UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help

UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help. UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help.

Answer these questions and Do not include the question in the new word document..

1. Define ecological restoration, reintroduction, and rewilding. (2 pts)

2. Briefly describe how the goals and history of rewilding differ between Europe and North America. How might other countries/continents address rewilding? (3 pts)

3. How has the Anthropocene changed the way researchers think about restoration and rewilding? (2 pts)

4. When conserving or reintroducing species there are tradeoffs. In an ecosystem where both a specialist species with a unique ecological function and a generalist species with a common ecological function are at risk of extinction, which should wildlife managers choose to conserve and why? (2 pts)

5. What is one challenges that a species may face when they are reintroduced to their previous native range? And what is a challenge they may face when released outside of the native range? (2 pts)

6. What are the arguments for and against sustained intervention? How does this fit into the ideas of restoration and rewilding? (3 pts)

7. What are some intervention strategies we can used to maintain biodiversity and ecosystem function? (2 pts)

8. What two things does Cortlett identify as important to the success of efforts to reconcile people and nature? Provide a description of each. (2 pts)

9. Write out the citation for this journal article using the format of the Journal Ecology. (2 pts)

UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

West Coast University Digestion and Absorption of Fats and Protein Paper Health Medical Assignment Help

Start with the events that occur in the mouth and work your way through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by explaining what happens to fats in the stomach and small intestine. Include the contributions of the liver, gallbladder, and pancreas to digestion, and be specific about which molecules are absorbed. For example, triglycerides must be broken down into monoacyglycerols, glycerol, or free fatty acids in order to be absorbed. Be sure and give the specific names of any enzymes involved in the digestion process. Also, don’t leave out the formation of chylomicrons and their role in lipid transport. Please upload your lipid flowchart by clicking the submit assignment button.


Start with the events that occur in the mouth and work your way through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by explaining what happens to proteins in the stomach and small intestine. Include the contributions of the liver and pancreas to digestion, and be specific about which molecules are absorbed. For example, proteins must be broken down into tripeptides, dipeptides, or free amino acids in order to be absorbed by the enterocytes. Please upload your protein flowchart by selecting the submit assignment button.


UArizona Global Campus Wk 8 Black People Being Killed By Police in US Discussion Law Assignment Help

In this assignment, you will analyze the data that you have collected or reviewed. You will prepare the first draft of the discussion and conclusions section of your project. You can refer to the model study as a guide for drafting your discussion and conclusions section for your project. The discussion and conclusions section of your study should discuss the analysis of your data and the findings that you have derived from your data collection.

Note: You will incorporate the feedback that you receive from the instructor and your classmates and refine the discussion and conclusions section of your study in the next week.

Create a 4- to 6-page draft of the discussion and conclusions section as described below.

In your discussion section, respond to the following:

  • Explain the findings of your data analysis.
  • Explain whether the results support your hypothesis.
  • Explain the conclusions you can make as a result of your research study.
  • Explain the importance of the findings from your study.

In your conclusions section, respond to the following:

  • Explain the importance of the study.
  • Analyze whether your study will resolve any existing issues in the field you have studied.
  • Analyze any far-reaching conclusions or implications you foresee for your study.

Cite all sources using APA format on a separate page.


University of Maryland Global Campus Project Manager Paper Computer Science Assignment Help


As a general rule of thumb, I expect to see, on average, at least 600-700 words for each answer (a minimum of about a page, single spaced or two pages, double spaced (not including references). In your responses use appropriate and properly cited references.

Respond to the following question:

  1. As a project manager, choosing the appropriate project-oriented development process is an important decision. What criteria should you consider when making this decision – specifically when deciding between applying the waterfall and agile methodologies. This should include examples of products and/or case studies using material found in textbooks and/or other public sources. Be sure to cite all sources used and appropriately cite direct quotes.
  2. Socialsoftwarearerelativelynewbutwidelyknownsourcesofinformationthatcanprovide new opportunities for managing projects that may not be covered in published textbooks. What are some challenges or issues that should be considered before a project team implements a blog or a wiki? Research appropriate examples existing on the Web and refer to them to illustrate your analysis of the potential of these sources of Project Management knowledge.
  3. Offshoring continues to be a controversial business topic, especially with the economic downturns and local resistance to the globalization of business (e.g., protests against the World Trade Organization, union calls for protection of jobs, political positions, etc.). Using open sources of information, find and research three relevant issues and sources of information on offshoring. Cite your sources and articulate your interpretation of the issues identified as they impact Project Management practices.
  4. DescribeanethicaldilemmathataprojectteammembermightfacewhilebeingpartofanIT project. Discuss how the project manager could aid in avoiding or resolving such a dilemma. Discuss where this dilemma falls within PMI codes. What are the potential effects on the project should the situation goes unresolved?


