University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help

University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help. University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help.

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In late august of 2019, fires in the Amazon made news headlines worldwide, after NASAconfirmed 2019 was “the most active fire year in that region since 2010.” Despite the sophisticated analysis that NASA tried to convey (summarized in our Deforestation Case Study), some of the media coverage exposed the multiple misconceptions about the Amazon. On the one hand, a general trope of “pristine nature” loomed over depictions of the Amazon as untouched primary forest, as if native peoples had not inhabited this vibrant eco-region well before the arrival of Europeans to the Americas. On the other hand, many were quick to condemn fires in the rainforest without a deeper analysis of the causes, effects, and long-term consequences of fires in the region. We were left with a shallow exchange between Hollywood icon Leonardo Dicaprio and the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro–an unfortunate outcome for public awareness on this very important issue and a nightmare come true for geographers worldwide.

In this first paper, your task is to (A) critique how mainstream media portrayed the 2019 Amazon fires and (B) choose one approach to environment and society we have studied thus far to better explain the relationship between fire and the Amazon rainforest. At the heart of your paper should be an answer to the following questions:

  1. Do media portrayals fit any of the three approaches to environment and society we have studied so far? If so, which approach and why? If not, what underlying assumptions are at play in their portrayal?
  2. What would your chosen approach outline as the best way to understand the relationship between humans, fires, and the rainforest? Are fires always bad for the rainforest? If not, under what condition and practices might they be beneficial?
  3. What potential solutions would your approach suggest to mitigate the detrimental consequences of fires in the Amazon?


Your first step is to conduct online research on the 2019 fires in the Amazon. Select an in-depth news article that reports on the issue. You can choose your favorite media source, but make sure it is an in-depth piece (meaning it is at least 1,000 words). You can also select weekly or monthly journals such as The Economist, National Geographic, Scientific American or Nature.

After you choose the article, read it carefully and take note of its central argument and the supporting evidence. Analyze how well the evidence fits the portrayal and make a list of assumptions that are unjustified. Then go back to your notes from readings and lectures and answer the first question. Do not spend time explaining what the article says. Spend this portion of your paper focusing on the assumptions the journalists made and how they relate to what we have studied in this course.


Select an approach we studied in our first three units and outline how you would explain the relationship between humans and the environment using the example of fires and forests in the Amazon. Here are some clues:

  1. Population and Scarcity
    • Clarify whether the fires are affecting primary or secondary forest and make a statement about whether this should be a concern for human beings or not.
    • Use the knowledge we gained by looking at trees as “objects of concern” and specify if and why it matters whether primary forest is being replaced by pasture or plantations.
    • Explain how a population and scarcity perspective would suggest the rainforest should be preserved. Find some evidence about the effects of conservation areas or indigenous reserves for forest preservation and make a strong case about how industrialization and urbanization drive deforestation.
  1. Markets and Commodities
    • Identify whether deforestation is associated with the production of beef, soy or gold and frame the issue using the market response model.
    • Clarify why it make sense to burn down forest in the production of the commodity you choose and use economic reasoning to suggest alternative solutions.
    • Use the knowledge we gained by looking at trees as “objects of concern” to specify how market-based solutions already exist to address the incentives to burn down forests (for example, sustainable cattle-ranching programs, timber harvesting certification systems, or the soy moratorium). Explain if you believe this is enough to preserve the rainforest or not.
  1. Institutions and “The Commons”
    • Clarify how deforestation is related to global climate change and how preserving rainforests is crucial to attain the goal of reducing global carbon emissions.
    • Discuss how a 1.5 degree Celsius temperature increase in global temperature may keep the Amazon as a carbon sink vs. turning it into a carbon source with a 2 degree Celsius increase in global temperature.
    • Use the knowledge we gained about the Paris Climate Agreement to make a statement about the likelihood of wildfires in the future. Use IPCC reports to get the appropriate data and make your case for global collective action to preserve the Amazon.


