The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help. The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help.

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  • Do not plagiarize. Use only your own words and ideas to analyze the texts. The only sources you should use are the works of literature themselves.
  • Use MLA format for citations.
  • Proofread your posts.
  • You will be posting 3 times. Your first post will be one of the options above; your second and third posts will respond to a classmate’s post using Options 2 and/or 3. You must write substantive response posts. This means you have to do more than say you agree, disagree, or compliment what your classmates have said.
  • Make sure to specify which prompt you’re responding to if choosing Option 1.
  • Review the grading rubric that will be used.

Discussion Topics for The Mill On the Floss:

1. What do these chapters from The Mill On the Floss tell us about social attitudes toward male and female education and intellectual development during the Victorian Period? Provide specific examples.

2. How does Maggie’s intellect compare to her father’s, her mother’s, her brother’s? Provide specific examples.

3. What does the exchange between Mr. Tulliver and Mr.Riley tell us about differences in educating boys and girls?

4. How does the illustration of the witch that Maggie describes relate to Maggie’s own character and situation? Is there a connection between Maggie’s sympathy for the witch and her dawning awareness of her relationship to the world she inhabits?

you are only required to read Chapters 1-5….

The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HRM functions, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

In your own words, answer two of the questions contained in the following case studies from the provided EBook.

This needs to be in APA formating and the question needs to be restated

Chapter 1 – Changes, Changes. Questions 1 – 4 (page 25ish in eBook)

Chapter 2 – We merged…Now What?. Questions 1 -3 (page 50 in eBook)

Chapter 3 – But… Its our company culture!. Both Questions (page 74 in eBook)

ALL Chapter case study answers MUST be supported by outside resources. Failure to provide supporting documentation will result in failing grade for the paper.

Chapter 1

Case Changes,

Changes Jennifer, the owner and manager of a company with ten employees, has hired you to take over the HRM function so she can focus on other areas of her business. During your first two weeks, you find out that the company has been greatly affected by the up economy and is expected to experience overall revenue growth by 10 percent over the next three years, with some quarters seeing growth as high as 30 percent. However, five of the ten workers are expected to retire within three years. These workers have been with the organization since the beginning and provide a unique historical perspective of the company. The other five workers are of diverse ages. In addition to these changes, Jennifer believes they may be able to save costs by allowing employees to telecommute one to two days per week. She has some concerns about productivity if she allows employees to work from home. Despite these concerns, Jennifer has even considered closing down the physical office and making her company a virtual

organization, but she wonders how such a major change will affect the ability to communicate and worker motivation. Jennifer shares with you her thoughts about the costs of health care on the organization. She has considered cutting benefits entirely and having her employees work for her on a contract basis, instead of being full-time employees. She isn’t sure if this would be a good choice. Jennifer schedules a meeting with you to discuss some of her thoughts. To prepare for the meeting, you perform research so you can impress your new boss with recommendations on the challenges presented.

1. Point out which changes are occurring in the business that affect HRM.

2. What are some considerations the company and HR should be aware of when making changes related to this case study?

3. What would the initial steps be to start planning for these changes?

4. What would your role be in implementing these changes? What would Jennifer’s role be?

Chapter 2

Earlier this month, your company, a running equipment designer and manufacturer called Runners Paradise, merged with a smaller clothing design company called ActiveLeak. Your company initiated the buyout because of the excellent design team at ActiveLeak and their brand recognition, specifically for their MP3-integrated running shorts. Runners Paradise has thirty-five employees and ActiveLeak has ten employees. At ActiveLeak, the owner, who often was too busy doing other tasks, handled the HRM roles. As a result, ActiveLeak has no strategic plan, and you are wondering if you should develop a strategic plan, given this change. Here are the things you have accomplished so far: • Reviewed compensation and adjusted salaries for the sake of fairness. Communicated this to all affected employees. • Developed job requirements for current and new jobs. • Had each old and new employee fill out a skills inventory Excel document, which has been merged into a database. From this point, you are not sure what to do to fully integrate the new organization.

1. Why should you develop an HRM strategic plan?

2. Which components of your HR plan will you have to change?

3. What additional information would you need to create an action plan for these changes?

Chapter 3

But…It’s Our Company Culture! You are the HR manager for a fifty-person firm that specializes in the development and marketing of plastics technologies. When you were hired, you felt the company had little idea what you should be paid and just made up a number, which you were able to negotiate to a slightly higher salary. While you have been on the job for three months, you have noticed a few concerning things in the area of multiculturalism, besides the way your salary was offered. The following are some of those items:

1. You know that some of the sales team, including the sales manager, get together once a month to have drinks at a strip club.

