the effect of website design on the consumer satisfaction in online shopping Business Finance Assignment Help

the effect of website design on the consumer satisfaction in online shopping Business Finance Assignment Help. the effect of website design on the consumer satisfaction in online shopping Business Finance Assignment Help.

For this assignment you will submit a complete rough draft of your Capstone Project. The complete rough draft is a final draft version of your work so you will be submitting an APA formatted cover page, an Abstract or Executive Summary, a Table of Contents (be sure you have completely transformed your outline into the Table of Contents [see my notes Transforming the Working Outline into a Table of Contents.pdfView in a new window ]), the entire body of your work, a Reference page/s, and an appendix (if necessary).

please read the outline and the half draft.

the effect of website design on the consumer satisfaction in online shopping Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Individual Final Performance Assessment Report. Phase IV Business Finance Assignment Help

( you only need to understand what i did in all Capsim software and you write the report below,, you dont need to work in capsim, only paper)

. This phase comprises the Stockholders’ Final Debrief written paper, where participant defends decisions as the executive manager to the Board of Directors and Stockholders (in this case, the professor). The paper should be a minimum of 10 pages (2 pages for company performance assessment report, 4-6 pages for your product line assessment report, and 4-6 pages for your functional area performance assessment report), plus a competitor assessment. This is just the text; tables and exhibits are additional. (There is no maximum length, however there may be a penalty for being wordy, and not concise.) Your score out of 50 points will reflect your ability to describe why you chose the strategies you did, what the outcomes were, why, and what you learned, as well as the quality of your writing. Discuss any strategy changes made during the competition rounds.


Supply Chain Management 7-Eleven Writing Assignment Help

Read the article: 7-Eleven Shifts Focus to Healthier Food Option

Using your knowledge of Supply Chain Management and your academic research skills, complete all of the following:

  • Describe four changes to the traditional 7-Eleven supply chain that
    the move to fresh foods will require. In addition, discuss four
    advantages that 7-Eleven can gain by outsourcing all or most of the
    fresh food supply chain responsibilities.
  • Use a basic flow diagram to create a simple supply chain model for
    delivering fresh sandwiches with eight distinct boxes. You may use the
    software of your choice to create the diagram; however, it must be
    readable when copied and pasted or imbedded into your MS Word document.
  • Recommend either a push-based strategy or pull-based strategy for ordering fresh foods and justify your recommendation.
  • Discuss three advantages and three disadvantages of using Radio
    Frequency Identification (RFID) technology in the proposed supply chain.
  • Describe four businesses that have successfully implemented the
    retail of fresh foods that would be suitable for 7-Eleven to benchmark.
  • Discuss four important pieces of information that must be gathered
    and transmitted using 7-Eleven’s IT networks to support the fresh food
    supply chain.
  • Describe how the practice of tanpin kanri (item by item management)
    may be transferred from 7-Eleven Japan to the United States operation.


What are the charitable contributions Business Finance Assignment Help

realizes the importance of being a good corporate citizen and makes
generous contributions to worldwide charitable organizations. For the
current year, JIM wants to contribute $1,500,000 to various charities.
Based on prior year’s tax laws, if JIM’s taxable income before
charitable contributions is $11,500,000 in the current year.

  • Calculate the charitable contribution allowance for the current year.
  • Provide a recommendation to JIM management regarding the tax implications of this contribution.

Please help me, I don’t understand the tax laws

1000-1250 word MEMO

Examine the tax consequences of different investment vehicles.

Evaluate the impact of managerial decisions on the tax liability of the firm.

Analyze the tax consequences of financial and operational decisions in short-run and long-run models.


History: Cast your Vote Humanities Assignment Help

The campaign of 1828 was unlike any other that had come before it. For the first time electors in most states were chosen by popular vote. The electorate had been expanded so that there was universal suffrage among white males. Suppose you had lived during the time period of the 1828 election. Would you have voted for Andrew Jackson?

Create an election poster supporting either Andrew Jackson or the re-election of John Quincy Adams.

Keep the following points in mind as you create your poster:

  • Clearly support one candidate – either Jackson or Adams.
  • Be sure you back up your position with clearly stated reasons.
  • A visual drawing or painting of the candidate must be part of the poster
  • Refer to Google Images for examples, but DO NOT copy and paste from there – this will result in a grade of zero.

You can create your poster in a Word document or as a PowerPoint slide

All work must be 100% original. Rubric is included and must be followed.



