Technology Transfer Research Computer Science Assignment Help

Technology Transfer Research Computer Science Assignment Help. Technology Transfer Research Computer Science Assignment Help.

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For this paper, you will research, analyze, and discuss the processes involved in helping technologies emerge from the R&D environment so that they can be incorporated into products and services which meet the needs of the cybersecurity industry. Your research should include: technology transfer processes and initiatives and funding sources, i.e. venture capital, government grants, etc. You should also address the technology development lifecycle and the role of funding availability at each of the lifecycle stages (See NIST GCR 02-841).

Begin your research by reading the following documents and resources about technology transfer processes and initiatives. Continue your research by investigating the availability (or lack) of federal funding for innovations in the cybersecurity area.

Next, research the role that private funding (venture capital) plays in providing money and resources to innovators who are developing cybersecurity technologies and products. How does the availability of venture capital impact the development of technology? How do venture capitalists influence the emergence or death of technology developments? Provide specific examples from your research.

Your research is to be incorporated into a 3 to 5 page written summary of the technology transfer process and associated funding issues. Your report is to be prepared using basic APA formatting. For an “A,” you must use and cite at least five of the authoritative sources listed in this assignment. You must also find and use additional authoritative sources in your analysis. This means that your reference list must have at least ten authoritative sources and those sources must be cited properly in your paper.

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discussion 5 Humanities Assignment Help

Controversy: The Role of Big Pharma

Before working on this discussion, please read the article by Shulz (2004), watch the Generation RX: Resisting the Culture of Overmedication video, and review the information in the textbook regarding psychotropic medication as well as any relevant Instructor Guidance.

For this discussion, you will enter into another conversation on an ongoing controversy and contemporary issue regarding abnormal psychology. Specifically, what is the role of “big pharma” (i.e., major pharmaceutical companies that determine the ways in which health care issues are researched and publicized) in the diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology?

It is absolutely essential to read the article by Shulz (2004) and watch the Generation RX video because they provide insights into how issues regarding psychotropic medication are depicted in popular media. Be sure to read your instructor’s initial post before responding.

As you enter into this conversation, carefully consider the historical information you reviewed regarding big pharma&rsquos impact and influence within abnormal psychology. Take a moment to relate this historical background to the current ethical, clinical, and social implications when considering the use of psychotropic medication for the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Interpret specific symptoms and syndromes from big pharma&rsquos advertising campaigns and critically evaluate and comment upon the necessity of these medications for the indicated psychiatric disorders.


Media Options Business Finance Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is to creatively illustrate traditional and new media options. An understanding of the target audience and effective communication for each is a desired outcome. It provides the Learning Team the opportunity to creatively illustrate traditional and new media options. An understanding of the target audience and effective communication for each is a desired outcome.

Assignment Steps

As a Learning Team choose a brand (different from the Week 3 Learning Team Assignment) and a related brand strategy.

Create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, The presentation should be a minimum of 7-10 slides or, if Prezi or Vimeo video, an 8-minute minimum.

Note: Prezi presentations cannot be uploaded to the classroom. Please provide your instructor with the link to the presentation on the web. Prezi will provide you with a URL link to the presentation.

Discuss in a minimum 700 words the differences between the traditional media option and the new media option in terms of audience, reach, channel and content. A table of differences may be used to concisely illustrate the differences but you must include a discussion of insights/concerns/issues between the media options.

Note: Charts/graphs/tables in your Microsoft® Word write-up do not count towards the word count.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed references.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

  • Brand strategy and the communication of the brand is essential to understanding the various phases of a product or service (viz a viz the life cycle). Brand recognition is based in the marketing communication efforts of the firm. When you hear or see the word Coke, you immediately know it is Coca Cola. When you see five interlocking rings of different colors you know that is the symbol for the Olympics. In Week 5, you will develop a brand and communication strategy for your product.






Operations Forecasting for “” and Microsoft® Excel® (Template provided) Business Finance Assignment Help

Please review!! Before you agree to work on assignment

You must an ABOVE average understanding of Excel(formulate input to obtain the correct output).

The EXCEL template is attached is must be used to get the desired results.

