Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help

Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help. Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help.

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An effective way to communicate the IS/IT requirements for this major strategic shift is to specify a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for IT Service Management (ITSM). ITSM refers to the entirety of activities – directed by policies, processes, and procedures – that are performed by an organization to plan, design, deliver, operate, and control IT services for customers. Note that, depending on Enterprise X’s critical mission, being a product supplier, or a service provider, the customers may be other organizations in the enterprise, or customers of the enterprise. ITSM is thus concerned with the implementation of IT services that meet customers’ needs, and it is performed by the IT service provider through people, processes, and IT.

The cornerstone of ITSM is the Service-Level Agreement (SLA). An SLA is defined as an official commitment that prevails between a service provider and the customer/user. Aspects of the service – quality, availability, responsibilities – are agreed between the service provider and the service user. The most common component of SLA is that the services should be provided to the customer as agreed upon in the contract.

For your final project deliverable, complete the following tasks:

>Utilize your case-study business case and strategy position that you have developed for Enterprise X, and develop an SLA utilizing the ITIL methodology. Make use of your findings from Week 2_Activity to describe how SOA can address your ITSM SLA.- Attached Week2_activty document.

>Using the COBIT 5 methodology, identify the Service Level Management (SLM) activities required by your IT organization to support the service specified by the SLA developed.

>Save the SLA and SLM reports as two separate documents with 500 word each position paper.

>Follow APA guidelines to write the report and cite your sources as appropriate.

>Plagiarism is not acceptable.


At this point, you will have completed your Final Project research and you are ready to submit your New Strategy Proposal to Enterprise X. In your final presentation, you will combine your analysis from Week 1 through Week 5, including key aspects of the SLA and SLM. Your presentation should not exceed 50 slides including a title slide and a references slide.

>Attached Week 1 to Week 4

>Plagiarism is not acceptable

Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Source Evaluation Writing Assignment Help

  1. Say how you found it. What search engine or database did you use? What search phrases? Did you have to try out a few different phrases before you found the right ones?
  2. Describe the source
    • Briefly summarize the source’s main point or argument. This should capture the argument, not just describe the topic.
    • What type of source is this (ex: report, study, policy analysis, newspaper opinion-editorial or analysis, blog, etc.)?
    • Where was this piece published? (Think tank, news media, academic study, etc.)?
    • Is there an ideological bias in the publisher? Look at the “mission” or “about us” page. Then look up the source on (Links to an external site.) Why does this matter?
  3. Offer an assessment:
    • Write a brief paragraph explaining why you think the source is or is not well informed, well-reasoned, and accurate. Consider (but don’t answer individually) the following questions: Where did the author get their information? Are their sources of information credible or not? How do you know? Is the writer’s reasoning clear? Offer at least ONE example of the reasoning and evidence, and discuss how/why you find it to be credible and convincing.
    • Write a brief paragraph explaining why you think the author(s) is or is not credible. Who is the author/who wrote this? What do you know about their background and expertise? What makes them qualified or unqualified to write about the topic? How do you know/how did you find out? GOOGLE the author.
  4. Offer a reflection: How useful the source is to you and how will you use it? What might someone else reading this article get out of it, or how would that person find it useful? Would you use this source for your project? Why or why not? If you will use it, say how. Be specific here.
  5. Offer an evaluation of the source’s
    1. Logos: Are evidence and reasoning logical and credible?
    2. Ethos: Is the author and is the source credible? Why?
    3. Pathos: Is there an attempt to manipulate emotions?


Student Discussion Reply Writing Assignment Help

I need a reply post for the following instructions please. I have attached the student’s post. I’ve added the RISE model for reference.

  1. Post at least one (1) response comment on the discussion board that demonstrates you have thought critically about what a classmate wrote. Also, if you have any specific suggestions for helping your classmate improve his/her website, then be sure to mention those ideas.
    1. As a guide for high quality response posts, use the RISE model, which encourages the steps of reflection, inquisition, suggestion, and elevation.
    2. When analyzing your classmate’s work, please be sure to support each of your points with relevant evidence. You should have researched facts based on this week’s readings and tutorials. Avoid unsourced opinion or conjuncture.
    3. Your citations must be in APA format.
  2. Word count requirements:
    1. The response post should be at least 250 words.