After doing the research and outlining the arguments according to your chosen approach, write an essay of 1,500-2,000 words. Try your best to make a strong argument. Stylistically, make sure your paper has the following:

  • An introductory paragraph that explains you will critique the media and use an approach in environment-society geography to explain the relationship between humans and fires in the Amazon.
  • A thesis statement at the end of your first paragraph that summarizes your main point (or points) and briefly outlines how you will prove this statement.
  • At least three body paragraphs in which the first sentence explicitly tells the reader how the evidence in each paragraph will support the thesis statement (this is your topic sentence).
  • A concluding paragraph that reviews what you have argued throughout the essay and lays out how you have demonstrated your points.



  • If you read the Deforestation Case Study you will be better equipped to write this paper. In other words, if you want to get an A: read and carefully deploy the information in that page.However, you are not required to find data in the suggested tools.
  • Please avoid colloquial expressions and caricatures such as “the lungs of the earth” (learn why this is incorrect here), “pristine nature,” and “untouched forest.” Instead, deploy technical language we have reviewed, such as carbon sink, primary forest, and secondary succession. Look at the rubric in advance. Do not be surprised if points are deducted due to word choice.

Paper Sources:

As you make your case, please make sure all your evidence is supported by credible studies (you can use the CU libraries browser) or journalistic sources (seek out major newspapers such as The Guardian, The Atlantic or The New York Times, investigative journals such as The Economist, or scientific sources such as Nature or Science). The material must be up to date – materials published over the past 2-3 years. Make sure you cite all sources used in the paper. There is no significant penalty for excessive citation: there is a huge penalty for plagiarism. Here are some tips to avoid academic dishonesty and getting into trouble.


Please pay attention to format, spelling, syntax, referencing, etc. The paper accounts for 10% of the course grade. Late papers will be penalized 10% per day late. Papers will be marked on a 1-20-point scale (check the Paper Grading Rubric below).

I strongly encourage you to get acquainted and make an appointment with CU’s Online Composition Hub and get support for your academic writing. Papers with external support do significantly better in this class than papers without it. Utilizing university resources already included in your tuition costs is also a great opportunity for you to hone your writing skills–a critical asset for your entire professional life.


Please submit your essay as a WORD or PDF document. Uploads are restricted to .docx, .doc and .pdf files. Check your Turnitin score after your submission. I strongly recommend that you submit an edited version if the score is higher than 20%. I will review papers with a score higher than 15% carefully for indications of plagiarism. Please avoid any issues of academic integrity that may jeopardize your grade.

University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Valencia College Ch 5 Winter Springs Community Safety Report Computer Science Assignment Help

In this project you will be working
on a safety report from the Winter Springs Community. First, you will work with track
changes by accepting and rejecting changes that have been made. You will also add and reply
to comments. You will create an AutoCorrect entry and then use the Thesaurus to find
synonyms of words. You will add a caption to a chart. You will add tab leaders to text, a
table of contents, and a footnote. You will then mark an entry for the index, and add an
index to the document.

Skills needed to complete this

  • Using Track Changes (Skill 5.15)
  • Accepting and Rejecting Changes in a Document (Skill 5.18)
  • Working with Comments (Skill 5.16)
  • Using AutoCorrect (Skill 5.3)
  • Using the Thesaurus (Skill 5.2)
  • Adding a Caption (Skill 5.6)
  • Adding Tab Leaders (Skill 5.5)
  • Inserting a Table of Contents (Skill 5.4)
  • Inserting Footnotes and Endnotes (Skill 5.7)
  • Marking Entries (Skill 5.13)
  • Creating an Index (Skill 5.14)

  1. Open the start file [First
  2. If the document opens in Protected View, enable editing so you can make changes to the
  3. Review the document from the beginning and make the following changes:

    1. Accept the formatting on the title of the document.
    2. Reject the deletion of the word neighborhood.
    3. Accept the insertion of the word electronic.
    4. Reject the deletion of the word Never and reject the insertion of
      the word Rarely.
    5. Accept all the remaining tracked changes in the document.
    6. Turn off track changes.

