Three slide ppt only Business Finance Assignment Help

Three slide ppt only Business Finance Assignment Help. Three slide ppt only Business Finance Assignment Help.

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I am doing youtube video about cooking with classmate.

So i need three slide to demonstrate my part.

first slide, you will need to identify who the stakeholders are. so:

1. Internal (give examples of who – e.g. our team, camera man, video editor, etc.)

2. Connected stakeholders (e.g. sponsors like Tesco, market be bought material from etc.)

3. External (government maybe i dont know, give examples)

then in the next slide, include the stakeholder Map but say which stakeholders sit where. for example, my team could be on the high power and high interest section, etc.

and then you may want to have a third slide that says what we need to do for which stakeholders. for example, for the team or high power high interest stakeholders, we want to actively engage. and include what we will do for the other stakeholders too/how we willl manage them.

Three slide ppt only Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

ENG261 HW Help Humanities Assignment Help

This week we have looked at two authors, each worthy representatives of their literary periods: Aphra Behn for the Restoration and Alexander Pope for the Enlightenment. Because that is so–because, that is, we only have to attend to two writers rather than many–we are given the opportunity to look more closely, specifically, and critically at each. And that is exactly what I want you all to do here in this forum. Specifically, I would like you to do the following in a 2-paragraph Reflective Response:

  • After reading and considering Behn’s Oroonoko in terms of setting, character, plot, and theme, write one paragraph in which you identify what you think is the most important ‘point’ about the text? That is, does Oroonooko promote one particular idea, standard, code? Does it reveal concerns unique only to Behn’s time or ones that have carried over to today, and if so, which ones and how? Or does it ultimately reveal the limitations of ever ‘truly’ understanding the ‘point’ of anything? You must, absolutely must, point to specific details and examples from the text, with at least one quotation included.
  • After reading and considering Pope’s An Essay on Man, paying particular attention to the passages of important lines indicated in the lecture notes in light of the author’s clearly identified and self-declared purpose of the poem, analyze ONE of those passages in terms of the specific ways it reveals that theme. Keep in mind, please, that what you must do here is move beyond just stating the theme and then summarizing the passage, but instead you must state the theme and then move carefully and thoroughly through the language/words/images of the passage and explain HOW it reveals/advances/is significant to that theme.

Some guidelines:

  • You must write two full paragraphs, each paragraph devoted to one of the two texts.
  • Be sure to identify the title of the text (and remember, since these are longer prose works you must use italics) in the first sentence of each paragraph
  • You must cite the page number of the quotation(s) you provide from Behn’s text and the line numbers of the passage quotation you analyze from Pope’s.
  • Keep in mind that a quotation should never just ‘hang’ alone…that is, you must explain how/why it is important and significant support for your theme/claim
  • Avoid mere plot summary…this is analysis
  • Remember, these two paragraphs should be well-developed and filled with specific detail…I cannot, in other words, stress enough how important it is that you point to details, examples, words, etc. Generalities will not, here, do.
  • Remain aware that such matters as punctuation, grammar, spelling, and style are not just courtesies but also requirements


Research Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

Here is the information for the company you need to write about:

Write around 35-40 pages


Ensure professional presentation with proper spelling, grammar, etc.

Must have proper in-text citations and bibliography page where appropriate.

Organize with sub headings.

Include page numbers.

Include a cover page or paper header.

Please make sure the following are included in your project:

1. Introduction,products, services,history

2. Introduction to the industry

3.Analysis of external environment, how it affects industry and your company.

4. Porter Five forces analysis

5. Core competences, competitive advantage

6.Value Chain Analysis

7. International Strategy

8. Competitor analysis

9. Financial Analysis

10. Corporate Governance

11. Role of technology.

12 Strategy going forward


14 Recommendations


answer 15 multiple choice questions Humanities Assignment Help


  1. Latino cultures incorporate a long, rich tradition of storytelling. Examples of this tradition are present in the reading

10 points


  1. Some writers focus on a form particular but not unique to Latino culture (machismo). Works on the role of color, poverty, lack of education, fall into this category. One reading that is focused on that problem is

10 points


  1. Language and bilingualism is an issue for Latino communities and writers in the United States; debates rage about the value of voice and the legal status of language. Bilingualism is treated in a very funny way by the following writer

10 points


  1. A number of Latino writers deal with images of Latinos/as to analyze and explore the role of stereotypes. We can find examples in the reading

10 points


  1. One of the following authors, through her artistic work (performance, dance, and poetry), constructs a complicated portrait of Dominican women in Diaspora.

