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Session 2 Assignment Part 1 – Discussion ForumDiscussion Topic
Answer two of the following questions
What is emergent strategy and how is it utilized in a strategic communication plan?
Why would the strategic communicator want to know the macro-level first and why is that important based on its elements?
How do the three management levels of strategic communication support each other?
Bottom of Form
Length: At least 300 words per question
o Chapters 3

From the article, please identify the

From the article, please identify the
1. Basic assumptions,
2. Values and
3. Artifacts of the NUMMI plant
How did they interact? Did they conflict with each other or were the different elements well-aligned?
After you have completed this write-up for the NUMMI plant, repeat the exercise for an organization that you are personally familiar with. If you are describing the organization for which you work for now, please use a made up name in place of its real name. (You are welcome to replace the name of the organization even if you no longer work there.)
report 2
Choose an organization that you are personally familiar with (but use a made up name if you currently work there or if you feel more comfortable not giving the real name).
What are the:
1. Basic assumptions,
2. Values and
3. Artifacts
of that organization? How do they interact? Do they conflict with each other or are the different elements well-aligned?

The long-term of Artificial Intelligence methods in facilities management,need Professional PPT ready

I want PPT professional for my research (Master )(chaper1,chapter2,chapter3)
Need Pic, graph, technology in that PPT as my topic
about the information, I will write. If you have PPT ready for Master and professional you can share it(that means you finish your work) but professional as the video below and editable not fixed.
find the video below I need the same.

The long-term of Artificial Intelligence methods in facilities management,need Professional PPT with add Pic and graphs

I want PPT professional for my research and take the important information from my research paper (chaper1,chapter2,chapter3)
Need Pic, graph, technology things
the time for my PPT is only 14 min which means only take the important information and put them in PPT with some movement, pic, graph and put a summary on the right side (I mean put the important information on the slide and their answer right side or in comment box to read while doing a presentation
the paper will share after being awarded the tutor
find the video below I need the same

Hello there, I need some help for these really easy, fast, and fun BIT 270 (Website Management) questions please.

1, Differentiate between the Internet and the World Wide Web.
2. Describe the difference between a search engine and a search directory.
3. List and describe four broadband methods for accessing the Internet and web.
4. Differentiate between commercial and organizational websites.
5. List and explain SEO techniques and tools.
6. Differentiate between front-end, back-end, and full-stack web developer roles.
7. Identify the primary responsibilities associated with each of the following web design roles: content writer/editor, artist/graphic designer, UI/UX manager, web designer, web programmer/developer, social media expert, and web administrator.
8. Define the following terms: instant messaging (IM chat), cloud computing, social bookmarking, wiki, and collaborative workspace.
9. Match each term with the best description.
web crawler
A business that has a permanent Internet connection and provides temporary Internet connections to individuals and companies for a fee.ISP

A document that a web designer can attach to multiple website pages to ensure design

A program or app that provides a scheduling, communication, and document sharing platform for students and

A program that browses the web for new pages and then adds the webpages’ URLs and other information to its index.URL

A software program used to request, download, and display sheet

A software program.MOOC

A specially formatted electronic document that contains text, graphics, and other information and is linked to similar, related documents.hyperlink

A web content design technique that includes using meta tas, descriptive page titles, relevant inbound links from other websites, and clearly written text to increase the likelihood that the webpage will appear high in a search engine’s search results list.LMS

A webpage’s unique text address.webpage

A word, phrase, or graphical image that connects pages at the same website or pages across different websites.SEO

An online course delivered over the web, often for free.Browser

An online journal or diary.

