the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help

the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help. the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help.

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read 9 -16 answer the questions

When you have finished reading books 9-16, complete the worksheet questions. You are encouraged to look back to the text to help you compose your answers.

Book 9

Book 10

Book 11

Book 12

Book 13

Book 14

Book 15

Book 16


1. Where do Odysseus and his men go first after they leave Troy?

2. Who are the Cicones? What danger do they pose to Odysseus and his men?

3. Who are the lotus eaters? What danger do they pose to Odysseus and his men?

4. How does Polyphemus prevent Odysseus and his men from leaving his cave?

5. Are the Cyclopes in any way civilized? Be sure to explain/defend your position

6. What mistake does Odysseus make as he sails away?


7. After the attack from the Laestrygonians, how many of Odysseus’s ships are left?

8. What sort of character is Circe? What craft does she practice that Penelope also practices?

9. Why (not how) aside from her magic is Circe able to turn Odysseus’s men into swine? How do they offend her?

10. What does Hermes give to Odysseus? Why?

11. What makes Odysseus give into Circe’s enticements? Is this typical of him?

12. How long does Odysseus stay in Circe’s palace? Why does he want to leave?

13. Where must Odysseus go to learn his way home?


14. Who is Elpenor and what favor does he ask of Odysseus?

15. What ritual does Odysseus perform in order to meet those in the Underworld?

16. What does Tiresias do in order to speak to Odysseus, and what does Odysseus learn about his journey from Tiresias?

17. What does Odysseus learn from Anticleia? What does he try to do after she speaks to him and why does he fail?

18. What is the Greek underworld (Hades) like?


19. Why has Odysseus returned to Aeaea?

20. How does Circe help him?

21. What does the episode of the Sirens tell us about Odysseus’s character? (Think about what he does here.)

22. What does this episode tell us about Homer’s understanding of the power of music?

23. What is the advice that Circe gives Odysseus about Scylla and Charybdis? Does he take it? What does this tell us about leadership?

24. Why are the cattle of Helios’s island so tempting?

25. What warning does Odysseus give his men and how do they behave? Why?

26. This is not the first time Odysseus’s orders are defied. Does this absolve him of responsibility?


27. How do Poseidon and Zeus interact in this book? What is the balance of power between them? How does Zeus assert his authority? Poseidon his displeasure?

28. How does Odysseus first feel as he lands on Ithaca?

29. How much does he tell the “shepherd” he meets about his true identity and intentions?

30. Does he change when he realizes it is Athena? Hos does she react to his caution

31. How do Odysseus’s actions now compare with his actions in the previous stories? Does the fact that he has no crew now affect the way he acts?

32. Where is Athena going at the end of the book? How deos she help him at this point?


33. How is the swineherd, Eumaeus, connected to Odysseus?

34. What is the prediction about Odysseus that the stranger swears “on my oath” to Eumaeus? How does Eumaeus react to this information?

35. Odysseus tells the swineherd he is from what kind of background? Suffered what kind of hardships?

36. How does Eumaeus react to Odysseus’s story? How does he treat Odysseus?


37. Why is Telemachus awake when Athena comes upon him?

38. How does the beginning of this book compare with the end of Book 14?

39. How does Telemachus’s departure from Sparta parallel Odysseus’s departure from Phaecia?

40. What is the portent that precedes Telemachus’s departure? Who is unsure of how to interpret it? Who know how to interpret it and what does it mean?

41. Why does Telemachus not want to revisit Nestor? 41. How does Pisistratus react to this?

42. Who is Theoclymenus? What portent does he interpret and what is the meaning?

43. How does Odysseus test Eumaeus?

44. How does Telemachus distinguish Eurymachus among the suitors?


45. How does Eumaeus greet Telemachus? What errand is Eumaeus sent on?

46. Why does Odysseus reveal his identity to Telemachus? How does he look when he reveals himself to his son?

47. How does Telemachus react when Odysseus identifies himself?

the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

I need help finishing this assignment. Can anyone help. Writing Assignment Help

Assignment Constructing Meaning through Critical Literacy


Select a grade level and research critical literacy instructional strategies (looking at both reading and writing).Chose a text from Appendix B of the Common Core standards.From your selections and research, create a chart that includes 10 strategies that you can use to help your student construct meaning through critical literacy using the text to illustrate the strategy.

Describe an activity to be used with each strategy on your chart.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Apply Rubrics

Constructing Meaning through Critical Literacy


Less than Satisfactory




75.0 %Content

45.0 % Content

Strategy list is incomplete and omits most of the requirements stated in the assignment’s criteria.

