Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help

Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help. Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help.

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Part 1

3-4 Paragraphs

Some professionals believe addictions are hereditary, others claim that addictions are learned behaviors, and some believe people outgrow their addictions as they mature. Still others claim that addictions are a disease and cannot be cured, only managed. What do you believe with regard to theories of addiction? Explain why you feel that way. In explaining your rationale, identify one current issue related to addictions that supports your stance on addiction.

Part 2

400-600 words

At the community mental health center you are assigned to counsel an adult client who has Bipolar Disorder. He is a 48-year-old who also has addiction issues. He is starting to decompensate and beginning to go into a manic phase of his illness. He sleeps less than 2-3 hours per night, engages in risky sexual behaviors, and decreased self-care. He states that he is starting to have auditory hallucinations consistent with Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features. He also reports that he has started using drugs again to calm himself down because he couldn’t afford the psychotropic medication due to losing his job and insurance 3 months ago. He further tells you that years ago he managed his symptoms the best when he was in group therapy but could not remember the type of group he was in.

After referring this client to the psychiatrist for an urgent medication evaluation due to decompensation, bring this case to the next staff meeting to discuss with the team, explaining your initial counseling plan, initial concerns, and back up plans for this patient. Include a 1-3 sentence response to all of the following:

  • 1-2 initial concerns for this patient
  • 1 initial goal and objective to plan for this patient
  • 1 goal and objective as a back-up plan for this patient
  • Include 1-3 sentence responses to all of the following:

Which 1 of the following group therapies would you start with to assist this client most effectively?

  • Dual Diagnosis Group
  • Psycho-educational Groups
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
    • Give 1-2 reasons why you would utilize your chosen group.
    • Provide a description of at least 2 benefits and 1 drawback that therapy provides

Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Can you help with my paper Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 2.2: Liberty Challenged in Nineteenth Century America Final Paper
Due Week 10 and worth 140 points

You have already developed a thesis statement and an outline in which
you explored the peculiar institution known as slavery. Now you will
develop the final paper in which you explore your main points in detail.

  1. Introduce your paper with your previously crafted thesis statement.
  2. Describe two (2) outcomes of the 3/5ths Compromise, Missouri
    Compromise of 1820, Compromise of 1850, Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the
    Dred Scott Decision. Note: Be sure to provide two (2) outcomes for each legislation.
  3. Suggest three (3) reasons why slavery was, and is, incompatible with our political and economic system.
  4. List three to five (3-5) driving forces that led to the Civil War.
  5. Use at least three (3) academic references besides or in addition to the textbook. Note: Wikipedia and other similar websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards
    (SWS). The format is different than other Strayer University courses.
    Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Recognize the main factors that led to America’s early development.
  • Identify and discuss the different ways that the heritages of
    slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction have shaped America’s
  • Summarize and discuss the ways that formal policies of government
    have influenced the direction of historical and social development in
    the United States.
  • Examine how changes in social and economic conditions and technology
    can cause corresponding changes in the attitudes of the people and
    policies of the government.
  • Specify ways that women and minorities have responded to challenges and made contributions to American culture.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in American History to 1865.
  • Write clearly and concisely about American History to 1865 using proper writing mechanics.


Reflect on what kind of impact on fraud Sarbanes Oxley and Dodd-Frank had? Writing Assignment Help

Prompt: Reflect on the impact of fraud, specifically the regulatory acts, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, which have been put into place due to the many fraud cases in the early 2000s.

In addition, use your knowledge of how the above regulations impacted the field and discuss how the outcome of the Crisis at the Mill: Weaving an Indian Turnaround case study has affected the field of accounting and auditing in the future. The following items affect both the understanding of and reasons for fraud and will help guide you as you complete your project.…

I. Impact of Fraud: Explain the impact of fraud on society.

II. Regulatory Acts

A. Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002: Explain the act and what caused this act to be passed by the U.S. legislature.

B. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010: Explain the act and what caused this act to be passed by the U.S.

III. Impact on Accounting and Auditing: Examine the impacts of the outcome in the Crisis at the Mill: Weaving an Indian Turnaround case study on the field
of accounting and auditing.


Variables, Reliability and Validity Writing Assignment Help

Variables, Reliability & Validity

Please answer each question thoroughly (generally, 2-3 sentences each). Feel free to use your book and notes here. Be evaluative and critical.
Not all theories are equally convincing, nor are all studies
methodologically sound. Tell when you think specific theories or studies
have problems. Don’t be uncritically accepting of what you read.