JWI 531 Strayer University Financial Management and Financial Forecasts Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

HI Veronica

You noted customer orders as a key driver towards supporting
financial forecasts. This is a great driver. I would also see an input
to this being average customer order size and whether the order is
recurring or not. How do you determine or guesstimate how many
customer orders you will have in a year? What goes into determining
that forecast to ensure it is “credible” to your point.

Do you rely on estimates based on GDP? Do you rely on
salespersons estimates? Do you rely on contractual order history,etc. .
. ?

Lastly, I enjoyed your idea about visualizations to express
progress towards forecasts. Forecasting is about the power of habit and
keeping the team focused on a goal that the organization is marching

I look forward to your followup thoughts.




MCC Three Story Thesis Misinformation Violence Due to Misinformation Essay Humanities Assignment Help

I’m working on a English project and need support to help me study.

HELLO, hello, I have an assignment to do, i will explain everything below . and there’s couple of things are attached.

Misinformation Essay Assignment Sheet

So Far:

We read about and discussed issues around misinformation and finding credible information. You built an annotated bibliography based on either a question from the assignment sheet or a question you developed.

So Now:

Your job for this paper is to construct an opinionated essay on the topic you chose. Keep in mind that you are not confined to the exact question(s) from that assignment, and that you probably should revise your topic based on what you learned in doing your annotated bib. The annotated bib should have put you in a position to know quite a bit more about your topic.

In other words, your initial question came when you had limited knowledge on your topic. Now that you know more, your opinions should be more complex and should reflect your expanded knowledge.

For instance, if your initial question was about whether social media plays a significant role in amplifying misinformation, your essay might look at whether or not companies like Facebook should have some legal responsibility for misinformation that appears on their platform.

To Start:

You should read “Constructing the Thesis (Links to an external site.)” and “Intros and Outros (Links to an external site.)” in Guptill.

After that, you should write and submit a three-story thesis. The “Constructing the Thesis” chapter has several examples. Please note that for this, you are only submitting the thesis, which will be a maximum of 2 sentences.

After you receive feedback on your thesis, you can move to working on your rough draft.

The paper should follow the guidelines in Guptill for constructing an “organic college paper” not a “five-paragraph theme.” If the material in the book does not make sense, please reach out to me.

Your paper should use (and properly cite) at least 4 sources. At least 1 of your sources should be scholarly. You can use the sources from your annotated bib, but you will likely want to expand beyond those sources. You may also use the assigned readings from the class in your paper, but they do not count towards your 4 sources! Also, remember that you are not limited to only written sources. Credible information can be found in many different formats, including documentaries, podcasts, interviews, and news programs.

The paper should use MLA format, including in-text citations and a properly formatted Works Cited page. The paper should be minimum 1000 words.

The Purdue OWL is a wonderful resource. Their materials for in-text citation can be found here (Links to an external site.).

And their materials for a works cited page can be found here (Links to an external site.).

Important to start with:

1- three-story thesis

2- Rough Draft

3- Final Draft

MCC Three Story Thesis Misinformation Violence Due to Misinformation Essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

USF Research Methods in Psychology Hypothesis Test Questions Mathematics Assignment Help


In this assignment, you will provide a plain language explanation of the primary concepts of this topic and the types of probability distributions that may be used for it. In addition, you will provide examples of how your field would apply each of these probability calculations in your field to predict or present issues in and around the pandemic.

Assignment Preparation


While the primary purpose of this assignment is for you to think about and work with statistical concepts, it is important after you complete your writing that you take the time to review and edit it for coherence, completeness, and grammar. Using a grammar and spelling program such as Grammarly is highly recommended, as excessive grammar errors and incoherent writing will lower your grade.

Use ONLY words (no formulas, no equations, and no symbols):

  1. What does a hypothesis test do?
  2. How do you determine what is the null hypothesis and what is the alternative hypothesis?
  3. What are the primary types of hypotheses tests? For what is each used/What determines which one to use in a particular situation? What type of test statistic is used for each? (You may put the answers for this into a table).
  4. What is a p-value?
  5. What is critical-value?
  6. What does the confidence interval tell you?

Assignment Submittal

The work is set up as a regular assignment. The assignment is submitted as an upload in doc, docx, or pdf formats only.