Strategy list is incomplete and omits some of the requirements stated in the assignment?s criteria, inconsistent treatment of implementation, rationale, and assessment of strategies.

Strategy list is adequate and meets most of the requirements stated in the assignment?s criteria, adequate treatment of implementation, rationale, and assessment of strategies.

Strategy list is comprehensive and accurate; definitions are clearly stated; well-detailed and coherent treatment of implementation, rationale, and assessment of strategies.

Strategy list is comprehensive and accurate; definitions are clearly stated; well-detailed, coherent and persuasive treatment of implementation, rationale, and assessment of strategies.

30.0 % Activities

Activity list is incomplete and omits most of the requirements stated in the assignment?s criteria.

Activity list is incomplete and omits some of the requirements stated in the assignment?s criteria.

Activity list is adequate and meets most of the requirements stated in the assignment’s criteria.

Activity list is comprehensive and accurate.

Activity list is comprehensive and accurate; descriptions of activities are clearly stated and well detailed.

20.0 %Organization

10.0 % Presentation

The piece is not neat or organized, and it does not include all required elements.

The work is not neat and includes minor flaws or omissions of required elements.

The overall appearance is general, and major elements are missing.

The presentation is good. The overall appearance is generally neat, with a few minor flaws or missing elements.

The work is well presented and includes all required elements. The overall appearance is neat and professional.

10.0 % Appropriateness

There is no evidence that the student has selected an effective tool, technique, or paradigm to achieve the goal as defined in the assignment criteria.

Student selection of a tool, technique, or paradigm does not relate to the assignment criteria. Student selects strategies that are not appropriate for the audience and the situation and are inadequately developed.

Student selected a tool, technique, or paradigm that achieves a basic representation as defined in the assignment criteria. Student selected strategies that are appropriate for the audience and the situation.

Student selected an effective tool, technique, or paradigm to achieve the desired goal as defined in the assignment criteria. Student selects strategies that are appropriate for the audience and the situation.

Student shows a deep understanding of the audience and the situation by selecting strategies that enhances understanding. Student created tools, techniques, or paradigms that effectively achieve the desired goal.

5.0 %Format

5.0 % Mechanics of Writing (includes spelling, punctuation, grammar, and language use)

Surface errors are pervasive enough that they impede communication of meaning. Inappropriate word choice and/or sentence construction are employed.

Frequent and repetitive mechanical errors distract the reader. Inconsistencies in language choice (register) and/or word choice are present.

Some mechanical errors or typos are present, but are not overly distracting to the reader. Audience-appropriate language is employed.

Prose is largely free of mechanical errors, although a few may be present. The writer uses a variety of sentence structures and effective figures of speech.

The writer is clearly in command of standard, written academic English.

100 % Total Weightage


Re:critical meaning assignment

Here is a very thorough example, this should help.


Description of Strategy

Rationale for Strategy’s Use

Activity With Strategy

Assessment of Strategy


In this strategy, students create four bookmarks out of a sheet of paper. As they read, they use each bookmark to write a different aspect of the story. This includes, something interesting, something confusing, a word they would like to discuss, and an illustration that helped them while they read. These bookmarks are then used for discussion. (Molden, 2007)

This is a good strategy because it builds opportunities for the students to stop and analyze what they are reading. When they evaluate the text for interesting parts, confusing parts, or words that are not understood then they can use this as a discussion starter. This can help them to make decisions about the literature and how it applies to social, racial, ethical, or other aspects of their world. (Molden, 2007)

In the classroom, this strategy would be implemented with literacy circles. The teacher would start with a quick recap of the chapter before, and then tell the students they will be doing bookmarking in their circles. Students would be familiar with this activity as it has been done before. Students would be split into groups of four. The teacher would inform them that they would be working on chapter 2 of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, called “The Glorious Washer.” She will instruct them that each student would oversee a different bookmark which would change daily until all students completed each bookmark. They would read the text aloud together and each person would do their part as described. One student would write down something that is interesting, one student would write down something that was confusing, one would put down words that they found interesting, and the last would make an illustration of the text. The students would then discuss the things their groupmates wrote down. Students would have a journal that they would write down points of their discussion in. For example, the one student may write, it is interesting that Tom made the job seem very interesting even though he hated it himself. The students could then discuss this together. They may make connections to a time when they have done this or explore if they think this is a good way to handle it. They would make bullet points of their discussion of this one bookmark. After about fifteen minutes of this activity, the teacher would call everyone back together for a big group discussion. Each group would share their discussions, and the class would further discuss it. The teacher would add more to the topics if there was not enough though provoking answers. For example, the teacher could add to the previous example and say is there ever a time where you may have been tricked into something through a commercial or another form of media and it was not what you thought. This would get the students thinking about how the media portrays bias in consumer products and make them think more critically into what they view and read. The teacher would use the text to help students see the how wording can be tricky and they need to be careful. Students would examine the text to find ways in which the author shows this.

