Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help

Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help. Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help.

4 pages

My topic is “Exploring Saudi Third culture kids’ Identity Development in Australia: A Narrative


The main question in my research is How does living and studying in Australia influence Saudi TCKs’

social-cultural identity development?

My supervisor asked me to outline or a mapping of all of the content that I have found in the literature of

socio cultural identity development and Third Culture Kids.

So I am just wondering if you can help me with this one.

But this is not assignment. it is a research proposal.

That is what they want from me by this Monday

Notes from last meeting:

Alright, so but you might find but honestly, you might find you have the third culture kid

map and then you might have an identity map. I might separate them and just really

conceptualize identity as its own and third culture kids as it sounds, there will be lines

that cross. But because you need to go into such depth on each of them, I would do two


look at the age as well, because the identity wouldn’t be.

That’s right. We’re not talking about the status of


hard to talk about it because we can’t see it. Yeah,

but I also don’t get too much in the psychology of identity get more into the socio cultural

of identity. So we remember when you originally started writing about like Piaget and

Skinner Yeah, that’s, that’s a different field. Yeah. Okay. So you need to look at socio

cultural identity development. Yeah. Okay, so just make sure so that’s why we’re

sending you to Hall and Baba and I’m looking at look at those scholars that are in that

wheelhouse. Hey, do they sign Yeah, do they sign in Yeah, yeah. So if you start getting

into journals that say psychology Yeah. Don’t look at those. Ah, because you have to

bound your study that is not part of your your paradigm that you’re working in. That’s a

different paradigm. You’re not doing a psychology study.

And then the mapping exercise. So that was

The homework is to create maybe two maps to construct this and then talk about what

those maps need to have right and respond to. And then you might keep a list of some

of the readings that you’re coming And then, like, for example, we have recommended

haul and Baba and Enki.

Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Does marijuana have health benefits ? Humanities Assignment Help

This draft should be written in full paragraphs, and should include an introduction, body paragraphs that offer affirmative arguments and at least one counterargument (with rebuttal) and a conclusion.

Focus on having a strong overall position (thesis claim) and developed paragraphs that offer clear reasons supported by evidence.

Prior to printing this draft, review the sample student essay, your notes, and MLA issues. Remember that part of your credibility as a writer is built on transparent and accurate summarizing and integration of source materials. Use MLA to your benefit in this essay with proper in-text citations and a corresponding Works Cited list.……


Free Speech/First Amendment Toulmin Argument Essay Writing Assignment Help

Go to the FIRE website at

Construct a Toulmin Argument Essay on free speech/first amendment. Your claim should be highly focused and specific as it addresses free speech. The “claim” you construct and the “grounds” for your argument must be derived from no less than 4 specific case FIRE has presented. Provide a variety of cases from which to make your selections. The 4 cases you select must have common denominators (demonstrate similarities). On the FIRE website you can click on “Newsdeck” “Press Release Archives” “First Amendment Library” “Publications” “Ronald K.L Collins First Amendment News” or FIRE Youtube channel to locate cases.

Underline Your Claim Statement, 6-7 pages in length (work cited page not included), Incorporate 4 distinct actual cases FIRE has presented, MLA Format, Spell out the name of the organization before you start to abbreviate FIRE (Foundation For Individual Rights For Education)


Civil Liberties & Rights, The role of Supreme Court decisions in policy making, Civil Rights Legislation Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 1

You might not realize how often our civil liberties — particularly the right to privacy — are put to the test on a daily basis. Many of the current news stories reflect the line between a citizen’s right for privacy. Do you wonder about your privacy on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for example? How do you feel about wiretapping and government accessing phone records? All these concerns are things that affect our lives.


Choose a current or recent event that illustrates a privacy concern. Use and cite at least one quality news article or story. How does the article explain a theme or themes from our textbook or other class sources? Offer your opinion, thoughts or insight as well.

Some ideas of places to go for your news story:


  1. Create a 500-word summary of your article. Make certain to include a citation. There are many resources to help you.
  2. Create 1 or 2 thought questions about the article. These should be questions that help your classmates’ think more deeply about the topic and their own perspective.