3. Proofread both of your posts extraordinarily carefully in order to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. There will be a 1-point deduction for each type of grammatical/typographical error that appears in your posts.


Social Media Strategy and Timeline Writing Assignment Help

I need a paper for the instructions attached/below. In case you are not sure what KPI’s or SMART Goals are, I have also attached two photos. The capstone client the assignment speaks of is: They are basically a smaller business that I will be doing Public Relations for. This assignment is supposed to be sort of a layout of some things. It should explain it pretty well in the instructions.

I had done this assignment before and didn’t get a great grade. I have attached the teachers feedback for the last assignment, as well as the original assignment I had done.

Week 4 Assignment – Social Media Strategy and Timeline

This week, you’ll be creating your social media strategy for your capstone client and putting together a detailed timeline for your social media campaign.

To complete this assignment, you will write a paper that must include all of the following:

1) An executive summary that states the name of your capstone client, the type of business your capstone client is engaged in, and the overarching purpose of your social media campaign

a. As an example, an overarching goal might be to promote the launch of a new website, increase brand awareness, etc.

2) A paragraph that states the scope of your social media campaign by identifying the specific 3 SMART goals your campaign is supposed to achieve

a. As an example, a specific goal might be to drive at least 100 views of a new website in the first month of its launch, secure at least 50 social media mentions/tags for the brand in a 30-day time period, etc.

  1. List 3 KPIs you can use to measure each of your 3 goals
    a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 KPIs
    b. As an example, a KPI could be your client’s number of followers on specific socialmedia platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  2. List 3 tactics you can use to achieve each of your 3 goals
    a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 tactics
    b. As an example, a tactic could be to send email invitations to people in order toencourage them to like your capstone client’s brand on social media
  3. List 3 metrics you can use to measure whether each tactic was successful
    a. NOTE: This means that, in total, you’re listing 9 metrics
    b. As an example, an important metric could be the increase/decrease in the number of social media followers your capstone client has on each social media platform (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  4. A paragraph that states the projected ROI for each of the goals outlined in your planned social media strategy
    1. As an example, your ROI might be to increase sales or membership by 3% in a 3- month time period.

5. A chart with your social media timeline that specifically identifies:

a. At least 1 social media effort per week for the next 3 months

b. For example:





January, Week 1

Launch social media campaign

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


January, Week 2


Press Release via Document and Video


Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn


January, Week 3


Promote upcoming event


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn


January, Week 4



Run contest





February, Week 1


Announce contest winner




6. Your paper must be written in APA format, with a cover page, and with your citations listed in APA format. Proofread your paper extraordinarily carefully in order to avoid grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors.

1) There will be a 1-point deduction for each type of grammatical/typographical error that appears in your posts.

Assignment Due Date & Late Policy

  1. Due dates for all assignments are available on FSO.
  2. Late assignments will be accepted no later than two (2) calendar days past due.
  3. Twenty-five (25) points will be deducted from the assignment grade for each day past due.
  4. In addition to the daily point deduction for late work, five (5) points will be deducted fromthe student’s overall GPS (per late assignment, not per day).
  5. Please refer to the department’s GPS rubric and the course syllabus for specific deductions.

Assignment Rubric

Assignments are graded based on the following parameters:






Thoroughness of Social Media Strategy



Accuracy of Social Media Strategy


Thoroughness of Social Media Timeline



Spelling & Grammar




References & Formatting




Monthly Budget Form” and “Sample Budget Humanities Assignment Help

Assignments are to be completed in APA 6th edition formatting unless specifically stated. You do not need an abstract, conclusion, author’s note or any other section besides a title page, body of your paper (with in-text citations), and a reference page if necessary. You need to use 2 credible outside sources for each assignment from a peer-reviewed journal or book.

The paper needs to be 4 pages long, double-spaced (not counting your title or reference pages) and you need to include at least 2 outside sources besides your textbook. Outside sources include but are not limited to credible online news sources (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Forbes, US News & World Report, Newsweek, Time, etc), academic/scientific articles, credible money websites. If you have questions about whether a source is credible please visit: (Links to an external site.)

