation use the following preparing presentation slides checklist:

Questions about the presentation as a whole:

  • Is there an attractive, clearly worded, readable title slide?
  • Does the writer make good use of an outline slide?
  • Is it titled effectively, and are the items in the list of topics grammatically parallel?
  • Do the slides seem to cover all the important information?
  • Do the slides seem to be in the most logical order?
  • Is there a final slide that sums things up or leaves people with a significant thought or finding?
  • Does the whole presentation have a consistent look?

Questions about every slide:

  • Is there a strong contrast between the background and the text color?
  • Is there any type that is too small to be read? (Remember, no typeface should be smaller than 24 points.)
  • Conversely, is any type too big (yelling)?
  • Is any typeface hard to read (as with italics or too fancy a font)?
  • Is there too much or too little information on any slide?
  • Should any slides be combined or divided up?
  • If a topic is covered in more than one slide, the title on the subsequent slides should include “(cont’d).” Is every slide accurately/informatively titled?
  • Has the writer managed the hierarchy of the information well (not using more than two levels of information and making clear which is on the top level and which is on the secondary level)?
  • Are all headings on the same level grammatically parallel?
  • Are items in all lists grammatically parallel? Is the wording on each slide clear and grammatically correct?
  • If there are borrowed facts or quotes, are the sources named clearly on the slides? Is each slide visually clean and attractive?
  • Should/could the writer add visuals anywhere?
  • Are all visuals appropriately used and clearly labeled?
  • Are the dynamic elements (e.g., slide transitions) appropriate for the topic and audience?
  • Should you use more or less animation at any point?



Questions of Computer Architecture and Organization. Computer Science Assignment Help

Assignment: MARIE and ISADue date: 8-May-2017Task

1. (a) The Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the following integer sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence,
and are characterised by the fact that every number after the first two
is the sum of the two preceding ones: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34,
55, 89, 114, … etc.

By definition, the first two

numbers in the Fibonacci sequence are 0 and 1, and each subsequent

number is the sum of the previous two. We define Fib(0)=0, Fib(1)=1,

Fib(2)=1, Fib(3)=2, Fib(4)=3, etc. The first 22 Fibonacci numbers given














































a MARIE program to calculate Fib(n), where the user inputs n. For
example, if the user inputs 7, the program outputs the value 13; if the
user inputs 15, the program outputs the value 610; if the user inputs
20, the program outputs the value 6765 etc. You need to write and run
the program using MARIE simulator. Please include appropriate comments
to make your code readable.[10 marks]

(b) For
some values of n, your program will not produce correct results. You
can check this by gradually increasing the values of n and checking for
the correct outputs. What is the maximum value of n for which your
program produces a correct result? Why? Please comment on this [5

2. You
are designing an instruction set for your computer. All the
instructions are of same size (11 bits long). The size of an address
field is 4 bits. You have already designed 5 2-address instructions and
45 1-address instructions. How many 0-address instructions still you can
fit? Justify your answer. [7 marks]

codes to implement the expression: A= (B + C * D – E) on 3-, 2-, 1- and
0-address machines. In accordance with programming language practice,
computing the expression should not change the values of its operands.
[8 marks]


assessment task covers topics on CPU operation and Instruction Set
Architecture, and has been designed to ensure that you are engaging with
the subject content on a regular basis. More specifically it seeks to
assess your ability to:

  • be able to investigate the internal
    operation of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and describe how it is
    used to execute instructions;
  • be able to investigate and
    describe in detail the essential elements of computer organisation
    including internal bus, memory, Input/Output ( I/O) organisations and
    interfacing standards and discuss how these elements function;

Marking criteria


HD (85%-100%)

DI (75%-84%)

CR (65%-74%)

PS (50%-64%)

FL (0%-49%)

Simulating and investigating of internal operations of CPU and it’s instruction execution

code meets the specification. Code is well documented with comments.
The program produces correct outputs in every input situations.

Code meets specification and is well documented with comments. Minor errors in exlapnations.

meets specification. Most of the time produces correct results, however
does not produce correct results for special inputs. Little
documentation and comments.

Code meets specification but has errors in operation. Little commenting. Basic idea is expressed by the codes and explnations.

Code does not meet the specification

Comprehension of internal elements of computer organisation

Answers are corrects. All steps are correctly shown.

All codes are accurately written.

All answers are correct with a minor error. All codes are correct except a minor error.

Few minor errors in calculating the address spaces. The steps show the clear understanding of the address space caiculation.

All codes written correctly however the order were not maintained corretly.

The final result is not correct, however the calculations show the basic understanding of the instruction set architecture.

More than half of the codes are correct.

No attempt or incorrect calculations showing no or minimum understanding of the topic.

Codes do not meet the specification.

Important Note: Marie Simulator must be proper with details, and hand written, not screenshots.

