text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help

text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help. text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help.

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In a bid to achieve rapid cross-border access to new international markets, AOSC invested in the acquisitions of companies in targeted markets to enhance speedy entry and the delivery of the product to meet consumer needs.[JSP1] The company entered the U.S. market through the acquisition of Aquisana, an organization that was involved in the water treatment systems in the United States. The company also acquired Hague quality water international company in 2017 to further expand its operations and growth in the United States market.[JSP2] The company has entered into strategic alliances with well-established U.S. firms such as Lowe’s to establish further and expand its operations and activities in the United States market. Strategic partnerships have been vital in supporting the organization through the utilization of resource capabilities of the well-established firms to run and expand their operations in new international markets.[JSP3]




text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Data exploration with SAP BUSINESS explorer Computer Science Assignment Help

Submit your answers to the questions in the Chapter 1 Exercise 1 document (see attached). When submitting answers be certain to restate the question so as to make it clear what question is being answered. Create a single word document with the answers and include graphs and tables where appropriate to support your answers.

Access SAP Business Objects via the following link:

http://bangkok.cob.csuchico.edu:8080/BOE/BI (Links to an external site.)

Usernames and passwords will be given in class.

Chapter 1 Exercise 1.pdf



HMD recommendations Health Medical Assignment Help

260-word executive summary and 10-12 slide (title and references slides are not counted)

Assignment 5

You have been tasked by your CNO to provide a report and present to the board of directors about how your organization is transforming based on Health and Medicine Division (HMD) recommendations in high-profile reports.

Hi, All,

The final assignment, in this class, considers the information you have been reading on the Health and Medicine Division (HMD) website since week one (The Future of Nursing; Leading Change Advancing Health). In this final week, you are looking at several reports To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System, Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality, and Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century (access can be located under the week five learning activities Health and Medicine Division). These reports identify deficits in health care that need to be addressed to improve quality and safety.Many organizations have used these reports to establish their quality goals to address the deficiencies identified.

Once you review the reports provided on the Health and Medicine Division (HMD) website you are going to identify recommendations that directly impact how nurses provide care at the bedside. The elements to be addressed in this assignment are all based on the data you will read in the reports and the two peer-reviewed journals that you will locate.Then, you will review the quality indicators at the organization where you practice, one in your community, or one of interest and demonstrate how they are addressing the HMD reports vision. Consider their vision, mission, and value statements, as well as the quality indicators they have selected. In your demonstration of the organization and how they are addressing the HMD reports provide some specific examples from the organization in the form of changes in care, governance, training, communication, and partnerships.

The 260-word executive summary will provide an overview to the Board of Directors of the facility you have selected to address (information you might find helpful in creating an executive summary http://www.umuc.edu/current-students/learning-reso… summary will provide a report about how your organization (or the one you selected) is transforming based on Health and Medicine Division (HMD) recommendations in high-profile reports. The 260-word executive summary can be added to the power point® on a slide rather than posting a separate document.

As you prepare the assignment, review the grading rubric for the assignment and use it as a checklist as you complete the assignment to ensure all the required content is addressed.The assignment also provides another opportunity to develop your skills in using power point® for a presentation. There is a power point® tutorial in the library Center for Writing Excellence that you may want to preview before starting to create your presentation. Remember to use the comments from the earlier power point® assignment to help you develop this 10-12 slide (title and references slides are not counted) presentation and improve your use of the APA format when citing data learned in the research and then used in the presentation.

If you have additional questions, use the Course Questions post in class or post them to me as a message and we can discuss.

Review the HMD reports (To Err is Human, Find the Health Professions Education: A Bridge to Quality, Crossing Quality Chasm).

Determine which recommendations directly affect how nurses provide care at the bedside.

Research quality indicators at the organization where you practice, one in your community, or one of interest.

Cite evidence from the organization’s quality measures that demonstrate they are carrying out the HMD’s vision.

Provide specific examples from the organization in the form of changes in care, governance, training, communication, and partnerships.

Research, locate, & Cite at least two scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles to support the points made in the presentation following APA format

Review the attached grading criteria for the assignment

This is what I have so far

Executive Summary

Medical errors are third leading cause of death and account for more than an astounding 250,000 deaths yearly (Anderson & Abrahamson, 2017, p. 13).Recently at Intermountain Healthcare, a patient died due to multiple providers failure to follow through on management of prothrombin time/international ratio (PT/INR) lab for a patient taking warfain.In another incident, infection resulted, and surgical intervention was required due to retained dressings from wound vac dressing change.Although these incidents could have been prevented, both incidents as well as many other medical errors reported at Intermountain result in a change of process to prevent reoccurring episodes.

