total quality management Business Finance Assignment Help

total quality management Business Finance Assignment Help. total quality management Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355

Part 1

Do Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 complement each other or do they in some ways conflict each other? Discuss 3 specific areas where they could complement each other and 3 areas where they could cause conflict in terms of Total Quality Management. Make sure you are specific in your arguments and provide details.

250 word minimum

Part 2

Also respond to the following post in 150 words:

“After completing the assigned reading of Chapters 5 and 6, I feel like they do a pretty good job in complementing each other more than conflicting each other. Scientific management or management is defined as the art and science of directing, coordinating, and controlling human effort, so that the established objectives of an enterprise can be achieved in accordance with the established policies and procedures. Both chapters in a way speak to the aforementioned concept of scientific management. Chapters 5 and 6 both refer to the business system, and how it is actually split into the six different categories or types. Those types as described in the text as management, business, manufacturing, agriculture, educational, and automotive. Chapter 6 speaks on the four steps of the scientific decision making. Those steps are to define the problem, develop a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, and to prove/disprove the hypothesis. Chapter 5 speaks to the beginning stages and evolution of scientific management. These two complement each other because one chapter talks to how one should follow managerial steps all the way up to the conclusion/solution phase, and the other chapter runs into the different approaches of management.

An important conflict in terms of total quality management could be the fact that Chapter 6 references an approach that can be seen as independent problem solving, which is totally away from the cooperation of a team/group to work through issues from a management standpoint as seen in Chapter 5. Another situation that could cause conflict is when instead of the certainty of the management science in Chapter 5, Chapter 6 speaks to how biased the approach could be, throwing the entire process off. Chapter 5 describes how a company can be uniform in their management approach versus the consistent and ever-changing mode discussed in Chapter 6.”

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Medical Office Management I Writing Assignment Help

Assignment 8

H01 Medical Office Management 1

Directions: Be sure to save an electronic copy of your answer before submitting it to Ashworth College for grading. Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English, spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) double-spaced pages; refer to the “Assignment Format” page located on the Course Home page for specific format requirements.

In Lessons 5 through 8, you learned about the administrative requirements of medical assistants. You learned about patient reception, appointment scheduling, office technology, correspondence, medical records, billing and collections, medical insurance, medical claims and coding, and office management duties. For this written assignment, the concepts learned from Lessons 5–8 will be applied. Please review the learning objectives for Lessons 5–8 prior to beginning work on this assignment.

Complete Parts A, B, C, and D for this assignment.

Part A:A pharmaceutical representative has just arrived at the office of Dr. Joseph Henderson, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. The waiting room is swarming with patients waiting to see Dr. Henderson, because he was delayed with an unexpectedly complicated lumbar spinal fusion and laminectomy.

The representative is very insistent, almost belligerent, about seeing the physician immediately, even though she did not have an appointment to see him. In fact, the visit was totally unexpected, as the representative had just been in two weeks ago. Last time the representative was in, she gave Dr. Henderson a variety of readily usable and dispensable medications. She has more of the same today—injectable cortisone with Novocain, muscle relaxants, NSAIDs, and even some Tylenol with codeine. Usually, Dr. Henderson is quite receptive to receiving these samples, as they help ease the financial burden on his patients for whom he uses or to whom he dispenses these samples. The office is, in fact, running quite low on these particular medications because of Dr. Henderson’s heavy patient load.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should be at least 150 words in length.

  • What is your response to the sales representative?
  • Should a sales representative ever take precedence over scheduled appointments?
  • Does the fact that Dr. Henderson is usually quite anxious to receive any and all samples for his patients enter in as a factor?
  • Does the diminished supply of these samples alter the situation?
  • Can the medical assistant ever accept delivery of any or all of these samples?

Part B:Dr. Jonas runs a private practice. He admits patients and makes rounds in two local hospitals. He uses one type of EHR software in his private office and two other packages in the two hospitals. Not only must Dr. Jonas learn three software systems, but he also may at times be unable to move patient information between those systems because of incompatibility. What might Dr. Jonas do to address these issues? Your response should be at least 100 words in length.