10 points


  1. The poet Gustavo Perez Firmat belongs to one of these generations

10 points


  1. Nuyorican poetic discourse is based on

10 points


  1. The ethnic style of Puerto Rican poets in the United States is represented by

10 points


  1. What exactly means the idea of “tropicalization” of American poetry developed by Nuyorican poets such as Victor Hernandez Cruz?

10 points


  1. Code switching may be used in Latino Poetry as

10 points


  1. When a Latino poems contain keywords in Spanish that function as indices of specific Latino realities or cultural traditions such as barrio, Miami, Borinkeña, for example, the poem

10 points


  1. When a Latino poem constantly switches between languages in order to relate to his or her bilingual constituency of readers, as some kind of secret code for those communally initiated, so the poem

10 points


  1. The term Nuyorican was born

10 points


  1. Nuyorican writers are not accepted as part of the Puerto Rican national heritage because of

10 points


  1. Nuyorican writers write


engage with data Writing Assignment Help

This project asks you to engage with data, present data for a specific audience, and practice making effective data visualizations. The project focuses on:

  • the fair, accurate, and ethical use of data
  • how to design effective visualizations
  • the conventions of writing with numbers and data
  • how to integrate figures into a document.

Audience and purpose are central to the goal of the final deliverables. As you will learn by completing this project, numbers don’t speak for themselves. Writing with data requires critical and rhetorical thought, as well as visual design skills.

While working on this project, you will engage with different types of visuals, as well as the conventions of writing with data and numbers. To achieve these goals, you will select a data set from those listed below. After reviewing the data set you select, you will decide on an argument (thesis) you want to make for a specific audience using the data provided. You will then make decisions about which data to visualize from the larger data set and you will create three data visualizations help illustrate your argument visually. Finally, you will write about and analyze that data in brief final visual report.

The final visual report you create will include the three visuals you have made and the supporting text necessary to explain the data you have visualized and make your point.

In addition to the visual report, you also will create a second deliverable: a reflective memo of about 250-500 words.this reflective memo will explain your choices and goals and how the visual report deliverable achieves them.

Data visualizations bring a number of benefits to any professional document, even short ones:

  • Though they have become extremely easy to make, people in the workplace still tend to be impressed by the extra effort and thoughtful presentation implicit in making a visualization.
  • Data visualizations also help to make the work of digesting and interpreting data more efficient by displaying trends or illustrating the significance of specific information without poring over page after page of numbers.
  • Because of this efficiency, visual elements are also better at communicating certain ideas more quickly than words or tabular data. Something that may take many sentences to communicate, a sudden drop in the efficiency of a process, or a surge in sales among a certain demographic, are instantly recognizable as spikes or dips along the X axis of a line graph.

For example:

This short report from the Department of Education (Links to an external site.) provides an overview of literacy and numeracy for men and women. In this online short report, the authors created two bar charts that are designed to show relationships between data and then they briefly explain the importance of the data.

In your visual report, you will create three visualizations and integrate them into your report, providing an introduction to the topic and analysis of the data you include to make a point about the topic using your data.

For this project, you will select a data set from the ones listed below and create a short (approximately two-page) informational report that includes at least three data visualizations that you create and that you feel best communicates the data you select from your data set in a form that maximizes the impact of the data to suit a specific audience and purpose.

To create your visualizations and informational report, please select one of the following data sets:

Once you have selected a data set, spend some time with the data. Identify the trends that jump out at you as most significant. As you identify your audience, think about who would want to know about the data and the point you’d like to make. You will not be able to visualize or discuss all the data in your data set. Your job is to select and visualize the data that is most relevant to your audience and the point you are making.


Document 1: Visual Report with 3 Data Visualizations

A short, informative, visually interesting report that makes a point about your subject using the data in your data set. This report should incorporate at three visuals that you have created along with analysis of the data in your figures. The text in your report should:

  • introduce the topic and its importance
  • explain the meaning of each of the three visuals
  • point to the conclusions suggested by the data.

You should identify a clear audience. Your understanding of the audience informs how the data is presented, the form the visualizations take, and the point you use the data to make, as well as the overall purpose of the document.

Document 2: Reflective Analysis

A 250-500 word memo that explains the following. Use memo headings to identify each of the topics listed below. Format the memo like a memo.

