Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help

Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help. Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help.

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Directions: Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be at least four (4) double-spaced pages; refer to the “Assignment Format” page located on the Course Home page for specific format requirements.

  1. Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. You are a dedicated employee who advocates for the rights of the disabled inmates. You work overtime, sometimes without pay. But your existing caseload is unmanageable and yet every day you are assigned new cases. One of your patients attempted to commit suicide. You have complained to your supervisor to no avail.

    An investigation by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Alabama Disabilities Advocacy Program (ADAP) found that many inmates in Alabama’s state prisons, including those with disabilities and serious physical and mental illnesses, face systemic indifference, discrimination, and dangerous life-threatening conditions. Inspections of Alabama prisons, interviews with prisoners, and a review of medical records, depositions, media accounts, policies, contracts, and reports of the ADOC, reveal that Alabama’s prisons violate the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (“cruel and unusual punishment”) and federal law intended to protect people with disabilities.

    You know that the allegations set forth in the complaint are factually correct. But you need your job. You have a wife, two children, and a mortgage. You spoke truthfully when you were interviewed by the ADAP. You confirmed that inmates are being denied adequate medical care.

    In 2011, in Brown v. Plata, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that depriving prisoners of adequate medical care “is incompatible with the concept of human dignity and has no place in civilized society.” Deliberate indifference to these medical needs constitutes “unnecessary and wanton infliction of pain” barred by the Eighth Amendment (

    You know that the ADOC is understaffed and that allegations contained in the complaint are true, but you find yourself in a difficult position given that your livelihood depends on employment with the prison. One by one, apply Rushworth Kidder’s four typologies (i.e., “justice versus mercy,” “truth versus loyalty,” “individual versus community,” and “short term versus long term”) ethical dilemmas, found on page 134 of your textbook, to assess the moral permissibility of the conduct alleged in the complaint. Work through each typology, gathering whatever information is relevant for both sides of the argument. Apply Kidder’s checkpoints as outlined in the following presentation: (Disregard slide 11).

  2. Support your writing assignment with two (2) outside scholarly articles. Reference the complaint filed by the SPLC and other articles from their website when relevant.

Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discussions Science Assignment Help

  • What is your major and why are you taking this class this summer? What other biology classes have you taken in the past?
  • Tell us something interesting about yourself that you think people should know
  • Tell us one thing you want to learn about biology in this class and why
  • What one thing worries you about taking this class and what your plan is to deal with that worry

key points :

My major civil Eng and this class required for transfer

note : after you make your first post, I will be able to see the posts of
other students. I will read through there posts, and send you to make respond to two of will respond to the posts of two of your classmates. Look for
commonalities between you and a classmate, for example, some comment
that peaks your interest, common worries that can start a discussion of
how to resolve those worries, or common interests in biology. You must
have a minimum of two responses, one to each of two different classmates


La Ventana de lo Cielos- Disability Awarness Training … ( Journal) Writing Assignment Help

Student is required to keep a Personal Journal that will be submitted as requested by the assigned instructor. Journals must be kept current. Journal entries must be completed for the Mandatory Lectures and Service- Learning Activities. Individual Instructors may request entries for the Instructor Assigned Activities as well. Each entry must include the following information:

  • The Type of Activity (Mandatory Lecture, Service- Learning, or Instructor- Assigned)
  • The Date and times of your activity,
  • The Contact Person (Name & phone number or email address)
  • The journal reflection entry should answer the following questions:
    1. What did I do? (brief description of activity)
    2. What did I learn from this activity?
    3. How does this activity impact my development as a future nursing professional?
    4. How did this activity address a specific Healthy People 2020 goal/ initiative and acommunity health nursing course objective?

First week ( Introduction of the course and Down Syndrome) 2 paragraph, narrative …. following the instruction form What did I do until how this activity address a specific …..) signs and symptoms …

Second week ( A review of the previews week and Autism….

Third week ( Cerebral Palsy and a little bit about Chromosome 49, Prader-Willy syndrome, William syndrome… )

3 different journal of 8 that I have to do>> each class is 1 hr every weekend.

Personal Reflection Journal #1 Example

Activity: Mandatory lectures:

Orientation-Syllabus, Orientation- QEP Paper (Community Needs Assessment) & Orientation- Writing Tips Workshop

Date: 6/2/2020

  • What did I do?
  • What did I learn from this activity?
  • How does this activity impact my development as a future nursing professional?
  • How did this activity address a specific Healthy People 2020 goal/ initiative and a community health nursing course objective?

I watched the three videos and took notes on how to make a great community needs assessment paper.

