Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help

Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help. Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Consumers have become more and more concerned about what they eat and the effects of
these foods on their health. To communicate health benefits to their customers, producers and
marketers make use of various health and nutrition claim. At the same time, numerous food
trends have emerged, with every single one of them suggesting a new way of dieting and the
promise of a healthy life.
Superfoods follow the most recent consumer trend towards health, wellness, novelty as well
as exotic flavors. Despite the numerous controversies and debates about superfoods, there is
surprisingly little research in peer-reviewed scientific journals about superfoods in general,
much less about consumers’ perceptions towards superfoods as well as on possible other
reasons (e.g. diets, nutritional patterns) why superfoods have gained these attractions. The
study should evaluate which factors and mechanisms influence people’s perceptions or frames
of superfoods, in addition to their general behavior.

NB :Type of project: literature research

Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Critical Writing Why women born as poetry born in 16 century were unhappy? Writing Assignment Help

Woof Says that a women “born with a gift of a poetry in the sixteenth century, was an unhappy women, a women at strife against herself”(para 10)

Write thesis mention at least three reason on your thesis

It is critical writing so it’s not just summary of the essay!! Below is the link and sample of that specific paragraph.…

MLA format.


That woman, then, who was born with a gift of poetry in the sixteenth century, was an unhappy woman, a woman at strife against herself. All the conditions of her life, all her own instincts, were hostile to the state of mind which is needed to set free whatever is in the brain. But what is the state of mind that is most propitious to the act of creation? I asked. Can one come by any notion of the state that furthers and makes possible that strange activity? Here I opened the volume containing the Tragedies of Shakespeare. What was Shakespeare’s state of mind, for instance, when he wrote Lear and Antony and Cleopatra? It was certainly the state of mind most favourable to poetry that there has ever existed. But Shakespeare himself said nothing about it. We only know casually and by chance that he ‘never blotted a line’. Nothing indeed was ever said by the artist himself about his state of mind until the eighteenth century perhaps. Rousseau perhaps began it. At any rate, by the nineteenth century self-consciousness had developed so far that it was the habit for men of letters to describe their minds in confessions and autobiographies. Their lives also were Written, and their letters were printed after their deaths. Thus, though we do not know what Shakespeare went through when he wrote Lear, we do know what Carlyle went through when he wrote the French Revolution; what Flaubert went through when he wrote Madame Bovary; what Keats was going through when he tried to write poetry against the coming death and the indifference of the world.


Assignment 2: Journal Entry – Social Workers and the LGBTQ Population and Advocacy, Internationally Other Assignment Help

The LGBTQ community continues to experience incidences of prejudice and bias. Not only are these prejudices exemplified in interpersonal interactions through slurs and violent acts but also in the policies maintained in social work agencies and institutions. On June 26, 2015, the United States Supreme Court extended marriage rights to same-sex partners. Since this ruling, the federal government has extended all federal and military/veteran benefits to married same-sex couples. Despite this progress, states continue to debate laws and policies that would legalize forms of discrimination toward LGBTQ individuals. Advocacy organizations, such as the Human Rights Campaign, provide policy maps showing the different rights provided in different states (see Social workers are expected to fight to eliminate these inequalities throughout communities, programs, and institutions.

Around the world, members of the LGBTQ community continue to struggle for their rights. In some countries, they have made some progress. In 2016, 20 countries legally recognized marriage for same-sex couples (Human Rights Campaign, 2016). However, in other countries, the LGBTQ community faces much greater obstacles, and the consequences of fighting for basic rights are grave for both LGBTQ individuals and allies. Being gay is a crime punishable by death in 10 countries and is illegal in a total of 73 countries (Human Rights Campaign, 2016). Because of the violence and social exclusion experienced globally, LGBTQ individuals may seek refugee status because of their sexual orientation or gender identity/expression (UN High Commissioner for Refugees [UNHCR], 2016).

Human Rights Campaign. (2019). State Maps of Laws & Policies. Retrieved from

Human Rights Campaign. (2016). International. Retrieved from

UN High Commissioner for Refugees. (2015). Protecting persons with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities: A global report on UNHCR’s efforts to protect Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex asylum-seekers and refugees. Retrieved from

To prepare: Consider the following statement:

    NASW encourages the adoption of laws that recognize inheritance, insurance, same-sex marriage, child custody, property, and other rights in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender relationships. The Association firmly believes that all federal protections and responsibilities available to legally married people in the United States should be available to people who enter same sex unions (including domestic partnerships, civil unions, and same sex marriages).