This assignment is intended for you to show off your writing skills, to take an in-depth look at your own finances, and to research what credible experts from outside sources are saying about money. The paper will be graded closely and points will be deducted for grammatical errors, not following APA format, not following directions, not meeting the page minimum, and not including at least 2outside sources.

Finally, please attach your budget worksheet to the end of your paper. It needs to be the last page of your assignment document after the references page. It cannot be a separate attachment or a hyperlink. This is worth 5 points. If it is not attached as the last page of your document you will lose 5 points.

Assignment 1: Dave Ramsey, budgeting, and debt – 40 points

Due Week 5, Sunday – 11:59pm

Please watch the following short videos by Dave Ramsey on his 10 steps to Financial Freedom on Youtube:

  1. Budgeting: The Blessing Of Budgeting – Dave Ramsey Rant (Links to an external site.)The Blessing Of Budgeting - Dave Ramsey Rant

  2. Emergency Fund: (Links to an external site.)
  3. Snowball Payoff: (Links to an external site.)
  4. Completing Emergency Fund: (Links to an external site.)
  5. Simple Retirement Investment: (Links to an external site.)
  6. College Savings: (Links to an external site.)

  7. Paying Off Mortgage: (Links to an external site.)

  8. Giving: You can watch step 7 if you would like, but it is religious in nature so please be forewarned!

First, download and print off the documents entitled “Monthly Budget Form” and “Sample Budget” located on the left navigation side of the class site under Assignment #1 – Budget and fill it out using your own personal finances or use the figure of $52,500 which is the average annual salary for a college graduate (if you would prefer not to use your own personal finances). By “your own personal finances” I mean that you may just use your income, or you and your spouse’s income, or if you take care of your elderly Grandma and use her social security you can include that, you may combine or not combine your partner’s income if you live with them and share expenses etc. I want this to be your ACTUAL current budget situation or whatever is most helpful to you. For example, if you are getting married you can combine yours and your future spouses incomes or if you are getting ready to have a child or want to think about having a child factor in daycare/hospital bills etc.) You’ll need to look up what tax bracket you are in for federal and state. Assume you are a family of 4 or more (a spouse, 2 children) if you don’t want to use your own situation. You don’t have to have an amount in every category that I suggested and you can add your own categories. You can put a zero if the category is not applicable to you or you don’t have enough money. Attach the budget to the end of your paper. If you do not attach the budget worksheet to your paper you will lose 5 points.

Lastly answer AT LEAST 2 questions from each paragraph of questions below in a 4-6 page paper, including 2 outside CREDIBLE sources:

Have you ever made a budget before? How was it filling out the form? Do you think a budget is helpful? Why or why not? Do you think $52,500 is a lot of money for a family of 4? What should you consider doing if this is not enough money (i.e. getting a second job or a night time shift?) What do you think about how much is taken out for taxes? Have you decided whether you want a parent to stay home and raise the children (and/or work from home) or whether you would like your children in daycare? This will affect both your income and your budget (childcare expense, Loss of 1 income). This something worth discussing before one gets married and buys a home. If you desire to have a parent raise the children, decide this before taking on a large mortgage!

What did you think about Dave Ramsey’s “baby steps” to becoming debt free and budgeting goals? Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? Do you agree with Dave that being debt free should be everyone’s goal? When might it be okay to take on debt? When is it not okay? What do outside sources or credible sources say about Dave Ramsey’s method?

Do you have credit cards? How much do you owe on them? What is your interest rate? What is your plan to pay off your credit cards? What is your plan to not depend on credit cards in the future? Can you find any stories on credible sites about people that got into major financial trouble by depending on credit cards? What do outside sources or credible sources say about credit cards and credit card debt? Do you have student loans? What is your plan to pay those off as quickly as possible?

Are you thinking of buying a home? Is it a good idea to save up a down payment on a home instead of taking a large mortgage even if that means renting for awhile? Do you already own a home? How many years do you have left on your home mortgage and what is your interest rate? Are you able to make extra payments each month or at the end of each year to cut down on the years? Why might it be a good idea to pay extra payments? Why might be a bad idea? What do outside sources or experts say about paying off home mortgages (there are varying opinions on this)?