Assignment 2

Creating academic papers often begin with an outline. For this assignment, you will use the research you have collected for your Final Assignment and create an outline of your information. An outline generally follows this type of format:

I. Main Idea

A. Supporting Idea

1. Research, data, facts

Many word processing programs have outline formatting tools to help you. This Purdue OWL Sample Outlines PDF gives examples of outline formats as well.

A reminder of resources to help you:


  1. Choose your topic + Find 2-3 external sources for your final project
  2. Create an outline, making certain to note where you got your resources. The best kind of outline to use for a paper is the TOPIC SENTENCE OUTLINE (an example is on the Purdue OWL page link listed above).

Final Assignment

In the Social Sciences it is necessary to make connections between what is happening in the world and what you are learning in your course. You may be used to taking more tradtional exams online. In addition to a short essay exam reviewing the textbook (next week), you will need to complete several small assignments for a Final Project that builds upon each other to help you tie in the following key course concepts:

  • Civil Liberties & Rights
  • The role of Supreme Court decisions in policymaking
  • Civil Rights Legislation

You have been asked to create a 5 page double-spaced report on an underserved population, detailing the case law and legislation that has been passed related to the community you have chosen. You will need to have at least 3-5 external resources to complete your paper.

This report should include the following:

  • Definition of your community
  • Description of at least 2 Supreme Court cases and/or laws that have affected your community (either positively or negatively)
  • Your assessment of the current status of your community (think about whether anything else may be needed to ensure equality for this group)
  • Citations properly formatted

The first parts of your final paper will be graded based on the completion of the assignment and will help you do the research for your final paper. The final assignment will be graded based on the analysis of your findings and must include key course concepts from the Greenberg-Page text.

What communities can you choose?

Some examples of groups you can examine include:

  • Women
  • Minority Group (African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Native American, etc.)
  • Disabled Persons
  • Immigrants
  • Prisoners


Quantitative Methods Mathematics Assignment Help

View the attached documents for more understanding. Please show as much work as possible.

If you need the power point that goes along with the book, PLEASE let me know. I will email it to you

chapters 15 and 16, review the PowerPoint slide, then answer the
following questions and solve these respective problems that are located
at the end of chapters 15 and 16. Show all calculations and given a
detailed answer to all questions in response to the statistical findings
for each problem solved.

Required Course Textbook: Meier, K. J., Brudney, J. L., Bohte, J., Applied Statistics for Public and Nonprofit Administration, 8th Ed. Boston, Massachusetts: Wadsworth Publishers (2012) ISBN-13: 978-1-111-34280-7



Performance Managment Business Finance Assignment Help

Format: Individual (each student has to submit their own project)

Submission: Blackboard

Assume the role of a consultant who has been brought in to advise a company on their policies and procedures related to performance management. Briefly outline the key components of the system and then analyze in depth one good and one bad performance management and reward system issue of your choice and prepare a report.

In 1250 words analyze TWO (the strongest and the weakest) performance management aspects of an organization of your choosing. This should be an organization that you are familiar with (you or someone you know works there: friend or a family member – obviously places like Google or NASA would not qualify, unless you really have a family member who works at NASA) enough to know how they address two of the issues covered in any of the topics that we covered. Your task is to describe in detail the two procedures that the company uses and/or the policies they have in place and then, drawing on the content of the course and your own research, explain what is the purpose of the practice and what is the outcome you expect. That is, explain the two approaches and predict their outcomes justify your answers with arguments based on what was discussed in class AND on results of your own research on the topic. Your analysis MUST include information that was discussed in class and one other source for each point you make.

1.Introduce the area the business is in (e.g., hospitality is an area focusing on …)

2.Describe briefly the company (it is not necessary to identify the company by name, e.g., premier hotel chain operating on 3 continents with annual revenue of… employing ….) and outline briefly their performance management approach.

  1. Describe in detail one weakness in their PM procedures/policies (e.g., reward system)
  2. Critique the procedure/policy discussed above (e.g., the reward system is poor because … information from class and information from your own research). Your critique must cite sources other than your textbook. (e.g., According to Chang & Hahn, 2006, reward system should …).
  3. Describe in detail one strength in their procedures/policies (e.g., appraisal system)
  4. Critique the procedure/policy discussed above (e.g., the appraisal system is good because … information from class and information from your own research). Your critique must cite sources other than your textbook. (e.g., According to Thurston & McNall, 2010, appraisal system should …).