  4. Add a comment to the Most Targeted Electronic Devices heading that reads:
    Be sure to check these numbers
  5. Navigate to the comment in the Security Staff section and type This took
    effect 3 months ago
    as a reply to the comment.
  6. Resolve the comment.
  7. Change the display of the document to show no markup.
  8. Navigate to the beginning of the document and place the cursor at the beginning of the
    Introduction heading.
  9. Create an AutoCorrect entry that will change the letters wsc to
    Winter Springs Community when typed.
  10. Place the cursor between the words The and currently in the first
    sentence of the Security Staff section. Type wsc and press the
    spacebar. Notice Word changes the text to the entry you just created.
  11. Select the word neighborhood in the first sentence of the first
    paragraph of the document (secure, gated neighborhood). Use the Thesaurus to
    replace the word neighborhood with the synonym
  12. Select the word robberies in the second sentence of the first
    paragraph. Use the Thesaurus to replace the word robberies with the
    synonym thefts.
  13. Select the chart in the document. Add a caption that reads Figure 1: Most Targeted
    . Have the figure appear below the chart.
  14. Select the list of round the clock officers in the Security Staff section.
    Open the Tabs dialog, add a right tab at the
    5″ mark. Include a dotted tab leader (option 2).
  15. For each item in the bulleted list, place the cursor between the name and the number of
    years. Remove the space and press Tab.
  16. Repeat steps 14-15 for the list of day shift officers.
  17. Place the cursor at the end of the document title Winter Springs Community
    (at the beginning of the document) and press Enter. Add a
    table of contents based on the Automatic Classic style. Delete the extra
    blank line.
  18. Place the cursor at the end of the heading Guidelines for Staying Safe. Insert
    a footnote that reads: Adapted from Sylvester Bryant’s safety
  19. Select the text monthly security meetings in the first sentence of the first
    paragraph in the Security Meeting Schedule section. Mark the text for use in an
    index. Close the Mark Index Entry dialog.
  20. Place the cursor in the blank line below the table at the end of the document and add a
    page break. Insert an index based on the Classic format. Have the index
    display in one column.
  21. Hide the formatting marks in the document when you are done.
  22. Save and close the document.
  23. Upload and save your project file.
  24. Submit project for grading.


Valencia College Word 2019 Skills Approach Winter Springs Safety Project Computer Science Assignment Help

In this project you will be editing a
document from the Winter Springs community. You will add WordArt and pictures to the
document. You will add alt text to a picture. You will modify the size and position of
pictures and apply a Quick Style to a picture. Finally, you will create a table and add data
to the table and then display the data as a chart.

Skills needed to complete this

  • Adding WordArt to Documents (Skill 4.12)
  • Changing Picture Layouts (Skill 4.6)
  • Creating a Chart (Skill 4.22)
  • Modifying a Chart (Skill 4.23)
  • Working with Tables (Skill 4.14)
  • Inserting Rows and Columns (Skill 4.15)
  • Deleting Columns, Rows, and Cells (Skill 4.16)
  • Sorting Data in Tables (Skill 4.19)
  • Applying Table Quick Styles (Skill 4.20)
  • Inserting a Picture (Skill 4.7)
  • Adding Alt Text to Pictures (Skill 4.3)
  • Resizing Pictures (Skill 4.5)
  • Positioning Pictures (Skill 4.2)
  • Applying Quick Styles to Pictures (Skill 4.8)

  1. Open the start file
    WD2019-ChallengeYourself-4-4 document. The start file will be renamed
    automatically to include your name. Change the file name if directed to do so by your
    instructor and save it.
  2. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing
    button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify the document.
  3. Add WordArt to a document.

