The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help

The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help. The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help.

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A 9 page research paper on a topic of your choice. You should incorporate a minimum of 8 sources. APA FORMAT. You might think of this as a long literature review/research paper, but you might also be arguing/advocating for a particular policy/practice (you might discuss prevalence rates, current prevention efforts, and relevant court cases)

Research question: The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico

  • Intro
  • Explain the relationship between Social status and Criminal behavior (drug related)
  • What drugs do the cartels traffic into the U.S? How does it affect both economies?
  • Explore how drug trafficking affects the economy (national and international)
  • Discuss about the financial dust of drug trafficking and corruption
  • Social class, crime, trends, treatment models
  • Policy and current events (relevant court cases), Landmark cases
  • The War on Drugs and Associated Policies
  • Discussion of the Literature and conclusion
  • Mexico, the United States, and the Criminalization of Drug Control

The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Technology Evaluation Study Plan – Autonomous Vehicles Computer Science Assignment Help


  • Autonomous Vehicles

Technology Evaluation Study Plan – Detailed Assignment Description

This assignment is the third and final part Analysis of Alternatives exercise.

Choose one of the student-written Technology Selection papers from the list posted by your instructor in the Week 7 conference.

Read your chosen Technology Selection paper to learn more about the selected technology. Next, consider what type of formal evaluation study could be used to learn more about this technology and how it is likely to interact with people, processes, and technologies. Then, design a formal evaluation study which could be used to obtain more information about one or more of the following:

  • characteristics (features and capabilities) of the technology
  • interactions among technologies, people, environments, and processes (use cases or scenarios)
  • risks or vulnerabilities associated with adoption of this technology
  • costs and benefits associated with adoption of this technology


Your evaluation study design must use one of the following:

  • Case Study
  • Delphi Study (panel of subject matter experts)
  • Quasi-Experiment (e.g. penetration testing or pilot testing in a controlled environment)
  • Pilot Implementation (in a demonstration environment)

See the Technology Evaluation Methods module in the Week 2 conference for detailed descriptions of each of these types of evaluation methods.


topic is modern manifestation of Isam Business Finance Assignment Help

please read the requirements carefully, write your own words no copy paste at all.

The semester research paper will consist of an eight to 15 page, typed paper on a modern manifestation of a particular religion and how that manifestation currently interacts with, influences, and is influenced by, society.

The paper should be double-spaced with a 12-point sized type and should have a footnotes/reference page and a bibliography page.

If the paper is written in APA style, a works-cited page is all that is necessary for citing references (no bibliogeaphy), though
students should cite sources in the
. There should be at least five sources, none from Wikipedia.

topic is modern manifestation of Isam


Self assessment Report Writing Assignment Help

Each student will reflect in writing about what she learned about themselves from the self-assessment tools and then will develop a leadership action plan that is based on and uses the information from the self-assessments to describe: (a) his/her current self, drawing from the self-assessments, (b) his/her ideal self and both near term and lifetime career goals (should be consistent with self-assessment information), and (c) a plan of action to further develop leadership capabilities, including the steps that will be taken to reach those goals.

Note: The action plans should address two or three specific areas where the student needs to improve leadership skills and capabilities that are appropriate to one’s career goals and should be based on information from the self-assessments and strengths feedback from the Roberts Reflected Best Self exercise. There should also be a plan for monitoring the progress so that students can determine whether they have met their goals. Self-monitoring of the leadership action plan should allow one to determine if there has been improvement, what else needs to be done, and what should come next. Improving one’s leadership skills involves receiving and productively using coaching, so use the feedback from these assessments as a means of receiving coaching.


All the instructions are below Humanities Assignment Help

There are two files below first one ( DJC instuctions for the research paper ) this assignment is a research paper about the an (Propose a solution to a geopolitical injustice, I want you to talk about the Conflict in Syria and ISIS problem in Syria).

The second File ( DJC instructions for the essay 1 and 2 ) these are two essays about a different topics each one has its own topic (you can choose any country)

* Please becarful of pilgrims

* use simple and clear language

* all the assignment are APA style ( DO NOT forget the in-text citation)

* these papers counts big grade so please make sure to follow all the instructions ( I will attach the Rubric )



topic : Fashion Online Shopping Environment Consumption Experience Writing Assignment Help

1500 words for this paper without the cover page and the references.

make sure you need to read the instruction , and make sure you follow each steps that instruction ask for, There are no plagiarism work, thanks for helping.

instruction list :

Fashion Online Shopping Environment Consumption Experience 1500 words

• Approximately 900 words which analyses and evaluates the Fashion Online Consumption Experience provided by the chosen

fashion retailer in the country of choice, within the context of the retailing environment

• Approximately 400 words to suggest one future consumption experience strategy which should be considered in order to

maximise and sustain future performance

• Approximately 200words for introducing and briefly concluding the essay

1. Online atmospherics- Definition, reference, explanation, retail example, critical evaluation

2. Sensory- Definition, reference, explanation, retail example, critical evaluation

3. Cognitive – Definition, reference, explanation, retail example, critical evaluation

4. Social- Definition, reference, explanation, retail example, critical evaluation

• Each concept- Definition, references, retail examples that fit your argument-putting each concept in the context of the current

market and of your newly revised model

• Model- provide a hierarchical model of the consumption experience pertinent to fashion retailing with an explanation of your

newly revised model

• Conclusion- outlining which one single consumption concept is considered to be the most important driver of future fashion

retail internalisation growth

• Reference List.

topic : Fashion Online Shopping Environment Consumption Experience Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Key assignment outline Business Finance Assignment Help

Below is from the last assignment you helped me.