I learned that community class is based on going into the community, and not just face to face lectures. Also, I learned the expectations of me and what I need to do to be success in this class. I learned that the scholarly paper will be based on my community, using my zip code. I am aware of how the QEP paper supposed to be structured; it has to include community research, analysis, summary, and reflection. While watching the writing tips video, I learned multiple writing tips including removing contractions and casual words from my QEP paper.

Being aware of the syllabus allows me to pass this class and graduate, which allows me to get my license and become a nurse. Nursing includes communication; therefore, I have to be able to effectively communicate through writing. I also need to be able to go into the community and meet their needs.

This activity introduced me to Healthy People 2020. I am now aware of some goals that Healthy People is trying to meet. Throughout this course, I will continue to learn about the purpose of Healthy People 2020.


Hood College METARs Script Output Project Computer Science Assignment Help

Your homework submission should be a script that reads a single line METAR from a file named: metar.txt Your script output (to the shell screen) should include:

  • the report type: either METAR or SPECI for “Special Report”
  • the station identifies (four characters starting with a K)
  • Day of the month and time the report was filed
  • If the token ‘AUTO’ is present, you should output “This is a fully automated report”
  • If the token ‘COR’ is present, you should output “This is a corrected observation”
  • Wind direction and speed, wind gusting, and variable wind directions
  • Visibility in statute miles
  • Light, medium, or heavy rain (-RA|RA|+RA)
  • Cloud Conditions: [0 or more occurrences of each of the following]
    • Sky Clear
    • Few Clouds <altitude>
    • Scattered Clouds <altitude>
    • Broken Clouds <altitude>
    • Overcast Clouds <altitude>
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Barometric Pressure
  • If
    the token ‘TH’ is present, you should output “Thunderstorms reported in the


BA302 Bi-Weekly Topic Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

written in the third person,include title pages and abstracts in proper APA format APA_Template UIU Version.rtf and include the page number of your topic from the text on the cover page.


Within the assigned chapters for the Weeks, there are separate mini readings that include a question entitled, “CRITICAL THINKING” or “WHAT IF THE FACTS WERE DIFFERENT”. In addition, at the end of each chapter is a section entitled “CRITICAL THINKING AND WRITING ASSIGNMENTS”.

  • Please select of one of those questions as the topic for your Weekly Topic Paper. DO NOT SELECT A “CRITICAL THINKING GROUP ASSIGNMENT”.
  • Take care to select a question that, when answered, will meet the criteria for the Weekly Topic Paper.
  • Week 6 Bi-Weekly Topic Paper
    • Topics selected must come from within the chapters of the textbook assigned for Week 5 and Week 6 reading only.

Submission Details

  • Your paper should be submitted to the appropriate location for the week in question.
  • There is no minimum or maximum word requirement. It is up to you to submit a paper that, in your estimation, best meets the grading criteria set forth below.

Grading Rubric: New Rubric-Topic Papers: W2 W4 W6

Each of the four Weekly Topic Papers is worth 50 points. Your grade on the Weekly Topic Paper will include the following grading components.

  • Clarity – possible 10 points.
    • Clarity means that I can follow you from beginning to end.
    • In order to help me do so, it is helpful to include an introduction that tells me where we are going and a conclusion that tells me where we have been.
  • Critical analysis – possible 20 points.
    • The purpose of this assignment is not to demonstrate that you can read the text.
    • The questions in the text from which you can choose to write are designed to make you think.
    • Critical analysis is not the same as observations (or critical observations).
    • Critical observations, however, are necessary to provide an appropriate context for your critical analysis.
    • If a question does not provoke critical analysis on your part, choose another question.
    • If nothing is working, then we have a problem that should be resolved through private e-mails or a phone call.
  • Appearance – possible 10 points.
    • This is where I will deduct for everything from spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and syntax errors to anything else related to the appearance of the paper.
    • Failure to use proper citation form for judicial decisions will also result in deductions in this category.
  • In-text textbook citation – possible 2.5 points.
    • You will be required to include a citation to the text in the body of your paper – it is not sufficient to include it only in the end references.
    • The citation must be in proper APA format. Here are some general guidelines to help you cite in APA format: APA Guide 6th Edition.doc
    • This is a really easy 2.5 points to pick up.
    • Do not forget to include it.
  • In-text external citations – possible 5 points.
    • You will be required to include citations from two external sources in the body of your paper – it is not sufficient to include them only in the end references.
    • The citations to these two external sources must also be in proper APA format for research or, for judicial citations, must be in proper citation form.
    • Remember the prohibition on using Wikipedia as a primary source.
  • APA formal references – possible 2.5 points.
    • Your reference list must include all references in the body of your paper in proper APA citation form.
    • Remember, proper APA format for end references is not necessarily the equivalent of proper APA format for in-line citation in the body of your paper. Again, the general guidelines are a great help here.