With only about ten percent of medical errors being reported (Anderson & Abrahamson, 2017, p. 13) it is vital that we foster an environment that encourages for reporting. At Intermountain several processes have changed due to the reporting on medical errors.Reporting allows for correction of the problem. At Intermountain we encourage a blame free environment where we encourage reporting of errors. Here at Intermountain we strive to have zero harm to our patients.We have adopted error prevention training that is required for all staff members called zero harm.

We strive to meet the HMD recommendations by enforcing education . Intermountain has a tuition reimbursement as well as a requirement to obtain BSN within two year of being hired. continued educations though learning modules as well as have a signed contract for all new hires to have to get bachelor’s degree after two years. RQI modules quarterly ensure healthcare providers deliver the best CPR. With more highly educated nurses delivering evidence-based practice we can deliver the best care.

Anderson, J. G., & Abrahamson, K. (2017). Your health care may kill you: Medical Errors. Studies in Health Technology and Informatics, 234, 13–17. Retrieved from http://eds.b.ebscohost.com/eds/pdfviewer/pdfviewer…

Week 5: Report on Progress

Content: 150 points possible

Points possible

Points earned


Shows evidence of a thoughtful review of HMD (To Err is Human, A Bridge to Quality Gap, Crossing Quality Chasm)


Identifies which recommendations have a direct connection to nursing care


Summarizes quality indicators from organizational research


Cites quality measure evidence (data) demonstrating HMD vision


Provides specific organizational examples that demonstrate addressing HMD recommendations that have a direct connection to nursing


Format: 50 points possible

Points possible

Points earned


Aligns executive summary (260 words) to presentation and speaker notes thoughtfully


Follows a structure that is clear, concise, and easy to follow, includes an introduction and conclusion, adheres to established slide limit (10-12 slides). Presentation makes use of background color, speaker notes and graphics.


Maintains a scholarly tone, provides APA formatted reference citations for data learned or used from resources, presentation follows rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


Points earned/possible



sush-week6 Assignment Computer Science Assignment Help

Capture a spam Email message. View the Email header and copy the information to your assignment document. Only one email is necessary. You do not need a reference for this assignment. You only need to show the header information. No narrative is necessary.

Showing the Email itself is not sufficient. You need to show the header information embedded in the message metadata. Search the Internet if you need help capturing the header information. Points will be deducted if the header information is not present in the assignment. An image of the message is not sufficient. A narrative is acceptable, but header information must be presented.

i need 2 pages content.


Answer questions below Writing Assignment Help

What is your cultural makeup? Think back to the earliest grade that you can remember in elementary school. What was the cultural makeup of your classroom as a child growing up?
As an adult, have you observed a wider range of cultural diversity in our classrooms and in our society as a whole? Please explain and provide concrete examples.

2. Thoroughly read and study the supplemental information in the PowerPoint, “Culturally Responsive Care and Education.” In addition, review the section in your textbook on page 16, “Cultural Competence, Cultural Intelligence, Cross-Cultural Communication.” Following, in your own words, express what it means to be culturally competent?

3. Read, “Hidden Diversity” on page 15. Following, describe your own metaphor or support an existing metaphor that describes the population of the United States. Remember the importance of allowing our citizens to retain the traditions, customs, practices, and religions that are a part of their heritage. See Metaphors of the United States, Page. 21. For further support, read, “Melting Pot or Salad Bowl?” by cglearning.it. This article can be found in your Learning Module. In addition, the metaphors are addressed in the PowerPoint, “Culturally Responsive Care and Education.” Remember! Create your own metaphor if you so choose. President Carter referred to the United States as a beautiful mosaic. Be creative!

4. A. List three powerful concepts that you took away from Chapter 1, the Chapter 1 PowerPoint, and the supplemental PowerPoint information to include the Etext embedded videos and the “Bias” video by Joe Gast? B. State why you found this information valuable to you as an educator or a potential educator of young children.

5. Read and reflect on the poem, “We Are Responsible for Children.” (See Attachment in Learning Module) In relation to this poem and the information presented this week, express what you have gained thus far in the class. Share your thoughts with your instructor and your peers.



Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. @ Vols. Humanities Assignment Help

Write a single, extended paragraph (10-15 sentences) analyzing some specific aspect of the text you have chosen. Remember: you are writing for an uninformed audience, not for your instructors! Assume that your audience only has general knowledge (i.e. a 7th grader’s knowledge) of the events and texts to which you are referring.

