Temple University My Ethical Teaching Dilemma Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help

Temple University My Ethical Teaching Dilemma Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help. Temple University My Ethical Teaching Dilemma Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help.

Please discuss an ethical dilemma in which you are currently involved, or which has occurred in the recent past. Please note, you must select a topic that is about you, not a topic in the news. Topics that are not about you will not meet the criteria. All papers will be kept confidential. For this assignment, you must reflect on this dilemma and analyze your position and actions based on assigned readings or videos, which should be appropriately cited. This analysis should contain a balanced mix of opinion supported by facts. Please provide specific examples and discussion points from the content to support and explain your argument.

The format of the paper can be flexible, but should include at least the following:

  • A BRIEF overview of the current situation
  • What is the ethical dilemma, and who are the key stakeholders? Please analyze the dilemma and stakeholders’ roles based in any course material we have covered.
  • What options are available to you in this dilemma? (these may include optimal options, problematic options, likely or unlikely)
  • What course of action do you believe you will or should choose?

Your paper should be 3-4 pages long, double spaced is fine, in a APA format.

Temple University My Ethical Teaching Dilemma Reflection Essay Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

A1 Business and Technical College Business Description Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read this before applying

You need to write a business description of business pitch brief (attached in the post ) word length: 800 words

it should contains the description of the business and analysis, and
its SDG impacts and an explanation & justification for why this business idea would be consider a good choice to pitch for potential investor. Your
discussion should include information and research from your macro, industry
and competitor analysis, explaining why you selected the business ( I already selected this business idea from others)

and use Harvard referencing style

Thank you


BBA 3361 Columbia Southern University Customer Service Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

For this essay, you will explore both internal and external customer service and consider ways to provide excellent service to customers within an organization and outside the organization. Your essay should address the following questions:

  1. Explain your definition of internal customer service. How do you personally provide excellent internal customer service to your colleagues?
  2. Explain your definition of external customer service. What is an example of an organization that you feel provides excellent external customer service? Describe this organization and how it provides excellent customer service.
  3. How has social media and the Internet changed customer service? What suggestions can you give to an organization that is struggling with online customer service?

Your complete essay must be at least two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement for this essay.


Arizona State University Using an external CSS & JS file Exam Practice Programming Assignment Help


  • Use an external CSS & JS file, no internal or inline styles & scripts
    • Please comment your JS to break down your understanding of what is happening. Please put your name in your code.

  • Create at least 3 character card elements (div’s would work fine)
    • Each card needs to have an image, a description paragraph, and 3
      other text elements in a list (examples: Age, Height, Element, Weakness,
      Level etc.)
    • Cards and their images must be the same size and dimensions.
    • Cards should have an appropriate style for their content and easy to read.

  • CSS Background Images and Border Images need to be use somewhere on
    the page. A good idea might be to use them on a page H1 title.
  • Use JS to find each card element, then apply a class to each card
    element. They can all get the same class, the goal here is to make sure
    you understand how to find elements and add CSS classes dynamically

  • Use JS to add a link element to the web page after the cards.

  • Style your page
    • Font, color, spacing and layout should be intentional and not default for all other elements on the page
    • Use classes for styling
    • As always no CSS frameworks all custom creations from your original self

  • Confirm that the code is properly indented & formatted.
  • Validate your code, there should be no errors
  • Save your files on your system in a folder called HW6Part1
  • Upload your folder and files to your ASU web space
  • Submit your assignment using a link from your web host


Point Distribution:

  1. JS Link Element= 10pts
  2. Finding/Manipulating Card Element = 20pts
  3. Background and Border Elements/Card Uniformity/Styling= 10pts
  4. Content, look and feel of site. Site should look neat and clean. 10pts


BUS 280 James Madison University How to Win a Trade War Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help


There has been a long debate about whether a trade war can be “won”. The common belief is that a trade war is destructive to everyone involved. In other words, everyone loses. In this assignment, we will not be able to resolve that debate. You will, however, have an opportunity to play a short game that gives you an opporunity to see the difficulty balancing competing interests in a trade war.

In order to complete this assignment, please click https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-to-win-a-…

1. Read through the opening of How to Win a Trade War then play the game.

2. Play the game as many times as you wish.

3. Once you finish playing the game, Open a Discussion Board and Post about your experience playing the game. Be sure to address the following:

  1. What was your best result?
  2. What strategy did you use?
  3. What are the implications of a trade war? Are the easy to win? If so, how? If not, why not?

Note: You have to make your initial post before you will be able to read and reply to others.



BUS 261 ECC Governmental Powers Failure of The Articles of Confederation Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

This assignment will have you 2 sets of questions. The second set will require you to to watch a video. Both sets deal with governmental powers.

1. What were the Articles of Confederation?

2. Why did they fail?

3. How is Brexit, the current Tea Party movement and the Anti Federalist movement of the 1780’s similar?

The second part of this weeks assignment will require you to view the annual exercise by the Federal Government known as the State of the Union.