*** Please review Entire post to save us both the trouble***

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is for students to learn how to apply Operations Forecasting.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Microsoft® Excel® (Template provided)

Select a business operations dataset from the internet, which can be used for forecasting what the results may be at a future state (monthly [for two years], quarterly [for five years], annually [for 20 years]. (See example in the Template). Use caution in using the template, as some of the cells contain formatted functions for performing calculations. You should only need to enter data into Column A and B only. Review the template and the associated data. This should give you an idea of the types of data you will require, and what the results columns reveal. You are required to provide an APA formatted reference to the location of the source data (Do Not just enter the Web Link). The returned work from previous week’s work, should give you some insight as to what an APA reference should look like.

Develop a run over a given period, upper limit and lower limit as to confidence in the forecast using Microsoft® Excel®.Template

  • Compare and contrast each quadrant of the forecast.
  • Evaluate the impact this forecast would have on the firm from a financial metrics standpoint, by writing a 300-word report in which you describe your forecasting project and what it means in terms of favorable or unfavorable forecast and why or why not..

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Please review!! Professor explenation

“1) It says use the Excel template. And it also says: “by writing a 300-word report in which you describe your forecasting project” – my question here is do we use the Microsoft Word to for the 300-word report after we simulated the forecasting in the Excel? YES.

Do we submit the Excel as well or just the Microsoft word document? YES.

2) In the Excel template the date in the column A is from A4 till A 60. Do we also enter our data from A4 to A60? This is a bit subjective, as it is based on what option you selected from the list (monthly [for two years {24 rows}], quarterly [for five years {20 rows}], annually [for 20 years {20 rows}]).

How much data do we need to input to create a forecast? Presented above as number of rows.

3) So, if we will input data in columns A and B, the rest of the columns will calculate automatically? YES.

And will the chart then readjust based on the data that each of us input in the column A and B? YES.

4) In the homework it says: “Compare and contrast each quadrant of the forecast.” Can you please clarify where the quadrants are? For the Monthly, there will be two quadrants (12 months and 12 months); Quarterly there will be five quadrants (5 – one month periods); and Annually, there will be two quadrants (one 10 year and 10 ten year) Or what do you consider quadrants? Above explained.

5) Is this template used in real life to forecast operations? This “exact” template may or may not be used, but the concept and means of arriving at the answers is used in forecasting a future state (usually based on a “time” factor). How is this template used in a real business? It would be helpful to know the application of this template in real life. As the data, which is currently used in the template, are real life airline passenger forecasting. The first 60 rows are “Historical Passenger Headcount” (Column “B”) over a period of time (Column “A”), and the “Forecasted Passenger Headcount” (Column “C”)–future “Potential” travelers.

6) I looked through the chapter 18 in our week 5, and I have not found a paragraph or something about favorable and unfavorable forecast. As per assignment: “what it means in terms of favorable or unfavorable forecast and why or why not…” Can you give us example(s) what favorable and/or unfavorable forecast is? “Favorable” would an increase in potential air travelers per the forecast number going “Up”, and “Unfavorable” would an decrease in potential air travelers per the forecast number going “Down”. I never foretasted anything in business, and it is difficult to implement the homework without some examples. The excel template is just a place to input the numbers, but it would be helpful to have some explanation on what quadrants are, favorable and unfavorable forecasting. I hope this helps

Thank you for reading!!


the Department of Defense Business Finance Assignment Help


Respond to the 2 other student initial posts below. Responses should be a minimum of 100 words and include direct questions.Forum Question:

What would necessitate the Department of Defense (DoD) to have a structured, regulated, and robust acquisition system?

if you are now familiar with NCMA you should be. Take a quick look at
this Youtube video. It does run 22 minutes and give your valuable
insights into what is the NCMA. Enjoy. You might find some interesting
ideas to help answer this question for this week’s form or a new
direction to think.

