The “Pro” and “Con” Essay Format ( chose pro or con and write 5 pages) Humanities Assignment Help

The “Pro” and “Con” Essay Format ( chose pro or con and write 5 pages) Humanities Assignment Help.

The “Pro” and “Con” Essay Format

Pro Essay (5 pages)

Pro Introduction: The author (fill in) argues for the following controversial conclusion: (give

conclusion). He supports this conclusion with the following premises: (a) (give first premise)

and (b) (give second premise). This essay will examine each premise in the light of objectors

and then defend the author from these objections.

The possible objection to the first premise (give the objection(s)).

Reply to the first objection (give pointed reply).

The possible objection to the second premise (give the objection(s)).

Reply to the second objection (give pointed reply).

Theoretical observation (this is a broad theoretical groundwork upon which the whole argument


Significance (this is a concrete example from the world in which these issues play out today).

Con Essay (5 pages)

Con Introduction: The author (fill in) argues for the following controversial conclusion (give

conclusion). He bases his argument on two objectionable premises: (a) (give first premise) and

(b) (give second premise). It will be the contention of this essay that these premises are mistaken

thus rendering the conclusion unproven.

Objection to the first premise (give objection).

Counter-refutation by the author (imagine how the author would respond to your objection)

Counter-refutation against the author (show how the author’s response is inadequate)

Objection to the second premise (give objection).

Counter-refutation by the author (imagine how the author would respond to your objection)

Counter-refutation against the author (show how the author’s response is inadequate)

Theoretical observation (this is a broad theoretical groundwork upon which the whole argument


Significance (this is a concrete example from the world in which these issues play out today).

The book is:Plato Gorgias

Translated by: Donald J. Zeyl

The “Pro” and “Con” Essay Format ( chose pro or con and write 5 pages) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

(E-Business strategy in an online banking services) Business Finance Assignment Help

Topic / Title (E-Business strategy in an online banking services)

This is an individual Assignment (85%) and Progress Report (15%)

Assessment Method

An ASSIGNMENT consisting of 2000 WORDS weighted at 85% and

PROGRESS REPORT consisting of 500 WORDS weighted at 15%.

ASSIGNMENT Introduction:

A brief introduction about the topic in 3 paragraphs (250 Words Approximately)

Two paragraphs should discuss / talk about the topic with appropriate citations coming from 2 reliable sources. ( with proper citation )

One paragraph shall state the assignment objective/s or question/s.

Literature Review (1500 Words Approximately)

(As Main body)

Conclusions (250 Words Approximately)

Total Words all together 2000


Organizations and Globalization Business Finance Assignment Help

you have been learning about the various issues surrounding the challenges and numerous situations that exist legally that differ from those of the United States. You have been placed in charge of the Business Development and Expansion committee for your company. You are charged with the task of researching and identifying a country to expand your company’s operations.

Your international business expansion plan should include the concepts and ideas that were covered over the past several weeks. You are to select a country that does not recognize all of the established legal guidelines reviewed previously, but the potential profit that could be realized warrants the risk. The following points need to be addressed in your international business expansion plan:

  • The issue of common and civil law systems internationally
  • Intellectual property, copyright infringements, and legal ramifications
  • Violation of human rights of employees and child labor law violations
  • Public perception of companies doing business with companies that engage in that kind of activity
  • What has been the impact of the European Union of the business environment?
  • Anything else that you deem important to support your international business expansion plan

The deliverable length is 1,300-1,500 words. Do not forget to include a cover page and reference page with all of your resources.

Assignment Guidelines:

Your international business expansion plan should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas covered throughout the course.

Ensure that the assignment adheres to APA formatting and it meets the required deliverable length.


Quality and Supply Chain Management Business Finance Assignment Help

You have just been hired as the director of process improvement, a new position, by the VP of Operations for the ABC Manufacturing Company. ABC has been plagued by both internal and external vendor issues; the vendor issues involved repeated late deliveries and poor quality, while internally poor deliveries to customers resulted from both vendor issues, as well as quality and scheduling issues. The CEO’s instinct is that the factory could benefit from some wide-reaching process improvements.

