The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help

The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help. The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help.

Analyze the genre of the Daodejing and compare it to The Holy Bible. What are the essential cultural distinctions or similarities in the two works?

The following research paper must be (1800 words or more), and would need to be complete by tomorrow, November 28th, 12 PM noon. I have included an outline that can help give a general idea of my hypothesis, etc. of this paper; however, feel free to use your own structure and style, as long as these key points are answered in some type of way. I also have to include at least three academic, scholarly sources from a database. Quotes from the Daodejing and Holy Bible can help reinforce some points around the hypothesis. Thank you in advance!

The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

The object of this paper is to write a thoughtful paper using only 2 sources. 1250 words – 1500 words Writing Assignment Help

The object of this paper is to write a thoughtful essay using only 2 sources: Madeleine Albright’s Fascism: A Warning and Chapter 10 of Edmund Morgan’s George Washington and the Use of Power.Based on your reading of Albright and Morgan, write a 5-paragraph 1500-word essay regarding the danger that a democratic government can be changed into a fascist state.Organize your essay as follows: 1-What is fascism?In what sense can we describe it as a state of government that comes after a democracy has failed?2–What leader, as described by Albright, most successfully (or most interestingly to you) changed his government (or partially changed his government) from a democracy to a fascist state?Briefly tell the story.Do not discuss Donald Trump in this paragraph.3–To what degree, according to Albright, is the America of Donald Trump moving in the direction of fascism?4–How did George Washington, as described by Morgan, work consistently to create democracy in America and to prevent its erosion into a government led by one man?5–In your own opinion, what must the citizens of a democratic nation do to prevent their government from transitioning into fascism?


personal food narative Humanities Assignment Help

For this project you will write a narrative that explores your personal relationship to food. You will tell the story of an event from your past (recent or distant). This narrative may take many forms: a story of a particular meal you ate (and the people you ate, the circumstances, etc.), a story of family members and food, a strong positive or negative experience of food, a time when you were judged (or when you judged others) based on the food you (or others) ate, an adventure you had with food, or some other event that shaped your view of food. Chris Offutt’s “Trash Food,” Ruth Reichl’s “The Queen of Mold,” the story of Kenny from Fast Food Nation (Chp 8), the stories from This American Life’s podcast “Tell Me I’m Fat,” Hank Shaw’s “On Killing,” David Sedaris’s “Tasteless,” and Eric Lemay’s “Snowville Creamery has a Modest Goal: Save the World” will serve as inspiration and as models.


  • Learn to write in multiple contexts (in this case narrative)
  • Identify the components that make a story effective
  • Be able to create a story using the above components
  • Examine the role of food in our personal stories and learn to express these stories creatively

Important Components:

Details, specifics, vivid descriptions, and imagery will be essential in helping your reader understand the significance of your narrative. The piece should be intentionally focused with an effective balance of scene and summary, narrative and reflection. You will need to consider the frame and narrative structure of your story. What is the primary conflict or tension? How much exposition or context is needed?It will also be important to reflect on the significance of your narrative, make connections, and draw conclusions. What assumptions, perspectives, or meanings does your narrative reveal about your relationship to food?

In particular, I will be focusing on the following things as I evaluate your piece*:

Description—Using the 5 senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing)

Scenes—written passages that include action, dialogue, and description using the five sense. See handout (Exposition vs. Scene –Examples) for more details.

Characterization—Characters are well-rounded, honestly depicted, and believable. Characters are complex, showing both flaws and positive attributes.

Setting/Place—The story is set in a clear place and well-developed on the page. The setting contributes to the mood of the story and our understanding of the character(s)

Conflict/Tension—There is something at stake in the story and this conflict or tension is explored during the story and resolved (at least partially) by the end.

Dialogue—Story includes dialogue and dialogue feels natural and appropriate for the characters.

Narrative Arc—Story need not be perfectly linear, but it should have a beginning, middle, and end. It should progress through a standard narrative arc of rising action up to a climax, and then falling action and resolution/denouement.

Connection to Food—Story should relate to food in a clear way (even if it is indirectly). Food should be important to the story.