The purpose of the project is twofold. You are supposed to show that you can use what you have learned in class in real life settings and you are supposed to show that you can do additional research on the topics that were discussed in class.

Performance Managment Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Week 5 Case Study: Unemployment Business Finance Assignment Help

Week 5 Case Study: Unemployment 6 pages


People need income in order to consume, and consumption leads to production, and

production leads to higher demand for labor (employment), so unemployment is a

crucial macroeconomic issue that confronts all modern economies. A lower

unemployment rate, however, is not the end of the problem. The type of employment

and the price of labor (wages) have to be sufficient for consumption (which is the major

component of GDP) for the economy to be healthy. If wages are low or if the prices in

the economy are high, consumption would be low and thus, production and demand for

labor would be low as well. So high unemployment rate, high part-time employment rate

for economic reasons, and low wages could have negative effects on economic growth.

Assignment Description

In this assignment, you need to analyze unemployment-related issues. You need to

analyze only one issue (topic).

You are going to study the past trends, provide an overview of the current status, and

provide solutions to overcome any problems related to the issue you are studying. You

will use data, articles, and government reports to draw a clear picture of the current

unemployment issues.

Some unemployment-related topics that you could choose from (choose only one

topic) include the following.

 Part-time employment rates for economic reasons

 Unemployment rates among young college graduates

 Unemployment rates by gender

 Unemployment rates among Black and Hispanic communities

 Low supply of labor (professionals) in certain industries

 High supply of labor in education

 Low wages by profession and their causes

 Low demand for labor in some industry (you could choose whatever industry you wish)

 Low wages in some parts of the country

 High unemployment rate among workers with high school diploma or less

Your research needs to be structured with consistent and clear thoughts. It also needs

to be supported by facts and data. Your results need to be based on solid facts. Your

conclusion and recommended solution need to be thorough and based on your findings

and understanding of unemployment and GDP.

Writing Style and Page Number Requirements

Font Type: Times New Roman or Arial

Font Size: 12

Spacing: Double

*Number of Pages: Six to seven pages, along with a separate Title page and a

separate References page

Outside Sources and

Send Draft after 8 hours


500-700 word Paper based on previous work attached Science Assignment Help

Paper assignment based on my previous papers from weeks 1 through 4

Title of the paper should be: The Journey to Sustainability.


It should be a total of between 500-700 words in APA format.

This paper MUST include mentions of all four of my written assignment topics throughout the course. The topics were: Week 1- Natural Capital, Week 2- Sustainable agriculture, Week 3- Treatment Wetlands, Week 4- Active Solar Energy. I have included all four final versions of the previous written assignments on an attachment- see bold underlined section for details.

The instructor does not accept direct quotes, cited information should be summarized or paraphrased. The reference and citation for the course e book is:

References allowed:

Bensel, T., & Carbone, I. (2020). Sustaining our planet. Retrieved from (Bensel & Carbone, 2020)

Please also use scholarly sources, I’m sure some of the previous sources used would suffice.

Goal of the paper:

In this paper, you will explore what a future sustainable world might look like, and in the process of doing so, extend your previous descriptions of selected terms and explain how they may play a role in aiding us in achieving environmental sustainability on a global scale.

The Journey to Sustainability

Imagine a future (probably a long time from now) in which human beings have achieved environmental sustainability on a global scale. That means that we as a species have figured out how to maintain a lifestyle that can go on indefinitely. Humans will exist in harmony with their environment, not needing more resources than can naturally be replenished. What would such a world be like? How might we get there from here? In this final assignment, you will play the part of science-fiction writer, imagining and describing what a sustainable Earth, inhabited by humans, might look like in the distant future. You will need to provide examples throughout to support your descriptions. You should include all the terms that you have researched during Weeks 1 through 4 of this class, underlining each term as you include it. Be sure to expand on your terms and include other concepts that you learned in the course. Provide as detailed a picture as possible of how that future world might function on a day-to-day basis.