Here it is:

STUDENT 1: (John )

The biggest
reason the DoD has the need for a structured, regulated and robust
acquisition system is the understand that if you are in a position to
obligate the federal government that you are doing so in a manner that
is commiserate of being a good steward of the taxpayers’ dollars. A 2006
GOA report stated that the “DOD faces vulnerabilities to contracting
fraud, waste, and abuse due to weaknesses in five key areas: sustained
senior leadership, capable acquisition workforce, adequate pricing,
appropriate contracting approaches and techniques, and sufficient
contract surveillance. Because of numerous concerns about control
weaknesses in these areas and others, GAO has had contract management on
its list of high-risk areas since 1992 (Warner, 2006)”. Even with all
the regulations in place i.e. FAR, DFAR, AFFARS, etc. individuals and
defense contractors will always try to find a way to game the system for
their own gain at the determent of the Government and ultimately the
U.S. Taxpayers.

the system must be robust since the structure and regulations must be
able to cover so many different organizations. There are literally
dozens of agencies that require acquisition support from the 5 military
branches to the Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency
and so on. Ensuring all of the players within the agencies have an
understanding of their roles and responsibilities, along with the
legalities and consequences of their decisions is a vast undertaking. STUDENT 2: ( Charolette )

As I read the resource material it is apparent that the current
acquisition system has evolved due to the changing needs of the branches
of service. The innovation of joint acquisition programs is what has
required the DoD to have structured,regulated and robust acquisition
system. The Department of Defense needs to have a structured acquisition
system to ensure that the needs of the components are met. The
structure and guidelines make it possible for PM from different
components to lead joint acquisition projects that serve to enhance the
mission capabilities of the combined components. A good structured
system also will cut down on duplication between the branches. If the
system is regulated that will ensure that acquisitions will be done in
such a way to prevent fraud and waste of government funds. The
regulations also standardize the process so the PMs from components can
serve as leads on combined projects. The regulation will also enable
contracts to be awarded in a manner that has maximum participation by
different size defense industry companies. Structure and regulation will
allow for progressive ideas with regard to companies being able to
participate in the acquisition process. Another reason that the
acquisition system is so robust that changing technology, scientific
advancements and the battlefield requires for constant improvement on
the weapons and information systems that the DoD employs for the

The Introduction to Defense Acquisition System show
the connect between the different parts of the system and how a robust
and regulated system creates a socioeconomic environment that helps the
defense industry,the elected official and communities across the United
States. The structure of the system has been created to have checks and
balances to aid in the effective use of manpower and funds. The Defense
system of acquisition is complex and is so because of the community it



Hashing Question? Computer Science Assignment Help

You have decided to get away from it all and live on a lighthouse on an island. No internet,
no cellular phone, no communication with the outside world except for a telephone. The
problem is that the telephone on the lighthouse keeps going out (the sharks keep biting the
wires). Every month, a supply ship will drop off everything you need if you can find a way
to let the people on shore know what you need.

Since the telephone is unreliable, and you would starve if you didn’t alert the shop keeper on
the mainland what you needed, you have to devise your own solution. Luckily, you live in a
lighthouse and you naturally have lots of lights. You devise a system using n lights on a wire
to act as a hash table, T . Alas the problems… this ”hash table”, T , can only indicate 0 or 1
for every index i (i.e. T[i] = 0 if the ith light is off, T[i] = 1 if the ith light is on). You and
the local shop keeper on the mainland agree upon a hash function h that both of you will

Here is how you use your hash function to let the shop keeper know what you want. Everytime
you realize you need something, you request(k) by turning on the h(k)th light. You can do
this in constant time (since the island that the lighthouse is on is very small).

On the mainland, just before he leaves to drop off food and other supplies. The local
shop keeper goes through his supplies and checks to see if you need an item he has. He
asked for(k) which checks if item k was requested by you. This clearly takes constant time
since all he has to do is take out his binoculars and look at the island to see if the h(k)th
light is on.

Questions one:

1) What is the probability the shop keeper sends you something you didn’t
want? i.e. You didn’t compute h(k) and then turn on the h(k)th light. Instead, you
turned on a light because you wanted k′ and it just so happens that h(k′) = h(k). Explain your answer.