Then, read or view the United Nations Address on Global LGBT Rights by Hillary Clinton.

Clinton, H. (2011, December). Gay rights abroad. Speech delivered in recognition of International Human Rights Day, Geneva, Switzerland. Text posted with permission from the White House Office of Communications at…

Xtra. (2012, March 13). Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s historic LGBT speech – full length – high definition. Retrieved from

By Day 7 of Week 7

Submit a 2-3 page reaction to this statement of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). Describe what you think is the role of social workers in equal rights and access to LGBTQ populations. Next provide a detailed explanation of your reaction to the United Nations Address on Global LGBT Rights. Then, explain why, in the context of practicing social work in North America, it is important for us to acknowledge and address sexual orientation and gender diversity of marginalized populations across the world. Explain the role of social workers on an international level in relation to the rights of the LGBTQ community. Identify specific skills and actions you would employ as an advocate.


Journal Entry 6 – Creating Scenarios Writing Assignment Help


See your syllabus for a general description of this series of assignments.Additional specific instructions may appear in the instructions for each Module in the course (especially in the first and last modules of each term).

Unless the instructions for a given module say otherwise, journal entries should be 1/2 to 1 page long (single spaced, approximately 250-500 words) and should feature quality writing with thoughtful reflection that integrates the following three things:

(1) the material from an ELIGIBLE reading (see schedule for eligible readings), plus

(2) your own personal practice and awareness, and

(3) a specific organizational context.Note that you do not need extensive workplace experience to have an applicable organization–“organization” could also include your own family, your church, this or another university, etc.

Again, unless entry-specific instructions say otherwise, I will expect to see all three of these things in each entry.A journal entry should never be a mere summary of the reading upon which it is based.

Please see the sample journal entries in the Additional Resources module to get an idea of what a good and bad entry looks like.

Please be sure that you post your entries to the correct Journal Entry number, and that you base your entries on an appropriate assigned reading listed in the schedule for each module.If more than one reading is listed as eligible for journal entry for that module, please choose only ONE (1) of these for your entry–whichever you prefer.

Unless otherwise specified, all journal entries are due by the end of the Module in which they are assigned.

Unless otherwise specified in the schedule for this module, the title of your journal entry should be the title of the reading upon which it is based.Do not name them “journal #1,” “entry 1,” “module 1,” etc.


SPSS – Descriptive Statistics Law Assignment Help

To prepare for this Assignment, review the Week 2 Assignment Exemplar document provided in the week’s Resources, and download the Week 2 Assignment Template. Be sure to review the footnotes, as they provide helpful information. Also, review Lessons 20 and 21 in the Green and Salkind (2017) text, as well as the Copying and Pasting SPSS Output Into Word document, located in this week’s Resources. Download and use the Week 2 Assignment Dataset file for this Assignment. Keep in mind that you cannot draw conclusions using descriptive statistics without further testing (inferential statistics). Inferential statistics (e.g., t-tests, ANOVA, correlation, regression, etc.) will be covered in later weeks.

By Day 7

Submit an application of descriptive statistics within a quantitative business research context that follows the Week 2 Assignment Template. Your application must include the following:

  • An explanation of the implications of “Scales of Measurement” in quantitative research
  • A properly stated research question
  • A “Presentation of Findings” section, to include appropriate descriptive statistics for nominal (categorical/qualitative) and scale (ordinal, interval, and ratio) data using appropriately formatted APA table(s)
  • One appropriate graph for a nominal variable (e.g., pie chart) and one appropriate graph for scale (quantitative) variable (e.g., histogram)
  • An Appendix containing the SPSS output (see the Week 2 Assignment Exemplar)
  • Correct APA formatting, including in-text citations and a separate References page where appropriate

NOTE: This is a DDBA – 8307B course (Quantitative Business Data Analysis using SPSS) and there is a .sav dataset that I’m unable to upload



Strategic Human Resource Mgt(HRM530005VA016-1196-001) Business Finance Assignment Help

“Diversity” Please respond to the following:

  • Go to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) Website and review cases regarding diversity. Note: Enter the Website and in the search box under “Press Releases” type “diversity”. Review three of the results of your search. Next, propose three ways that an organization can increase diversity within itself. Take a position on whether diversity is or is not important and determine how the methods you provided support your position.
  • Evaluate ways that an organization can measure and reward compliance. Determine if organizations that measure and reward compliance are more or less likely to experience lawsuits.