Outline to follow:

Your paper will consist of seven paragraphs using the format below to address the elements with the assumption that environmental sustainability has been achieved:

  • Paragraph 1:
    • Describe how the human relationship to nature will be different from what it is at present.
    • Examine how humans will cope differently with the ways that natural phenomena like hurricanes affect lives.
  • Paragraph 2:
    • Describe what Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems will look like in a sustainable future.
    • Explain what humans have done differently to enable biodiversity and ecosystems to function sustainably.
  • Paragraph 3:
    • Examine how agricultural production will be different in a sustainable future.
  • Paragraph 4:
    • Differentiate between how humans will manage water resources (fresh water and ocean) in the sustainable future compared to how it is done now.
  • Paragraph 5
    • Examine how humans will meet their energy needs in the future in a way that will enable maintenance of a sustainable, habitable atmosphere and climate.
    • Indicate the changes that humans have made that are enabling them to maintain a healthy atmosphere and climate for all.
  • Paragraph 6:
    • Describe how waste management will be different in a sustainable future.
    • Indicate the changes have been made to how humans think about and treat what is currently called “waste.”

Paragraph 7:

  • Summarize some of the major social, economic, political, and ecological choices and tradeoffs that will need to be overcome for this sustainable future to arrive. What are some of the major issues and challenges humans will have to face in order to achieve sustainability on a global scale?


Writing Assignment #3: Synthesize Multiple Sources From A Library Database To Answer A Research Question Writing Assignment Help

There’s no scientific evidence to support the use of alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies or treatments, yet estimates published find them the number one alternative to traditional medicine in Europe, Asia and the Americas. How do the sources help you understand the growing popularity and increased level of acceptance of alternative medicines and homeopathic remedies in the medical community and/or the criticisms against them?

There are as many reasons for their popularity and acceptance as there are criticisms. You may want to select the reason(s) for your source-based essay from the lists below:

Can be used as complementary treatments in conjunction with science-based medicine Placebo effect
Some controlled experiments show AM therapies outperform placebos. Not proven effective by scientific research.
Scientifically-controlled trials separate AM therapies from individualized treatment and rituals. Evidence-based, not science-based.
Some centuries-old Chinese medicines, treatments and therapies have been used to create effective drugs, treatments and therapies; others show potential. Insurance companies and physicians bowing to public demand and consumers’ economic interests.
AM treatments do help some patients. Licensing requirements for AM practitioners not stringent enough.
AM therapies work with the body’s own natural healing process. Some AM treatments and therapies represent a health hazard.
AM takes a holistic approach. Certain herbs and substances have been shown to have negative and/or dangerous side effects; some treatments can result in dangerous interactions with prescribed pharmaceuticals; some pharmaceuticals may lose efficacy.
Some AM therapies now require licenses. AM experiments employ inconsistent controls; more rigorously-controlled trials have shown little to no effects.
Some AM therapies and treatments are safer alternatives for children and the elderly. AM promises relief based on ambiguous claims and confused causation.
Most AM therapies and treatments have fewer noxious side effects. AM industry is unregulated; many products can be purchased OTC and online.
AM therapies and treatments cost less than prescribed science-based therapies and treatments. AM promised false hopes: Patients may turn away from or refuse conventional science-based medicine.
Higher patient compliance with AM.
AM becoming more acceptable in the medical community with the identification of disreputable practitioners and treatments.

Use at least two sources from the reading assignments to write a short, source-based essay that presents the answer(s) to the question. Include a thesis statement and supporting reason(s)–stated in topic sentences–that the sources provide. Do not just summarize the articles. Present the paraphrased material in single-source paragraphs. Paraphrase primary sources. Paraphrase or quote secondary sources. Include a short ending that restates, not repeats, the major points. Title the essay. Document the essay in MLA format.

Review the evaluative criteria in order to prepare your essay.



Evaluative Criteria : WRITING ASSIGNMENT #3

Evaluative Criteria : WRITING ASSIGNMENT #3

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeTOPIC/THESIS/INTRODUCTIONPaper presents a limited topic. Thesis statement appears in the opening paragraph and presents a limited answer to the research question.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeBODY PARAGRAPHSSupporting paragraphs develop the limited topic. Topic sentences in the paragraphs state the points or reasons that the sources present to support the thesis statement. They include sources when they repeat a previous point, do not include sources when they state a new point. The body paragraphs refer specifically to the source material, paraphrase the primary sources and paraphrase or quote the secondary sources in context. Paraphrases material in the body paragraphs appropriately; includes signal phrases and appropriate signal phrase verbs to characterize the context of the passages in every sentence. Correctly identifies author’s thesis. Includes author’s name and the title of the article in a first-reference signal phrase. Ties all information to the thesis (unity) and to each other (coherence). First reference signal phrases include the writers’ credentials (if available and relevant). Secondary source signal phrases include the sources’ credentials (if available and relevant). Uses in-text citations correctly only for PDF sources. Correctly formats and punctuates the citations.