2) If you and the shop keeper decided upon two hash functions, h and h′, could
you decrease the probability you were sent things you didn’t ask for if you used both hash
functions? (You do not add any extra lights – all you have are the n light you started with
on a wire.) For your new system, what is the probability that asked for(k) returns
the wrong answer? Explain your answer.

Hashing Question? Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Session 4 Assignment – Case Study Humanities Assignment Help

Case Study – Joe

Joe, age 28, came to counseling with sx of anxiety. He was referred by his family doctor. The following is the information he gave his therapist during his first visit.

Joe reported he had a happy childhood. The only problem in the house that he could remember revolved about money. Joe reported that his parents struggled to keep the family afloat. Joe’s father had a series of jobs as a handyman. Eventually he saved enough money and opened a small hardware store. The store mostly broke even, and Joe’s father forced Joe to work in the store everyday after school. When he was in 12th grade, Joe quit high school to work full time for his dad.

Although Joe was not 100% sure he wanted to leave high school before graduating, he began to become extremely involved in the welfare of the store. He worked hard and soon grew the store into a successful business that employed six employees. Joe was proud of his accomplishment, but deep down he felt shame and regret that he never completed high school.

When Joe turned 26, he met Florence, a college-educated administrator for an insurance company. When they began to get more serious in their relationship, Joe revealed to Florence that he never completed high school. Florence was impressed that he was able to grow a small business and become successful. The conversation strengthened their relationship. One year later, they got married.

Joe and Florence were on a plane leaving from a vacation to Miami when “catastrophe” struck. Joe reported that when he settled back in his seat he began having difficulty breathing. He described it as “It felt as if all of the air was sucked out of the plane.” Joe then described a “bizarre thought.” He said his thought was, “What if I can’t breathe, and I need to open the emergency door.” He then said he began imaging himself frantically opening the door. He knew this was an irrational thought. But he could not stop it. He looked at the rivets in the door and began to count them. He counted 12. He counted them again. 12. He counted them a 3rd time. Still 12. He thought, “I could unscrew all 12 of those rivets if I had to.” As he was trying to calm down, he noticed that his heart was beating very rapidly. He said that the beating was so strong he could actually hear it.

Joe reported looking over at his wife in the next moment. She was peacefully reading a magazine and oblivious to his condition. He did not share what was happening and because Florence was so tired, she soon fell asleep after take off. When his wife fell asleep, Joe felt as if he was going to die. He thought he was losing his mind. He reported not understanding what was happening.

Joe kept these feelings of terror to himself throughout the entire plane ride, but reported that the ride was “torture.” He was extremely relieved when he finally landed and ran out the door as fast as he could.

Joe reported that when they arrived back at their apartment, he felt better. He still did not share with Florence what happened to him on the plane. That night he reported that he slept well and in the morning, he felt “like his old self.” He decided to put the experience behind him and not worry about it.

Joe felt fine for three days. On the 4th night, he awoke in a cold sweat. He had a similar feeling of his heating beating out of his chest and the air being sucked out of the room. When he went to open the window, a memory of the airplane emergency door flashed before him, and he froze. He decided not to open it. He could not get the memory of the airplane door out of his mind. He kept thinking about it and picturing the rivets. Instead he sat at the edge of the bed motionless. He was breathing very hard and very loudly, and Florence awakened. Florence immediately thought he was having a heart attack. She dialed 911. When the emergency response team came, they administered oxygen to Joe, and soon he began to feel better. They took him to the hospital, and a cardiologist administered tests. It was determined that he did not have a heart attack. In fact, there was nothing physically wrong with him.

About one week later, Joe reported he was walking down the street on his way to the hardware store (a walk he had walked thousands of times) and he began to feel some of the same symptoms he felt in the plane and during that episode at night. He couldn’t breathe, his heart was pounding and this time he felt dizzy. He also noticed that his hands were trembling. He looked around for a place to sit and catch his breath. The environment around him looked “unreal.” He found it impossible to focus. He saw a stop sign and focused on the letters. He repeated the letters S T O P in his head 4 or 5 times. Joe decided to turn around since he was closer to home than the store. Joe began to feel like he didn’t want to leave his apartment for fear of experiencing these symptoms again. Joe stayed home that day and reported that he basically did not get off the couch. He went to the bathroom twice to wash his face because he thought it would help with the dizziness. He washed his face 4 times each visit to the bathroom. When Florence came home, she could see Joe was not himself. Joe told Florence what happened. She suggested they make an appointment for him to see their family doctor. It was the family doctor who recommended counseling and made the referral to the therapist.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS. Please answer these questions with a minimum of 4 sentences each.