Strategic Human Resource Mgt(HRM530005VA016-1196-001) Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Answer questions with citations from Frankenstein Mary Shelley Humanities Assignment Help

6. What is the readers general impression of Victor as a person?

7. What similarities do we find between Victor and his creature what are their differences?

8. How to show me repeatedly emphasize the idea that isolation obsession and selfishness are dangerous?

9. How does the text emphasize the difference between a parents in reality?

10. Does Shelley seem to subscribe to the view that nature (or nurture) “creates”” us as individuals?

11. What does the creature learn about human nature from observing the De Lacey family members and learning their histories?


2 separate assignment — one discussion post and one Article review form Business Finance Assignment Help


Article review form needs to be filled out by the directions that are included.


Can Money Motivate Workers?

Watch this video before engaging in the discussion:

Dan Pink on Motivation


Assignment. Now that you have read the article entitled “Why Incentive Plans Cannot Work,” you need to engage in a conversation with your classmates. Make an initial posting in the discussion area providing your thoughts on the the article. Use the following questions to guide your initial posting in the discussion:

  1. The author focused a fair amount on the assertion that money is not a good motivator. What are your thoughts on that topic?
  2. Do you have any strong feelings (agreeing or disagreeing) on any of the six points he raises about incentive programs?
  3. What experiences do you have, or what situations do you know of, that would lead you to believe or disbelieve some of the author’s ideas?

Draw upon the material from the text and the article in your initial posting and in your comments to your classmates.

Length Requirement. The length of your original posting should be equivalent to at least 1 double-spaced page of writing with 1” margins and Times Roman 12 point font.


Please see requirements for question Writing Assignment Help

Essential to strategy is being able to define the needs of your target customers, then defining the domain of solutions for them. Specifically, a refinement of your understanding of target customer’s needs, developing a first design of your product or services based on those needs, and defining the value (functional, economic, emotional, or social) in your solutions must be developed. This lays the foundation for creating product lines or a cadre of services and should be ranked in terms of providing “good”, “better”, and “best” solutions for your target customers. You must include methodologies of prototyping products and service deployment that are lean (highly efficient) and demonstrate that your solutions have merit and can be offered. (3 pages)

PS in text citation should be used that must match peer reviewed references minimum of 7.

Also this is for project PacoT Homecare


business ethics homework Business Finance Assignment Help

Mini case #2 – Stocks & Bonds


Answer all questions and submit assignment in blackboard by the due date. Each question is 5 points for a total of 25 points. Partial credit given if work is shown.

Case Narrative:The financial data for Kraft Heinz Company (KHC) is provided below. This information is to be used to answer the mini-case questions.

Equity Information: Kraft Heinz Company (Source Yahoo! Finance)

2018 Dividend Data

Additional Information for Kraft Heinz Company:

  • Annual dividend for the COMMON STOCK is expected to grow at a rate of 2%
  • Kraft’s PREFERRED STOCK currently sells at a price of $25 per share.It pays a dividend of $1.50 (which is NOT expected to grow)

Bond Information: Kraft Heinz Company

Additional Information for Kraft Heinz Bond Issue:

  • The bond has 10 years remaining until maturity
  • What is the market capitalization for the Kraft Heinz Company? ____________________________________________________ Chapter 4
  • What is the cost (required rate of return) of Kraft’s preferred stock? ______________________________________________________ Chapter 7
  • What is the cost (required rate of return) of Kraft’s common stock? _______________________________________________________Chapter 7
  • What is the cost (yield to maturity %) for Kraft’s bonds? _______________________________________________________Chapter 6
  • What caused Kraft’s current bond price to increase in price from the original issuance price?_______________________________________________Chapter 6


Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help

Superfood hype:changes in nutritional pattern and consumer behavior Business Finance Assignment Help

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