    1. Place the cursor at the top of the document (not in the header).
    2. Insert WordArt using the Fill:
      Black, Text color 1; Shadow style.
    3. Change the WordArt text to: Winter Springs Community News

  4. Change the layout of the WordArt to be in line with the text.
  5. Add a chart to the document.

    1. Place the cursor on the blank line after the first paragraph in the Most
      Targeted Electronic Devices
    2. Insert a Clustered Bar chart.
    3. Change the data in the chart to match the table below.

      Table lists the most targeted electronic devices over a
      span of 3 months.
      Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
      GPS Devices 7 10 9
      Laptop Computers 12 14 13
      Smartphones 18 21 19
      Tablet Computers 13 15 12

  6. Modify the look of the chart.

    1. Apply the Style 6 Quick Style to the chart.
    2. Hide the chart title on the chart.

  7. Add a column and a row to a table.

    1. Place the cursor in the first cell in the table under the Upcoming Safety
    2. Add a column to the right of the existing column.
    3. Place the cursor in the first cell again and insert a row above the first row in
      the table.

  8. Enter data in a table.

    1. In the first cell of the new row, type: Improvement
    2. In the second cell of the new row, type: Approval Status
    3. Add the status for each modification as shown in the table below.

      Table lists upcoming safety improvements and the
      corresponding approval status for each.
      Improvement Approval Status
      New security gates Approved
      Motion sensing security cameras Waiting for Approval
      App for reporting incidents Denied
      Electric security vehicles Approved
      Smartphone entrance for all garages Finished
      Reinforcements to perimeter fence Approved
      Weekly security meetings with staff Approved

  9. Delete the fourth row in the table (the row with the Denied status).
  10. Apply a Quick Style to the table.

    1. Change the table Quick Styles to show styles without the first column
    2. Apply the Grid Table 4 – Accent 2 style to the table. It is
      in the Grid Styles section of the gallery.
    3. Apply the same table style to the table in the Security Meeting Schedule
      section. Be sure to deselect the First Column option.

  11. Sort data in a table.

    1. Select the table in the Security Meeting Schedule section.
    2. Sort the table in ascending order based on the date in the first

  12. Insert a picture from a location on your computer.

    1. Place the cursor at the end of the first paragraph in the Security Staff
    2. Insert the security-badge picture from your student data file

  13. Add the following description as alt text for the picture of the badge: Security
    Enforcement Officer badge
  14. Resize the picture so the height is 1.75″ and the width is
  15. Position the picture using the Position in Bottom Right with Square Text
  16. Apply the Drop Shadow Rectangle Quick Style to the picture. It is the
    fourth option in the gallery.
  17. Save and close the document.
  18. Upload and save your project file.
  19. Submit project for grading.


Santa Monica College Images Of Christian Saints Art That Depicts a Martyr Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Q. Discussion: Post an Image of a Martyr

John the Baptist is considered a martyr, or a person who suffers or dies for what they believe in.  Many of the Christian Saints are martyrs, because they were put to death for their religious or political beliefs.  

For this assignment please find, post, and provide the title, artist, date, and material of another work of art that depicts a martyr.  In addition, please state why the person depicted is a martyr. Your image need not represent a Biblical figure, although there are many examples of Biblical martyrs depicted in the history of art.  Choose a work of art from any period of the history of art and any culture, as long as it depicts someone that you would consider a martyr according to the definition I have provided. Don’t forget to comment on the work of art and martyr another student in the class has chosen. Here is an example of mine.

Q.1Short Answer Questions: The Merode Altarpiece


First watch and read the following videos and texts:

  1. The Merode Altarpiece  
  2. Early Netherlandish Painting (Links to an external site.)
  3. Oil Painting (Links to an external site.)

Then, using complete sentences, provide a short answer for each question:

  1. Iconography is the use of symbolic objects and content to communicate meaning.  Describe three aspects of the iconogrpahy present in the Merode Altarpiece.
  2. Which figures in this work of art are the patrons, or the folks who paid for it?  What do you think they would have done with this personal triptych (3-panelled) altarpiece?