This strategy is one that can be used in many different capacities. It can be used individually, in partners, or small groups. It also can be differentiated to accommodate all learners. Students can either sketch the answers on their bookmarks or write them. Questions can also be posed to help the students investigate into the story to put the information on the bookmarks. This strategy could be hard to do if not modeled for the students first. Therefore, this would need to be modeled and done together before students could effectively recreate it on their own.


I need help on my assignment Business Finance Assignment Help

There are 3 items we going to present it

1-Cost Accounting

2-Financial Accountants

3-Managerial Accountants

Each of these 3 items has 5 things to talk about which is 1- Role 2- Data 3- Information Disseminated 4- Information Systems 5- Emerging Technology.

My part is Cost Accounting ( Information Systems ), See Course Syllabus and read it carefully, so please I need you to write 4-5 slides and summarize it in one page to present it on front of the prof

if you have any question ask



The assignment is to write a research proposal , the topic has to be “JUVENILES AND THE REENTRY SYSTEM” Writing Assignment Help

The assignment is to write a research proposal (between 4 and 5 pages).




The proposal will be divided into several main parts: (1) Title and Abstract – a half page (2) Introduction to the selected topic and the purpose statement – a half – 1 page; (2) Literature review – 1 – 1.5 pages (3) Research design and methodology, including research questions; worldview, research design (with a justification of the methodology) – 2 – 2.5 pages (4) Ethical considerations – up to a half page. The number of pages is approximate.

  1. Title and Abstract – you can find information in Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41 and page 108
  2. Introduction – Chapter 5, pages 107 – 119
  3. Purpose statement – Chapter 6, pages 123 – 136
  4. Literature Review – Chapter 2, pages 25 – 41. Include between 2 – 4 articles from scholarly journals ONLY. See the chapter for instructions how to conduct an online library search
  5. Research design and methodology, Chapters 7, 8. 9 and 10. The worldview – Chapter 1, pages 5 -17. You need to include: research question/hypothesis, worldview, research design (qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods), research instrument (e.g. survey, experiment), all information about sample, how and what type of the data you would collect (variables in a quantitative study).
  6. Ethical considerations – Chapter 4, Pages 92 – 100
  7. Bibliography – between 2 and 4 articles, APA style.

The paper needs to follow APA style (the library has a number of APA style manuals).


Intro to Data Analytics/Business Data Mining Computer Science Assignment Help

This is an extra credit homework on text mining. It is an optional homework. You will mine text consisting of reviews for a particular product or service. Refer to Chapter 12 of Data Mining for the Masses for help on how to perform text mining using RapidMiner. Perform the following tasks:

  • Install the Text Processing 7.5.0 extension in RapidMiner. To do this, open RapidMiner, click on Extensions in the menu bar, then Marketplace (Updates and Extensions). Search for the Text Processing extension and install it.
  • Using your favorite search engine, locate a website or forum on the Internet where people have posted reviews for a particular product or service.
  • Copy and paste at least ten of these posts or comments into a text editor, saving each one as its own text document with a unique name.
  • Open a new, blank process in RapidMiner, and using the Read Documents operator, open each of your ten (or more) text documents containing the customer reviews you found.
  • Process these documents in RapidMiner. Be sure you tokenize and use other handlers in your sub-process as you deem appropriate/necessary. Experiment with n-grams and stems.
  • Use a k-means cluster to group your documents into two, three, or more clusters. Output your word list as well. Take three screenshots: (1) final process stream, (2) clustering results, and (3) resulting word list of tokens and frequencies.
  • In your interpretation of results, answer the following:
    • Based on your word list, what seems to be the most common terms in your documents? Why do you think that is?
    • Based on your word list, are there some terms or phrases that show up in all or most of your documents? Why do you think these are so common?
    • Based on your clusters, what groups did you get? What are the common themes in each of your clusters?
    • How might the company who sold this product or service use your model to their advantage?

