This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help

This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help. This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help.

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Part 1- is on Infectious Disease Trends with a 700- 1,050 word paper using the Healthy People 2020 Objectives, which I am sending the link/reference. APA format, 3 scholarly sources minimum.

Part 2-is making a brochure as an ‘Communicable Disease Health Education Tool”, I started the brochure on Malaria in Children in the country of Ghana, and was having a hard time with the formatting so I am sending the unfinished product for you to finish. Insert photos pertaining to the subject please. With the brochure, I also need a summary of 350-525 words explaining the target population, ages demographics(probably those 5 and under), resources available in the area, including governmental, social and economic. The level of prevention targeted by the tool which would be Primary prevention.

I am uploading both parts of the assignment instructions and requirements, along with the grading rubric.

The ENTIRE project would be approx 6 pages, 2 pages for part two and 4 for part 1. Thanks in advance!!

This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ART02 Rasmussen College Categorical Syllogisms Project Writing Assignment Help

A syllogism is a type of logical argument that uses deductive reasoning to come to a conclusion. There are many types, but for this task, you will use a categorical syllogism.

Categorical syllogisms: This type of syllogism assumes if A is a part of C, then B is a part of C (A and B are members of C).

You can organize the syllogism in three sentences:

  • Major premise: All dogs are animals.
  • Minor premise: Luna is a dog.
  • Conclusion: Luna is an animal.

1. Your employer wants to promote a productive and logical work environment. To organize your thoughts and ideas in a coherent manner, you must practice your cognitive skills on a daily basis. To practice the process of creative problem solving, your boss has asked you to create two categorical syllogisms about a hypothetical everyday problem. For example, you are regularly late for work.

2. For your third and final syllogism, your boss wants you to introduce a new minor premise that would provide a logical solution to the problem. By engaging in this process, you will become more accustomed to attacking issues in a cogent manner, making you an even more valuable member of your company.

3. Your boss is looking to fill a new manager position and will use the best presentation as a tutorial for the rest of the staff. Create a presentation using PowerPoint or another visual medium that will communicate your ideas most effectively. Using innovative visuals or more advanced storytelling media might get you the promotion!

4. Finally, provide a short reflection on the collective process using whatever media best suits your idea to your boss. For example, use a brief email, word document, or another multi-media piece.


Stakeholder Communication in Health Information Systems Health Medical Assignment Help

***Revision: Looking for someone to be STRONG in APA format. I have provided the screenshot of the edits that need to made to the paper. Please read ALL attachments and screenshots to understand what revisions need to be made.

Use the Stakeholder Matrix Template to complete an analysis of relevant stakeholders in the organization related to recommendations regarding an organization’s EHR or HIM systems that you made in your first assessment. You will also be asked to create a 3–5-page report detailing your stakeholder analysis and proposing potential ways to create buy-in and overcome obstacles for implementing your recommendations.

Health information technology and electronic health records (EHR) can become overwhelming to health care staff at any organization. As technology advances, so do the challenges. A big challenge for managers is creating a buy-in, or an acceptance of the health information management (HIM) system by the end users (staff). It is important for health care managers to understand who the stakeholders are and what best practices help create a consensus for positive use of HIM technology throughout the organization. In this assessment, you will have the opportunity to assess common stakeholders as it relates to HIM systems. You will also research and explain the best practices needed for ensuring a smooth transition from implementation to the end-user experience. It is important for managers to understand concepts of efficient resource allocation as they look forward to making the end-user experience seamless. To do so, health care managers must have a strong understanding of how HIM impacts each and every stakeholder.