Discussion Thread: The Original Selfies


First, watch and read the following videos and texts about the Netherlandish artist Jan Van Eyck.  Van Eyck was one of the first artists to start painting his own picuture, called self-portraiture.  It was a way for him both to advertise his skills at creating a close likeness, and allowed him to explore the idea of psychology in painting:

  1. Jan Van Eyck, Biography
  2. Jan Van Eyck, The Man in the Red Turban

Self-Portriats became popular during the Renaissance, as individualism and humanism became entrenched in Western culture.  During this period the identity of the artist becomes fetishized, and the social status of artists becomes elevated from “mere” craftsperson to visionary genius.  Self-Portriats became a way to advertise one’s skill, and to build a brand and business around one’s talent and reputation. 

In a way, the selfie is a form of self-portrait that technology has allowed us to make cheaply, without much skill, and on a vast scale.  We take for granted the ability to document and mythologize our lives, but this widespread practice is a fairly recent phenomenon.  Looking at the self-portraiture of the past helps us better understand the way we represent ourselves.

For this assignment choose a work from any period or culture in the history of art that is a self-portrait.  Provide the Artist, Title, Date, and Material of the self-portrait, and a short description of why you enjoy this work of art.  Reasons could include the biography of the artist inspires you, and/or the way the work is made.


Comparison Essay, The Madonna and Child: Lippi vs. Giotto 

Write a 200 word essay comparing and contrasting Giotto’s Madonna Enthroned vs.Fra Filippo Lippi’s Madonna and Child with Two Angels.

How has the figure and identity of the Madonna changed?

How has the relationship between mother and child changed?

How has the setting of the Madonna and Child changed?


Comparison Essay, The Annunication: Martini vs. Angelico 


First watch these videos and read these texts:

  1. Gold Ground Painting Technique
  2. Simoni Martini, The Annunciation
  3. Fra Angelico, The Annunciation

Use the comparison images and compose a short essay comparing Martini’s and Angelico’s Annunciation scenes, based upon these four questions:

  1. What does the subject of The Annunciation depict?
  2. How are space and environment depicted differently?
  3. In what way does Fra Angelico incorporate a reference to classicism in his piece?
  4. Which depiction of The Annunication do you prefer, and why?


Comparison Essay, The Holy Family: Raphael vs. Michelangelo 


First, read and watch the videos and texts about Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s art:

  1. Raphael, The Madonna of the Garden
  2. Raphael, The School of Athens
  3. Marble Carving Techniques
  4. Michelangelo: An Introduction
  5. Michelangelo, The David
  6. Michelangelo, The Pieta
  7. Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling
  8. Sistine Ceiling, 360 degree Virtual Tour
  9. Michelangelo, The Last Judgment 

Then, use the Raphael vs. Michelangelo comparison images to write around a 200 word comparison essay between these two works, based upon the following questions:

  1. How has the presentation of the holy family in each image changed?
  2. How has the relationship between the figures changed?
  3. How has the composition different between these two works?
  4. What is different about the landscape in both works


Comparison Essay, The Madonna Child: Lippi vs. Parmigianino 


First, watch and read the text and video about Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck and the style of Mannerism:

  1. Mannerism: An Introduction
  2. Parmigianino, The Madonna of the Long Neck

Then, using the comparison images, write a 150-200 word short essay comparing Fra Filipo Lippi’s Madonna and Child with Angels with Parmigianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck.  Consider the following questions when making your analysis:

  1. How is the composition different between the two works of art?
  2. How has the relationship between the Madonna and Baby Jesus changed?
  3. How has the articulation of space changed between the two works?
  4. Which work of art do you prefer, and why?


Short Answer Questions: Leonardo’s Painting 


First, read the texts and watch the videos regarding Leonardo’s biography and art:

  1. Verrocchio and Leonardo
  2. Leonardo the Anatomist
  3. Leonardo, The Mona Lisa
  4. Leonardo, The Last Supper
  5. Leonardo and the Secret Life of Paintings

Then, answer the following questions using complete sentences:

  1. Name three aspects of Leonardo’s style, and use his works of art to justify your examples.
  2. Why do you think the Mona Lisa is so famous?  Do you believe the fame of this painting is justified?
  3. What are some examples of Hight Renaissance composition style in Leonardo’s The Last Supper


Thesis Essay Assignment #1: Is Genius Worth It? 