Part C:Lisa Medina, a certified coder, performs medical coding for a large multi-specialty clinic. You have just been hired as Lisa’s assistant. She has asked you to review the encounter forms for the day, on which physicians have checked off the diagnoses of each patient. You notice that Dr. Parker, an endocrinologist, has checked off the box for Diabetes unspecified for most of his patients without checking off any manifestations or complications. You think this is unusual because many diabetic patients do have complications.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should at least 150 words in length.

  • What are the options for handling this situation?
  • Which option would you select? Give three reasons for your choice.
  • With whom should you consult before acting on your choice?
  • Given the situation, as the office manager, what should Sarah do immediately regarding Nell?
  • If Sarah decides to send Nell home, should she call Nell’s husband to come and get her, or, perhaps, insist that Nell go home in a cab?
  • Does Sarah have an obligation to tell Dr. Williams about her suspicions regarding Nell?
  • Should this incident become part of Nell’s employment record?
  • Is this incident grounds for firing an employee?
  • Because Nell is a CMA (AAMA) and works with patients, is it within Sarah’s rights to demand a blood and urine screening for alcohol and drugs?
  • Should the police be notified of the incident?
  • If Nell is indeed intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol, is Sarah obligated to refer Nell to counseling at an alcohol and drug rehabilitation facility?

Part D:Sarah Egan is the office manager in Dr. Williams’s practice. Nell Jacobs, who has worked as a CMA (AAMA) in the office for one year, has frequently been absent or tardy on Mondays. Sarah suspects that Nell has a drinking problem. However, Nell has never arrived at the office intoxicated—until today. Sarah has just observed Nell stumbling in the parking lot when getting out of her car. Her speech is slurred, and her breath has a fruity odor that Sarah thinks could be alcohol. Nell does not appear to understand anything that Sarah is saying to her.

Provide detailed answers for each of the following questions. Your response should at least 250 words in length.

Grading Rubric

Please refer to the rubric on the next page for the grading criteria for this assignment.


Evaluation and Forecasting of Technical Projects 6-10 pages Business Finance Assignment Help

Your company has seen important internal projects go off track during execution. After-the-fact analysis has revealed the common factors of inadequate controls and unremarkable but unexpected problems. Senior management now believes that developing and implementing a set of standard control processes, integrated with both planning and execution, will raise success rates.

In a 6-10 page training document, complete the following:

  • Create training materials for the project office.
  • Indicate what controlling measures should be taken at each phase of a project.
  • Provide a survey of important forecasting techniques.
  • Outline limitations and pitfalls of the various forecasting techniques.
  • Choose one technique from each of the major forecasting categories (numerical/statistical, simulation, earned value analysis, and/or ad hoc), and discuss in detail.


Article summary and powerpoint Writing Assignment Help

i will attach two article here and want you to write a 1-2 page summary for each that includes, how these article could improve the literature review of “pricing model for online store” which will be attached as well.

Also, Prepare powerpoint 8 slides that includes summary of the articles and answers for those questions here:

Conceptual Framework & Theory

1.What is the marketing theory or model discussed in the article?
2.Are the author’s conceptualization and model specification suitable?
3.Does the paper adequately capture the key theoretical relationships?


1.What are the interesting ideas in this paper?

2.What is the contribution of this paper to the field of marketing?

3.What are the “takeaways” for marketing managers?

4.How would you develop these ideas further


Total quality Mgt Writing Assignment Help

Review the attached Case Study and then answer the questions. Your submission should be at least 3 pages long. DOUBLE SPACED. APA format is required. References should be in APA format. Please use the course text also to reflect.

1. Based on what you read critique the practices of management. Did they show real Leadership as discussed in Chapter 1? What improvements might you suggest? Remember, there is always room for improvement. Use your reading and research to help you.

2. Scientific Management is still an important concept. Based on the issues of the case and any research regarding this situation, what scientific management approaches could have helped prevent this problem? Please use your reading and research to help build your case.

3. Develop a system to prevent this issue from happening again? I know you don’t have a lot of details but do your best. Also, focus on subsystems if you believe this will help your efforts. There is a lot of good information in Chapter 6 to help you with your decision making.