*All of these topics are on the rubric. You can also review the “What Makes a Good Story” handout and revisit your “Scene Practice” Writing Response (WR)

Questions for Brainstorming

Often it can take some time to think of a good idea for a story. I’ve included the following questions to help you brainstorm ideas. Use these questions to generate ideas, but don’t worry about answering them. If you are stuck, try free-writing answers to the following questions:

Who or what helped shape your view of food? Is there a type of food, a particular meal, or a family recipe that means a great deal to you? How does food connect to your identity? What foods are most meaningful to you and why? When have you been proud because of food you ate? Have you ever been ashamed or embarrassed by the food you ate? Do you have any family stories that involve food? What about family identities such as national pride, heritage, etc.? How is the food you eat making a statement? How is the food you eat a political act? What does the food you eat say about you? What groups are you connected to through food? How does food operate in these groups?

The Details: Your narrative should be approximately 4-5 pages in length. Dialogue and other features can dramatically increase the length of a piece. For this reason, you should aim to have a minimum of 1,500 words. Format your paper according to MLA guidelines

I have Attached rubric. please write this according to the directions in post or rubric or assignment will not be accepted no plagiarism


Essay for American literature class Humanities Assignment Help

Hello! I have an essay for my American literature II class that I really need help with. I will post all the requirements that the teacher gave me down below.

Final Research Essay Assignment Instructions.

The final essay, the signature assignment for ENG 232, should represent the culmination in your ability to
analyze a literary text, employing the skills we have developed during the semester. It should be a reflection
of your grasp of both individual works as well as the American literary scene at large.


Each essay should be 1200 to 1600 words (Works Cited Page not included) – no more, no less. It should be in
full, proper MLA format (Name, title, date, headers, spacing, etc. – in 8th edition) and use formal citations and
format in-text and on the Works Cited page. It must be submitted by 11:59 on the due date in Microsoft Word


In addition to citing the actual literary works, the essay must use at least 4 outside secondary sources of
information from the digital CPCC library databases. Use of other primary sources (like The Bible, other literary
works, general reference, websites, etc.) and online research is permitted only after this requirement is
satisfied and will not count toward the minimum 4. Still, Wikipedia , dictionaries, online general reference, and
other online “answer” sources (like Sparknotes) should be avoided altogether in 200 level college essays.


Students must remain in the 3rd person throughout the essay and avoid sloppy, informal writing, exemplified
by contraction and slang usage. Additionally, proper grammar is necessary for your ideas to be effectively
communicated; revise and edit carefully. This step is often the key to writing a strong essay. Use the ALC
tutors, TRIO, and other services if you are struggling in this regard. Finally, this essay should be more than a
simple 5 paragraph essay.


Choose any piece of literature from the textbook that was not assigned and argue why it should be part of this
course. That is, you will essentially be “making a case” for a work’s value.

  1. Do so by first hooking the reader and then explaining the background of the piece; note any
    important contextual, authorial, or critical information regarding the work. Readers may
    not be deeply familiar with an author’s background, his works, or his scene. Cover this.
  2. Next, in the essay body, explain the major theme or themes at work in the text. What is it
    “telling” readers? What are its most central declarations/focuses/obsessions? Cite specific
    examples from the text and utilize researched support. But do not engage in a lengthy
    summary of “what happens.” This should be the largest segment of the essay – you cannot
    simply do this in one or two paragraphs. This is likely where the bulk of your research will
    be helpful.
  3. BONUS SECTION: (Up to 10 points). Add an explanation of how your chosen work is actually
    similar in certain yet specific ways to something we did read this semester. You will do this
    to help show your work’s value. For full bonus, this must be developed fully, with close-
    reading of the literature, and the compared work must be cited properly.

d. Finally, conclude by suggesting why it could be an equal substitute for two different works
that we did cover (neither of these can be the same as step “c” if you opt for the bonus
paragraph). Make sure that these two works are from different units; thus, you will need to
justify in both instances why the new work is a valuable read from more than one thematic
perspective. Important: do not skim past this section, as it is the most important aspect,
the climax of your essay and your central argument. However, this is also not an
opportunity to degrade or complain about a work you did not enjoy (or you thought was
too long, boring, etc.); it is a chance to prove the relative worth of the work you did choose
as a potential replacement. It is not a forum to attack an assigned reading.