First, read these two articles that describe the sale of Leonardo’s Salvator Mundi for $450 million dollars, and one point of view of how Florentine “genius” has been depicted on film:

  1. “Why would anyone pay $450 million dollars for a painting”
  2. Donahue, “Florentine Artists on Film”

Then, write a 300-400 word essay that makes use of the articles “Florentine Artists on Film” and “Why Would Anybody Pay $450 million for a Painting?”, as well as the videos and texts about Leonardo and Michelangelo’s art.

Make sure to include a thesis, or central argument.  Your thesis could be “It is/is not ludicrous to pay $450 million dollars for a painting because….”

In your essay, please address these following questions:

  1. Do you think that Salvatore Mundi is worth $450 million dollars?
  2. Why do you think an anonymous buyer wanted this painting so much?
  3. What is a common paradigm of artistic genius, and how does that confer value on the painting?
  4. Can you think of a contemporary genius from the world of art, entertainment, politics, athletics, etc. that fits that paradigm of genius that was applied to Michelangelo and Leonardo?


PQC No Vaccinations for My Kids, Sex & The Heart & Child Obesity Case Study Questions Health Medical Assignment Help

Please answer the questions in comprehensive detail. Answers should be a few sentences or more. Type your answers in the text box provided.


1. In Case 3.1, outline two strategies you would use to organize a community based

program for educating parents and guardians about the need for and safety

of vaccinations such as MMR. What is your rationale for using these?

2. If Simone (Case 3.2) was your mother, summarize your explanation of how her

beliefs and attitudes impact her “behavioral intention” and why this is important to

her health.

3. Explain how the six central concepts of community-based program intervention

could be applied to Julio, his social network, and community (Case 3.3).

4. Select a health issue not covered in this chapter and apply the prevention science

approach. What health risk factors do you believe need to be addressed?

Outline what agencies need to be involved meaningful behavior change?



LEAD 314 University of Louisville Nike Inc Organizational Diversity Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose and Process -This project provides you with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you develop in this course in an analysis of a real organization. This could be an organization with which you are personally familiar or an organization that you choose to investigate.To complete the assignment, you will need to complete the “Organizational Snapshot” that is provided in Blackboard. Additionally, you will also interview three employees of the organization who can help provide you with information for this assignment. Each of these employees will also complete the snapshot to provide you with additional reference points. You can also utilize research and outside reference materials.In conducting your interviews and research on this organization, you should consider the interaction between what you’re finding and the concepts, tools, and techniques introduced in your reading assignments and class discussions. In particular, you should consistently rely on ideas from Kennedy(2008) as you conduct this analysis.

Product – The paper should be 2,500-3,000 words, approximately 10-12 pages (not including title pages and references), double spaced, 11-12 point font, and in APA style, and should include the following components (section titles are italicized):

History. Brief history of organization overall and their approach to diversity. Make sure to include the number of employees, how long the organization has been in business, the industry it operates in, and any other relevant information.

Assessment. Utilizing the “Organizational Snapshot,” you should provide information on the current state of your organization’s diversity efforts. Briefly describe each area of assessment and consider questions like the following: What is your organization’s official diversity statement?How does it align with the mission of the organization? What initiatives are currently taking place to advance diversity? Make sure you utilize your Organizational Snapshot with your three (3) Interviewees; as they will assist you in developing an “Assessment” of the Organization – per their interviews and completed Organizational Snapshots. Additionally, your research regarding your chosen Organization should be able to assist you with the Assessment Section as well.