Submission Instructions:

Please type up your homework using the homework template. You should include at least three screenshots: (1) final process stream, (2) clustering results, and (3) resulting word list. Remember to answer all questions in your interpretation of results.



info system analysis and communication Business Finance Assignment Help

discussion board

  • S5DB1 – Briefly describe the next steps in your MAP process and list a few milestone goals for phase development leading up to and upon reaching the MAP Project Management. Consider including a Project Schedule or Gantt chart using software (e.g. MSProject,
    • Implementation
    • Operation/Support


  • S5A1 – Reflect on the importance and steps you will take to maintain Confidentiality, Integrity, and the Availability aspects of your MAP project.

Watch short video


no plagiarsim

reference should be must

Totally you have to do one discussion board and one assignment.

info system analysis and communication Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Op-Ed Assignment Economics Assignment Help


Produce an Op-ed on an issue/topic from a list that will be provided by your instructor or on an issue/topic of your own choosing that has been previously approved by your instructor using the structure outlined above using the headings: Lead; Evidence; Conclusion; and Walk-off.

You must use 12 point-font and your paper must be double-spaced. Document your sources (the experts you are quoting and the facts/statistics you are using) using APA Style in-text citations and provide a separate “References” page to list those sources. The majority of your paper should be your opinion in your own words. Though research is needed to write a good Op-Ed, this is not a long-form research paper.

An important goal of this assignment is to demonstrate that you can apply “the economic way of thinking.” If you are choosing an issue/topic rather than choosing one from the provided list, be sure that it has a clear economic dimension that you can address.

Be sure to review the grading rubric for this assignment.


Soap Note about female infertility Health Medical Assignment Help

A) Please fallow instruction. I need you to make up a soap note for a female patient with diagnoses of Chlamydia. Please fill out the template. I include the soap note template you must plug the information, the rubric to follow in separate attachments. I need you to provide the following: APA format with references at least no older than 5 years.

  • 1)The Diagnosis ICD 10 code
  • 2) 3 differential diagnoses with ICD 10 code.
  • 3)Vital sign, BMI
  • 4)Complete Chief patient compliant
  • 5)Subjective Information
  • 6)PMH, PSH, FH, ROS completed. Provide complete and concise summary of pertinent information.
  • 7)Complete Objective Information
  • 8)Lab Tests
  • 9)Allergies
  • 10)Complete physical exam with critical elements related to subjective data.
  • 11)Perform Assessment
  • 12)Minimum of 3 differentials supported by S + O data. Final diagnosis noted and optimal and thorough subjective and objective assessment is presented for final diagnosis.
  • 13)Create a Plan
  • 14)Plan includes pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic treatments as well as education provided. The plan is supported by evidence/guidelines, and the follow-up plans are noted.
  • 15)Self-Assessment & Clinical Guidelines
  • 16)Analyze quality and relevance of S + O data and the evidence for diagnosis. Use of clinical evidence based reasoning and literature in designing plan of care, compare to plan of care.

B) Discuss of Chlamydia


what changes would you recommend for the Brock’s life insurance coverage? Economics Assignment Help

With three dependent children, the Brocks are assessing their life insurance. Pam has $5,000 of coverage. Josh has life insurance coverage equal to approximately eight times his annual salary.

With approximately 20 years to retirement, Pam and Josh Brock want to establish a more aggressive investment program to accumulate funds for their long-term financial needs. Josh does have a retirement program at work. This money, about $110,000, is invested in various conservative mutual funds.

In addition, the Brocks established their own investment program about four years ago, and today they have about $36,000 invested in conservative stocks and mutual funds. In addition to their investment program, the Brocks have accumulated $11,000 to help pay for the children’s college educations. Also, they have $5,000 tucked away in a savings account that serves as the family’s emergency fund. Finally, both will qualify for Social Security when they reach retirement age.

Life Situation

Financial Data

Pam, 43
Josh, 45
3 Children, ages 16, 14 and 11
Monthly income $4,900
Living expenses $4,450
Assets $262,700
Liabilities $84,600
Emergency Fund $5,000


1000 words book reflection paper Writing Assignment Help

Please read the book Senselessness by Horacio Castellanos Moyato to write the paper. The pdf file of the book is attached. It is a very short novel. Please do not plagiarize from any article online. Use your own words to analyze the book. I have a software to check on the plagiarism. Please beware of the citation. If you want to use outside source is fine, please list out the citation that you consult at the end, I however prefer your own words. Please the professor you already read and understand the book. Great work earns extra tips.

The topics of the paper:

The topic of the essay (1,000-1,100 words) is about the power of words and how they affect us.

What is the power that words have? Why was the protagonist of Senselessness affected by what he read and, what consequences did it have on his personality? Do words in our society affect us? Do they affect us the same way as the protagonist is affected, or in other ways and for what reasons?


the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help

the odyssey questions Humanities Assignment Help

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