40.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

40.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCONCLUSIONConclusion restates (not repeats) major points and adds something relevant to the paper.

10.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWORKS CITEDWorks Cited is complete and correctly formats the entries for the sources that appear in the paper. Contains the header centered at the top, not underlined, quoted or boldfaced. Alphabetizes the source material by authors’ last names or titles of articles if no author(s) appear(s). Correctly capitalizes and punctuates the entries.

10.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

10.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGRAMMAR, USAGE. MECHANICSWriter shows control over Standard American English usage, grammar and mechanics, vocabulary and phrasing, and spelling. Communication is not impeded.

20.0 to >0.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

20.0 pts

Total Points: 100.0

Some critics of alternative and homeopathic remedies and treatments believe that the results claimed by practitioners come as a result of the placebo effect. The following will help you gain a clearer understanding of the concept. Read, annotate and document the following article:

  1. Harvard Medical School, “The Placebo Effect: Amazing and Real.” (Links to an external site.)
    • TO DOCUMENT A WORK ON A WEBSITE:Author’s Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial (if presented). “Title of Article.” Source, Sponsor or Publisher, Date of Publication, URL.

    Access the Points of View Reference Center database from the MCC Library homepage.BEFORE YOU READ

    • In a single sentence, state what you currently think is the controversy surrounding alternative medicine.
    • View the Result List of four records on the Points of View tab that includes this guide.

    Each topic in Points of View Reference Center™ has three main Points of View essays. While there may be many opinions on the issue, these essays are designed to provide a base from which you may engage in further analysis:

    • The Overview provides general background information on the issue.
    • The Point essay presents one opinion on the issue in a persuasive position essay.
    • The Counterpoint essay offers an alternative or opposite view of the issue

    Access the Points of View Reference Center database from the MCC Library homepage.Read/Annotate and Document the following articles:

    • “Point: Alternative Medicine is Unscientific, Unproven, and Unsafe”
      • Answer the following questions from your reading of the article:
        • What can you infer about the author’s intent from the title of the first section of the article (“Dangerously Mainstream”)? Explain.
        • What does the author’s overall attitude toward scientific research seem to be? Cite an example.
        • What kind of evidence does the author cite to support the argument that alternative therapies are risky for the consumer?
        • Which of the author’s explanations for the popularity of alternative medicine do you find most convincing? Explain.
    • “Point: The Dangers of Alternative Medicine”
      • Answer the following questions from your reading of the article:
        • Describe the author’s overall tone toward alternative medicine. Cite an example from the article

Access the Points of View Reference Center database from the MCC Library homepage.

Read/Annotate and Document the following articles:

  • “Counterpoint: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Techniques Provide Innovative Health Benefits.”
    • Answer the following questions based on your reading of the article:
      • What is the author’s thesis (main argument) about CAM? Which of the author’s arguments used the most supporting evidence?
      • Outline the advantages of CAM, as argued by the author.
      • Analyze the author’s inclusion of some negative CAM outcomes. Does this inclusion strengthen or weaken the argument in favor of CAM? Why or why not?
  • “Counterpoint: The Value of Alternative Medicine.”
    • Answer the following questions based on your reading of the article:
      • What is the author’s main thesis about alternative medicine?
      • Which of the benefits of alternative medicine cited by the author is most persuasive? Why?
      • What are some of the challenges facing acceptance of alternative medicine by conventional practitioners?
      • Review the Purpose and Tonevideo (Links to an external site.)
        Analyze whether the author’s purpose is to persuade or to offer an opinion. Cite details from the article to support your response.


Click on the sidebar article titled “Judge Fact vs. Opinion” and review.