2. A Hispanic worker left the organization, and in his exit interview, he complained of not seeing a path toward promotion.

3. The only room available for breast-feeding mothers is the women’s restroom.

4. The organization has a policy of offering $200 to any employee who refers a friend, as long as the friend is hired and stays at least six months.

5. The manufacturing floor has an English-only policy.

6. You have heard managers refer to those wearing turbans in a derogatory way. What do you think needs to be done to create a more inclusive environment, without losing the culture of the company? What suggestions would you make to those involved in each of the situations?

please be specific about the topics and plag free

I had attached the e book question for reference


Multi-part Networking Project Plan Case Study Project, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

This is a mulitple part project based off a case scenario. Since this is a capstone course project for my degree, I am paying very well and giving a lot of time for completion. I will also tip very well for the very best work and have to stress that the tutor be able to compose the project in correct English. I would be completing this myself, but a number of life events unfolding and a full time job are not affording me the time. ALL PARTS OF THIS PROJECT HAVE TO BE SUBMITTED TO TurnItIn and cannot have a plagiarism score of more than 20%, so I will not pay for anything beyond that.

All information needed for completing the project are attached below. If you do not see the following documents, please contact me. Also, the “deliverables” referenced in the Case Study and in the list are in the order in which they should be completed and are grouped with other documents which will help to complete them.

To complete each deliverable on the list, just open the documents referenced below each of them. wont let me attach all the documents needed, so I will have to submit the remaining after the tutor is selected, but I have attached what I can. Opening the Case Study doc will give you a really good idea of the work involved. If you have any questions at all, just shoot me a message. Also, if you encounter an issue or need more time just let me know.

Deliverable:Design Requirements

This deliverable will specify the scope of the work, which will
address the concerns of stakeholders while meeting overall business needs.

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Design Requirements.docx

Deliverable: LAN and VOIP

This deliverable will provide a detailed LAN design of network with
VoIP services, protocols, devices, and interconnectivity, with WAN.

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

LAN, VoIP, and Wireless Assignment.docx

Deliverable: Security Policies and Security Design

This deliverable will specify organizational security policies,
standards, procedures, and guidelines in compliance with the appropriate laws
and regulations. This section will lay out network security design implementing
organizational security policies in compliance with the appropriate laws and

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Security Policy and Security Design Assignment.docx

Deliverable: Active Directory Designs and Implementation

This deliverable will specify organizational Active Directory policies, and
develop and implement Active Directory as per organizational standards and

Active Directory Design and Implementation Assignment.docx

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Deliverable: Project Implementation Plan

This deliverable will lay out the implementation plan of the entire
AAP design, which include configuration of key networking devices, detailing
milestones, activities, resources, and budgets, as well as providing a
deliverables schedule.

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

Project Implementation Plan.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Deliverable: Power Point Presentation

This will include an online presentation in PowerPoint,
Presentations should include the information in parts 1–4. You will be
evaluated on the content and design of your presentation.

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx

PowerPoint Presentation.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Deliverable: Comprehensive AAP

Comprehensive Authentic Assessment Plan.docx

WWTC Office Layout.png

Case Study World Wide Trading Company.docx


strategic planing and strategic management, writing homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The purpose of this assignment is to help students understand strategic business terminology (vision, mission, goals, objectives, specific objectives, internal and external scanning), to recognize the components of a strategic plan and to be familiar with the core information and steps needed to create a strategic plan. Furthermore, this assignment allows students to recognize the difference between strategic planning and strategic management.

Assignment Steps

Write a 700-word analysis in which you complete the following:

  • Describe and define the primary components of the Strategic Management Process.
  • Describe and define internal and external analysis.
  • Describe and define the responsibilities and duties of the Strategic Manager.
  • Explain why companies need strategic management planning.

Cite 3 scholarly references, including at least two peer-reviewed references from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Annotated bibliography, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please write and annotated bibliography entry on Job Evaluation using proper APA format and proper mechanics. Note that single spacing is the proper APA format for annotated bibliographies. See the example format and content requirements in the above outline of an annotated bibliography entry and the associated rubric below. Do not use the words Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2, and Paragraph 3. Those designations are shown in the example to aid in the articulation of detailed assignment instructions. Before submitting the individual assignment, thoroughly edit for APA and mechanics and be sure that all requirements have been met.