Important Helping Tools (repeated from above)


  • Most students use Word to prepare the Weekly Topic Paper.
  • Please do not send in .docm or Adobe PDF formats
  • I know I am technologically behind the times but I need you to post in .doc or .docx format



Parole and Probation Law Assignment Help

Mini-Paper 2 Instructions

The purpose of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply a working knowledge of the theories, terminology, concepts, and strategies covered in this course.

Examine the history and development of probation and parole in the correctional system. What are the four reasons for probation and the goals achieved throughout the process? What are the types of parole and the conditions that are often assigned to the offender? In addition, what kind of collaboration and accountability is necessary to ensure the proper execution of these correctional methods (e.g. probation officers, parole officers)? When answering these questions, please be sure to consider the impact that these forms of community corrections have on the correctional process.

The body of your paper must be no more than 3 pages. In addition to the body, your paper must include a title page, abstract, and reference page. Your paper must adhere to current APA format throughout, and your writing must be supported with properly formatted in-text citations. You must include at least 2 sources in addition to the Bible. Sources must be scholarly, reliable and relevant to the topic, and current to within the last 7 years. The intentional and appropriate integration of Scripture must be present, as it relates to the topic.

Due by 11:59pm

Parole and Probation Law Assignment Help[supanova_question]

math 1d problems Mathematics Assignment Help

1. (2points) Let a thin plate be bounded by?=4?2, ?=1, ?=2, and ?=2. Assume that the mass density of the plate is the distance from the ?axis.

2. (2 points) Let a cylindrical solid bounded by both ?2+?2=1and ?=4?2?2on the ??plane.


Montgomery College Rockville Campus Climate Change GDP Data Analysis Excel Sheet Business Finance Assignment Help

This dataset was provided by the World Bank for doing analysis on climate change. For this problem, we are going to clean up the data in anticipation of doing an analysis. Human activity, which often leads to increased GDP (gross domestic product) such as goods production and services, frequently produces carbon dioxide emissions. As such, we are going to look at the relationship between GDP and CO2 emissions.

The three tabs in the exam1_1_xlsx file are as follows:

  • Data – this tab has the country code, country name, Series Code, Series Name, SCALE, Decimals, and years 1990 – 2011. You will be using a specific series to answer these questions as described below.
  • Country – this tab has data about the country including the Capital City, its region, and the Income Group for the country.
  • Series – this tab describes the data in the data tab. It describes what each of the series are, the definition of each of the series, and the sources of the data.

For this problem, you will be turning in a single Excel file with all of the information described below.

First, create a new tab named “GPD” (gross domestic product) which has just the list of countries and the GDP data. This information is GDP $.

Second, create a new tab named “Total CO2” which has just the list of countries and the CO2 data. This information is in the part of the data named “CO2 emissions, total (KtCO2)”.

Third, create a new tab named “GPD and CO2” that has the list of countries, the GDP from 1990 and 2008 and the CO2 from 1990 and 2008. Remove all of the countries that are missing any of the data (for both GDP and CO2) from 1990 or 2008. Remove all entries that are related to incomes (Lower Middle Income, for example). Remove all entries that are regions (Middle East, for example). All remaining entries should be individual countries.

Fourth, using GPD 1990 and CO2 1990, create a scatter chart that shows the relationship between those two variables. Leave this scatter plot in the “GPD and CO2” tab. Choose the appropriate x and y based on our notes.

Fifth, calculate the correlation coefficient by hand for the GPD 1990 and CO2 1990. Put this in the “correlation” tab.

Fifth, calculate by hand the linear regression between GPD 1990 and CO2 1990 in the “linear 1990” tab. Check your answer by using the data analysis tool in Excel.

Sixth, calculate the linear regression of GPD 2008 and CO2 2008 in the “linear 2008” tab.

Based on your analysis, is there a relationship between GPD and CO2? Write a paragraph supporting your answer. Put this in your “analysis” tab.

When you turn in this question, you should have one file: exam1_1.xlsx with the following tabs:

Data, Country, Series, GDP, Total CO2, GPD and CO2, correlation, linear 1990, linear 2008, and analysis.

Here is the data file to download.