Do you have children? Have you thought of saving for their college already? How much do the experts predict college will cost when your kids are of the age? How much would you need to save monthly to meet the cost of tuition? How much will textbooks cost then and living expenses? Have you and your spouse or just you talked about whether you are going to pay for your children’s college or whether they should get scholarships or pay for part of it themselves?

Have you thought about your own retirement? When do you think people should start thinking about retirement? What options do you have for retirement (i.e. a 401K through your work, IRA, other investments?) What are some reasons why you should not depend on an inheritance from your parents to retire on? What do the experts from credible online sources say about retirement?



I need help please (( We are only using LexisAdvance Writing Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment: This assignment will help students be able to locate rules, and also summarize rules they have discovered during their research.

Course Competency: Demonstrate finding rules.



  • Locate the following rules in LexisAdvance and FastCase. You should copy and paste your search history under the citation for each rule found, to show how you located the rule.
    • Find the rule preventing settlement communications from being used as evidence in federal court in FastCase
    • Find the rule setting for the number of days to respond to a Complaint in Indiana courts through LexisAdvance
    • Find the federal regulation making it a crime to harass a golfer in a federal park in Washington D.C. in LexisAdvance
    • Find the federal rule addressing voluntary criminal pleas in FastCase
  • Locate the following rules in either LexisAdvance or FastCase (your choice). You should provide a 3-4 sentence summary of each rule.
    • Fed. R. Civ. P. 8(b)
    • 32 CFR234.7(c)
    • 9 CFR 381.171 (d) (for this regulation you should also explain which statute the regulation complements)
    • 14 CFR 105.7(a) (for this regulation you should also explain which statute the regulation complements)


  • To copy and paste your search history in Lexis, follow these instructions: Go to the history tab, and click View all history to open your full History in list format to see all searches, document views, and deliveries. Copy and paste the information found into your assignment.
  • To copy and paste your search history in FastCase follow these instructions: You can retrieve your recent search history from the start page in the tile to the bottom left. The searches are listed according to the search terms you used. If you do not see the search you are looking for, you can click on more history to see older searches. If you click on the any of the listed searches, you will be taken directly to the corresponding search results. You can also view your most recent search history from any screen by selecting “History” from the bar at the top of the screen.


Lexis Advance and FastCase

Grading Rubric:

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:


Need Help? Click here for complete drop box instructions.

I need help please (( We are only using LexisAdvance Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

see the requirements Writing Assignment Help

After the presenters have posted their statements pro and con and their rebuttals to each other for Debate 13.1 classmates are required to write a paragraph response . First, before reading the debate, note if you are for or against the statement (before reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?). Then note if your position changed or remained the same after you read the debate (after reading the debate, do you agree more with the pro or con position?) Give any insights on the debate or debate topic.

Pro post:

The advantages brought by internet to society and the public outweigh its disadvantages.


The emergence of the Internet has been hailed as the greatest invention of the 20th century. In today’s information age, internet has entered every corner of human society. Internet allows people to access 24 hours a day and provides a platform for people all over the world to communicate. It already has become the most efficient way for people to get information. Internet not only brings great convenience to People’s Daily work, study and life, but also has a positive impact on the social economy.

The Internet has greatly promoted the economic development. On the one hand, the Internet has become the engine of the new economic development and created a new economic development model. On the other hand, the Internet has played an innovative role in the transformation. The Internet has powered the growth of firms in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley and has the potential to change the way a broad range of businesses operate, it has already shaken up the news media and has even invented an entirely new sector — the sharing economy.(Penn) The Internet contributes 3.4 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in at least 13 countries, including the us, UK, Canada and Spain; The Internet also creates a lot of jobs; The Internet has also provided a platform with the most people flow for many campaigns. For example, the online crowdfunding platform raised more than $2.7 billion in 2013, which is enough to fund more than 1 million campaigns launched by ordinary people with creative ideas. (González)