Competency 1: Apply emerging models or best practices to implement a health information system that improves operations and patient outcomes. (L8.4, L12.2, L14.3)By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

    • Explain the process used to arrive at recommendations related to health information management system.
    • Develop value statements for relevant stakeholder groups related to critical success factors and recommendations related to a health information management system.
  • Competency 2: Analyze administrative, clinical, management, and decision-support information technology tools. (L12.1, 12.2, 14.3)
    • Describe the relevant stakeholders related to an impact analysis.
    • Describe a timeline for implementing recommendations related to a health information management system.
  • Competency 3: Apply best practices relative to the financial assessments and decisions required for the implementation of health information systems. (L 8.1, 8.2, 8.4)
    • Analyze the impact of recommendations on relevant stakeholders and an organization with relation to considerations such as patient outcomes, new training, resource allocation, and workflow changes.
  • Competency 4: Apply evidence to influence buy-in from all stakeholders. (L10.5)
    • Analyze best practices to overcome barriers in creating buy-in from stakeholders and implementation related to recommendations.
  • Competency 5: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations for professionals in health care administration. (L6.1, L6.2, L6.3, and L6.4)
    • Communicate analysis of stakeholders and value of recommendations in a manner that is clear and concise.
    • Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using current APA style

    **I have attached the two completed assignment for your review so the same organization follows. Also please follow APA format and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.


Need Help with disscusion questions for each class. Humanities Assignment Help

Edu Governance history &Phil

Discussion 2a:

1) Which developmental difference influences students’ learning and teachers’ instruction most? Explain your response.

2) What are some critical elements in providing a culturally-responsive learning environment?

3) Respond briefly to the questions regarding “teaching to the Minds of Boys” as listed on Slide 8 (guiding questions) of this week.

4) When you access the website for ASCD “Whole Child Initiative,” review 3-4 of the more recent episodes and select two of the specific recommendations that were provided on how to improve student learning through the application of developmental science. As part of your discussion, explain why those two recommendations spoke to you. Be sure to support your choices with examples from the literature.

Current event:

About the discussion in a event news article. Attaching layout

Article review:

Attaching the layout and article link

. “Teaching to the Minds of Boys” by K. King & N, Gurian

Educational Leadership, September 2006, Vol., No. 1, pages 56-61 see if there is a book online

ESOL FOUND:Cross-Cultural

Discussion 2a

English Language Learners come from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. As educators of ELLs, we must be open to learning about the linguistic and cultural background of our students. Think about your role as a teacher of a diverse group of learners and reflect on and discuss the following questions:

  1. How would you define culture, race, and nationality? Discuss how you came to these definitions and the role of each in today’s classroom.
  2. Consider the cultural groups of students in your local school district and how membership in these groups may impact their life and learning. Then, discuss your membership in at least 2 groups and the impact it has had on your life and learning.

Ethnocentrism is when individuals persistently view a new culture through the lens of their own cultural values, beliefs and experiences. Discuss why ethnocentrism could be a problem for teachers of ELL students.

Mathematics in Elem School:

Discussion 1

Read the following article, Are You Students Problem Performers or Problem-Solvers? and think about the strategies described. Select one of the three strategies to describe how you could use it to engage.

Reading Foundations Elem School:

Discussion 1

Read and analyze the concept map titled Foundations of Language and Literacy on p. 76, and explore the interactive concept map in the module. What content comprises emergent literacy based on this concept map? How do they connect and support each other?

Discussion 2

Read how to create literate and communicative learning environments at home on pgs. 87-88, with specific attention to the 4 points provided on p. 88. (ESOL 2.1.a) Discuss how these points (access to a variety of print materials, modeling of writing for a variety of purposes, responding to questions about print, and being read to) can be successfully shared with our ESOL families. How can these points be used to build language development? How can they build listening/speaking skills?

Seminar Reflection:

Discussion 1

Ethics and Principles

What measures can you take to ensure that your ethics and principles are never called into question?

Try and have good enough detail. If its possible to have this done before 10:00 A.m Eastern tomorrow.

Put the titles of the disscussions for each class it belongs too.


simple discussion Writing Assignment Help

Since the components of the rhetorical situation are intertwined and interact with each other, as one aspect shifts so too must the others. In other words, as writers we must consider how shifts in purpose or context might impact reader-users and adjust our writing appropriately.