  1. Compose a clear topic sentence that identifies a problem.
  2. Provide appropriate information about the context.
  3. Focus on a particular text through which to explore this problem.
  4. Consider explaining the disciplinary, methodological, or theoretical framework through which you will study the problem.
  5. Identify the narrative, the genre, and the author.
  6. Offer evidence—typically four discreet pieces of data­—from the source and analyze that evidence for your uninformed reader. Each interpretation needs evidence and vice versa.
  7. Your analysis in the body of the paragraph should lead logically to an overarching interpretation by the end of the paragraph.
  8. Use MLA-style in-text references with page numbers in parentheses as needed.
  9. Make sure you double space!

Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. @ Vols. Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

write A bout Lead Isotopes as a New Tracer for Detecting Coal Fly Ash in the Environment Science Assignment Help

please follow this

Include a separate title page. This title page should include your title, name, and date. Your name should not appear on any other page, however, the title of your review should in the header of each page.

The introduction establishes the significance of your topic and gives a brief preview of the trends you have identified. The body contains more information about the trends, clustered to highlight similarities and differences, points of agreement and disagreement.

Use topic sentences to clarify these relationships of the separate studies you have examined. Use figures and tables as needed for support. The conclusion provides an overview of what is known and what is left to explore. Works cited page must also be included.

• Information should be taken from 8 or more current sources (2013 and forward). Periodicals (scientific journals that are peer-reviewed) found through search engines such as Google Scholar (scholar.google.com).
• Sample: Evans, D. A.; Fitch, D. M.; Smith, T. E.; Cee, V. J. Application of Complex Aldol Reactions to the Total Synthesis of Phorboxazole B. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2000, 122, 10033-10046.

Review should be at least 2000 words (3 to 5 pages of double-spaced typed text (11-point Times New Roman, Tahoma or Arial font, 1-inch margins).

NO Plagiarism Turnitin software will be used

write detiles as much as you could

I uploaded the main articles that the whole paper should about once you accept my question I will upload the reference


wright an informative paper on the topic of the use of marijuana Writing Assignment Help

  • Week 4 Writing Assignment: Informative Paper Final Draft

    This week, you will submit the final draft of your informative paper.This 4- to 5-paragraph paper explores a controversial topic in an informative style. This means that the writer must present an equal amount of information for both points of view related to the topic without providing personal thought or opinion. Provide factual information from credible sources to highlight each side. Your paper must include:

    • Introduction (1 paragraph)
    • Body (2–3 paragraphs) Remember to use APA-style formatted in-text citations throughout your paper.
    • Conclusion (1 paragraph)
    • Reference list written in APA style format, in which you list a minimum of 4 total resources

    Informative Paper full instructions Click for more optionsSee the rubric for specific grading criteria.Points: 75
    Due Sunday, 11:59 p.m. (Pacific time)


Earth and Space Science Assignment Help


  • What impact on society do you think the depleting fossil fuel reserves will cause?
  • Do you think we are feeling the impact already? How?
  • What are some of the impacts of using fossil fuels on the environment? Are they worth it?
  • Are the risks of using Nuclear Power worth it? Why?
  • Do you think the war in the Middle East has anything to do with Fossil Fuel Resources? What backs up your opinion?
  • What energy resources and technology do you think the U.S.A. should be investing in? Why?
  • What are your predictions for future due to fossil fuel depleting and energy consumption increasing?
  • What do you think we can do as individuals to help?

***Also answer the questions in the two files below


7-3 Final Project Part II: Product Marketing Recommendations Writing Assignment Help

Need to make sure you read guidelines and rubric. Things have been getting missed.

Turnitin® enabledThis assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.

Continuing with the scenario from your product overview, report your findings and recommendations to the stakeholders of your company.

Your job is to help the company launch a new pet food line. The food line will be for both cats and dogs, and the company is excited because the product is made of all natural ingredients. You will need to make some key strategic recommendations about how to launch and promote this new product line. Create a presentation to share your recommendations with the stakeholders within your company.

The following aids are provided for guidance:

Prepare your marketing recommendations presentation using the Final Project Part II PowerPoint template provided. Ensure that your presentation addresses all of the critical elements in the Final Project Part II Guidelines and Rubric document.

To complete this assignment, review the Final Project Part II Guidelines and Rubric document.

I will include all my graded rubrics for this assignment and all my papers when I approve of my tutor.


text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help

text citation fixed on this paragragh Business Finance Assignment Help

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