United States V. Jones Business Finance Assignment Help

United States V. Jones Business Finance Assignment Help. United States V. Jones Business Finance Assignment Help.

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Case; United States v. Jones. Decided on 2012 where the Supreme Court held the use of a GPS tracker to monitor the location of a vehicle constituted a search for purposes of the Fourth Amendment.
The paper must be 4-6 pages in length detailing the below questions. Before completing the below steps.
1. Thesis: What law are you researching (You are to choose a specific law. Please do not choose a topic)? What position do you want to take in regard to your chosen law? You will need to decide if you agree or disagree with the current way the law is written. You can choose to like certain aspects of the law and not others.
2. Background: What is the existing point you want to challenge or support, and how did the law get to be that way (This is where you would need to find cases, background information, etc.)?
3. Inadequacies: What are the deficiencies in the present way of doing things, or what are the weaknesses in the argument you are attacking?
4. Adequacies: Discuss the positive aspects of the law?
5. Proposed Changes: How will we have a better situation, mode of understanding or clarity with what you are advocating? In short, how can the law be improved (or not diminished)? (This is where you have the chance to change the law with your own ideas of how it should be written).
6). Conclusion: Why should and how can your proposal be adopted?
A detailed implementation plan is NOT expected, but you should provide enough specifics for practical follow-up. In making recommendations, you are expected to draw on theories, concepts and reading.
When writing the term paper you must have a minimum of 3-5 outside sources cited and referenced in the paper. APA guidelines.

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the SCRUM framework, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

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Need at least 250 to 300 words

Compare and contrast how the requirements process and how requirements are documented differ between the traditional plan-driven (“waterfall”) software development approach and the SCRUM framework. How are changes to requirements handled within each?


Managerial Ethics within a Financial Statement, accounting homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Write a 1,000–1,350 word essay based on the topic you chose in Unit 3.

Include the following in your essay:

  • Identify an underlying ethical issue (like the ethics associated with earnings management decisions).
  • Critique of ethical situation
  • Determine who could be harmed by the ethical situation
  • Assess the potential outcomes of the ethical situation from an accounting perspective
  • Evaluate how these decisions could be avoided or prevented.

Include a reference list incorporating a minimum of three credible sources and a title page.

Use Times New Roman 12 point font, with one-inch margins on all sides and one-and-half inch line spacing.

Format your work consistent with APA guidelines.

Visit the virtual library as it houses many sources you can use, including information regarding APA formatting and ABI-inform. Additional information regarding ABI-inform can be found in Doc Sharing. You are not limited to Kaplan’s library and may use other databases for sources (like the public library).


IT Governance framework, engineering homework help Engineering Assignment Help

Does your host company have in place a formal IT Governance framework? Some clues as to its existence might be that there is a Corporate Governance or IT Governance policy document; the corporate intranet might contain references to governance. Structures may exist, at higher levels that are the decision making bodies and which control activities in the company for all levels through delegated authority.

Write approx 250 words in your initial answer to this.

Note: smaller companies may not have such evidence in which case you should describe the process that exists to ensure efficiency, control and value as well as accountability and responsibility.


minimum of six (6) sources; two of robbery, two on burglary and two on any category of larceny, Annotated Bibliography help Writing Assignment Help

W5 Assignment – Annotated Bibliography

Your assignment this week is to prepare an “annotated bibliography”. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph, the annotation.


In this assignment, youwill provide a minimum of six (6) sources; two of robbery, two on burglary and two on any category of larceny (as covered this week). Each source must be from a credible source (Wikipediaor miscellaneousblogswill not be accepted).

Give a minimum 150 word summary for EACH source (meaning 6 separate summaries, for a grand total of 900 words).

Additional Resources that may help with your assignment…

Consult the followingwebpagefor help on creating an annotated bibliography:




Slave Narrative, english assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

Using James Olney’s “‘I was born’: Slave Narratives, Their Status as Autobiography and as Literature” and other essays in The Slave’s Narrative, ed. Charles T. Davis and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., write an essay of at least 3 full pages in which you evaluate how “authentic” a slave narrative is by analyzing it against his criterion for slave narratives. Please note: The works cited page is an additional page and doesn’t count as one of the pages for the 3-page requirement.

1–Choose one of the three slave narratives we have read–Douglass, Jacobs, or Equiano.

2–In your essay, analyze that narrative against EACH of Olney’s characteristics of slave narratives. After you complete an itemized analysis of each of the characteristics, draw an overall conclusion of how “authentic” your slave narrative is according to Olney’s characteristics.

3–Please do not write a plot summary of the narrative. Use the slave narrative to support what you say about it in your analysis. Essays that are primarily plot summaries and are less than the 3 full pages requirement will not earn more than 50%.

4–Don’t forget to cite parenthetically as well as in a list of work cited any information you borrow. Remember, you have to borrow from the text of the slave narrative as well as Olney’s characteristics, so both of them must be cited. The citation information for the Olney article is found at the beginning. Other than using the narrative and Olney’s list of characteristics, all of the analysis should come from you, not from websites or other sources.