For this week’s discussion, I want us to watch a video clip of a Robert Kennedy speech and discuss how he addresses the change in rhetorical situation. Let me begin to set the rhetorical situation with some background information.

In 1968, Robert Kennedy, then a New York senator, was on the campaign trail as part of his presidential bid. He was scheduled to deliver a campaign speech on April 4, 1968 to a group of supporters in Indiana. As some of you may recognize the date, he found out not long before his scheduled appearance that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had been assassinated. Since this was in a time before mobile devices, Twitter, Facebook, etc. no one in the crowd was aware of the events that had occurred. Additionally, it was at the height of the civil rights movement. The purpose, or issue, of Kennedy’s speech suddenly shifts from one of rally and support to one of breaking the horrible news.

As you make your initial contribution to the weekly discussion, consider the following questions: In what ways does Kennedy address the shift in rhetorical situation? What might he have done differently? Does he effectively communicate his purpose to this audience? In what ways does he manage information that allows people to take action? Overall, do you think his speech is appropriate for the rhetorical situation? Explain.



Discussion Questions Writing Assignment Help

Please help to do these discussions and answer these questions. Each discussion/ question I just need a small paragraph around 7-10 sentences.

1) Rewrite the 12 wordy sentences to be more concise:…

Click on the answers and see how yours compare. Did a more concise way to write the sentences come to you right away, or did you struggle to rewrite the sentences? How are you at writing concisely?

(No need to actually post the entire completed exercise.)

2)Please answer the following:

  1. Which of Dr. Bechkoff’s Tips for Presenting do you already do well? Which do you need to work on?
  2. What qualities did Genevieve Catalano’s elevator pitch have that might make an investor invest in TravelBlender?
  3. What are some things you can do to work on your business writing skills? Be specific.

3) Instructions: Complete both of the rewriting exercises and answer the questions below.


Professional Tone. Rewrite these sentences to adjust the tone from highly formal to professional:…

Active voice. Rewrite the sentences to change them from passive to active voice:…


Was this an easy or difficult exercise for you? Explain why or why not?

Tell how each one (professional tone and using active voice) is important in business communication.

Go through your email and find an email you wrote to your boss/professor. Was it professional in tone? If not, what could’ve been changed and how? Did you use active or passive voice? How do you know?

4) Comment on the videos. Your comment/observation/experience must be about the topic in general or about the content in the video(s)

Discussion Questions Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Silence and the Notion of the Commons Humanities Assignment Help

Read the article carefully, make note of language (underline/highlight) that you sense is important to the development of the writer’s idea/s (key terms/concepts), draw/make (literally) connections across different parts of the text, ask questions, and make notes/commons for yourself in the margins (please open a doc, copy and paste the attached article and make annotation)

open a new doc, answer the following prompts:

1. What is the problem, dilemma or question that the author is trying to explore (the condition/ situation/state of affairs that the author is concerned about)? Often there is one overarching problem or question being raised with other related (closely linked) problems. Aim for 2-3 of well developed, complete sentences.

2. What are 3-5 important moments (1-3 sentences in length) in the essay where the author establishes his strongest, most clear and resonant observations/claims about this problem? Find the places in your text where these moments appear and type out quotes, using use correct MLA parenthetical citation. As you do so remember to underline the key words/terms/concepts that you feel make that section so important. If chosen well, these moments should directly lend insight into the problem (either by offering clarity or a complication, or some degree of both – tension/paradox) that you located above.

3. What conclusion (however tentative) has the author come to regarding the problem/question they’ve been exploring? This is their stance or argument, the way they see the problem and the way they want you/us to think about the problem as well. Often includes implications of the problem: How might it be addressed? How are we to keep thinking about it? Why is it important that we do so? Aim for a few well-developed sentences here.


Compare and contrast Foreign Languages Assignment Help

(3 pages each, font Times New Roman 12, MLA format) on specific topics about the Latin American cultural production (narrative, poetry, film). In addition to the three pages, each essay must include at the very least, a bibliography with three references to academic sources (books, book chapters, refereed articles). Additional citations to reference materials (encyclopedias), film reviews, and internet sources.