Acceptance. In this section, consider the barriers and benefits to engaging in diversity efforts.For organizations with sophisticated diversity efforts already underway, include what additional initiatives or approaches might be beneficial (continuous improvement). What kinds of leadership capabilities would be necessary in your organization to increase the diversity/inclusion of the workforce?

Action. Building upon the information you have provided in the first two sections, detail three specific goals related to diversity that your organization should consider undertaking. In detailing these goals, make sure to include the who, what, when, why, where, and how to have a complete description. How would you get people involved in these initiatives? What resources would be needed to put these goals into action?

Accountability. Now that you have considered some specific diversity goals for the organization,think about who will be responsible for implementing those goals. In this section, you should consider your own role and leadership capabilities even if you are not directly involved in diversity initiatives. What exactly should/can your role be in creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace? Who else can/should be responsible for these types of initiatives and how will accountability be upheld?

Achievement. This section should focus on measuring results as well as recognizing employees for their efforts. Include the business measures that should be impacted by increased diversity efforts and how those measures will be collected and reported (e.g. turnover, employee satisfaction, productivity, etc.). How will these figures help to tell the story of your proposed diversity goals? Additionally, include information about how to recognize good work and reward progress towards goals.

More Action. In this section, you are required to think ahead to a future state of your organization. The focus of your discussion should be on how to maintain momentum for diversity and inclusion efforts in the organization. While you would not know if the goals you described in the Action section were met or not, think generally about what kinds of initiatives, processes, or plans might keep employees engaged and moving towards the organization’s diversity goals.

LEAD 314 University of Louisville Nike Inc Organizational Diversity Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

UBC Russian Communist Economy Research Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

Your essay should be about 4,000 to 5,000 words, or 16 to 20 double-spaced, typed pages plus a title page and a “References” page. Please note: If you do not cite your sources and provide a “References” page, your tutor will return your Research Essay Assignment to you unmarked. Read the section of the Student Manual titled “Academic Integrity” before writing your essay.

All material to which you refer or from which you borrow should be documented with a reference list or list of works cited. Your documentation style can be the same as that in the Commentaries and the bibliography, or they can be in any other approved style, as long as you are consistent.

Considerable discussion with the tutor is highly recommended (as it is for all assignments).

Tips on Writing Essays

Essay mechanics and style are partly a matter of convention, partly of convenience, and partly of intellectual necessity. A clear style is essential to a good essay, for no matter how impressive your thoughts may be, if your style is incoherent, your message will not be delivered.

If you experience difficulty writing essays—as many students do—you may find the following tips helpful.

1.Do not assume that the reader of your paper has any background on the subject of your essay—provide sufficient information and explanation to allow a reader to identify the issues in question. When delving into the realm of theory, be as clear as possible and illustrate with examples.

2.Try to formulate your arguments before beginning to write. A good paper should have a consistent theme; preparing an outline before you start to write will help keep your essay “on track.”

3.A research essay necessitates the use of primary sources, not just a review of secondary sources (e.g., articles and books). Newspapers, magazines, statistical collections, websites, and archival material are usually considered primary sources. Material of a concrete, statistical nature found in secondary sources is valid too. A research essay with a strong theoretical angle, as is the one to be completed for Political Economy 483/Global Studies 483/International Relations 483, also requires a wide consideration of theoretical works. The articles in the Richard Stubbs and Geoffrey R. D. Underhill text, Political Economy and the Changing Global Order, give you an idea of how to construct a formal research essay.

4.An essay has three main divisions: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should be brief—usually no more than one-half of a page. It should state concisely what your essay seeks to examine, and should explain the approach you intend to take. You may be able to reword the assignment question into a statement that becomes the topic of the essay.

5.The body of your essay is the main section in which you must present and develop your ideas. Your essay must be solidly based on the topic in question. General statements should be supported with specific examples. Choose only information that has direct relevance to your discussion and explain what relationship exists between the concepts you are presenting and the topic of your essay. In other words, link the individual points and paragraphs to the essay topic. Transitions between paragraphs should be smooth, and the presentation of ideas should flow evenly from one paragraph to another. Sometimes the connections are established through similarities in content, sometimes through contrasts; sometimes the development is chronological, sometimes logical. You must choose the approach most appropriate for your topic and the aspect of it you are concentrating on at the particular time.