Describe your ideas and thinking about Fidel Castro, RIP, and Cuba before viewing all of the film a Humanities Assignment Help

Describe your ideas and thinking about Fidel Castro, RIP, and Cuba before viewing all of the film and after viewing the film. Where did you get your ideas before the film? Remember to discuss each other’s responses CITE AND 2 PAGES

These indisputable facts about Comandante Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution should be enough to shame the Miami and Union City parasitical gusanos. But because many of them were once the privileged stratum and the descendants of slave owners, they are now celebrating the death of the revolutionary leader in the most vile and despicable manner.

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Image may contain: 2 people

  • Film: Fidel The Untold Story
  • Old U.S. Embassy In Havana Becomes The New One As Relations Are Restored
  • Cuba by June Terpstra
    • From Danny Dos Paltas I have never revered my heroes uncritically, nor have i ever needed them to be perfect or saintly. I have only ever needed them to be real, and it never got any realer than Fidel.
      His dying of old age after surviving so many assassination attempts courtesy of the U$ government is the perfect quintessential “fuck you” delivered to a most vile and illegitimate adversary located only just a few miles away from Cuba’s sovereign shores.Get not a single thing scrambled…..those right wing gusanos in Miami celebrating Fidel’s death are not “the Cuban people”…….Those are the cousins of the white population of the U$ celebrating Trump’s ascension to the presidency who just happen to speak Spanish.Those are the wealthy white landowning elite who wished death on Fidel for decades, because he expropriated their sugar plantations and armed their slaves, and their soldiers, cops and torturers, who fled going before the firing squad for the crimes they committed during the rule of Batista.Those are the mercenaries and wanna-be “soldiers of fortune” who attempted to invade the island several times after the revolution and got their asses handed to them, and who were happily used by the U$ government to attack the Puerto Rican independence movement, and to train fascist death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Chile.When they came to Miami in the late 1950s, Florida was still very much a segregated state, and many of those gusanos were quite upset about not being allowed into the KKK.Please don’t let your north amerikkkan-induced myopia and lack of knowledge of the rest of the world further confuse you.
  • Professors PPT Cuban Socialism

Describe your ideas and thinking about Fidel Castro, RIP, and Cuba before viewing all of the film and after viewing the film. Where did you get your ideas before the film? Remember to discuss each other’s responses CITE AND 2 PAGES

Describe your ideas and thinking about Fidel Castro, RIP, and Cuba before viewing all of the film a Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

assignment help Writing Assignment Help

Complete each essay question using only the material found in book ISBN 978-0-13-416784-8
Concepts of Strategic Management and Cases in Strategic Management by Fred David, 15thedition, 2015, Prentice Hall.

12. .What are the characteristics of effective strategic objectives? Discuss why it is important to clearly state objectives.

13.The textbook lists eleven types of strategies. Describe and give examples of each.

14.Define the three types of integration strategies. Give examples and guidelines for when each is strategically appropriate.

15.Define the three intensive strategies. Give examples and guidelines for when each is strategically appropriate.

16.Discuss, in detail, the SWOT Matrix. Describe each component of the matrix and discuss its strategic implication. Discuss the use of the SWOT Matrix in strategic analysis.

17.Compare and contrast the BCG Matrix and the IE Matrix. What are the benefits and limitations of each?

18.Diagram and explain the Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM).Describe the positive features and limitations of this analytic tool.

19.Discuss the differences between strategy formulation and strategy implementation.

20.Compare and contrast the different types of organizational structures: functional, divisional, and matrix. Describe each and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

21.Although there are many marketing activities that impact the success or failure of strategy-implementation efforts, three activities are indicated in the text as being especially important. What are these three activities? Discuss why they are so important.

22.Discuss the major R&D approaches for implementing strategies. Discuss guidelines used to determine whether a firm should conduct R&D internally or externally.

23.Discuss Rumelt’s four criteria for evaluating strategies. List and describe each of the three strategy-evaluation activities.

24.Discuss the four different perspectives related to the Balanced Scorecard and explain what the Balanced Scorecard attempts to balance. Identify and explain the questions that must be asked when using Balanced Scorecard Analysis.

25.Discuss how business ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability are interrelated.

26.Discuss the reasons why preserving the environment should be a permanent part of doing business. Describe a sustainability report.

27.Discuss the potential advantages to initiating, continuing, and/or expanding international operations.

28.Explain the concept of protectionism. Discuss the role that protectionism plays in global commerce.


short paper Computer Science Assignment Help

Compare and contrast cat. 6 unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coaxial, and single mode fiber optic cabling types. Describe one or two of the advantages and/or disadvantages associated with using each cable type for a business’s network infrastructure. Consider the (a) cost per foot or meter; (b) termination/installation cost; (c) bandwidth; (d) cable length/transmission distance; (e) end point devices (i.e., workstation, wireless access point, switch, router, server, SAN, etc.); (f) use – in-building horizontal or vertical; and (g) conversion or interface equipment. Be sure to support your information with the appropriate citation(s).