Almost everyone in our society have benefited from the rapid development of the Internet. For consumers, online ordering, take-out and online shopping all provide them with great convenience. In addition, before considering buying a product, they can also know the comments and Suggestions of other people who have bought similar products through the Internet, then can avoid buying unsatisfied products. For businesses, the Internet makes them greatly reduces the cost, as long as a warehouse can open an online store, only need to spend a very low cost can advertise on the Internet has a big traffic platform in the world. These also reduce the price of the buyer at the same time, and to a great extent, pulling the national consumer enthusiasm. For students, the number of students taking online courses has jumped 96% in the past five years. Online learning resources and online courses have greatly helped them, and the popularity of the Internet has increased the number of college graduates. (González) For job seekers, they can use the Internet to find jobs and apply online, which saves them a lot of time. When there was no mobile banking, such banking services as money transfer and foreign exchange could only be handled in person at the bank, but since the popularization of mobile banking, these operations can be performed at any time on the mobile phone. At the same time, online payment has gradually replaced the traditional payment behavior, which greatly improves the efficiency of doing things. The Internet also facilitates communication between people, and even if they are far apart, people can stay in touch through social media.

The impact of the Internet to the society is subtle, when some people still think they are not affected by the Internet, they actually have already been a user of the Internet. Office work is inseparable from the Internet, education is inseparable from the Internet, life services are inseparable from the Internet, enterprise transformation cannot be separated from the Internet, in the context of the environment is inseparable from the Internet, without the Internet is equivalent to separate from the society. Human beings are developing, society is improving, and the rapid development of the Internet is the general trend. I think that the advantages brought by internet to society and the public always outweigh its disadvantages.

Work cited

Gabriela González, “A million reasons why the internet is good for you”, blogthinkbig, 4 September, 2014. (Links to an external site.)

(Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Joanna Penn, “How is the Internet fueling economic growth in the developing world? New research”, Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center, 7 July, 2015.…

Reply from con:

Rebuttal and Question:


Hi Yueming, I like how you view the effect that internet brought to us, and I also agree that you said the internet gives people huge convenient from economy to daily life. However, I don’t think the disadvantages from internet will disappear only because of the cyber police and regulations.

First of all, you mentioned that the internet promoted the economy development which is a great point for stating your position, but the internet will not only promoted the economy development, but also will destroy it under those black hands. As I said, the rate of internet cyber is still increasing because of the unsure punishment which will directly destroy the economy market. Then, you said that internet gives consumers convenient for online shopping and ordering since they can decide their action based on the review from previous buyers, you believe that businesses also can reduce the cost for running a real store. In my opinion, the network is not only convenient to help you find what you want, but also convenient for you to hide what you don’t want to be found, and more convenient for you to use malicious means to compete. We could not deny the convenient that internet brought to us, but in some way, the internet were also used to do bad things. Taking an example from mine, I also like shopping online, before pay for it, I will always check the review from other buyers. But every time when I got the package from sellers, I found that the the cloths I got are different from the pictures showed online. I checked with my friends the reason why will this phenomenon appear especially that every previous buyers said it’s good. Finally I know that sellers can change the reviews from bad to good. Not only for that, some seller even pay some people for writing bad reviews to their opposite stores. Therefore, I still believe that the internet brought lots of disadvantages and it is hard to solve.


You believe the cyber policies and regulations will improve in futures and all disadvantage will disappear, so my question is what will you do to improve the cyber policies and regulations if you are from supervision department?

Con post:

The advantages brought by internet to society and the public outweigh its disadvantages.


It is undeniable that the internet indeed brought many advantages to society, however, its uncontrollability has brought more harm than its advantages. Since everyone has the rights for using internet, so it is difficult to maintain a safe and healthy Internet Environment. The disadvantages of the internet, including the internet crime, the internet violence and addicted to the Internet, have caused great harm to the society and the public’s physiology and psychology.

Internet crime means the crime activities are carried out through the internet and using the internet as the source for profits. Internet crime has some unique characteristics: low cost, rapid spread, wide spread; high interaction, concealment, difficult to obtain evidence; serious social harm. It is because of these factors, internet crime is very hard to punish and the punishment is generally lower than other forms of crime. In Why Internet crime goes unpunished, the security adviser Roger A. Grimes also points out that “Internet crime is worse than ever, and the reasons are clear: It’s highly lucrative and far less risky than, say, an old-fashioned bank heist”. There was also a report from FBI in 2011, which indicated “300,000 people were victimized over the Internet to the tune of $1.1 billion.Although that averages out to only $3,666 per victim, the typical Internet hacker commits thousands to hundreds of thousands of these crimes and almost never gets caught”. These real data also show the impact and harm of cybercrime on society. Therefore, even though the internet’s original function is not for this, it still can not deny it’s seriously affecting social and economic security.