5–Please write a college-level essay with an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Please do not submit a list of answers. Write an essay. Please write all responses in essay format

6–Be sure to balance directly quoting and paraphrasing.

7–Your essay must be formatted according to MLA guidelines

Links: http://docsouth.unc.edu/neh/douglass/douglass.html



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LOG502 Session Long Project 3 Business Finance Assignment Help

Module 3 – SLP


Welcome to the SLP for the third module of the course. Take a look at Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and the way it warehouses its resources and products. Do some research with references to write a 4-page paper on the following topic.

Does Goodyear warehouse/store its resources and products efficiently? If Goodyear offers services, then discuss how these services are retained and the challenges of not being able to “warehouse” services.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Research the organization with information you can find on the internet or other resources you find on your own. The paper should be 4 pages in length and have a cover sheet and a reference page. Clarity of presentation is important, as well as your ability to apply the topics to the logistics area of your selected firm. Use at least 3 different sources of information and annotate your sources of information appropriately on your references page and within the text as necessary. You will be assessed on how well you demonstrate your knowledge of the topic as it applies to your selected firm. Submit your assignment for grading by the end of this module.


As a Pharmacy Manager, you must be able to explain state law Writing Assignment Help

As a Pharmacy Manager, you must be able to explain state law requirements to your staff. While pharmacists are generally familiar with the state laws, the Pharmacy Technicians may not be clear on certain topics. Consequently, you will need to add content to your policy/procedure explaining key laws that Pharmacy Technicians will need to know and apply on a daily basis. The transferable skills that you will demonstrate with this assignment are information literacy, ethics, and professional responsibility.

In preparation for this:

  1. Research and summarize your state laws regarding the duties of a Pharmacy Technician.
  2. Explain how the state laws align with the ethical conduct required by pharmacy employers. Why are they important for demonstrating professional ethical practices? Discuss the consequences to the employer and customer of demonstrating unethical practices.

Write your findings in an APA formatted paper that is a minimum of 2-pages in length. Be sure to include an APA formatted reference page containing a minimum of 3 credible sources, with 2 being academic (such as an academic journal). Use a minimum of 3 in-text citations with proper formatting.

  • A note about credible sources: Credible sources are reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sources are written by authors respected in their fields of study. You want to identify sources where the author of the article is listed, if they’ve referenced other information, the sources should be cited so that you can check for the accuracy of and support what they have written.
  • Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. For more information on credible sources, please visit the Rasmussen Online Library.

You are encouraged to investigate the following resources:

  • Board of Pharmacy in your state
  • Rasmussen online library:
    • Health Policy Reference Center via EBSCO
    • Health Sciences and Nursing via ProQuest – Pharmaceutical News Index


Part A: Cost of Debt, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Part A: Cost of Debt

Kenny Enterprises has just issued a bond with a par value of $1,000, twenty years to maturity, and an 8% coupon rate with semiannual payments.

  • What is the cost of debt for Kenny Enterprises if the bond sells at the following prices?
  • What do you notice about the price and the cost of debt?
  • $920
  • $1,000
  • $1,080
  • $1,173

Part B: Comparing NPV and IRR

Chandler and Joey were having a discussion about which financial model to use for their new business. Chandler supports NPV and Joey supports IRR. The discussion starts to get heated when Ross steps in and states, “Gentlemen, it doesn’t matter which method we choose, they give the same answer on all projects.”

  • Is Ross correct?
  • Under what three (3) conditions will IRR and NPV be consistent when accepting or rejecting projects?

Part C: Production Cash Outflow

The Creative Products Corporation produces its products two months in advance of anticipated sales and ships to warehouse centers the month before sale. The inventory safety stock is 15% of the anticipated month’s sale. Beginning inventory in October 2009 was 120,000 units. Each unit costs $1.50 to make. The average selling price is $2.50 per unit. The cost is made up of 60% labor, 30% materials, and 10% shipping (to warehouse). Labor is paid the month of production, shipping the month after production, and raw materials the month prior to production. What is the production cash outflow for the month of October 2009 production, and in what months does it occur? Assume that the sales forecast for December 2009 is $2,500,000.


various places pharmacology information is utilized in pharmacy practice, writing homework help Writing Assignment Help

Throughout your program, you have been learning about the various places pharmacology information is utilized in pharmacy practice. Questions about drugs often come from doctors, nurses, and patients. However, depending on the nature of the inquiry, some of these questions may need to be referred to the pharmacist. So why does the Pharmacy Technician need to know so much about pharmacology?

Consider what you have learned so far about your role as a Pharmacy Technician in the pharmacy workplace, and think about how you will apply your pharmacology knowledge.

  1. Research your state laws regarding technician counseling of patients. Are technicians allowed to do any type of counseling in your state? If so what are the regulations governing technician counseling?
  2. Since many states do not permit Pharmacy Technicians to counsel patients, why do you feel there is such emphasis placed on pharmacology knowledge? Describe a scenario in which you would use your pharmacology knowledge in the pharmacy workplace.


United States V. Jones Business Finance Assignment Help

United States V. Jones Business Finance Assignment Help

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