Humanities Question

This week’s reading focused on multiple essential concepts such as Business Ethics essentials. Managerial and Organization ethics, business ethics and technology and ethical issues globally. Chapter 7 focuses on Business ethics essentials. In general terms, ethics is defined as the standard of conduct originating from some external group such as society or business. The essential concepts in this chapter were: –
Concepts of Business Ethics
Three models of Management Ethics
Hypotheses Regarding Moral Management Models
The reason behind morals is that humans can choose how to behave ethically. People are competent to act in a particularly ethical way. Ethics in business is considered with fairness, decisions, policies, justice, rightness, or wrongness that occur within the workplace. Business Ethics can also be defined as the quest of the practices in business that can be deemed acceptable or unacceptable. This chapter elaborates on two types of ethics: Descriptive Ethics and Normative Ethics. Descriptive ethics involves describing, characterizing, and studying morality (Carroll, 2018). It focuses on what is occurring. At the same time, Normative Ethics focuses on what should be happening. It is a type of ethic that has a more meaningful moral anchor. There are three models of Management Ethics, Immoral Management, Moral Management and Amoral Management. Immoral Management is an approach that consists of active oppositions and ethical principles to what is ethical. With the help of immoral, we can exploit corporate or personal gain opportunities.
On the other hand, Moral Management is the opposite of Immoral Management. It confirms the highest standards of ethical behavior or professional standards of conduct. Amoral Management varies from the other two types. It is further divided into two groups, Intentional and Unintentional Management. Intentional does consider ethical factors, while Unintentional is careless about the ethical factor. Some choices might influence numerous conceivable activities and indeed come about work. Loyalty towards the organization and performance and results come above all else.
Chapter 8 extends the ethical discussion towards Managerial and Organizational. Companies and Organizations encounter day-to-day ethical encounters such as conflict of interest, customer dealings, personal standards, sexual harassment etc. (Carroll, 2018). The essential concepts that were covered in this chapter were: –
Types of Ethical Principles.
Factors affecting the Organization’s Moral Climate
Two Pillars of Leadership
Ethical challenges are faced by many on a personal and professional level. The three major approaches for making ethical decision-making are The Principles approach, Ethical Tests Approach, and the Conventional Approach. Many essential theories were covered in this chapter, such as Deontological theories, Aretaic theories, and Teleological theories. The essential principles mentioned in this chapter are the Principle of Utilitarianism, Kant’s Categorical Imperative, Principle of justice and Rights, Ethics of care etc. Utilitarianism is centered on the results and the positive impacts of a particular activity on the more considerable sum of individuals, although it is frequently a cost-benefit investigation (Carroll, 2018). The factors that affect the organization’s moral climate are superiors’ behaviors, peers, personal financial needs, and professional, ethical practices. To develop and sustain an ethical organizational culture, we need to follow three key elements. One is the existence of a set of core ethical values infused throughout the organization through policies, processes, and practices. Two, A formal ethics program that includes ethical training by an ethical officer can be arranged. Three, the leaders of the company should reflect their ethics towards their employees, which shows strong leadership.
The concepts of Business Ethics and technology are covered in Chapter 9. The essential chapters that were covered in this chapter are: –
Characteristics, Cost and Challenges of Technology.
Biotechnology – Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s)
With e-commerce in the picture, many questionable business practices have been in play. Employees who perform unethical actions in their businesses can lead to potentially dangerous situations by wrongly blaming an error the employee made on a technological glitch, copying the company’s software for home use, using office equipment to shop on the internet for personal reasons, accessing private computer files without permission and visiting unauthorized sites using office equipment. By laying out the company’s ethics and guidelines, employees can clearly understand how to use office equipment and not violate any ethics.
The growth of any company can be critical as it contributes to the world economy. Chapter 10 discusses the ethical issues in the Global Arena. In this century, foreign investment in developing countries like India, China, and Russia has rapidly increased the world economy. The essential concepts that were covered in this chapter are: –
Business Challenges in a Global Environment
Strategies for improving Global Business Ethics
Corporate Action against Corruption.
There are temptations to lower standards in the less developed countries where the government has hardly formed. The major challenges in the Global Arena to achieve corporate legitimacy in an unfamiliar society and Differing philosophies between multinational corporations and host countries. At the global level, business ethics is much more complex than domestic. The complexity increases when the stakeholders, culture, social-economic conditions exist worldwide. Companies based worldwide follow strategies to conduct business while maintaining ethics. They create global codes of conduct, link ethics with global strategy, suspend business activities in certain counties, and create ethical impact statements and audits. The steps in which corporate can tackle corruption are by implementing High-level commitment by top Management. By detailed statements of policies and operating procedures., training and discussion of policies and procedures. They are organizing hotlines and helplines for all organizational members and Investigating follow-up, reporting and disclosure.
The ethical dilemma at the workplace that I faced was when I referred my roommate to an opening in my company. I was tasked to train him as he joined my department, and I was quite well aware of the process we do. He seemed interested in learning new things, but after one month, he seemed too dependent on me as he kept asking my help for all his work, which put my dilemma as I couldn’t stop helping him nor tell my supervisors about him. This practice was not ethical from the company’s point of view. According to the situation described above, he did not satisfy the company’s expectations. Regarding rights theory, my roommate was completely wrong and unfairly pretended to work and do her job. Out of Utilitarianism, he was good on her end, but it piled pressure on me.
The principle of justice theory emphasizes fairness and equality and fairness to everyone in the company. Pretending to work is not encouraged at anyone’s workplace. Hence, under the principle of justice, my roommate should be terminated. Morality and personality of person defined virtue ethics of a person. Virtue ethics such as honesty and generosity are lacking for my roommate. This concludes that my roommate is ethically wrong as well. The golden rule emphasizes treating others as we would want to be treated, thus in a dilemma mentioned above, I would never expect someone is working for me to cheat like that, and hence he cannot do the same to the company. Based on the analysis and discussion above, reporting her actions directly to the Management is the most ethical way under the principle of rights, justice virtue ethics and the golden rule.

