The impact of schizophrenia and substance abuse on quality of life.

This study aims to evaluate the impact of dual mental diagnoses on patients’ quality of life. For example, a dual diagnosis of schizophrenia and alcohol abuse makes the patient be more disorganized.
I am attending the practical study at the mental health department in Gjøvik, Norway. The most exciting thing in practice of finding the solution, or proposing the solution for the problem, therefore I would like to immerse myself in the challenges of working with mental disorders with a dual diagnosis, such as schizophrenia, from alcohol abuse.
What is it about practical studies that interest me the most? First, assess the effect of dual diagnosis patients on the quality of life.

What do I want to delve into?
I want to go in-depth on how I can develop social skills. Because the user has little social contact and is exposed to more isolation

The issue should be discussed/answered by bringing out various professional (with sources) justifications for procedures/how the problem can be solved. You had discussed when you pitted the various professional reasons against each other and have seen them in context.
Discussion of the issue.
How can we improve the quality of life for a patient that suffering from substance abuse and schizophrenia disorder? How kan we improve the care?
exposed to isolated, little social network, busy av smoking, drinking,

(Helping questions: Do you have different academic arguments with sources? Do you see other sides/dilemmas to the problem? Are there particular things you must take into account to find an answer? Have you compared the different academic justifications and put them in the connection?)

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