The essay will be worth 200 points. See the grading rubric for detail, but a paper meeting all of the minimum
requirements, written without major structural or grammatical flaw, is considered a passing essay (think 150 –
175 points). Especially convincing, well-structured, solidly reasoned, and competently written and researched
essays will score higher (175-210 – with bonus). Those that fail to meet minimum word and research
requirements; do not follow the instructions; and/or are filled with major structural, logical, MLA format, and
grammatical errors will score lower (think 125 and below, if especially troubled). Those essays that do not
properly use and cite 4 secondary sources will lose 10 points for each missing formal source. Important:
essays that do not list the actual citations for the textbook selections being discussed (and cited in-text) will
also lose 10 points per missing entry; incomplete or incorrect citations will also result in deductions.


First, consult the written work I have graded and returned to you to identify your areas of weakness and look
to improve upon them.

Then be mindful of using transitions, developing introductions fully, keeping paragraphs unified and coherent,
avoiding unnecessary repetition, and not to drop quote. See the video on Blackboard regarding this source
integration error.

Important: A complete paper does not just use 4 sources once each in the paper (just to satisfy minimum
requirements) or rely heavily on copying and pasting large amounts of research as quotes. In an “A” paper, I
should see more quotes for support from the actual literary texts you are analyzing and paraphrases and
summaries from the outside research you are employing.

I should see no typos, misspellings, or inconsistencies. I should see intellectual analysis as opposed to
overgeneralizations, assumptions, and other logical fallacies.

The little bonus section in the directions for the essay is not necessary since no one would be able to answer it other than myself since I was the one in the class. I will also provide a copy of my last essay with corrections and suggestions that my professor provided. Last but not least, I will also put a list of all the readings that I’ve done in this class.


Week 15 Assignments 2 Science Assignment Help


Assignment A


Complete the file attached called “earth-the_bio_oceans.doc”. – Earth: The Biography – Oceans


Assignment B


Earth the Biography Oceans – Video


After watching the video, answer the following questions: 1. How was the vastness of ocean currents illustrated through an accident? 2. What would happen if no cold water sank down to the bottom of the ocean at the poles? 3. What happens to life on earth when the oceans go through a major change?


Assignment C


Forum: the Importance of Oceans

After viewing the class Ocean lectures, as well as viewing the video: Earth the Biography: Oceans, think about how important oceans are. Pick an aspect that is particularly important to you and describe it. Discuss how you are thankful for something related to the ocean.


Instructor’s example post: There are many ways that the ocean is important to us. Half of the earth’s oxygen that we breathe comes from phytoplankton blooms in the oceans. We utilize many ocean resources such as salt, minerals, and food. But I think what I am most thankful about has to do with the opportunity for discovery: as a person who loves snorkeling and scuba diving I continue to be amazed by the beauty and diversity of lifeforms in the ocean. A few months ago I went sailing in Newport Bay with my family. My husband had taken sailing classes at Orange Coast Community College, and we rented one of their boats for the afternoon. As we were docking the boat in the evening (it had gotten completely dark), we noticed bright green flashes in the water just by the dock. My son scooped up some of the green material and shone his flashlight onto it: it was a worm! I had never seen that before. The area around the docks was swarming with these bio-luminescent creatures, leaving glowing trails behind them as they moved through the water (see picture). I never get tired of visiting the beach and watching the waves, shorebirds, whales……. I am thankful we live close enough to visit and see these amazing things.

What is it that you enjoy (or are thankful for) about the ocean?

marine glow worms


Thank You So Much!



I need a 6 page analysis research paper on the book Metamorphosis written by Friday 11:59 Pm (11/30/18) Humanities Assignment Help

Write an analysis on The Metamorphosis by applying a physical or mental illness to Gregor: Bipolar Disorder



How does Gregor remind you of how broken and/or sick people are treated in society, such as: AIDS patients/old people/cancer patients/drug addicts/homeless/that strange boy in grade school who eats crayons. How does his family, the manager and the three roomers treat him as such?

