t Tests in Practice Mathematics Assignment Help

t Tests in Practice Mathematics Assignment Help. t Tests in Practice Mathematics Assignment Help.

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For this Assignment, you will critically evaluate a scholarly article related to t tests.

To prepare for this Assignment:

  • Search for and select a quantitative article specific to your discipline (Human Services/Social Services) and related to t tests. Help with this task may be found in the Course guide and assignment help linked in this week’s Learning Resources.

For this Assignment:

Write a 2- to 3-page critique of the article. In your critique, include responses to the following:

  • Why did the authors use this t test?
  • Do you think it’s the most appropriate choice? Why or why not?
  • Did the authors display the data?
  • Do the results stand alone? Why or why not?

Please include any references use esp reference to article chosen

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Amce Bicycle Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

A detailed foundational knowledge of logistics management is essential to a successful logistics career. Companies want employees to be able to assess existing processes and practices, but also to improve these processes to cut costs and meet deadlines. Your assessment for this course is a report or presentation with detailed speaker notes or a recording using a tool such as Jing, detailing your analysis and including foundational recommendations for an existing company’s logistics framework. This report will focus on one organization and will be broken up into several sections to give attention to the key areas of logistics management. Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from your instructor to help you achieve a successful final submission of your evaluation report.

The project is supported by a milestone, consisting of 16 questions directly related to each critical element of your final case study submission. This milestone will be submitted in Module Five. The final submission will occur in Module Seven.

In this assignment you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:

• Calculate costs and production needs based on analysis of organizational logistic needs assessments and customer requirements

• Identify company logistics, capacity planning, and resource needs by applying foundational qualitative and quantitative analysis methods

• Propose foundational methods for integrating logistic delivery systems into a cohesive, lean delivery system to satisfy customer demand at least cost

• Analyze variable demand cycles, carrying costs, customer preferences, and just-in-time principles for successful inventory management

• Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of physical distribution systems for receiving, storing, and shipping raw goods and finished products


Research paper on biblical criticism – Turabian style Humanities Assignment Help

I’ve written 2 pages already. Please continiue

Research Paper – Submission Instructions

Write the Research Paper using the Topic and Proposal you submitted. Your paper must have a thesis statement, which is an attempt to prove a point (this is not a survey of material). Your paper must be thoroughly documented and not contain your opinion, except in the Conclusion section.

Your Research Paper must include 7 sections:

  1. Title Page
  2. Thesis Statement
  3. Table of Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. Body
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography (including at least 12 sources, not counting the Bible or the course textbooks)


Form Validation and reformatting user input using javascript Programming Assignment Help

Without using any JavaScript libraries, validate the registration form fields. Dynamically adjust user input to match either xxxxx or
xxxxx-xxxx format. Use jQuery/JavaScript to dynamically adjust user input to match xxx-xxx-xxxx format. Email format, x@x.x format, where x is a placeholder for valid characters. When validating user input with JavaScript. Check all user input fields. All valid user inputs are marked green with some icon or messaging indicating good input. All invalid user inputs are marked red with some icon or messaging indicating bad input. All validation rules are in the attached document.


business essay revision Writing Assignment Help

Here is part of my Plan book of Youtube Red

Base on the suggestions to revise my essay.


1. *** Good effort in trying to analyze all the 5 trends. Note that external trends should be discussed in ways such that how the trends affect online streaming service market in general and/or Youtube Premium in particular. You could be more specific about how economic and cultural trends are relevant there. Drop the term “political” because you did not discuss this trend..

2. *** Current Advertising and Promotion: Discuss also their message strategy as seen from their commercials. They used to run three 15-second commercials with each advertising the benefits such as offline reviewing, music on the go, and no commercials, respectively. See if they are still running the same ads. If so, discuss them in your paper. Add their current slogan, too, if any.


YouTube Red Planbook

Situation Analysis

When planning the new campaign, it is important to examine the internal and external environment of YouTube Red because of the effects it will have on the overall success or failure of the strategy. The economic environment would encompass all factors regarding the economy and the effects they are likely to have on the success of the product. The use of YouTube Red has cost implications for users; thus, the issue of the economy and the amount of disposable income would emerge. The cultural trends should examine how acceptable the product is across various cultures. The campaign should consider whether the product would be acceptable to the culture of the target market, or whether some of its content could be interpreted as culturally offensive.

Technological advancements are crucial because the device requires other devices for it to function. For customers to enjoy YouTube Red, they will require a certain level of technological awareness. Being tech-savvy would enable the target market to harness all the benefits that the product promises. Lastly, social and political trends would determine the acceptance of the product and indicate how it is likely to perform in the future. Social trends are especially important because of the need to determine demographics of the targeted market. Younger users are likely to be the main users of the platform; thus, the campaign should consider their preferences. All technological innovations require a critical examination of social trends because of the possibility that the targeted segment might change its needs and preferences, and that the product could become redundant before it reaches the intended market segment.

Brand Positioning

YouTube Red positions itself as the premier app for ad-free videos, uninterrupted access to YouTube and YouTube music, offline viewing, and free access to Play Music for the upwardly mobile users. The product gives its ads-free content as the point of differentiation, and highlights online streaming of music and videos as its frame of reference. It attempts to give compelling evidence to convince clients to sign up for its products.

