This paper is an argument/opinion essay on the topic. I have done 3 pages but it turned out to

This paper is an argument/opinion essay on the topic. I have done 3 pages but it turned out to be a background summary about him. I would like to make it an opinion or argumental essay.

The thesis statement must be bold and written in Chicago style(which I have done)

I would like to add 3 extra pages to it (I already have 3 pages done) I have gotten feedback on my paper:

Topic: Billy Graham and his political interactions with American presidents.

The 3 extra pages must include your thesis statement (in bold), as well as the three pages. I need to add it because you to have refined the work from the first 3 pages as you move forward with your final paper also by “refined,” that means that you need to have reflected on the comments from the previous 3 pages and made alterations beyond just corrections of typographical errors.

Here are the comments:
1. His evangelical ministry has time and again been termed the phenomenon of the mid-twentieth century for its astounding reach and the unprecedentedly large crowds that his crusades attracted

comment: This reads like a direct quote but you don’t have quotation marks around it.

2. new and pre-existing narratives about his life, accomplishments, influence, and contributions as a standard fixture in the American presidency and Christianity have remembered him.

Comment: sentence fragment

3. This paper focuses on the person of Reverend Billy Graham as a memorable figure of a global spiritual awakening and a president’s pastor.

Comment: That’s a topic sentence. Your thesis statement needs to make an argument.

4. Distinctively, former president Jimmy Carter likened Graham’s life to that of Jesus Christ for his humility in treating others, broad-mindedness, forgiveness, and his desire to serve others with his message of hope and
fellowship. Additionally, former president George H.W. Bush characterized Graham as America’s pastor whose evangelical spirit and faith in God carried not only a huge global influence but also touched people from different faiths. This message reflects his friendship with Graham and his reverence for the
evangelist for having helped him cope with alcoholism and ultimately leading him to spirituality.

Comment: sounds like a direct quote.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you for your time I really appreciate it!

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