See attachment


Kiran, D.R. (2016). Total Quality Management: Key Concepts and Case Studies, 1st Edition, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-0128110355

CHAPTERS 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 ONLY



Sally Mae Fischer Home Visit Writing Assignment Help

– Observe the simulated “Home Visit With Sallie Mae Fisher” video:

– Refer to “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders” for specifics related to the case study used to inform the assignment.

– Using “Grading Criteria” and “Sallie Mae Fisher’s Health History and Discharge Orders” complete the following components of this assignment:

– Please follow the Grading Rubric “Grading Criteria”.

Essay Portion

-After viewing the home visit, write an essay of 500-750-words in which you do the following:

  1. Describe the nutrition and diet for a patient with congestive heart failure (CHF).
  2. Provide substantiating evidence (assessment data) for these recommendations regarding nutrition and diet for a patient with CHF.
  3. Identify and describe one medical and/or nursing interventions regarding nutrition and diet in a patient with CHF.
  4. Discuss your rationale for the intervention identified.

**Discussion of nutrition and diet for a patient with congestive heart failure, including data (signs, symptoms, history, statements) from the case study that show it is a problem with our patient, followed by evidence- based interventions that will prevent, lessen or mitigate the problem. Make sure the interventions are backed up by research and you cite the resource. This is worth a great deal of points on your paper.**

-Prepare this step of the assignment according to APA guidelines

-An abstract is not required.

Scripted Dialogue Portion

– Utilizing the information learned from the home visit, health histories, and discharge orders, write a scripted dialogue in which you provide Sallie Mae with education that describes her nutritional and dietary problems and the intervention identified to improve her condition. Consider Sallie Mae’s physiological, psychosocial, educational, and spiritual needs when developing your dialogue.

Your dialogue should resemble a script. The following is an example of a few sentences from a scripted dialogue:

Nurse: “Good morning, Salle Mae, my name is ______ and I will be your nurse today. I understand you are experiencing problems with ________.”

**The narrative portion of the assignment should connect with the diagnosis that you discuss in your paper, but does not have to be in APA format, but solid academic writing is expected.

-This assignment is submitted to a plagiarism checker

Sally Mae Fischer Home Visit Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Provide a synopsis Writing Assignment Help

In nursing practice, accurate identification and application of research is essential to achieving successful outcomes. Being able to articulate the information and successfully summarize relevant peer-reviewed articles in a scholarly fashion helps to support the student’s ability and confidence to further develop and synthesize the progressively more complex assignments that constitute the components of the course change proposal capstone project.

For this assignment, the student will provide a synopsis of eight peer-reviewed articles from nursing journals using an evaluation table that determines the level and strength of evidence for each of the eight articles. The articles should be current within the last 5 years and closely relate to the PICOT statement developed earlier in this course. The articles may include quantitative research, descriptive analyses, longitudinal studies, or meta-analysis articles. A systematic review may be used to provide background information for the purpose or problem identified in the proposed capstone project. Use the “Literature Evaluation Table” resource to complete this assignment.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Ergonomics Current Event and Charting Musculoskeletal Diseases Engineering Assignment Help

  • Assignments
  • Discussion Board

    3P1: Ergonomics Current Event

    Identify a current event about ergonomics from a credible source (WikiPedia is not considered a credible source in academics). Discuss with your fellow learners the current findings / technologies / research / etc that you have found and how you feel this will benefit or harm potential workers. Feel free to include photographs or links to any videos that are relevant to your event.Comment on at least two other learners – discussing their event and the techniques they have discussed in their original post.

  • Assignment

    3A1: Identifying & Charting Musculoskeletal Diseases

    M2 Assessment – Musculoskeletal Disorders_.xlsx

    • Research the Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Identify the Body Parts Affected
    • Identify the Symptoms
    • Identify Possible Causes
    • Identify Workers Affected

    Use the attached spreadsheet and fill in the chart.

Musculoskeletal Disorder / Disease Name Body Parts Affected Symptoms Possible Causes Workers Affected
DeQuervain’s disease
trigger finger
rotator cuff tendinitis
Raynaud’s syndrome (White Finger)
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Back Disability


Learning to Communicate Globally Through the Platform of Social Media Humanities Assignment Help


Integrate the positive and negative effects of social media making global communication easily accessible.