Here’s a story you can read about in the popular press:
80 Percent of College Students Text While Driving ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)

  1. What kind of claim is this—frequency, association, or cause?
  2. What is/are the variable(s) in the claim?
  3. What seems to be the operationalization of the “texting while driving” variable?
  4. What forms of reliability might be relevant for this operationalization? How would you establish each form of reliability?
  5. Is this operationalization valid? How might you establish the
    predictive or concurrent validity of their texting-while-driving
    operationalization? What kind of data would you need to collect and how
    would you do that? Sketch a well-labeled graph that shows an expected
    empirical outcome, if the study has good concurrent validity.

Please include a reference page in APA format

Submission: Your paper will be submitted via
the Assignment feature in Webcourses. When you submit your assignment it
will immediately be run through, an automated system that
instructors can use to quickly and easily compare each student’s
assignment with billions of web sites, as well as an enormous database
of student papers that grows with each submission. Turnitin will send me
a report that states if and how another author’s work was used in the
assignment. That is, it checks for plagiarism. As stated in the Course and University Policies, plagiarism is a violation of the Golden Rule and is therefore completely unacceptable. Thus any plagiarized work will result in a 0 for that Assignment. This assignment will not be dropped from the calculation of your overall course grade.

For a more detailed look at the Turnitin process please visit Links to an external site.

Help for writing:

  • Paper should be original work that has been both grammar and spell
    checked. You can answer the question directly (meaning include question
    or just have the number) and responses should be about 6-8 sentences
    each. Work should be double-spaced and should have plenty of citations
    in APA format! It should also have a reference page attached.
  • All submissions will be run through Turnitin so please do not
    plagiarize at it is a violation of the university honor code. If you are
    confused about plagiarism, please see files under module “ancillaries”
    for assistance

If you need more help on how to summarize an article:

Best APA site out there: Links to an external site.

Andrews University: Guidelines for Writing an Article Summary Links to an external site.

UConn: How to Summarize a Research ArticleLinks to an external site.


Any direct quotation MUST be placed within quotes and
cited. Citing alone does not make it not plagiarized! As I am not
allowing ANY quotation this should not even be an issue!

Citing merely tells the reader where the information is coming
from – using direct quotations “” tells the reader it is a direct quote
from someone else. Why is this important? Well
chiefly, it’s not your words or work. Secondly, if you have the reader
feels the information is wrong they can seek out the original source to
verify that information a) wasn’t taken out of context or b) is indeed

Remember, you are typically better off loosing points for having nothing in your own words than plagiarizing someone else.

Course policy is that any plagiarism results in an automatic 0 on the assignment.

University policy is that this is a violation of the university honor code and as such must be reported!!!

So please do NOT plagiarize!


Economic Analysis of Supply and Market Structure of Healthcare Industry Economics Assignment Help


just started working as a Health Service Manager for a health care
company within an industry below. First choose an industry below to
discuss the questions that follow:

  1. Pharmaceutical (generic drugs)
  2. Pharmaceutical (patented drug)
  3. For-profit health insurers
  4. Not-for profit health insurers
  5. Any physician specialty (e.g. cardiology, ophthalmology, etc.)
  6. Hospital (national Network)
  7. Small rural hospital

Your boss has asked you to write a memo detailing the factors impacting the supply of your product or services and how the market structure of your impacts the quantity supplied and the pricing of your product or service.

Answer the first four questions (and Q6) below relying primarily
on the course readings and other resource material presented in this
class. You can use external UMUC library resources to research Q5 below
in order to research government regulations impacting your industry.
Cite and refer all resources used whether internal or external.

  1. Describe the product or service you supply to your patients.
  2. Identify the market structure of your industry and the analyze the key characteristics of your industry that lead to your identification of this market structure.
  3. Given this market structure, evaluate how prices charged for your services/products are determined.
  4. Evaluate how does the existence of private and public insurance influence the revenues you receive for this service/product.
  5. Given the government regulations impacting the health industry that have been discussed in this class, identify and discuss a government regulation that has been implemented in this industry.
  6. Identify a market failure(s) discussed in class that the government regulation attempted to address.

In writing your report be sure to include your name and in the
subject line identify the health care entity you chose above. In order
for your boss to easily review your report, please include section
headers to correspond to the questions below.

1)The first text for this course is written by Mayer, “Everything Economics”.

Access the text via the following link (copy and paste into browser)

The second textbook is: Economic Theory Through Application

And can be found at:

1) Mayer Chapter 9: Government in the Marketplace

2) Regulation of Healthcare Markets:

3) Economic Theory Through Application- 16.3 Government Policy (as it relates to healthcare) p. 730 to 740

4) Legislating Low Prices: Cutting Costs or Care?

5) “Licensing Doctors: Do Economists Agree?” download at:

6) “How Government Regulation Made Healthcare So Expensive,”



Discuss Health law by Responding to the Following Questions Other Assignment Help

Your answer to each question should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs. Please note: While some questions may seem like they have a quick and short answer, I would encourage you to develop your answer, ensure your answer is complete and that you have answered all parts of the question.

