Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help

Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help. Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help.

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I need help with an assignment where I have been asked to assist an organization’s marketing department to better understand how consumers make economics decisions that have to include the following:

Write a 1,050-word analysis that includes the following:

  • The impact the theory of consumer choice has on: 
  • Demand curves
  • Higher wages
  • Higher interest rates
  • The role asymmetric information has in many economic transactions
  • The Condorcet Paradox and Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem in the political economy
  • People not being rational in behavior economics

Cite a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources 

Format consistent with APA guidelines, include citations within essay, including web links of where the peer-reviewed sources were cited from.

If possible, I would like to have an answer within one day.

Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

research paper Writing Assignment Help

The research paper must be at least 5full pages long. Doubled space, new Roman and the font size 12. Margins no larger that 1 inch on all four sides.

The following information must be included in your paper. Causes of the disease, history of the disease, signs/symptoms of the disease, transmission, epidemiology (number of cases, types of people that get the disease), treatment, and prevention. The epidemiology section paper must be at least 2 of the 5 full typed pages.

SEVEN sources that were published within the last TEN years. MUST INCLUDE at least FOUR articles. Encyclopedia do NOT count towards your seven sources. You must CITE ALL your sources within the body of this section using SPA format.

Reference page: must include all of the sources of information that you cited within research paper. MUST be alphabetized by author last name. If there no author use the title to


discussion7 Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion 1: Health Care Technology and Social Media Use among Adolescents and Young Adults

For this Discussion you are to do research on an article that was recently published within the last 5 years. The article should be about current trends in use of health technology or social media applications in improving health of the adolescent and young adult. Provide the following:

  1. Indicate the Title and the Author of the Article
  2. Provide a short summary of the article
  3. Provide at least 1-2 lessons learned from the research article

Note: To avoid duplication, please check DB postings on a daily basis. An article can only be used once in the Discussion. You are to respond to at least 2 other original postings.


Douglass Narrative Humanities Assignment Help

please please don’t use google all the answer is on the link and please cite page numbers

After reading chapters 1,2, 7, and 11 of Frederick Douglass’s Narrative, respond to the following in the discussion forum:

1. How did the beating of Douglass’s Aunt Hester affect him? (Chapter 1)

2. Describe how enslaved men and women were fed and clothed on the Lloyd plantation. (Chapter 2)

3. How does Douglass gain literacy? (Chapter 7)

4. How does Douglass escape slavery? (Chapter 11)

You must cite page numbers to receive credit. Do not use the internet to answer any of the questions. You will not receive credit. Your response must be 150 words minimum.


Project Management Business Finance Assignment Help

I need you to address all comments on this paper, saved as Project Management Draft Professor Feedback. I also need you to write at least 3 pages on my topic. You can expand and what is there and add whatever you like. Make sure that any source you use is a scholarly article. The other attachment was the first assignment which was to identify 6 or 7 scholarly articles on my topic (project management) and prepare an annotated bibliography. I’m only attaching this so that you can use these articles to write the additional pages if you want.

So again- address the professors comments (there are only 4) and make adjustments wherever you see fit.

Expand on or write at least 3 pages on project management.

Thank you!



Globalization and Leadership Economics Assignment Help

Base On the PDF files:

My first question is below:

Looking specifically at the Werhane article, do you find merit in the thesis being proposed for a “flat” globalized world? If you regard the thesis as meritorious, explain why and explain what advantages you foresee organizations realizing that might adopt practices rooted in the Werhane thesis.

My second question is below:

The Voegtlin, Patzer and Scherer article proposes a responsible leadership model and lays out several propositions central to the model which they view as central to successful global organizational operations. First, explain what you see as the strengths and weaknesses of their model. Explain any parallels or important distinctions you see between their model the thesis advanced in the Werhane article.

Globalization and Leadership Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Contamination Risk and Prevention Health Medical Assignment Help

Numerous supplies are available for use when compounding a sterile products, and each one has special handling requirements to prevent contamination. Knowing the differences between these supplies and being familiar with their components and with theirs required handling is the only way to ensure contamination has not occurred.

Conduct research on the contamination risks associated with inappropriate use of sterile compounding supplies and not working within the zone of turbulence. What types of contamination can occur? How can contamination be avoided when compounding sterile preparations?

Write a 2-page paper using APA format. Remember to cite your research. You will be scored on your grammar and organization as well, so be sure and spend time revising before submitting.


Federal Bureaucracy Essay Humanities Assignment Help

You will be researching a specific area of the Federal Bureaucracy in order to better understand all of the areas that it encompasses. From the four areas of the bureaucracy that you learned about, choose an agency or organization to research more in-depth and write an essay about. For instance, you would not write about the Cabinet, but might choose to write about the State Department which is within the Cabinet.