Option 1 = Compare and contrast Alvar Nuñez Cabeza De Vaca vs Other Spanish Conquistadors

Option 2 = Analyze 3 different tribes and how they reacted to the coming of Spanish Conquistadors including Cabeza de Vaca and others.


Millikan Oil Drop Science Assignment Help

Gravitational Acceleration, g (m/s2): 9.81, Constant, b (Pa m): 0.00820, Oil Density: 886, Pressure, P (cm Hg): ?, Plate Seperation: 7.60

Requirements (Data): 5 Trials, Recommended Volts: 300

Thermistor Resistance, R (MΩ), Capacitor Potential, V (volts), Fall Distance, dfall (mm), Fall Time, tfall (sec), Rise Distance, drise (mm), Rise Time, trise (sec).

Requirements ( Calculations):

Barometric Pressure, P (x 105 Pa), Plate Separation, d (m), Thermistor Table Point 1 x, R(MΩ), Thermistor Table Point 1 y, T(°C), Thermistor Table Point 2 x, R(MΩ), Thermistor Table Point 2 y, T(°C), Temperature, T (°C), Viscosity Graph End Point 1, (temp,viscosity) (x, y), Viscosity Graph End Point 2, (temp,viscosity) (x,y), Air Viscosity, η (x 10-5 Ns/m2), Fall Velocity, vf (m/s), Rise Velocity, vr (m/s), Charge of Drop(× 10-19 C), Number of electrons, Charge of electron(× 10-19 C), Average Charge of electron(× 10-19 C), Percent Error(%)


Read all the requirements Computer Science Assignment Help

Exercise # 3:

The dataset provides Herfindahl–Hirschman Index, and Herfindahl index categories, please use the herf_cat variable and answer the following questions:

Note: “The Herfindahl–Hirschman Index is a commonly accepted measure of market concentration used by antitrust enforcement agencies and scholars in the field. The HHI is calculated by squaring the market share of each firm competing in the market and then summing the resulting numbers” (NASI, 2015; pp: 14-16). Read more from here:

For this exercise, you do not need to compute the HHI, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me, but try to learn more about this you will need that to report your findings.

Use the dataset from week1 exercise and then answer the following questions:

  1. Compare the following information between hospitals located in high, moderate and low competitive markets? (table 1)
  2. What are the main significant differences between hospitals in different markets? (use ANOVA test)
  3. Use the density curves and compare hospitals cost and revenues between three markets.
  4. What is the impact of being in a high-competitive market on hospital revenues and cost? Do you think being in a high-competitive market has a positive impact on net hospital benefits? What about the number of Medicare and Medicaid discharge? Do you think hospitals in a higher completive market more likely to accept more Medicare and Medicaid patients? What is the impact of other variables? Please discuss your findings in 1-2 paragraphs.

(Note: to answer to the last question, please compute the ratio-Medicare-discharge and ratio-Medicaid-discharge first and then run 2 t-tests) high vs. moderate and high vs. low competitive market), please support your findings with box-plot).

Table 3. Comparing hospital characteristics and market, 2011 and 2012

High Competitive Market

Moderate Competitive Market

Low Competitive


ANOVA/Chi-Sq (results)

Hospital Characteristics










  1. Hospital beds
  1. Number of paid Employee
  1. Number of non-paid Employees
  1. Interns and Residents
  1. System Membership
  1. Total hospital cost
  1. Total hospital revenues
  1. Hospital net benefit
  1. Available Medicare days
  1. Available Medicaid days
  1. Total Hospital Discharge
  1. Medicare discharge
  1. Medicaid discharge

14. Herfindahl index

Use Excel for calculations (mandatory)

(BONUS points: Use Master RStudio script is available for this exercise, but you need to modify that for this analysis)

Download data from here: HMGT400HOSP





This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help

This is a 2 PART Assignment on public health, education and trends NSG/486 Writing Assignment Help

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