theoretical framework on research paper

theoretical framework on research paper. theoretical framework on research paper.

I don’t know how to handle this Political Science question and need guidance.

Attached is Chapters 1 & 2 of my research topic which is The racist strategies of donald trump to solidfy his base/ or political gains. READ MY PREVIOUS PAPERS AND MAKE IT FLOW.

Chapter 3: Theoretical Framework

Your theoretical framework should logically flow out of your review of the literature. What theoretical framework will guide your thesis research? Why have you selected it? (Is it the one that seems to be the least biased? Is it the one you agree with?). What are the specific parts of this theoretical framework that you will be applying? What are the basic assumptions and concepts you will be using? What specific questions are you asking or hypotheses are you testing? You need to explain what this framework is all about; that you are familiar with those who have written about it and what they have to say; and its significance for your paper. You cannot apply any “old” framework. The one you choose must be appropriate for your study.

one of the theories i have chose for u to use is the power theory and use what machiaveli said about power ( can be found on google) CREDIBLE SOURCES ONLY. continue to use sources that i have used in the attached papers. APA FORMAT u can use up to 3 theories i will send some examples of other theories that can be used.

theoretical framework on research paper

theoretical framework on research paper

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