The VP of Operations has decided that a far greater focus on vendor quality and internal process improvements must be taken. The VP of Procurement, prior to your coming on board, had already met with the CEO’s of ABC’s 4 major vendors and alerted them that he expected them to begin turning around their quality performance. About a month prior, he had sent each a letter suggesting several formal overall quality programs that they may embark upon, which included the following:

  • TQM
  • Juran’s Trilogy
  • Crosby’s program
  • Deming’s program
  • Six Sigma

Part One:

The VP has already received the following responses from each of the main vendors, and he asked you, in coming months, to work with each vendor as they implement their quality initiatives.

  • Company A had written back that it was planning to implement the Juran program but had not yet begun.
  • Company B had written back that it was planning to implement the Crosby program but had not yet begun.
  • Company C had written back that it was planning to implement the Deming program but had not yet begun.
  • Company D had written back that it was planning to implement a TQM program but had not yet begun.
  • Company E had written back that it was planning to implement the Six Sigma program but had not yet begun.

While all Companies note plans without and current action, your task is to provide each company clarification of each respective quality initiative in terms of overall concept, methodology, pros, and cons. You are to consolidate your findings into a single report for the VP prior to communicating these to each company individually.

Part Two:

In addition, you know that as far as internal processes and overall supply chain management goes, that there may be opportunities for improvement. Currently, the following internal opportunities exist for possible process improvement:

  • Supply Chain Management
    • The company communicates separately with each vendor; usually when a forecast or production change is made, not every vendor finds out the same day. This leads to confusion, excess inventories, and stock outs.
  • Demand Planning
    • The primary method to establish the master production schedule is to use a forecast that is created prior to the beginning of the year and updated monthly using salesmen’s inputs. Invariably, the company ends up producing too much of the wrong items (not demanded) and too few of what is in demand (real customer orders).
  • Multistage Inventory
    • To create ABC’s final finished product requires a multiple-step supply chain, which looks something like the following:
      • Raw material to vendors factory
      • Vendor processes raw materials to make their parts
      • Those parts are shipped to ABC’s factory
      • ABC processes purchased parts through a succession of departments, each one adding more and more vale
      • Finally, all finished components are assembled into a finished product.
    • Currently, every step in this entire supply chain is scheduled, monitored through some kind of MRP system, reported throughout the day, and seems to take an inordinate amount of system updating.
  • Transportation Planning
    • ABC continues to use its own fleet to deliver finished goods all over the country and to have common carriers deliver parts from its vendors, also located all over the country.
  • Process Control, Performance, and Variability
    • ABC’s own internal process seem to all of a sudden go in and out of quality specifications; the company always seems to find out too late to avoid massive amounts of scrap, rejected parts, or labor costs to rework parts.
  • Negative and Positive Cash Flow
    • The company goes through frequent swings from positive to negative cash flows as inventory purchases for large lots create negative cash flows, but then using up these materials occur at a slower rate, and with less outgoing, cash flow becomes positive. The CFO really struggles with managing these cash flow swings.

Before you begin to put together a vendor visitation schedule, your boss, the VP of Procurement, advised you that the CEO expects a comprehensive report, in about a month, covering the opportunities for improvement on the above topics.

2,000–2,500 words


One short essay 150 words Writing Assignment Help

Winterbourne puts substantial effort into getting Daisy to visit the Château de Chillon with him; she responds by inviting him to “go round” with the Millers. When he refuses because of unspecified obligations, “for the next ten minutes she did nothing but call him horrid. Poor Winterbourne was fairly bewildered; no young lady had as yet done him the honor to be so agitated by the announcement of his movements. His companion, after this, ceased to pay any attention to the curiosities of Chillon or the beauties of the lake; she opened fire upon the mysterious charmer in Geneva, whom she appeared to have instantly taken it for granted that he was hurrying back to see” (408 [full ed.] 1511 [shorter ed.]). Explain what Daisy means by calling Winterbourne horrid, and describe why Winterbourne is bewildered by her behavior.