Internet violence is also a big problem that the society is experiencing. It is precisely because living in this era of data transparency, everyone’s information is easy to leak on the network. So a lot of people are oppressed by internet violence because people can freely express their opinions on the Internet without any punishments. Even though the internet brought great convenience in searching information, but many people have been discussed and criticized by netizens because of some experiences and events, and even some people have caused serious psychological diseases such as depression or social phobia. In this case, the degree of suicide of victims of internet violence also increases gradually. In the article Social Media and Suicide: A Public Health Perspective, it points out that “more than 30 000 suicide deaths in the United States and nearly 1 million suicide deaths worldwide occur every year. a reported results from a survey given to approximately 2000 middle school children that indicated that victims of cyberbullying were almost 2 times as likely to attempt suicide than those who were not”. The lack of strict laws delayed internet violence disappear, at the same time, the internet violence have caused great harm to the society and the public’s physiology.

Excepting those two reasons, some group of people such as teenagers and students are difficult to face the temptation from interesting internet world. It is true that internet is great place for us especially teenagers and students to relax by listening music, having social interaction and finding resources from busy study life. However, to some children with weak wills, it is easy to addicted to internet for video games or other entertainment forms. These will directly affect the teenagers’ physical fitness. In the article Teens Internet Addiction: 10 Symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder, the author indicated that “In fact, according to a recent study , internet addiction has been shown to disrupt adolescents’ sleep cycles.Brain scans have also revealed that teen internet addiction can have negative effects on the parts of the brain responsible for emotional processing, executive attention, decision making , and cognitive control”(Outback Treatment). From this point of view, the network has brought us great harm in one way based on the above three reasons. Everything has two aspect, it depends on how you view it, but for me, I don’t agree that internet brought more advantages than its disadvantages.

Work Cited

Grimes, Roger A., and Roger A. Grimes. “Why Internet Crime Goes Unpunished.” CSO Online, CSO, 10 Jan. 2012, (Links to an external site.).

Luxton, David D, et al. “Social Media and Suicide: a Public Health Perspective.” American Journal of Public Health, American Public Health Association, May 2012, (Links to an external site.).

Adela Munjko January 5th. “Teens Internet Addiction: 10 Symptoms of Internet Addiction Disorder.” Outback Therapeutic Expeditions, 24 Apr. 2017, (Links to an external site.).

REply from pro:

Rebuttal and Question:


Hi Qinglan, I enjoyed reading your post. You bring up some good points in your statement. I agree with your that the Internet does bring some bad effects to the society and the public, but I think these problems all can be solved over time, while the benefits brought by the Internet are huge.

First of all, as for the internet crime problem you mentioned, I think it is due to the imperfection of cyber policies and regulations. At present, the Internet is still in the stage of development, I think this problem is understandable, and I believe that network policies and regulations will be improved in the near future. Secondly, as for the information leakage problem you mentioned, I think the most important thing is that people can enhance their awareness and vigilance to protect their information security. Third, as for the problem of internet violence, I think it is actually a social problem that has been magnified by the Internet, which is not a problem caused by the Internet. In real life, if people are criticized, insulted and abused by others, they will also suffer great psychological harm, such as school bullying. And these social problems have always existed. Fourthly, as for the problem that the Internet is likely to make teenagers addicted, I think it is not a disadvantage of the Internet. Compared with all the entertainment, study always make teenagers feel boring. It’s not just the Internet, but television, novels, etc., that can also be addictive to teenagers, so the key is self-control and parental supervision and education.

You do not agree that internet brought more advantages than its disadvantages, so the question I want to ask is, nowadays the internet has penetrated into people’s lives and work, how do people live a normal life without the Internet?


historic preservation Humanities Assignment Help

Project 4: Summarize a Preservation Incentive (FINAL PROJECT)

Morgan State University is a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) founded in 1867 as the
Centenary Biblical Institute. In 2017, Morgan State University marked its 150th Anniversary and joined
with eight of the nation’s HBCUs across the country also founded in 1867 in celebrating the largest
founding of HBCUs in a single year.