Interpersonal Communication Project Business Finance Assignment Help


  • Helping Skills for Human Service Workers: Building Relationships and Encouraging Productive Change by France & Weikel: ch. 6
  • Stewart Bridges not walls: A book about interpersonal communication: chs. 9–10, pp. 453–469


Interpersonal Communication Project Instructions

The purpose of the Interpersonal Communication Project (ICP) is twofold: 1) To develop an interpersonal communication plan that demonstrates course-related knowledge and a commitment to developing and maintaining healthy, healing, helping, and holy relationships through effective communication. 2) To demonstrate your ability to compose and effectively deliver a message with clear, purposeful, and well-organized content with attention to both verbal and nonverbal aspects. You will also create an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that highlights your main points and clearly discloses your sources. Your presentation must include the following sections/main points:

  • Introduction:
    Introduce your project in an engaging and interesting way. Say your name (but do not provide a biography), then give a brief preview of your presentation’s main points.
  • Overarching goal:
    Articulate an overarching life or career goal that anchors your communication plan. This goal should be succinctly formulated as a single phrase and must not be overly broad or vague. Share why this goal is important to you and explain the role of interpersonal communication within this goal.
  • Behavioral blend and background:
    Briefly describe your behavioral blend as identified in your Uniquely You profile. Also, share about how your background and identity influences your communication patterns, both positively and negatively. This section provides a backdrop for understanding you as a communicator and the challenges and opportunities you have faced.
  • Communication barriers:
    Disclose and discuss the most significant interpersonal communication barriers and issues that you have discovered throughout this course. Define and explain how these currently hinder you and negatively impact your relationships. It is implied that you have identified the specific barriers you will need to overcome in order to reach your overarching goal.
  • Resources and strategies:
    Describe solutions that will help you overcome the barriers discussed in the previous section. Be specific in discussing resources in the course literature that you have found personally applicable and helpful. These may include concepts, principles, models, or metaphors that have given you insight and understanding; techniques that may be employed to enhance communication skills; strategies that you have discovered, etc.
  • Action plan:
    Formulate specific action steps for implementing the resources and strategies described in the previous section within your interpersonal context. Actions may include techniques you will practice, ideas you will continually reflect on, things you will do differently, etc. Explain how implementing your plan will make your overarching goal a reality.
  • Conclusion:

End with a memorable closing statement or quote.

For this project, you must incorporate all the required course texts and two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles in a meaningful, effective, and significant way. Attribution to these sources must be clear throughout, ideally by oral reference. Evidence of self-reflection, critical thinking, immersion in the course materials, and synthesis of the course literature is expected. The language and terminology used in your presentation should be familiar to the audience and appropriate for the setting. When organizing your presentation, make sure each required section/main point is sufficiently developed given the time limit. The sections must be logically connected with a progression of ideas throughout. Transitions between subtopics should be clear and maintain flow of thought. All content should be applied and personalized.

The video must be of sufficient quality for a professional setting and show you speaking, ideally from the waist up. Your PowerPoint should not be featured in the video. Your delivery should demonstrate a willingness to communicate with attention to audience engagement, articulation, pronunciation, tone, absence of vocal fillers, eye contact, posture and movement. Your presentation must not exceed 10 minutes so write well and with a proper sentence stucture.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include a total of 15-20 slides that have a consistent look, font usage and style throughout. The slides should effectively and professionally communicate key points and provide visual support for your oral presentation, rather than “stand alone” with an over-abundance of text. Use images, graphic elements and illustrations to add interest, but make sure these do not distract from the overall content. Use the last one or two slides for a complete APA-formatted bibliography.


CMNS 202 Athabasca University Media and Power in CDN Society Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer all ten of the following questions, and follow the submission instructions below:

  1. Using Frankfurt School critical theory, describe ways that cultural industries limit discourse.
  2. Identify at least three reasons why Carah and Louw argue that there has been little structural change in the shift from analogue to digital media.
  3. Shade and Lithgow argue that there are problematically high concentrations of media ownership in Canada. Why do they say this is important? Identify three concerns they suggest concentration of ownership presents in a democratic context.
  4. One of the aspects of “public interest” addressed in media reform is national identity. Shade and Lithgow identify a number of problems with and criticisms of national identity. What are they? Do you agree? Defend your answer.
  5. Shade and Lithgow argue for the importance of cultural citizenship. What is this, and why is it important?
  6. Identify and briefly describe three problems that Murdock suggests are created by new media technologies.
  7. What is the “digital commons,” and why does Murdock say it is important?
  8. What does Raboy mean when he describes Canada’s broadcasting system as a “hybrid” system?
  9. Raboy argues that public broadcasting has been defined by three dominant tensions that still shape it today. Identify and briefly describe each.
  10. Shade identifies four challenges for media reform in Canada looking to the future. Identify and briefly describe each.


Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help

Suppose that you are employed by the Alabama Department of Corrections as a psychologist. Law Assignment Help

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