The video –

The transcript – https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/re…

4. Who is giving the speech and why was the individual giving the speech?

5. What point made in the speech or story told was your favorite and why?

6. What point made in the speech or story told do you disagree with and why?

7. Discuss what Jurisprudence (ie legal philosophy) does the speaker see the world through and why you believe that particular philosophy governs their actions.


BUS 261 ECC Governmental Powers Failure of The Articles of Confederation Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Miami Dade College Plans of President Donald Trump to Repeal ACA Analysis Health Medical Assignment Help


  1. Take a moment to review the Twitter feed for compelling Tweets that are related to healthcare policy and are directly impacting your community or those you care for.
  2. Give an overview of a policy or potential policy. Include how it could impact your community or those you care for positively negatively.
  3. Next, discuss the importance that interdisciplinary collaboration would have related to the policy.
  4. Then, identify any ethical concerns it raises for you and why.
  5. Compose a 280-character or fewer Tweet that describes what you have shared with the class. Remember Twitter only allows 280 characters (this include spaces, etc.) so you will need to be concise. It should include a hashtag. Include a reference URL if applicable. Share this Tweet in the discussion. (Note: A Twitter account is not required).
  6. Your discussion post should look like:
    • Paragraph one: overview of the policy or potential policy. Include how it could impact your community or those you care for positively negatively.
    • Paragraph two: Discuss the importance that interdisciplinary collaboration would have related to the policy.
    • Paragraph three: Identify any ethical concerns it raises for you and why
    • Paragraph four: Compose a Tweet that describes what you have shared with the class.
    • Resources: Where did you find your data?
  7. Example Tweet: Medications should be affordable. #pharmaceuticaltransparency #nursesunit #advocate https://www.cms.gov/newsroom/press-releases/cms-ta…


Louisiana State University Race in America 2019 Report Humanities Assignment Help

Read pages 4-16 of the Pew Research Center report, Race in America 2019 (see link below), and write a brief report. The report should contain three separate sections that address all the points in each set of questions. Notice the expected word count for each section (exceeding the word count will not negatively affect your grade, but please try to stay within the range).

1. Describe the views of Americans concerning the nation’s progress on matters related to race. How do people believe things have changed under the Administration of Donald Trump and how do they view his handling of racial issues? (approximately 150-200 words)

2. How is partisanship associated with views about race in the United States? Indicate some ways that Democrats and Republicans differ in their responses to questions about race. (approximately 150-200 words)

3. How do black and white respondents differ in their perceptions about race in the United States? Provide some examples of major differences in perceptions of these two groups. (approximately 150-200 words)

Link to report: https://www.pewsocialtrends.org/wp-content/uploads…


SWK 314 SU Social Welfare Policies Mass Incarceration in the 1900s Essay Humanities Assignment Help

this is a policy and welfare essay outline. i need a outline themed on mass incarceration in the 1900s make sure to talk about the 1994 bill clinton signed a crime bill that incarcerated so many men particularly black men. This outline should follow the attachment with this message and the requirements. 7 sources should be listed these sources should be peer reviewed journals, articles, and videos. Must use APA CITATIONS. The outline should include intext citations as well. This paper is due tomorrow morning and should be at minimum 300 words. I need the paper by 6am tomorrow moring 9/29/20


DePaul University American Police Reform in Minority Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Thesis Statement: Following the protest over the death of George Floyd and many that have followed after that, policing method in America needs reform particularly in areas where minorities lives to prevent civilian death in the hands of the police and mass protests across the country.

Paper 1: Making an Argument

In Unit I for this course, we introduced a basic framework for argument. This framework
consists of a perspective on argument as democratic practice, different levels of argument
(product, process, controversy), standardization as a means of modeling argument, cogency as an
orientation toward argument evaluation, the ARG conditions as a tool for argument evaluation,
and judgment as an important argument practice.

This first paper gives you an opportunity to put this framework into practice in a written format.
As with the first speech, your paper will be a discrete, stand-alone argument, so you should focus
your attention in this assignment on argument as product.

First paper versus first speech

Your first paper will address the same topic and thesis statement from your first speech.
However, this first paper will different from your speech in four important ways:

1. Revision of argument: Based on your experience of delivering the first speech and your self-
evaluations, you may decide that you need to revise and refine your argument. Perhaps your
thesis statement was too broad, or you judged one of your main points to be tangentially
connected to your thesis, or you felt that some of your evidence was not compelling. This paper
offers you the opportunity to reconsider aspects of your argument and try to strengthen it.

2. Focus, focus, focus: Given that you can write this paper over several different writing sessions
(unlike delivering the speech once when it was your turn during the discussion sections), you
should use this opportunity to sharpen your focus in your argument. Make sure that your thesis
statement addresses your topic in a manageable way. For example, don’t argue for the need for
citizen supervision of police departments generally. Instead, focus on a specific department, or a
practice that has been used successfully somewhere. Make sure the connections between your
main points and thesis, as well as your evidence and main points, are clear.