1. What do you think Joe’s diagnosis is? Why do you think this is his diagnosis?

2. What could be a differential diagnosis? Why?

HINT: Joe’s diagnosis could be any of the disorders we discussed in session 3 or 4.

There are basic themes to OCD:

Dirt and contamination

Violence and aggression



Anxiety disorders: GAD, Phobias, Social Anxiety and Panic Disorder

After reading the case study and attempting to give a diagnosis, talk about the challenges you think therapists and other mental health professionals might face when they are put in a position to have to give a diagnosis on the spot.

Please write a minimum of 3 sentences.


please write about flixborough disaster and follow the instructors below Writing Assignment Help

Loss Event – The Impact on the Development of HSE Regulations

Title: Does the title indicate

(clearly and sufficiently) what the research paper is about?

Introduction: Does the introduction section clearly and briefly describe the purpose and the importance of the topic? The rest of the paper should follow through from this introduction.

Content: Does the paper provide a complete and accurate discussion using examples from the sources? Does it demonstrate critical thinking when evaluating ideas? Are the conclusions explained and backed by reasons? The length requirement is 5 pages. This includes the title page and the works cited page.

Conclusion: Are the main points summed up? Are the conclusions related to the event? Are some wider implications drawn from this study as well as the impact on S& H regulations? Explain how the researched material will be applied in practice as an EHS professional.

Organization: The writing style must demonstrate a linear progression of thought.

Quality of writing: Is the paper written in a technical format? Are the sentences clear? They must flow in logical order to make a persuasive case as well as adequately explain the “big ideas”.

Spelling: Are there spelling errors in the text? Any grammatical errors, typos, or incomplete sentences? If errors become distracting to the reader, points will be deducted.

Citations: Are in-text citations appropriately used to credit all material from other sources? The works cited page/bibliography should also accurately reflect all sources used.

Bibliography: Are all citations listed? Are they appropriately distributed among web sites, peer reviewed journals, and other sources? Use APA format.


1.5 – Discussion Computer Science Assignment Help

Peer reviewed journals are scholarly journals that publish original research or writing. According to a Cornell University website (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., “The main purpose of a scholarly journal is to report on original research or experimentation in order to make such information available to the rest of the scholarly world.” Thus for this and all future assignments, be sure that the article you select is an actual research article rather than simply a literature review or general interest paper.

Go to the Hunt Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and use EAGLEsearch to find an article on a topic of interest that falls within the subject area(s) of your degree program. Be sure to select the “Scholarly & Peer-Review” filter option on the left of the screen (following the initial display of results). Using the research cycle in the Chapter 1 of the text, describe how the selected article outlines/describes each part of the cycle. If it is lacking in a part of the cycle, tell what is missing and what could have possibly be done to fill the gap. Your post should be approximately 500 words.

Ideally, this topic of your article is one that you may wish to conduct research on throughout the term (though this is not required).

Comment on a minimum of two other posts.

Note: Please read these instructions for information on accessing the discussion rubric. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Breakfast of Champions: Journal  Humanities Assignment Help

You should write about Chapters 1 and 2 (pages 1-28) of your novel.

Journals are 1-2 pages double spaced.

  • Please make sure you put your name and journal number at the top of your journal entry.
  • What should be in your journal? A journal entry should contain 4 items about each piece of literature you read.
    • A brief synopsis of what the piece was about [think characters, conflict, resolution]
    • Any lines or phrases that have particular significance [think important themes, climactic moments]
    • A short explanation of what you liked or found most valuable about this section.
    • Any questions you have about the section. [Then ask those questions in your group to ensure you understand the piece better]…





Technology Transfer Research Computer Science Assignment Help

Technology Transfer Research Computer Science Assignment Help

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