Assignment Grading

This assignment will be graded on completed with exceptional effort, completed, not completed, or not submitted. Getting points for exceptional work requires demonstrating that you have thought about the concepts enough to express them in exceptional detail in your own words.


CA2 segment 2, 3, 4, & 5 2020F

CA2 segment 2, 3, 4, & 5 2020F

Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuestionsYou are expected to use the statistics and probability in the resource provided to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts in the questions

10.0 pts


You made an exceptional effort to use the assignment to explore the concepts under discussion

7.5 pts

You did an average job

You completed the assignment

5.0 pts

Your assignment was incomplete or substantially incorrect demonstrating a lack of attention to the concepts involved

0.0 pts

Questions were not answered

10.0 pts

Total Points: 10.0


Strayer University Lithonia Campus Online Direct and Indirect Pricing Discussion Economics Assignment Help

The idea that transactions in a marketplace work like an invisible hand is to some extent the idea that when a person chooses to buy an item at a given price, they are happy with the deal. There is no coercion. If the person really does not like the deal, they simply walk away.

This week’s discussion will give you an opportunity to explore direct and indirect price discrimination within the context of a hypothetical scenario.


For this discussion, use the following hypothetical scenario as the basis for your response:

  • Your business partner is strongly opposed to your proposal to charge your largest customers lower prices for your web-based services than what you will charge your smaller customers. She is arguing it is unethical, unfair, and possibly illegal.

Address the following in your discussion post:

  • Make a case that both groups of customers will be satisfied with the deal and that this is a perfectly legal form of pricing in a business-to-customer relationship.
    • What degree is this type of price discrimination?
    • How will the plan increase revenue?
    • Why will both groups of customers be satisfied with the deal?
    • Why is this a legal form of pricing?
  • Use evidence from your textbook or other reputable sources to support your case to your business partner.


MBA 640 University of Maryland CompanyOne SEO & SMO Strategies Questions Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer following discussion questions with 1/2 paragraphs with references to answer.


How would you incorporate social media into CompanyOne’s SEO strategy? Social media optimization (SMO) has the same goals for CompanyOne as SEO, (i.e., to increase traffic to CompanyOne’s website). Should CompanyOne invest more in SMO relative to SEO? Why or why not?


There are three key elements to be considered in any web analytics study like the kind MCS is doing for CompanyOne. These elements are (1) behavior, (2) outcomes, and (3) user experience. A powerful technique to gauge user behavior is segmentation. Explain the concept of segmentation in relation to web analytics. Some common ways of segmenting your site visitors are by new users, returning users, paid search traffic, nonpaid search traffic, direct traffic, referral source, landing page, browser, and mobile traffic, among hundreds of possible options. Recommend any five ways of segmentation to CompanyOne, including some that are not listed here, and discuss the relative merits of each.


In Google Analytics (GA), a funnel is a navigation path (series of web pages) that you expect CompanyOne’s online customers to follow in order to achieve the business’s goals for their website. A funnel is made up of a goal page (or pages) and one or more funnel pages (also known as the funnel steps). CompanyOne needs to choose either the Goal Flow Report or the Funnel Visualization Report in Google Analytics. They come to you for advice. What questions will you ask in order to arrive at your recommendation for CompanyOne? Explain your reasoning.


Grand Canyon University Science Professional Development Presentation Discussion Science Assignment Help

Science in Latin means “to know,” and, in the case of current scientific approaches, it can be thought of as both process and content. Understanding science concepts is an important precursor to facilitating the instruction of science. As a teacher, it is important to learn methods and strategies to help facilitate investigation, exploration, and discovery of scientific concepts in your classroom.

Create a 10-15 slide digital presentation that can be used to mentor new teachers and/or to present to colleagues. Discuss inquiry-based learning and explore methods to facilitate investigation, exploration, and discovery of scientific concepts.

Include the following in the presentation:

  • Overview of Pennsylvania science standards appropriate for pre-K and K-3, including a link to the online listing of standards for your state.
  • Description of three basic scientific processes that would encourage early childhood students to understand, question. and analyze science content
  • At least 2-3 developmentally appropriate instructional methods that can be used to engage all students in science instruction and activate prior knowledge
  • Minimum of 2-3 developmentally appropriate instructional resources that can be used to engage all students in science instruction and activate prior knowledge
  • Title slide, detailed presenter notes, and a reference slide

Use 3-5 scholarly sources and supporting details as needed and where appropriate.



While APA style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using documentation guidelines,


UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help

UCSD Ecological Restoration Reintroduction and Rewilding Anthropocene Discussion Writing Assignment Help