Just answer the one quest



Democracy and corporations Writing Assignment Help


we the people

Corporations clearly play important roles in defining the relationships between business and the environment. As we have discussed in class, corporations exert influence over the wages that we earn, over the ways that we consume (through marketing, for example), over the revenues that our government collects etc.

Corporations are also pretty much taken for granted in our vision of the business world. As students of management we usually assume that corporations exist, that they function the way that they do, that they have the kind of influence that they do, etc. We tend to focus more on strategies for corporate success than on the basic idea of corporations themselves.

In this way the actions and theories associated with corporations can be thought of as an organizing pattern or paradigm that we consider “normal”. However, corporations have not always existed and they have not always functioned as they do now. Understanding some the historical and legal background of corporations is important – I would argue – to help you think through a wide range of issues, from taxation to accountability and political power. The goal of this assignment is to help you to understand some of that background. The Berle and Means reading is a chapter from their book, The Modern Corporation and Private Property, first published in 1931. Berle and Means were two legal scholars and professors of law. Berle was the better known of the two. He was a member of F. Roosevelt’s administration and was Assistant Secretary of State from 1938-1944. It is important to consider the context that Berle and Means were writing in. In the first quarter of the 20th century the corporate form of business became dominant in the U.S. And then in 1929 the stock market crash set off the Great Depression. The repercussions were indescribably powerful. The focus of Berle and Means’ book is the relationship between owners (shareholders) and managers (who they identify with “control”).

The excerpt outlines the history of that relationship. When corporations first were formed, managers simply acted in the interests of owners and the relationship was seen as a form of contract. The corporation was originally an organizational form – a kind of privilege – that was authorized by the state to serve the interests of owners and society. In a democracy such as the one we have in the U.S., the state is understood to represent the interests of the majority, including, but not limited to the shareholders.

Society has an interest in having corporations around to do those things. As a result a sort of a bargain is established by the state (the representative of the people). The bargain runs something like this: “you guys get to form a corporation, with all the special protections not usually granted to smaller, non-corporate businesses) of limited liability, the ability to raise capital through equity, order to get those big, socially important jobs done”. This is the rationale behind the state’s authority to grant charters of incorporation. That authority assumes a) that the state represents the interests of the majority; b) that the interests of the majority are supreme (this is the connection to the basic principles of democracy) and, therefore; c) that corporations should be subservient to the state (otherwise there wouldn’t be any requirement of soliciting a charter). By the 1930s Berle and Means were concerned about what they saw as a trend of granting more powers to managers to the detriment of owners (and by extension the larger society). The arguments that they made influenced the development of legislation to provide oversight of corporations for most of the rest of the 20th century.

Although Berle and Means wrote 70 years ago, the issues that they were concerned with are still part of the very active current debates about the role of managers in corporations, about corporate responsibility to the larger society, etc. Starting in 2001 (and predating 9/11), there have been almost continuous revelations of “corporate wrongdoing” among the country’s biggest corporations, (including Enron, Worldcom, HealthSouth), accounting (Arthur Anderson) and investment firms (almost all of the major ones) and then, in 2007, the Big One – the sub-prime mortgage and derivative mess that brought the U.S. economy to its knees. The financial repercussions of the implosion of all kinds of dubious and outright illegal actions by these firms have been immeasurable. The damage has rippled throughout the economy.