In your essay you will include the following:

  • Determine what type of federal organization it is (pg. 314-320)
  • Explain an abbreviated history of your organization
  • Determine who is in charge of your organization, how they get their job, and if there are any important or notable leaders who headed the organization in the past
  • Describe what the organization does
  • Create a slogan that exemplifies how your organization helps our country
  • Create a powerpoint of this slogan

This report will be at least 500 words.

Please write your essay in MLA format, and follow the standard five paragraph model. Your essay should have an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.


Criminal Law Business Finance Assignment Help

.The response should be a minium of 75 words.

1.Should be addressed to Brian Scott King. Confinement for punishment in Europe dates back to the 1600’s and 1700’s. Before this time, confinement was used for other reasons. Confinements were used for things such as; holding a person before their trial, holding them until they were able to pay their fines, to punish the slaves, and to quarantine diseases (Bohm & Haley).

Early punishments were carried out in public, both in Europe and in the United States. This included things like beheadings and hangings. These acts were done in front of the public in order to show them what would happen to them if they were to commit the same crime. The hope was that if you see someone hanged or beheaded, you would think twice about committing the same act. These events were usually scheduled for a time when there would be lots of people in town, and the event was usually held in the middle of the town so that everyone could see what was taking place.

On some occasions, the punishment for the crime that was committed was banishment. This is where the individual is forced to leave the community they are in and to never return. This provided safety for others in the community, knowing that this individual would not be there to commit the same crime again.

The Enlightenment Era changed the way confinement was handled in Europe. This is when people began to think that the acts of confinement were not humanistic. They felt that the punishment was too severe and not fair. Instead they began opening up workhouses where criminals were sent to learn about discipline and to create work habits to keep them out of trouble.

In the United States, confinement was not used for punishment until sometime in the 1800’s. There were local jails but they were being used to hold individuals for fines and hearing dates instead of being used for punishment reasons. After the American Revolution, the U.S. became more of an industrial society than that of an agricultural society it had been in the past. More people were moving into the cities where there were jobs available. Because of the increase in the population, more crimes were being committed.

Philadelphia realized that the system they had in place for criminals was not working very well. They decided that there needed to be some changes made. They began construction on the Eastern State Penitentiary outside Philadelphia in 1822. They opened the penitentiary in 1829 before construction was complete. The penitentiary had a cell block for each individual. They were all fed meals through a hole in their door. Each prisoner was in isolation. They were each given a Bible, and had chores to do throughout the day (Woodham, 2008). This is what started the Penitentiary Movement in the United States. This became the new era of how people were to be incarcerated throughout the United States.

Confinement is an effective tool to deter some people from committing a crime. They do not want to be locked up in a room with nowhere to go or nothing to do. For others, confinement means that they will have free room and board. Their meals will be provided for them, and they do not have to worry about anything. Confinement is effective for the people in the community where the crime has been committed. Knowing that the individual is locked up, the community feels much safer.

2. This response should be addressed to Timothy Hurt.In the early days, prisons were a relatively new concept. Both in Europe and in America residents used the approach of an eye for an eye, and public hangings in town squares for the price of a murder, rape and even theft. As more humane punishments began to change, officers stored prisoners in warehouses, buildings, and individual rooms. According to vasiliades, “this experiment of which the favorable results have been anticipated, prove fatal for the majority of prisoners”. “It devours the victim’s instantly and hummer sadly it does not reform, it kills”(Vasiliades, 2005).

I do agree that confinement is an effective tool in decreasing recidivism. Trying to survive in the violent prison population is tough. I believe we should isolate disruptive inmates; this would reduce violence in the general population. Furthermore, this would be the most productive way to handle disciplinary problems regarding prisoners and to help protect correctional officers. Solitary confinement, his mental game, and according to the editors, “You might assume all inmates sent to solitary are the worst of the worst, rapists and murderers who continue their violent ways even behind bars” (Editors, 2013). Moreover, many are placed in solitary for nonviolent offenses, and some are not even criminals, having been arrested on immigration charges. Others are thrown into isolation cells for their own protection because they are homosexual or transgendered or have been raped by other inmates. The goal is to minimize social interaction; every detail is strategically planned for the prisoner. Twenty-three hours out of the day, they are locked in a cell; they only receive one hour outside their cell to go outside. Meals are handed to them through a slot in the door, and they receive fifteen minutes to take a shower by a controlled environment in a computerized room.


Sociology short eassy Humanities Assignment Help

We will watch a short documentary in class on the topic of poverty and then you will answer an essay type question at home in response to the documentary. Your response will be due the following week on Canvas.

Responses will be assessed on depth of sociological analysis, evidence of reflective/critical thinking, knowledge and application of sociological concepts and clarity. Further information, guidelines and rubric will be provided under the Files tab prior to our viewing of the documentary.

Tammy’s Story:

Tammy’s Story Update:

Intro to People Like Us: Social Class in America:

All You Need is Cash:





Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help

Theory of Consumer Choice and Frontiers of Microeconomics, assignment help Economics Assignment Help

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