  1. This write up should be 250-300 words long, not including the reference listing used as a heading in the annotated bibliography entry because the listing establishes context.
  2. This initial posting is to include a properly cited and referenced academic resource from a scholarly journal (a journal selected from the above listing) that is at least 3-5 pages in length and published within the last 3-5 years.

Attached is a list of acceptable journals & annotated bibliography instructions.



Bonds, Loans, NPV, Agency Problem, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Question 1

Storico Co. just paid a dividend of $3.85 per share. The company will increase its dividend by 20 percent next year and will then reduce its dividend growth rate by 5 percentage per year until it reaches the industry average of 5 percent dividend growth, after which the company will keep a constant growth rate forever. If the required return on Storico stock is 13 percent per annum, what will a share of Storico’s stock sell for today?

Question 2

Huawei is considering replacing an existing production line with a new line that has a greater output capacity and operates with less labour than the existing line.

Existing Production line

The book value is $100,000 and the asset will be depreciated by $20,000 per year for the next 5 years. If you sell the existing production line now, it is expected to be sold for $80,000. Both the book value and market value of the line at the end of year 5 will be zero.

New Production line

The new line would cost $800,000, have a 5-year life, and would be depreciated using the straight-line depreciation method over 5 years. At the end of 5 years, the new line could be sold for $200,000. Because the new line is more automated, it would require fewer operators, resulting in a saving of operating expense of $40,000 per year. Additional sales with the new machine are expected to result in additional net cash inflows of $60,000 per year. The new line is however expected to have a negative impact on other side of the business and an annual operating cost of this side-effect is expected to be $10,000 per year.

If Huawei invests in the new line, a one-time investment of $10,000 in additional working capital will be required. Huawei will get back the additional working capital at the end of year 5. The tax rate is 30 percent, the opportunity cost of capital is 10 percent. What is the NPV of the new production line? Should Huawei take on the new production line?

Question 3

The role of financial managers is maximizing shareholders’ wealth. In order to achieve this, a financial manager would like to increase the firm’s stock price. Therefore, the goal of financial managers is to maximize the current share price. If we assume that the financial market is efficient, why is the goal of a financial manager to maximize the firm’s current share price rather than future share price? In other words, are there any differences between the goal of maximizing current share price and the goal of maximizing future stock price? Discuss the reasons why. (Word limit: 300 words, excluding references)

Bonds, Loans, NPV, Agency Problem, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Modify Proposal, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

For this assignment you will write the final draft of the proposal. You need to modify the proposal using the scholar-practitioner approach , update the proposal using synthesis. Ensure you cite your sources. Please do not copy from the the proposal . I will check for plagiarism please add citations,references,goals & Objectives,major deliverable,milestone,Major issues and risks.I attached a synthesis power point lecture to help with assignment

Proposal below :

Executive Summary

Catering Capers is intended to offer social services in which people gather and share with each other and also provide work options for the graduates and youths who lack employment (Mattel, 2016). The mission of the company will be to help shape the youths and the poor in the community to be productive by helping them learn and work in the business.


This project was chosen because it has the capability of increasing food production in the entire community at an affordable price together with providing employment opportunities to the poor in the community. The company also has a potential of reducing youth drug use since it will give employment to most youths who are jobless currently.

Company Overview

This will be a non-profit company intended to serve the Philadelphia market. Different and creative foods will be offered including the traditional once (Hill, 2003). It aims to focus mainly on events such as weddings, governmental functions, summer parties, birthdays and funeral parties. It aims at cutting costs as it will offer foods at prices ensuring that it is affordable to everyone .

Industry Analysis

Over $7 billion is generated yearly in American catering industries through different events, parties and holidays. This kind of industry is known to be competitive with a high number of individual participants who serve few people although some have gotten an opportunity to serve big organisations such as schools (Hill, 2003). Services from such companies are marketable depending on population size, the living standards together with culture and business institutions. Most Americans prefer the catering services in case of cooking home food hence promoting the industry.

Target Market

Our catering services will be within reach of everyone. It is intended for all clients whether poor or wealthy. To ensure the success of the company, the target markets must be identified and written down (Mattel, 2016). This calls for more focus on the social events to ensure that enough money is raised to support the poor and provide jobs as with the set mission.