Some people feel that there is a need for more substantial actions to address problems in corporate governance. One such group is the Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD). I have asked you to read part of one of their publications outlining their arguments (and assumptions?). Some arguments against regulation of corporate activities (or for minimal regulation) are based on the assumption that the more income and wealth corporations can generate, the more taxes they will pay and the better off the whole society will be. The third and final reading from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy documents corporate income tax payment 2008-2010 (look at first 20 pages).…

Read the Berle & Means excerpt and the other materials (from POCLAD and Harvard Business School).

WATCH “Bigger Than Enron” on Youtube (50 minutes) at:

summarize the principle issues that Berle and Means were most concerned about in terms of the relationship between corporations and other sectors of society and internally, in terms of the different groups of people who make up a corporation. Then explain – with reference to Enron case and other indicators (from readings in the session and current events you’re aware of) the relevance of these concerns to our society today.

Democracy and corporations Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Week 3 project Computer Science Assignment Help

Will give extra hours if need be.

Part I—Hands-on Lab

Write the following SQL statements in Microsoft Access by using the Books database from Week 2 Assignment 2. Once complete, copy and paste the SQL statements in a Microsoft Word document:

Write SQL statements:

  • To update the publisher name from READ WITH US to READ FOR US
  • To verify the updated name field for the publisher with ID 6
  • To make the following updates to the Publisher table (be careful with WHERE):
    • Make Contact=”John Travolta” for publisher with ID number 4
    • Make Phone=888-999-7777 for TEXT AND MORE
  • To list the customer numbers and names of all individuals who have purchased books in the information systems category
  • To identify the book written by an author with the last name Cain. Perform the search by using the author name
  • To produce a list of all the customers who live in the state of Indiana and have ordered books on information systems
  • To display a list of all the books in the Books table. If a customer has ordered a book, list the corresponding order number and the state in which the customer resides
  • To identify the authors of the books ordered by Sheila Smith. Perform the search by using the customer name
  • To list the customer numbers and names of all the individuals who have purchased books in the children category
  • To add the following items to the Books table:
ISBN Title Author PubDate Cost Retail Category PubID
1234567890 A Good Book John Jeffries 10/11/2005 13.5 15.00 Non-Fiction 7
2314569874 Trains for Everyone Corey Berkey 12/15/2011 10.25 25.25 Children 8
1598745682 Eating In Susan Smythe 09/09/2012 20.00 30.50 Cooking 6
99954123654 Another Vampire Story Ann Oats 09/05/2010 11.23 13.52 Fiction 4
1025874159 Databases are Fun! Tony Stevens 01/01/2013 4.12 5.23 Information Systems 9
  • To delete the last record added
  • To update the name Susan Smythe to Susan Smythe-Brown

Part II—Course Project

Course Project Part 3—E-R Modeling

Now that you have defined your E-R model and project description in the project you started and worked on inWeeks 1 and 2, start converting your logical E-R model to a physical model.

In this week, complete the following tasks:

  • In a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, define columns with the following headings:
    • Primary Key
    • Name of Column
    • Null (NorY)
    • Datatype
    • Description
    • Foreign Key
    • Foreign Key Table
  • Each row will contain your rows for this table.
  • Fill out the columns row-wise.
  • Using Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Paint, create an E-R model of the six tables from your spreadsheet for developing the business requirements and constraints that will maintain the business logic for your database.
    • The E-R model should be readable and should map to the spreadsheet and the project description.
    • It should have all the cardinality and optionality defined.

Assignment Deliverable

After you complete the lab and course project, collate the information from both in a 3- to 4-page report in a Microsoft Word document.

Submission Details

  • Name your report SU_ITS3102_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc.
  • Name your Excel spreadsheet SU_ITS3102_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.xls.
  • If you use Microsoft Paint to draw your E-R diagram, name your E-R diagram file SU_ITS3102_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.bmp.
  • If you use Microsoft Visio to draw your E-R diagram, name your E-R diagram file SU_ITS3102_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.vsd.
  • Submit your report, spreadsheet, and E-R diagram to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.


