Transparent Product Chain Traceability in Agriculture: A case study of China and Africa

The topic and some initial work to it has already been done – will provide slides that have been presented in prior weeks which have been reveiwed and approved to continue (attached as Research Slides). I have also attached the slides and paper (attached as Initial Research Slides_Assignment) which were submitted prior to the change in Research Topic.
Research focuses on 3 themes: (1) Blockchain in terms of Environmental Sustainability within the Agriculture industry; (2) Blockchain in terms of Product Chain Traceability – main focus (3) Comparison between chosen countries (China and Africa) in terms of Blockchain and how blockchain for transparent product chain traceability benefits their agriculture industry.
Happy for the professional to make changes as necessary, but the main focus would remain to these three – “blockchain”, “product chain traceability” and “China and Africa as chosen countries”. Number of sources isn’t set, though there are about 20 references within the attachments.
A draft of the paper and 4 slides (methods, results, findings) would need to be presented some time next week with the paper to be finalised and submitted end Oct/early Nov. Highly appreciate it if some updates on the progress can be given to be reviewed as I would also need some time to have a final review before submissions. Greatly appreciated and thank you very much in advance.

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