To cover the events occurring at given places and given times, every stakeholder is needed to be aware and keep track of the events occurring in Philadelphia before they occur so that the potential clients are easily approached. Advertising and marketing will be conducted through the media by the youths employed in the company so as to attract more clients holding different events (Hill, 2003). The social media will make it easier to reach all people who plan to conduct different events (Weinberg, 2008).

Sales and Marketing ways

The main plan is to ensure that the company has a share in the existing market. This will be achieved through a sale team mainly comprising of youths as they are more open minded and can design best ways of marketing the company services.

Apart from social media, direct marketing of the services will also be done which will help in real interaction with the client which helps know the customer’s preferences and the dislikes hence focusing more on the customer satisfaction.Being a non-profit organisation, referrals will help in which all the company associated members will contribute to spread information and good work about the enterprise. This way, they will help to refer their friends and extended families to the company.

Stakeholders Analysis

The company will recognise different stakeholders who will be involved in its activities and the role each of them will play. Such information will be used to address the demands and interests of each of the stakeholders. The following will be the stakeholder in the organisation:


This type of interested parties will have a common goal which is the career. They are the most significant type of stakeholders since they will be ensuring that there will always be a service in the market. They will also affect the organisational performance through production and marketing of a high-quality service.


These kind os shareholders include the employees, the manager and the directors that own some part of the company. They will make sure that the business is running smoothly from day to day. The customers will contribute to ensuring that the company generates profits through increased consumption

External stakeholders

This kind of interested parties will include people such as the client, the community, the suppliers and the government. They will ensure that the financial performance of the company is high. They will all affect the organisation fulfilment in a different way (Weinberg, 2008).

Equipment and facilities are needed.

There are different types of equipment and facilities required for Catering Capers to start functioning. Some of the equipment that may be necessary include a fridge, a microwave oven, various kinds of utensils, cooker, etc. that will ensure that the day to day operation of the company is successful. Significantly, various types of facilities are required including a functional kitchen, food processing area, an eating area, a selling area, etc. so as the company can start off (Serrador & Pinto, 2015).

Anticipated benefits of the proposed work.

The Catering Capers is expected to be beneficial by providing lowest rates and-and different types of foods including traditional food at an affordable price to all parties whether rich or poor. Significantly, social services will also be available and help graduates who are not employed to secure one (Byron, Kim, & Yoo, 2013.

Anticipated environmental impacts of the proposed work.

Just like any other company, there will be different environmental impacts expected to arise due to this company. Most of the impacts will be as a result of robust and liquid waste generated by the business. Unplanned disposal of the wastes can cause different environmental pollution such as air and water pollution compromising the hygiene of the company (Byoun, Kim, & Yoo, 2013. This problem can be overcome by implementing proper ways to manage the company wastes such as recycling means and appropriate disposal options.

Factors that may affect the Success of the Organization

Different factors have been identified ti impact differently on the completion and functioning of the organisation. These factors are as below:

Resources: different resources are including capital, and other items are required for the implementation and operation of the company. This resources will ensure that the firm’s day to day activities are a success. Therefore, the people in charge of the resources have to ensure proper allocation of them to each activity ensuring that no activity has less or more than it requires (Vivaldo, 2014).

Schedule: this helps the stakeholders know the activities to be carried out during a given period to ensure that the company’s operations are a success. All plans of the company should be scheduled before they are performed (Byoun, Kim, & Yoo, 2013). This way, time wastage will be avoided and each activity carried out will have just enough time for its completion and no unnecessary extras. This will also ensure that proper time is allocated to serve the customer more efficiently and satisfactorily. A work schedule can be represented as follows;

  • Schedule during implementation.
  • Schedule during


Earliest start time

Latest start time

Earliest finish time

Latest finish time

  • Identification of a good company site.
  • Building of facilities:
  • Purchasing of utensils
  • Purchasing of furniture
  • Purchasing of diff. laundry(soap)
  • Kitchen
  • Eating area
  • Washrooms
  • Processing unit
  • Selling point

Scope: the scope will help give boundaries to the activities that the company will be involved in. This can also help the stakeholders to know when an extra service needs to be incorporated into the already existing ones. The scope also helps in allocation of work to employees based on the available amount of time. The organisation hence has to plan very well to capture and define the works it needs to complete in a set time.