3. Development of your argument: You will have significantly more space in this paper to
develop your argument further and to provide additional details. As a way of thinking about this,
recall that we have explained that a good rule-of-thumb for speaking from a speech manuscript is
that each double-spaced page takes about two minutes to present. Since this paper will be 4-5
pages, it is the equivalent of delivering an 8-10 minute speech! In other words, you cannot
simply convert your speech outline into a paper; it would be too short. Use the extra space to
pursue points you did not have time to develop fully in your speech and/or to add additional
main points. Your evidence can be discussed with greater specificity as well. For instance, a
study or survey you may have only referenced in your speech can be explored in greater detail.
Or, you can share the experiences or story of someone who may be relevant to and provide
support for your argument. Etc.

4. Different modalities: Oral and written arguments enact two different modalities of
communication. As such, they present different opportunities to advance arguments. In a written
paper, you can make your argument more specific and precise. In terms of specificity, you can
address more contextual details; you can be more nuanced in your use of quotations, weaving
back and forth between sharing relevant quotes and offering your interpretations of these quotes; you can discuss statistics in greater detail; etc. With regard to precision, you can write and
rewrite portions of your argument. This may include more significant parts, like refocusing thesis
statements and replacing main points, as well as more specific details, like adding evidence and
refining your word choices. Take advantage of these opportunities as you engage the modality of
written argumentation.

Structure and sections of the first paper

The structure of your paper should include the key components we discussed for your first
speech. However, the specific development of these components will differ from the speech as
explained above. As a reminder, here are these components:

Thesis statement: The overall conclusion to your speech
Main points: The key reasons that support your conclusion

Evidence: More specific reasons and additional information (e.g., statistics, quotes from experts,
stories of particular individuals, descriptions of events, personal experience, commonly shared
values and principles, etc.) that support your main points

In addition, your paper should include the following sections:

Introduction: The introduction should be one or two paragraphs. It should provide relevant
contextual information for your argument, address the significance of your argument, clearly
articulate your thesis statement, and preview your main points.

Main section: In the main section of your paper, you should clearly articulate and develop your
main points. Each main point should be acceptable, relevant to your thesis, and sufficiently well-
developed. Each main point should address a significant aspect of your thesis. If your main
points are linked, you should explain their connections. The evidence supporting your main
points should be acceptable, relevant, and sufficiently developed. Your evidence should also be
reliable and, when applicable, you should cite the sources for your evidence. The length of the
main section will vary depending on the length of your introduction and conclusion.

Conclusion: The conclusion should be one paragraph that summarizes your thesis statement and
main points.

Bibliography: Using a consistent citation style (MLA, APA, or Chicago), your bibliography
should provide full information for each source. Your paper should have a minimum of 6
. As the librarian introduced us to two databases—Opposing Viewpoints in Context and
Academic Search—your bibliography should include at least 2 sources from each database.
Indicate in your bibliography which sources are drawn from which database.

As you prepare your paper, use the ARG conditions as a self-check to consider the cogency of
your argument.


Your outline should represent the logical structure of your argument by focusing on your thesis
statement, main points, and evidence. Your outline should not be a word-for-word representation
of your speech. Here is a sample outline, with the references cited, based on a portion of the
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar essay:

Thesis statement: College athletes should be paid.

I. Colleges, coaches and programs make millions on the efforts of student athletes.

A. The NCAA tournament made $900 million and generated $9.2 billion in gambling (Parker).

B. My athletic activities earned UCLA millions of dollars.

1. We generated cash for the university as well as advertising that recruited new students.

C. College coaches makes millions of dollars (“How much”)

1. Top college coaches can make between $4-9 million per year
D. UT football made $92 million in 2015 (Wadlington).

II. Athletes from modest backgrounds struggle financially in college

A. When I was at UCLA, I struggled to get by financially.

1. I worked during the summer to save a little money for school.

2. I basically just studied, practiced, and played.

B. In 2014, former UConn basketball player Shabazz Napier talked about going hungry some nights

1. Napier said: “We do have hungry nights that we don’t have enough money to get food in.
… Sometimes, there’s hungry nights where I’m not able to eat, but I still gotta play up to my

2. This reminded me of my experience at UCLA


“How much are college sports coaches paid?” [n.d.] College Sports Scholarships.

Parker, Tim. 2016, March 15. How much does the NCAA make off March Madness? Investopedia.

Wadlington, Paul. 2016, August 22. University of Texas football more profitable than most NFL teams.
Barking Carnival. https://www.barkingcarnival.com/2016/8/22/12584762/university-of-texas-football-more-

Waldron, Travis. 2017, March 17. Black Americans support paying college athletes. Huffington Post.