Your manager for your chosen company has asked you to create the project management plan in Project 2010. You determined the scope, work packages, and tasks for those work packages in the Discussion Board task this week. For your chosen project, create a file in Project 2010 that includes the work breakdown structure (WBS). Include the following:

  • The project deliverable at the highest level
  • At least 5 work packages, with at least 2 levels below the overall project deliverable
  • Major project tasks
  • Note: In Project, you may have to enter the tasks first. You can then use the WBS button to create a WBS.

Submit your file as a Project document, as a PDF, or in a format provided by your instructor.

For unit 4 discussion board question, I need to do a Outline summary of the main project (from unit 1), and the main project is unit 5. There are two part in unit 4 assignment. The first one is a discussion board question, which is this assignment. The second part is the unit 4 individual project, and I’ll submit it under a different threat. I’ll also submit unit 5 individual project under a separate threat.

I will also send you unit 2 and 3 individual projects that were completed by another tutor, so you can look, if need to, for completing other assignments. Thanks,


peer reviw 3 Humanities Assignment Help

For this assignment, please write a thoughtful review of Endrit’s should be about 2 -3pages, and includes at least two or three distinct suggestions for how to improve the paper structurally.

In the review, please start with a complete explanation of the structure of the paper in your own words,

including an explanation of the independent and dependent variables. hypothesis and units

I’d like you to focus specifically on measurement issues. What would be the best ways you can think of to measure, systematically, the key variables here

i do not want you to write a summary i want you to write how endrit can improve the paper


Negotiation Preparation and Execution Assignment Writing Assignment Help


Write a paper (4-5 pages) that addresses the following:

1) Explain your negotiation framework regarding price; i.e., what were your minimum-target-maximum prices and how did you arrive at those numbers?

2) What are your assumed bargaining strengths?Weaknesses?

3) What were the important negotiation issues for your team?Why were they important?

4) What did your team decide on for negotiation goals?What concessions were you prepared to make?

5) What negotiating tactics did you plan to use, and why did you choose them?

Arkansas Best Foods of Jonesboro has agreed to the following terms:

-They have agreed to cover on-site storage of food products with no additional charge

-They have agreed to outsource the labor as well (4 cooks and 28 servers) for an additional $3,000 flat fee for the two-year contract that covers 4 sports seasons (2 football and 2 basketball). In this fee, their employees are responsible for stocking the kitchen the day before the scheduled game as well as cleaning the facility afterward.

-This means we only pay $3,000 in labor over the two years. (They want it paid upfront.)

After the two years are over we have agreed to sit down and renegotiate prices and services.

Our only costs include the price of the food items and the $3,000 labor fee.

See the attached excel


final exam Humanities Assignment Help

INSTRUCTIONS: The exam requires you to write paragraphs that addresses eight directives (below). Each directive requires you to demonstrate that you have met one of the course objectives. Each directive should be addressed in a separate paragraph that is not more than one half page, single-spaced. You many consult the text or other source to write these paragraphs. Note that the assignment for the first unit of the course on Research Methods will be especially important in writing these paragraphs, but other assignments should also be reviewed as preparation for the exam. Material copied or quoted from any source will not receive credit. Students may use their own material posted in discussions, but may not use material posted by other students. Exams or sections of exams that are too similar to the model exam will not be accepted.


1. Describe a social psychological term, process, or concept in the text that you find especially interesting, and give an example of it. [10 points]

2. Explain how the social process you described above is important to the psychological functioning of individuals and society. Also indicate any social problems that this process helps to explain or solve [10 points]

3. State a hypothesis relevant to the process described above, and describe an experiment, survey, or observation that would test this hypothesis. [20 points]

4. Describe a social psychological theory that supports your hypothesis, and explain how it supports this hypothesis. [10 points]

5. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the theory you used to support your hypothesis based on the scientific evidence reported in the text or other source that does and does not support it. [10 points]

6. Describe the possible results of the experiment, survey or observation which you described above that would support the theory and hypothesis tested, as well as the possible results that would refute or fail to support the theory and hypothesis. [10 points]

7. Describe the most important strengths and weaknesses of the experiment, survey, or observation you described above. Indicate what you can and cannot say with certainty about the truth of your hypothesis based on the results of your proposed experiment, survey, or observation. [20 points]

8. Describe some of the possible ethical issues raised by the experiment, survey or observation which you described above, how these ethical problems might be reduced, and why these ethical risks are justified [10 points]


The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help

The Economic Consequences of Drug Trafficking in Mexico Business Finance Assignment Help

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