When using social media, the communication barrier of distance is
eliminated. This comes with obvious benefits, but it also comes with
extra challenges due to the increased potential for misunderstandings
with cultural differences and language barriers. The person that knows
how to use communication opportunities will have a strong advantage in
their work and in their networking and relationships.

This assignment has two parts to it.

Part 1:

Locate and study social media pages of businesses that are making an
effort to market their product globally. You can use any social media
platform you choose. Examine what you believe the companies are doing
well and what can be improved. Look for ways in which their
communication are clear to a large number of people, breaking through
language and cultural barriers. Also look for ways in which the pages
could be improved due to the limitations and challenges of global

After you have studied several pages that are seeking to reach a large number of people, choose three of them.

1A. Choose the page that you feel does the best job overall.

Describe why you feel like this social
media page was the best one that you viewed. Take a screenshot of the
page and upload it with your submission.

1B. Choose one that needs improvement.

Describe what you see that needs
improvement in their effort to reach people globally. Take a screenshot
of the page and upload it with your submission.

1C. Choose one that most closely represents the type of page that
you might create in the future. If you have no interest or potential
need for ever creating a social media page that is intended to reach the
masses globally, then choose one that you are interested in and like.

Describe why you chose this social media
page as the one that you can best relate to or like the best. Take a
screenshot of the page and upload it with your submission.

Note: Do not use the same social media page for more than one of
these three choices. For example, do not say that one social media page
was the best and also the one that you would be most likely to create a
similar page as. In other words, do not use one social media page for
both 1A and 1C. You need to choose three separate pages in total.

Part 2:

Now you will use what you have learned to create your own social
media page with the intent of reaching the masses. You will not need to
actually create a page on a social media platform. Creating a fake
company or organization online could obviously cause problems. Instead,
emulate the formatting of a social media page, and create it so that you
can submit it to your instructor.

Take what you learned from Part 1 to create the best fake social
media page you can on an imaginary company or organization of your
choice. Your company or organization can be anything you want, just
ensure that it is class-appropriate. Describe what you learned in this
assignment and how you incorporated that knowledge into your social
media page.


1 page essay Writing Assignment Help

Week 2 Discussion

By the due date assigned, post a two-paragraph response in the Discussion Area below identifying two topics that interest you for the argumentative essay. Explain why each would be a good choice for research and argumentation.

By the end of the week, comment on at least two of your classmates’ submissions. Your replies to classmates should be made with an eye to clarify how one or both of the topics fulfill the following criteria:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it of current importance?
  • Is a resolution important?
  • What aspects of it are important to address?


For the final writing assignment in this course, you will write a researched argumentative essay. As a first step, you will identify some possible topics of interest for research.

Begin by reflecting on issues that are important to you and on which reasonable people might disagree. Also, consider areas in which a change could make improvements in a currently difficult situation. Once you have found two possible topics, draft two paragraphs in which you explain your interest in the topics and any challenges you expect to encounter.

To help you to generate ideas, you can use the South University Online Library to locate articles that present arguments about controversial issues that interest you. You may reach out to the Reference Librarian by phone, email, or the library chat feature for help in locating articles.

This YouTube Video will help you to find information on debatable topics, as mentioned in the lectures this week:


The following are some ideas to get you started thinking about possibilities:

  • As a parent, you might promote children’s health by advocating for healthy school lunch, mandatory recess activity, or physical education classes.
  • As a military person or veteran, you might argue for services to eradicate veteran homelessness, drug abuse or suicide, or you could advocate for the draft to ensure that military service is expected of all sectors of society.
  • As a student, you might choose to talk about how to revise Federal Student Aid programs to best support students. You could advocate for interest-free student loans and flexible repayment plans.
  • You could make a case for strengthening of environmental protection, for unions in the workplace, for mandatory transition to renewable energy, for developing a mass transit to reduce the numbers of semis on our highways.
  • You could argue to increase taxes to address the poor quality of roads, or to support teen centers, parks, or libraries


total quality management Business Finance Assignment Help

total quality management Business Finance Assignment Help

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