Your responses MUST be in your own words and you therefore do not need to cite to any resources in your answers. However, if you directly quote a source for any reason – you MUST provide a citation

 1. Fully describe what the “Common Law” is

What is ERISA and how does it affect health insurance

3 Explain the “Duty of Loyalty” in the context of a corporation’s board of directors

4. Fully explain the elements required to prove a claim of “Negligence

Discuss Health law by Responding to the Following Questions Other Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Discuss the Input Controls (System Analysis Development) Programming Assignment Help

write a 4-5 pages

1. Explain the functions of input controls

2.  Identify (4) types of input control and explain the function of each.

3.  Provide an example of a data integrity error that could occur if each of these types of input control were not in place

4.  Explain the advantage and disadvantage of restricting user interfaces

5.  Design and build a graphical  representation of a Web-based input for making a hotel reservation, using Visio or PowerPoint or an equivalent.

6.  Research and cite at least three (3) reputable academic sources. 

Note: paper should be types, double-spaced using a Times New Roman font(12)

Include charts or diagrams created in Excel, Visio, MS Project, all of the charts must be imported into word documents.

I will do the cover sheet myself.


Discuss How Leaders Will Change the Early Childhood Education in the Future Other Assignment Help

Consider how leadership in early childhood care and education will
change in the future.  Thinking in terms of five to ten years from now,
what changes do you expect will take place and what will the greatest
challenges be?  In particular, how do you think the demographic shift to
a nation that is increasingly diverse will impact changes in our
field?  How will technology evolve?  How will families have evolved?
What, if anything, will be “timeless” or endure?  What is most likely to
become extinct?  As an educational leader, what is your greatest hope
for this field in the future?


Business and Professional Communication Evaluation Other Assignment Help

Review the readings for the week. Using the information in the text, and your life experiences, answer the discussion question.
Please post a  125-250 word response to the following discussion question by clicking on Reply.


a manager for a large, multinational corporation, you travel around the
world giving presentations and conducting meetings. You always try to
include humor as an icebreaker. What potential barriers could you face
when delivering your presentation in the United States, China, the
United Kingdom, and India? Are you able to give the same presentation in
all four locations? Why or why not?


Select a Religion that You’re Going to Focus on Your Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

*********Let me know what religion you’re most familiar with and I’ll confirm if it is ok for the assignment*******

Week 10 Assignment 2 Submission

Click the link above to submit your assignment.

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the 

Student Center.

Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

Assignment 2: Brochure, Newsletter, or Presentation on a Religion

Due Week 10 and worth 250 points

Select one (1) of the religions we have studied with which you were 

least familiar before you started the course. Create a four to six 

(4-6) page brochure, newsletter, or presentation in which you focus on 

one of the significant ways that the beliefs and practices of the 

religion are demonstrated today: festivals OR meditation OR rites of 


Create a four to six (4-6) page brochure, newsletter, or presentation 

in which you:

1. Provide a brief overview of the religion you selected that includes:

a description of the central beliefs of the religion.

a description of the sacred text(s) of the religion.

the origin of the religion, including key figures associated with the 

religion, if applicable.

2. Choose one (1) of the following examples of how the religious 

beliefs are demonstrated today:

Major festivals (i.e. Easter Procession, Diwali).

Forms of meditation (i.e. prayer, yoga).

Rites of passage (i.e. marriage, funerals).

3. Describe the festival OR meditation OR rites of passage:

Identify the country or countries where practiced.

Identify the participants and their roles.

Explain how the practice is rooted in the beliefs of the religion.

Identify whether any sacred texts are associated with the practice and 

if so, explain how the text is used as part of this practice.

4. Write an “About the Author” section in the brochure, newsletter, or 

presentation that includes:

a brief statement about why you choose this religion and practice for 

your brochure.

a brief statement of an aspect of the practice that is intriguing to 


a brief statement about whether you have had the opportunity to 

personally observe the practice; if not, whether you would like to have 

this opportunity, and explain why or why not.

5. Include five to eight (5-8) relevant images.

6. Format your text and images to make the information engaging, 

attractive, and easy to read.

7. Use at least three (3) quality resources. Note: Wikipedia and 

similar websites do not count as quality resources.

8. Write clearly and coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, 

spelling, and mechanics.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment 


Analyze the similarities and differences in the primary beliefs held by 

major religious traditions and the cultures in which these religions 


Describe the varieties of religious experience and practice in a wide 

range of cultures.

Recognize how daily life within various religions and current affairs 

are influenced by religion.

Develop written pieces that demonstrate an analysis of a topic relevant 

to the course.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in religion.

Write clearly and concisely about world religions using proper writing 


Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / 

organization of the material, and language and writing skills, using 

the following rubric found here.


Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help

Theories of Addiction and Group Counseling Theories Writing Assignment Help

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