Create a table to group ideas representing a common concept Humanities Assignment Help

Below are statements coming from different psychological scales constructed by different authors; what the scales are measuring nor the number of scales that are represented by these items are identified. Since the psychological variables measured by the items are fairly easily identifiable, create a table in which you will group those items that represent a common concept. Then, invent a construct or variable name for these items. This is an exercise that tests your intuitive abilities to spot the supposedly hidden constructs represented by these items. Consider this assignment as an “armchair” factor analysis.


  1. I feel irritable, easily agitated, and am impatient a few days before my period.
  2. I feel anxious watching a teacher work on an algebraic equation on the whiteboard.
  3. This is the dreariest time of my life.
  4. I am just as happy as when I was younger.
  5. My life could be happier than it is now.
  6. I have cramps that begin on the first day of my period.
  7. I don’t feel good being required to enroll in statistics.
  8. I expect some interesting and pleasant things to happen to me in the future.
  9. My breasts feel tender and sore a few days before my period.
  10. I feel old and somewhat tired.
  11. As I look back on my life, I am fairly well satisfied.
  12. I hate buying a math textbook.
  13. I feel depressed for several days before my period.
  14. I have backaches which begin the same day as my period.
  15. I don’t like reading and interpreting graphs or charts.
  16. I take prescription drug for the pain during my period.
  17. I’ve gotten pretty much what I expected out of life.
  18. Compared to other people, I get more the share of bad luck.
  19. I don’t like being told how to interpret probability statements.
  20. For several days before my period I feel exhausted, lethargic or tired.
  21. Most of the things I do are boring or monotonous.
  22. I’m feel my chest pound when I walk into a math class.
  23. I have abdominal pain or discomfort which begins one day before my period.
  24. I would not change my life even if I could.
  25. I’m anxious when I am waiting to get a math test returned even when I expect to have done well.
  26. The pain I have with my period is not intense but a continuous dull aching.
  27. I feel weak and dizzy during my period.
  28. I feel restless listening to somebody explaining a math formula.
  29. As I grow older, things seem better than I thought they would be.

I have gotten more of the breaks in life than most of the people I know.


media consumption and media literacy Business Finance Assignment Help

NOTICE : This is only a part of the full assignment that i need you to do so no need for introductions and so on just start with the assignment straight.

The assignment is about a movie ( I WILL INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE MOVIE WHEN ACCEPTED)

1. This should be in a word document 2 pages minimum – Analyze critically the social Context and effect the movie has (make sure you connect the text to the relevant social/cultural context)

. You are required to include a bibliography (APA style), and also, use in-text citations, when required. The bibliography and cover page are NOT inclusive of the minimum length requirement (2 pages). If possible, also attach images of your example – this will help you illustrate your argument better.

2. This should be a powerpoint presentation minimum of 5 MINUTES BE SURE THAT IT IS 5 MINS ( Only put main BULLET POINTS on the slides and also pictures, videos and GIFS from the movie itself to support the bullet points mentioned. – Mention in the notes below of what i should say when presenting in detail BUT ONLY BULLET POINTS AND PICTURES, VIDEOS AND GIFS ON THE SLIDE)


2 pages to paper on project management Writing Assignment Help

Most of the paper is complete. I just need about 2 pages added. This is a paper you did. Please use the attached paper to make the additions. Please also proof read the paper. I also need one more reference added. I will provide a nice tip on this. These are the final notes from the professor:

Prepare the final report. Be certain to proof read prior to submitting your final work. Incorporate ALL feedback received thus far.

The following components are to be submitted:

Title Page

Executive Summary
Introduction to the topic

Report Body


Reference List

Appendix (if you have one)

[supanova_question] at:

summarize the principle issues that Berle and Means were most concerned about in terms of the relationship between corporations and other sectors of society and internally, in terms of the different groups of people who make up a corporation. Then explain – with reference to Enron case and other indicators (from readings in the session and current events you’re aware of) the relevance of these concerns to our society today.

Democracy and corporations Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]