The paper must use APA 6th ed., 7th printing formatting and contain a title page, 3 to 5 pages of content, and a minimum of three peer-reviewed references. Use the link about to submit your paper.

Your assignment will be graded based on the rubric, which can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.

Assignment Resource(s):

5 Pages, No plagiarism, APA Format, Peered References


Intro to Data Analytics/Business Data Mining Computer Science Assignment Help

In this homework, you will be performing linear regression on a data set of your choice. Perform the following for this homework:

  • Find a data set of your choice from a valid source. You may use a previously used data set. If you have categorical data, you may want to create dummy variables.
  • Split up your data set into a training set and a scoring set. Rename the data sets appropriately. The scoring data set should not include the column that you are trying to predict.
  • Import both data sets into RapidMiner and check the ranges on all attributes. If some observations in the scoring data set for an attribute lie below or above the training data set’s lower or upper bound for that respective attribute, then remove these observations that are outside this range. Take a screenshot of the loaded data sets.
  • Set the role of the attribute in the training stream that you are trying to predict as a label.
  • Perform linear regression by adding the “Linear Regression” operator to the training stream and adding the “Apply Model” operator to connect the training stream to the scoring stream. Take a screenshot of the final process stream.
  • Run the model and take screenshots of both the linear regression results (i.e., table with regression coefficients) and the results of predictions made on the scoring data set. Evaluate and interpret your results. Examine your attribute coefficients and the predictions made in the scoring data set. In your interpretation of results, you should include answers to the following questions:
    • Which attributes have the greatest weight?
    • What would the resulting mathematical formula be for the regression line?
    • Were any attributes dropped from the data set as non-predictors? If so, which ones and why do you think they weren’t effective predictors?
    • What can you conclude from the predictions made?

Submission Instructions:

Please type up your homework using the homework template posted on Blackboard under Assignments. You should include at least four screenshots: (1) data set loaded in RapidMiner, (2) final process stream, (3) linear regression results (i.e., table with regression coefficients), and (4) results of predictions made on the scoring data set. Remember to interpret your results and answer all questions above in step


overcome of data challenges in ibm using cognitive technology Business Finance Assignment Help

S2DB1 – Download and fill out the 12 Competencies of Geek Leadership. For each, choose an appropriate rating and describe why you chose it. Attach that document to your post.

In the body of this post, use the first paragraph to describe one of your top competencies and one of your bottom.

In a second paragraph, reflect on your Top 10 Clifton Strengths Finder talent themes as they apply to your Geek Leadership competencies.

(my top 10 Clifton Strengths are deliberative,context,arranger,responsibility,significance,futuristic,strategic,restorative,achiever,belief).

In a third paragraph, paraphrase or directly quote a sentence or two from Turkle (2015) that stimulates your thought and actions. Be sure to cite and reference. Expand with your own insight or an example to illustrate. (Reference: Turkle, S. (2015). Reclaiming conversation: The power of talk in a digital age. New York: Penguin Press.)

? compulsory fill and attach the given file. write it in paragraph wise. write everything in APA format, write this DB between 250 to 350 words, Must and should provide the book and web reference under this DB with link. if possible write with headings.

S2DB2 – Attach a first draft of the Final Group Project document. Complete at least the following:

Create an outline for the Final Group Project Case Study using the APA template . Use the syllabus to fill in the headings and sub-headings (syllabus template is attached below), (TOPIC NAME: OVERCOME OF DATA CHALLENGES IN IBM USING COGNITIVE TECHNOLOGY ).(below i attached the file of the website regarding IBM organization facing data challenges and how they overcome using cognitive technology) Under the first heading, summarize the case study in a paragraph or two. Include at least one paraphrased sentence with a citation that references the Tilley & Rosenblatt text as authors of the Case Study (Tilley & Rosenblatt text as authors of the Case Study is attached below, (Rosenblatt, Chapter 4: Requirements Modeling. Case Study New Century Health Wellness Group, pg. 172.)). Also include at least one sentence that is directly quoted and cited from the Case Study.

Insert the Group Charter at the end, after the References. Fill out the first sections of Project Charter through the section entitled “Objectives (in business terms).” For the Project Purpose/Business Justification section, pick IBM organization that applies to the case study and research the organization’s mission and strategy. Cite and reference website(s) on current mission and strategy. Find an industry report in the IBIS World database when writing the third paragraph. It asks you to “Describe how your project connects to the industry and competitive landscape….” Be sure to cite and reference the IBIS report.

[supanova_question] – Transmission media is discussed in Chapter 4.

5 Pages, No plagiarism, APA Format, Peered References