  • How and why you selected your data set
  • How you selected which data to visualize and why you visualized it in the form you did
  • Who was your target audience and what was your overall goal/purpose
  • How you ensured that your visualizations of the data were fair, accurate, and clear
  • A link to the raw data set used to create the report (with a citation for the data)

Data Visualization Tools

The following tools may be useful in creating your visualizations. There are other tools and apps that you can use, instead. The important thing is to create three original, effective visualizations using the data you have chosen.



250 word paragraph about “A Rose for Emily” and “The Lottery” Humanities Assignment Help

Both stories use plot structure as a narrative device to keep their reader’s interest. Consider the narrative devices used in Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily” and Jackson’s “The Lottery”. Discuss which story best uses plot structure to enhance the cruelty of each story’s resolution and thus sustaining the reader’s interest.

Remember that your posting is only 1/2 the grade. The posting should be about 250 words, show some fresh ideas you have on the topic, and also incorporate documented quotations from the reading.

Make sure there you use quotes and let me know if you need help finding the short stories.

250 word paragraph about “A Rose for Emily” and “The Lottery” Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Alcatraz prison Writing Assignment Help

i wrote 1 full page and half so i need two pages and half

so just continue on my paper please and read directions

Purpose –This essay will help you build upon your research skills by asking you to defend a particular cause and/or effect of an event in Fort Wayne history. You will use your textbook Chapter 11, a visit to Fort Wayne’s History Center, articles, books, and class discussion to help you choose and defend your topic.

In your paper, you need the following items:

  1. An organized introduction with a clear thesis statement, which supports your purpose of defending a cause or effect of an event in Fort Wayne history
  2. Body paragraphs that support your thesis statement with evidence from the History Center, articles, and books
  3. Proper paraphrasing and quoting from at least three reliable sources including trustworthy websites, journals, newspapers, and books to support your claims
  4. An organized conclusion

Your paper must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • 4 to 5 pages in length, excluding the Works Cited page
  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman/Calibri, 12-point font
  • MLA format
  • 1-inch margins
  • Use MLA in-text citations for references to course handouts and other sources
  • Have a Works Cited page
  • Use at least three reliable sources including websites, newspapers, journals, and books
  • Use correct punctuation, grammar, and mechanics
  • Use complete sentences
  • Submit a rough draft to and make revisions using advice from your tutor


Case Study on Publisher’s Shipping Decision Problem Formulation Business Finance Assignment Help

The Microsoft Excel worksheet lists the daily shipping requirements between your publisher client and his customer warehouses. Complete the decision matrix by filling in shipping costs from three shippers: Federal Express, UPS, and the United States Postal Service.

Which service would you recommend to your client considering not only costs but also issues such as delivery speed, pick-up schedules, drop-off locations, package-tracking ability, and usability of the Web site? State the reasons for your recommendation.

Submissions Details:

  • Submit your response in the MS Excel document


Duscussion Business Finance Assignment Help

reading the information presented in this chapter and other sources,
identify and describe two companies (in addition to those mentioned in
this chapter) that have been using cloud computing. Answer the following

  1. Explain
    the advantages these companies have gained by using cloud computing and
    their major reasons for adopting this technology. Is cost-saving the only reason, or there were other reasons?
  2. Most experts believe that security and privacy risks are two of the drawbacks of the cloud computing environment. Outline five recommendations for improving the security and privacy of information in cloud computing.

agents are being used in many applications. Discuss the applications
of these agents in the e-commerce environment. Identify two such agents
and their specific applications in e-commerce.

APA style format, in-text citation.


PowerPoint Presentation Business Finance Assignment Help

Please read the following assignment and understand it to avoid revisions:

PowerPoint Presentations: Students will complete PowerPoint Presentations of 15-20 Focused slides

Overview of a regulatory agency healthcare emergency management standards and/or regulations (choose one). Don’t just provide background. Very Important: Be sure to take a deep dive and describe the importance of the regulatory agency and how their regulations have impacted healthcare.

oCenters for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) This is my choice

oNational Firefighter Professionals Association (NFPA)

oThe Joint Commission (TJC)”


*** Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is my choice

***APA sitation style

***Use only updated resources

***Use Additional Resources and Implement your critical thinking into the assignment


Which service would you recommend to your client considering not only costs but also issues such as delivery speed, pick-up schedules, drop-off locations, package-tracking ability, and usability of the Web site? State the reasons for your recommendation.

Submissions Details:

  • Submit your response in the MS Excel document