Budget: This is a critical factor because, without it, the organisation will fall short in offering its services. Having a budget will enable the organisation to allocate just enough funds to each activity it is involved in. It will also prevent spending money on unnecessary of extra services that are not budgeted for . One can easily implement a budget as follows:



Unit cost

Quantity needed

Total cost

  • Building materials
  • Utensils
  • Laundry
  • Furniture
  • Starting food materials

Customers: without customers, there will be no company. Customers are the immediate consumers of the products resulting from the enterprise therefore before a company starts its operation, potential clients should be identified (Serrador & Pinto, 2015). This will ensure a good market for the company products.

Communications: proper communication channels are required among all stakeholders. They should choose one common way that will be used to pass information from one person to another. This will ensure reduced conflicts among them. It is through communication that the services can also be rendered. Communication employed for the company should have one common language that would be used by all stakeholders and should be easy to understand for the customers.

Training: training should be provided especially to new employees to ensure that they acquire the general knowledge and skills as required by the organisation. That way, they can be effective and efficient in their work and work to their best abilities to offer the best to the organisation.


Survival of human beings entirely depends on the foods one consumes on a daily basis. At the same time, food brings a family together with others as they sit down around a table to share some dinner or lunch or a drink. Therefore, the company’s services will afford different people the luxury of meeting and share ideas among themselves. The Catering Capers will, therefore, be much delighted to ensure that its customers are served to their satisfaction.


Firm/Organisational profile and strategic evaluation, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Firm/Organisational profile and strategic evaluation – 30%

my organisation is MBPS in oman its an oil company .

In this assignment, you are required to give an overview of your host organisation and then carry out a strategic analysis of the organisation using at least two strategic evaluation tools (PEST(EL), Porter’s five forces, SWOT, Four Corners, Value Chain analysis , etc).

Your report should not be more than 2500 words long and should have the following sections: a short executive summary (about 250 words; 5% of marks), introduction (5%), overview of the organisation (15%), evaluation using Tool 1 (20%), evaluation using Tool 2 (20%), recommendations to the organisation (30%), and conclusions (5%).

The organisation’s overview should include a brief history of the business, type of ownership, the sector it operates in, size (number of employees), who/where its customers are, organisational structure, etc. In the strategic evaluation sections, you should give a brief description of and rationale for the tools chosen before carrying out the evaluation. Recommendations should include actions that you would propose the organisation undertakes in the short, medium and long term in light of your evaluation.

To assess your assignment, the following criteria will be used:

·Informativeness and succinctness of your executive summary

·Justification of the strategic analysis tools selected

·Depth and insightfulness of the evaluation

·Usage of appropriate academic and other references

·Specificity and relevance of illustrative examples

·Cogency and implementability of the recommendations


Withholding Information Case, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please have access to the material and use in-text citation. Check grammar. I am not yelling this is how it look after I copy and paste.

Read the Withholding Information Case on pages 193-194 and address the following:

  1. Identify ethical systems that may guide the parties to a negotiation.
  2. Determine the substantive fairness of the negotiation.
  3. Ensure the procedural fairness of the negotiation.
  4. Distinguish between concealment behaviors in negotiations that are ethical and those that are unethical among the parties in the negotiation.
  5. Describe how the parties can learn to create trust in a one-shot negotiation and in a long-term negotiation relationship.

five double-spaced pages in length and uSE TWO MORE SCHORALY SOURCES


  • Read the following chapters in your text, Negotiating Essentials:
    • Chapter 8: Ethics, Fairness, and Trust in Negotiating
    • Chapter 9: The Influence of Culture and Gender on Negotiating



Organizational Strategy, health and medical assignment help Health Medical Assignment Help

A county health department wants to increase the number of Medicaid beneficiaries that participate in prenatal care. It knows that only 40 percent of the expectant mothers eligible for prenatal care fully use the benefit. Many of these target customers make only one or two prenatal visits and then drop out of the program. Most of these women visit the emergency room if they have problems during pregnancy, and also come to the emergency room when they are in labor.

In 3-4 -pages: Include References

  1. Define at least four questions you would need to ask in order to write a SWOT analysis.
  2. Write vision and mission statements for the county health department that provides services to pregnant women.
  3. Write at least four objectives for the department. In your objectives, try to address the problem presented in the scenario.


The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

The Mill On the Floss discussion, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

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