discussion board

STEP ONE: Reflect on the readings from Ch 4-Ch 6
STEP TWO: Watch the following video(s):
TEDtalk by Brian Little: Who are you, really? (15min)
TEDtatlk by Larry Rosen The Secret to Understanding Humans (18min)
STEP THREE: Reflect on the readings and videos. Post to the Discussion Board Forum. Your initial post (3 paragraphs minimum). Within your thread, discuss your thoughts related to the videos, your experiences, and perspective. You may choose to highlight a particular quote or thought within the video which resonates with you. You may also use this opportunity to introduce a new aspect or “ah-ha moment” you took away from this week’s learnings.
STEP FOUR: Review and thoughtfully comment (1 paragraph minimum) on the posts of at least TWO other students in the forum

Choose any of the episodes of the “What is Time” documentary . Write a review of the topic that summarizes the point

Choose any of the episodes of the “What is Time” documentary (sometimes the main topic stretches over several of the 10 minute or so episodes). Write a review of the episode(s)/topic that a) summarizes the overall “point”, b) evaluates the effectiveness (or not) of the episode(s)/topic, and c) briefly, adds your own perspective on the documentary “point.
Rubric: The paper includes all of the following: (1) having a clear and concise thesis (2) referencing broader historical/cultural context when appropriate and (3) using strong evidence such as quotes and other citations in support of your thesis. The paper demonstrates the ability to organize one’s argument through strong instances of standard rhetorical patterns such as compare and contrast or stating the pros and cons of an issue. The paper demonstrates the ability to communicate in a mature prose-style with strong examples of all of the following (1) sentence patterns, (2) precision, and (3) vocabulary. The paper demonstrates the ability to communicate correctly and appropriately with strong examples of all of the following (1) grammar, (2) punctuation, and (3) editing (no typos).

Answer 7 Water Resource Questions Using Microsoft Word

1. What property of water allows fish to survive throughout the period when a deep lake such as Lake Michigan is frozen? Explain how this property can sustain aquatic life in such a frozen lake.
2. We all know that the world will run out of oil sometime in the future. Will we also run out of drinking water? Explain your answer.
3. Explain why water has the highest boiling point among similar substances such as hydrogen sulfide.
4. Why is aluminum used in making cooking utensils?
5. Carbonate minerals present in the sediments of a river act as natural buffers resisting any chances in pH of the river. Describe how acid mine drainage can adversely affect the ecosystem of a river by reducing its natural buffering capacity.
6. What property of water is responsible for the rise of water in a capillary tube?
7. Explain with a neat sketch/diagram how water changes from ice to liquid water and eventually to steam as you add more energy. Indicate the latent heat of vaporization, latent heat of fusion, boiling point and freezing point in your sketch/diagram.