The brand is premium because clients have to pay to access the services. The implication is that the product targets people with a significantly higher disposable income, and who will be willing to pay an extra cost for the services. The fact that the company intends to expand its subscription services beyond the U.S. market attests to its brand positioning and underscores its desire to compete with other subscription services that provide premium content, such as Hulu and Netflix.

Advertising and Promotion Strategy

YouTube Red depends on its parent company, YouTube, to reach the target market. The advertising strategy involves offering subscribers several benefits that enhancing their viewing experience. The decision to remove ads from the content is aimed at attracting users that tend to block ads when using the Internet. The app’s promotion strategy involves engaging users, giving them various options for the use of the product, and collaborating with other companies. The use of its parent company is an especially effective strategy because it helps it to increase visibility. Other promotional activities include highly publicized partnerships with established video creators. The key promotion is the attractive deals that enable people that wish to upload videos or any other content and to store them on their devices for offline viewing. The “YouTube Red Originals” is an effective marketing and promotional strategy because it enhances access to new markets since it stars some of the consumers’ favorite “YouTubers.” However, the company has to compete with established premium subscription companies that offer similar products. Besides, its competitors have been in the market for some time, and have established their market presence.



Discussion questions and Geometric Shapes Lesson Plan Mathematics Assignment Help

There are two assignments that must be done in two different doucuments.

Document 1

Discusion questions

All answers must be a minimum of 100 words

question and answer format in your own words

8 questions in total

In Geometry what is Basic Notation?

What are Collinear Points?

What is a Segment?

What is Geometry?

  • Explain Geometric constructions leading to the SSS, SAS, and HL congruence properties.
  • Explain Isosceles triangle properties.
  • Explain Altitudes and perpendicular bisectors.
  • Explain Circles circumscribing triangles and quadrilaterals.

Document 2

Prepare an activity involving a geometric manipulative designed to teach a geometric concept to an elementary school student. You can create your own activity or modify an existing activity; if you are modifying an existing activity, however, ensure your sources are properly cited.

Create a Lesson Plan including the following information:

  • Detailed description of your activity, which must include the application of the characteristics and properties of the chosen geometric manipulative
  • Instructions for conducting the activity
  • Materials needed
  • State standards addressed by your activity
  • Assessment strategies for your activity

Discussion questions and Geometric Shapes Lesson Plan Mathematics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

American dream comparison essay Humanities Assignment Help

There are two parts to this assignment, an outline and a first draft based on that outline. For these assignments, you must read two short stories, which I will provide, and do an outline and first draft based on the question. To begin, construct a proper outline which compares and contrasts “Looking for Work” and “What We Really Miss About the 1950s,” as the two works relate to the issue of the “American Dream.” I will provide an example on how to correctly format the outline as well. The first draft must be 1000 words minimum, MLA format, MUST INCLUDE a minimum of one quote per text in each paragraph.

Your goal, again, is to compare and contrast the two readings as they relate to the concept of the “American Dream.” .

The book is in the description below, and the two stories are back to back beginning at page 19-40

How to format outline: Remember not to make it too long


Paragraph 1

Into sentence



Paragraph 2

Into sentence



Paragraph 3

Into sentence




Let me know if you have any further questions!


English essay Writing Assignment Help

Essay #3 – Instructions

Attached Files:

In the short story, “The Things They Carried”, the characters carry literal and symbolic items during the war in Vietnam. Make a mental list about all the things you carry and then think about the symbolic weight of these items. Create a video slide show that illustrates the most significant weight you carry and write an essay of at least 5 paragraphs that discusses the item’s significance in your life.

Visit the Animoto website (https://animoto.com/)to create your video.

Visit the following website(https://itbabble.com/2010/09/10/how-to-animoto/) for an “Animoto” tutorial.

Click on the attached link to view a grading rubric for essay assignments.

*** Copy and paste the essay AND the link to your video to the Safe Assign dropbox below by Wednesday October 31, 2018.


Rewrite 800 words so that it will not be caught on turnitin must be less than 5% the same as the attached file Writing Assignment Help

Hi, I need you to answer two questions by rewriting the two answers I have given you in an word document. You need to rewrite it in a way where it will not be caught on turnitin meaning it cannot be more than 5% plagiarized/ the same as the file I am giving you right now. I have also attached the article which was used to answer the questions in case you need reference for rewriting.

Do not add a header for the essay please make sure the answers use up the entire page for the answers only.


Computer Assembly Programming and Addressing Modes Computer Science Assignment Help

1) Use SPIM to write a MIPS-32 assembly program that performs the followings:
a) Print your first and last name on the first line. PUT Mohammed Alwadee. b) Prompt the user to enter an integer (positive or negative) using the prompt message: “Enter an
integer (0 to exit): “
c) If the user does not enter a 0 the program continues to prompt for more integers until a zero is
entered by the user.
d) After the user entered the number 0 it prints:
i) Their sum is: (the sum is displayed)
ii) The smallest is: (the smallest number is displayed)
iii) The biggest is: (the biggest number displayed)
e) The program ends.
Perform two test runs using the exact same data set shown in the samples below (except for the
name which should be your name) see the attachment


t Tests in Practice Mathematics Assignment Help

t Tests in Practice Mathematics Assignment Help

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