The significant legacy of Morgan State University and its campus heritage spans 150 years and six
campus locations. Morgan State University has evolved of the 150 years from the Centenary Biblical
Institute (1867), Morgan Academy (1872), Princess Anne Academy (1886) now University of Maryland at
Eastern Shore) in Princess Anne, Maryland, Morgan College (1890), Virginia Collegiate Industrial Institute
in Lynchburg, Virginia (1891), Morgan State College (1939) to Morgan State University (1975),

For half a century, Morgan State University occupied campuses downtown Baltimore, Maryland’s Eastern
Shore and Lynchburg, Virginia, however only the present day campus site survives. In 1917, Morgan
State University purchased and relocated to the Ivy Mill and Farm (present campus site) and celebrated
its centennial at the present campus in 2017 coinciding with the University’s sesquicentennial celebration
of its founding. In 2016, the National Trust for Historic Preservation designated Morgan State University
entire campus as a National Treasure (the only college and university entire campus designated in

You will summarize a preservation incentive as if you are making a presentation to the President of
Morgan State University and the Board of Regents.
You need to clearly present the preservation
incentive and the importance of the preservation incentive, particularly as it relates to preserving the
Campus Heritage of Morgan State University for the next 25-50 years. The National Historic Preservation
Act was signed into legislation more than 50 years ago in 1966.

Assume the President and Board of Regents of Morgan State University adopts your recommendations to
utilize the preservation incentive based upon your forward thinking and innovative strategy to ensure the
preservation and relevancy of the historic resource(s).

You should cover the preservation incentives overall purpose, definitions, and operation, then
present a short case study to help your audience grasp its operation and importance to their
Use a specific preservation incentive or section of an preservation incentive, keep it fairly specific.

Select an historic resource(s) based on the MSU Campus Documentation and/or the Campus
Preservation Values Survey and incorporate knowledge and skills as acquired from the course.

Remember, you are presenting for a lay public audience, so avoid jargon and provide definitions where
appropriate. As with any presentation, you will need to use appropriate citations and provide a full

Not to exceed 5 Slides (PowerPoint Presentation)

make sure the presentation includes a lot of information because he want me to submit the slides instead of presenting it in class.


InfoTech in a Global Economy Computer Science Assignment Help

Chapter 17 introduced some challenges to policy making in developing countries. If you were an analyst working for the St. Petersburg Informational and Analytical Center, explain how you would use data available to you to prepare a report for the Governor for the State Program “Combating Proliferation of Drugs.” Briefly explain what you would include in your report to detail the problem, and what the forecast results would be for each of several responses to the problem. (You do not have to use actual data from a real model for this discussion.) The idea is to focus on how models can use real data to create forecasts.

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, assume you are an analyst working for the St. Petersburg Informational and Analytical Center. Explain how you would use data available to you to prepare a report for the Governor for the State Program “Combating Proliferation of Drugs.” Briefly explain what you would include in your report to detail the problem, and what the forecast results would be for each of several responses to the problem. (You do not have to use actual data from a real model for this discussion.) The idea is to focus on how models can use real data to create forecasts.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students’ threads and post substantive comments on those threads, evaluating the pros and cons of that student’s recommendations. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.

ALL original posts and comments must be substantive. (I’m looking for about a paragraph – not just “I agree.”)

NOTE: These discussions should be informal discussions, NOT research papers. If you MUST directly quote a resource, then cite it properly. However, I would much rather simply read your words.


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This paper is an important assignment and should require significant time and effort. The components of the paper are

  • Abstract
  • Literature review
  • Introduction
  • Main body
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix

All text written for the final report should be the individual work of students. We will use TurnitIn which checks papers from previous semesters and papers turned in the current semester for signs of plagiarism. Please, do not plagiarize. The only aspects of the paper that can be the same between group members are tables and figures.

Please check your workbook pages 123-134 for the final paper guidelines. Read through the guidelines carefully. Here is a quick link to the service learning literature. You can use up to 2 sources from the list provided out of the 3 that you need to complete the literature review:





Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help

Technical Writing- Part A. Research Component: IT Service Level Agreement – MSWord Part B. Presentation Component: New Strategy Proposal -PPT Writing Assignment Help

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