  • Facts are statements that can be proved true or false.
  • Facts tell what actually happened.
  • Facts tell what is happening now.
  • Facts state something that can be easily observed or verified.


  • Opinions are statements that cannot be proved true or false because they express a person’s thoughts, beliefs, feelings or estimates.
  • Opinions express worth or value.
  • Opinions tell what should or should not be thought or done.
  • Opinions are based on what seems true or probable.

Based on the criteria listed above, select:

  • Three fact statements from each of the Counterpoint essays on alternative medicine.
  • Three opinion statements from each of the Counterpoint essays on alternative medicine.

What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, also known as homeopathic medicine, is a medical system that was developed in Germany more than 200 years ago. It’s based on two unconventional theories:

  • “Like cures like”—the notion that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people
  • “Law of minimum dose”—the notion that the lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness. Many homeopathic products are so diluted that no molecules of the original substance remain.

Homeopathic products come from plants (such as red onion, arnica [mountain herb], poison ivy, belladonna [deadly nightshade], and stinging nettle), minerals (such as white arsenic), or animals (such as crushed whole bees). Homeopathic products are often made as sugar pellets to be placed under the tongue; they may also be in other forms, such as ointments, gels, drops, creams, and tablets. Treatments are “individualized” or tailored to each person—it’s common for different people with the same condition to receive different treatments.

It’s also one of the most popular alternative medicines today.

First, read, annotate and document Michael Castleman and Jeff Grossman’s “The Strange Case of Homeopathy” from the English 121/122 LibGuide (Alternative Medicines-Readings).

  • Then answer the following questions based on your reading:
    • Consider Castleman’s credentials: Why are they significant in understanding his purpose for writing the article?
    • What role did Amy Lansky’s preconceived notions of alternatives (her top-down thinking) play in her initial visit to the homeopath? Considering her professional training and her responsibility as a mother, why did she seek a non-traditional treatment for her child?
    • Identify the positive and negative views of homeopathy presented in the article from both the primary and secondary sources: Why can’t medical science trust the results of studies that evaluate homeopathic remedies and practices, according to its critics? What dangers and risks do the critics discuss?

    Writing Assignment #3 Preparation

    Good Morning.

    I hope this message finds you and your families safe and sound. According to the news reports, the current stay-at-home practice seems to be working–as difficult as it may be for most of us.

    Some advice as you begin to write the next essay assignment:

    1. Please review the powerpoint. Understand the research question (particularly the “medical community” part) and which sources are required.

    2. Please review Monday’s Inbox attachment (Exemplary Academic Source-Based Writing Passages). Thesis statements, introductory paragraphs, single and multiple source paragraphs, conclusions–this assignment should show some progress. Yes. I know the last few weeks have been crazy, but there hasn’t been anything new about the writing–just the critical reading skills. Summaries of the articles rather than source-based essays will not receive very good grades–no matter how correctly written. At the same time, source-based essays with grammar and usage errors that interfere with the presentation of the source material (and that have been identified on previous papers!) will also not receive very good grades. And a combination of both (incorrectly written summaries) won’t be acceptable.
    3. Please review the powerpoints and the links on the rough draft assignment from Writing Assignment #2. Also, see Documentation Guidelines for signal phrases for multiple authors.
    4. There’s still time to Inbox specific questions (but not drafts or paragraphs) about the essay assignment.
    5. Please check the due date (and time) of the essay assignment. If you’re experiencing technical issues (no pc/lousy broadband) please let me know ahead of time–not after the due date and time.

    That’s all for now.

    Please use these resources to write the paper.


Rough Draft – Add pages to make it 15-20 NOT including reference and title page Law Assignment Help

Hi, this rough draft is about half way done. I need someone to expand and finish it for me. Please. Original instructions are below.

Each student is required to complete the term project, which is a 15-20 page (not counting the cover, abstract and reference page) research paper in APA format. Once you have submitted this assignment it is automatically run through (plagiarism checker).

Submit your First Draft by no later than Sunday of week 5.

Late submissions of this assignment will not be accepted.

Topic: Rehabiliation Efforts Are More Effective Than Punishment in The Criminal Justice System.


Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help

Third culture Kids & Identity Development (It is literature mapping kindly bid if you know mapping) Humanities Assignment Help