In your research use medical and/or psychology journals to help define Gregor’s diagnosis.

The paper must be thesis driven.

*6-8 pages, MLA style with works cited page.

* Two outside sources from our library (use psychology or health journals on your disease).

* You must use quotes from the book itself in the paper.

Use these 2 sources from the library database

I need a 6 page analysis research paper on the book Metamorphosis written by Friday 11:59 Pm (11/30/18) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Case Study – Montana Mountain Biking

Jerry Singleton founded Montana Mountain Biking (MMB) 18 years ago. MMB offers one-week guided mountain biking expeditions based in four Montana locations. Most of MMB’s new customers hear about the company and its tours from existing customers. Many of MMB’s customers come back every year for a mountain biking expedition; about 80 percent of the riders on any given expedition are repeat customers.

Jerry is happy with this high repeat percentage, but he is worried that MMB is missing a large potential market. He has been reluctant to spend a lot of money on advertising. About 10 years ago, he spent $80,000 on a print advertising campaign that included ads in several outdoor interest and sports magazines, but the ads did not generate enough additional customers to cover the cost of the advertising. Five years ago, a marketing consultant advised Jerry that the ads had not been placed well. The magazines did not reach the serious mountain bike enthusiast, which is MMB’s true target market. After all, a casual mountain bike rider would probably not be drawn to a week-long expedition.

Another concern of Jerry’s is that more than 90 percent of MMB’s customers come from neighboring states. Jerry has always thought that MMB was not reaching the sizable market of serious mountain bike enthusiasts in California. He talked to the marketing consultant about buying an address list and sending out a promotional mailing, but producing and mailing the letters seemed too expensive. The cost of renting the list was $0.10 per name, but the printing and mailing were $4 per letter. There were 60,000 addresses on the list, and the consultant told him to expect a conversion rate of between 1 and 3 percent. At best, the mailing would yield 1800 new customers and MMB’s profit on the one-week expedition was only about $100 per customer. It looked like the conversion cost would be about $246,000 (60,000 × $4.10) to obtain a profit of $180,000 (1800 × $100). The consultant explained that it was an investment; because MMB had such a high customer retention rate, the profit from the new customers in the second or third years would exceed the one-time cost of the mailing in the first year. Jerry was not convinced.

Nine years ago, MMB launched its first Web site. It included information about the company and its tours, but Jerry did not see any need to include an expedition-booking function on the site. He did think about selling caps and jackets with the MMB logo, but that idea never was implemented. The MMB logo is well known in the mountain biking community in the upper Midwest.

The MMB Web site includes an e-mail address so that visitors to the site can send an e-mail requesting more information about the expeditions. Robin Davis, one of MMB’s expedition leaders, is an amateur photographer who has taken many photos while on the trails over the years. Last year, she had those photos digitized and put them on the MMB Web site. The number of e-mail inquiries increased dramatically within a month. Many of the inquiries were about MMB’s expeditions, but a surprising number asked for permission to use the photos, or asked if MMB had more photos like those for sale. Jerry is not quite sure what to make of the popularity of those photos. He is, after all, in the mountain bike expedition business.

MMB has had the same basic website for 9 nine years, and Jim has recognized that technology has changed and become more affordable. As such, he decided that a digital marketing program should be created to attract new clients to his Montana Mountain Biking (MMB) business. With his past success and reputation, he wants to leverage his website to not only sell his mountain biking expedition packages, but to also sell mountain biking accessories and apparel items that are branded with MMB logo. MMB profits hit a new record high last year, so Jim has the funds to invest to launch his new expanded product offerings and develop his digital marketing program.

Jim has hired you as a marketing consultant to create a report that highlights what you would propose to create an effective business presence online, and the means to process payments and sell merchandise on his website. Additionally, he is also requesting that you include the web marketing strategies you will use to generate leads for his expedition service, and the social platforms that will be used to generate traffic to the website and enhance his overall branding efforts.

