Topic 1: Models of Classroom Management Through this unit’s reading, you have explored various models of classroom management. Complete the following learning activity to further explore and analyze each of these models. Review the following classroom scenario: Juan Camacho is frequently inattentive in your 10th grade mathematics class. He talks to his neighbors during lessons and when directions are given. You have spoken to him about this behavior but he has quickly dismissed your requests. Juan’s grades are not good; he is on the verge of failing. Choose one of the models of classroom management explored in the learning activity to address this classroom scenario. What model did you choose and why? How can you effectively implement this model in the classroom to encourage positive behavior in this student? What challenges might you face when implementing this model in the classroom?

Part2 Assignment Details In this course, you will explore numerous classroom management models and theories. You will begin this journey by choosing one model to research for this paper. This assignment provides you an opportunity to develop your understanding of one particular model. In this paper, you will choose one of the models or theories presented in the textbook. The research project should include the following elements: Introduction: The introduction should state the name and author of the model or theory you have chosen along with a short overview. Explain why you chose this model or theory over others. Body: The body of the paper contains the key points of the model or theory with specific explanations of those points and examples of how they would work in the classroom. Include a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of implementing this model. A minimum of three credible, reliable sources should be used to support your writing. Summary and Conclusions: In this section you should discuss how you would implement three of the key points of the model or theory into your own classroom (noting any changes in your present management style you would need to make or any training you feel you might need) to make this implementation successful. If you disagree with one of the key points, discuss why that point could not be successfully implemented into your classroom and support this reasoning with evidence from another model or theory. This paper should be 2–3 pages in length. Present the research project in APA format, with a title page and properly formatted citations and reference list.

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