Questions of Computer Architecture and Organization. Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Unit 3: Polynomial Functions Mid Checkpoint Apply, algebra homework help Mathematics Assignment Help

Unit 3: Polynomial Functions Mid Checkpoint Apply

Lesson 1-4

Please complete the following questions. It is important that you show all work you did to solve the problems when you submit your work. This includes any calculations, diagrams, or graphs that helped you solve it.

  1. OPEN ENDED Write a quotient of two polynomials such that the remainder is 5.
  2. OPEN ENDED Graph a function that has one relative maximum point and two relative minimum points.
  3. Writing in Math Use the information on page 332 to explain why scientific notation is useful in economics. Include the 2004 national debt of $7,379,100,000,000 and the U.S. population of 293,700,000, both written in words and in scientific notation, and an explanation of how to find the amount of debt per person with the result written in scientific notation and in standard notation.
  4. Writing in Math Use the information about tuition increases on page 340 to explain how polynomials can be applied to financial situations. Include an explanation of how a polynomial can be applied to a situation with a fixed percent rate of increase and an explanation of how to use an expression and the 6% rate of increase to estimate Shenequa’s tuition in the fourth year.… *LINK FOR BOOK*


Attack models, case scenarios and association point of attacks, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

I need a report which is completely written in your own words.I have attached a pdf document and please write according to the instructions given below.

you need to perform a thorough review and include following sections:

1- Introduction of the research topic (for example, Hardware trojan, side channel analysis, obfuscation etc).

2- Attack Models (How the system can be compromised, case scenarios and association point of attacks)

3- Existing solutions for particular attacks (provide references of the papers that you include in this section)

4- Proposed solution in paper (explain in your own words and provide description as well as analysis how the architecture or solution is solving the system from the attacks you covered in attack models)

5- Conclusion.

NOTE: Do not copy paste paper in the report, describe in your own words. You are reviewing the paper so it has to be holistic covering the comparison with other techniques, so you will be required to go through other publications to provide a thorough report.


Need assignment done by Monday morning. Humanities Assignment Help

Week 2 Assignment: Annotated Bibliography

Link to Video Transcript

For this assignment, you will write an annotated bibliography on three sources. For detailed information on how to create your Annotated Bibliography, please see this Sample Annotated Bibliography.

In your Annotated Bibliography, you will

  • Copy and paste the writing prompt you chose to explore in Week One into a Word Document.
  • Restate the working thesis you created in Week One below your writing prompt.
  • In this same document, identify your primary source (your short story) and two secondary, academic sources.
  • Summarize each source and explain how the source supports your working thesis. These summaries should be 100 to 150 words for each entry.

For the Annotated Bibliography assignment, you will write annotations for three sources. One source should be a primary source. Next, you will choose two secondary sources that are additional to the text.

The two sources you locate must be academic sources and come from peer-reviewed journals or other scholarly publications. For information on finding sources within the Ashford Library, please view the ENG125 – Literature Research tutorial.

The Annotated Bibliography includes a citation of the source in APA format. It also includes a brief summary of the source.

Click each example below to expand and click twice to collapse. Alternatively, you may click here to view the following examples in PDF.

Example of the Primary Source for the Annotated Bibliography

See the example below of the primary source:

* Note: Click on the above example to view it in its original size.

Example of the Secondary Source for the Annotated Bibliography

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

Go to top of page


Cowling’s Rule for child sized doses of medication, MAT221- Week 2-Discussion help Mathematics Assignment Help

Read the following instructions in order to complete this discussion, and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment:

  • Read about Cowling’s Rule for child sized doses of medication (number 92 on page 119 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra).
  • Solve parts (a) and (b) of the problem using the following details indicated for your assigned number:


  • For part (a) of problem 92 use this information to calculate the child’s dose.

adult dose 500mg amoxicillin; 3 year old child

  • For part (b) of problem 92 use this information to calculate the child’s age.

250mg adult, 25 child

Explain what the variables in the formula represent and show all steps in the computations.

  • Incorporate the following five math vocabulary words into your discussion. Use bold font to emphasize the words in your writing (Do not write definitions for the words; use them appropriately in sentences describing your math work.):

    • Literal equation
    • Formula
    • Solve
    • Substitute
    • Conditional equation

Your initial post should be 150-250 words in length. Respond to

at least two of your classmates’ posts by Day 7. Do you agree with how

your classmates used the vocabulary? Do the mathematical results seem


Here is my instructor guidance on this week’s discussion:

Discussion details

Discussion 1:
This discussion covers an important real life problem that many adults
will face in their lifetimes. When giving medication to a child, how
much medication should be given to promote healing and keep the child
safe? Everyone should know how to do this!

In this discussion, you will be demonstrating your understanding of the math involved in this procedure. You should never use a variable without writing down what it stands for so it is clear to you and me. Carefully read the instructions in order and view the example (see attached) to complete this discussion. Always read through the example. The example is like gold!

Then double check that you are working the assigned problem(s) and have answered each question that is asked.

sure to address this part as well: Explain what the variables in the
formula represent and show all steps in the computations.


Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Submit peer-reviewed, professional and popular source review. select one peer-reviewed, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help