Your assignment this week is to review the five stages of customer loyalty shown in Figure 4-5 and prepare a report in which you classify MMB’s customers. Estimate the percentage of MMB customers who fall into each of the five categories (Support your classification with logic and evidence from the case narrative) and then develop your recommendations that address the specific material he has hired you for. You will want to convey the importance of presenting an image consistent with MMB philosophy, principles, and identity that also meets the accessibility goals and the needs of the website visitors. In addition, an outline of the elements (such as branding, product characteristics, product use benefits, and comparison to competing products) you would include in the online communication media (Web page, e-mail, social networking, and so on) that is used to introduce new customers to Jim’s MMB business.

The following requirements must be met:

  • Write between 1,000 – 1,500 words using Microsoft Word in APA 6th edition style.
  • Use an appropriate number of references to support your position, and defend your arguments. The following are examples of primary and secondary sources that may be used, and non-credible and opinion based sources that may not be used.
    1. Primary sources such as government websites (United States Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics, United States Census Bureau, The World Bank), peer reviewed and scholarly journals in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library) and Google Scholar.
    2. Secondary and credible sources such as CNN Money, The Wall Street Journal, trade journals, and publications in EBSCOhost (Grantham University Online Library).
    3. Non-credible and opinion based sources such as, Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, blogs, etc. should not be used.


Peer Review Writing Assignment Help

250-300 words

Use the questions below to make sure that you cover the multiple facets of a good peer review. You may include further information as well, but use these questions as a guide. Be sure to point out specific instances and examples of what is done well and what needs improvement.

  1. Does your peer provide adequate background and context for the subject that he or she is taking on?
  2. Does your peer develop a dominant impression of the subject? In other words, does your peer’s essay present an overall judgement, theme, or message about the individual being profiled?
  3. Is your peer’s thesis statement made clear in 1-2 sentences at the end of the introduction? What is the thesis statement? Does it clearly state the name of the individual being profiled and an overall judgement, theme, or message about this person?
  4. Are your peer’s body paragraphs unified, coherent and developed? Do they have strong topic sentences and smooth concluding sentences that connect the ideas from one paragraph to the next? Do they provide enough examples and descriptive details? Does your peer include dialogue? How could your peer improve his or her body paragraphs?
  5. Does your peer effectively present the information in a way that is clear and logical? Or, do you feel that your peer excludes necessary information? If so, what should be included?
  6. Does your peer effectively round out the paper, bringing it to a clear close? If not, how could your peer improve his or her conclusion?


Behavior children Writing Assignment Help

Based on the readings and videos develop a behavioral plan that includes:

a. Define/describe the behavior you are trying to shape or change
b. Describe in detail the desired before or the behavior you want the student to exhibit
c. List at list 5 strategies that can help the student exhibit the desired behavior
d. Explain the rationale for each strategy

Shaping student behavior video analysis:

Watch this video Challenging Behavior in Young Children and complete the video analysis form attached.


Discussion Board: Talk about your own beliefs regarding your responsibilities when it comes to addressing studetn behavior in positive ways, and describe how your beliefs may influence student actions. Respond to at least one peer using the ladder of feedback


9-1 Discussion: Harvesting Risk Business Finance Assignment Help

Read the case of Amvac beginning on page 503 of the text and consider the following questions in your post:

  • Does Amvac have a sustainable business strategy? Why or why not?
  • Should the law prohibit Amvac and others from exporting pesticides barred from use in the United States? Why or why not?
  • If economic and market conditions remain favorable for Amvac’s strategy, would you buy its stock? Why or why not?

In response to your peers, state whether you agree with their conclusions regarding the sustainability of Amvac business strategy and whether or not the law should prohibit companies such as Amvac from exporting chemicals that have been barred for use in the United States. Be sure to state specific reasons for your agreement or disagreement and support your conclusions with scholarly sources.

Refer to the Discussion Rubric for directions on completing these discussions.


The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help

The Comparison of The Daodejing and The Holy Bible Humanities Assignment Help