6.The conclusion of your essay, like the introduction, should be brief. It should summarize your ideas and present any conclusions that have emerged from your discussion. Your concluding statements should add strength and credibility to the ideas presented in your introduction. If they do, and you have supported your argument throughout, then you will have succeeded in writing a good essay.

7.You must give credit to all sources of quotations and ideas. This practice not only indicates courtesy and intellectual honesty, but also enables the reader to pursue any reference that seems particularly interesting. When you have finished the first draft of your essay, reread it carefully, revising and rewriting if necessary. You might try putting the essay away for a day or two and returning to it later. This method should help give you a fresh view of your essay and may assist you in recognizing errors, omissions, and awkwardness in content and style.

8.For the convenience of your tutor, fairly large margins and double-spacing would be appreciated. This format will facilitate the insertion of corrections and comments, and will make your essay easier to read (a decided psychological advantage). The ideal margins are approximately 4 centimetres (1.5 inches) at the left and 2.5 centimetres (1 inch) at the top, bottom, and right-hand side. Before submitting your essay, take the time to proofread it carefully to catch any spelling mistakes, typing errors, and the like.


SIMPATH 415 Sentinel University Motivation & Organizational Climate Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

Activity 2

Motivation & Organizational Climate

Evaluate the organizational climate and motivation of a unit where you currently or previously worked. Describe how leaders and managers evaluate the level of motivation and organizational climate. Analyze two actions found in the literature that leaders could employ to improve the management of workplace issues (motivation, conflict, scheduling or discrimination).

Support your discussion and opinions with facts and relevant examples from personal nursing practice.

Reading and Resources

  • Review chapters 1-3 in Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2017). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.
  • Deschamps, C., Rinfret, N., Lagacé, M. C., & Privé, C. (2016). Transformational leadership and change: How leaders influence their followers’ motivation through organizational justice. Journal Of Healthcare Management, 61(3), 194-212.
  • Jefferson, T., Klass, D., Lord, L., Nowak, M., & Thomas, G. (2014). Context and the leadership experiences and perceptions of professionals. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 28(6), 811-829. [Found in ProQuest Central, linked on the library gateway page, A-Z list of collections]
  • Review chapters 4 & 6 in Marquis, B. L., & Huston, C. J. (2017). Leadership roles and management functions in nursing: Theory and application. Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer.
  • Krive, J. (2013). Building effective workforce management practices through shared governance and technology systems integration. Nursing Economic$, 31(5), 231-249
  • Stewart, K. R. (2017). SBAR, communication, and patient safety: An integrated literature review. Medsurg Nursing, 26(5), 297-305.
  • Review: IOM Future of Nursing Report
  • Review: Campaign for Action Resources

Additional Instructions:

  1. All submissions should have a title page and reference page.
  2. Utilize a minimum of two scholarly resources.
  3. Adhere to grammar, spelling and punctuation criteria.
  4. Adhere to APA compliance guidelines.
  5. Adhere to the chosen Submission Option for Delivery of Activity guidelines.

Submission Options:

Choose One:



  • 2 to 3-page paper. Include title and reference pages.

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

  • 4 to 8 slides. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Other media (Prezi, etc.) presentation

  • 4 to 8 slides with speaker notes. Add title and reference slides.
  • Follow Rules of 7.

Video Presentation

  • 5 to 6-minute video presentation.
  • Attach reference page or include in video.
  • Professional appearance and background.
  • Video submissions must include a script in Word format, submitted through Turnitin for an Originality Report.


  • Table with appropriate columns and headers.
  • Include title and reference pages.

Graphs or other illustrations

  • Graphs or illustrations with appropriate labels. Include title and reference pages.


  • Poster utilizing any applicable poster template. Include visual graphics/images/other formats for visual appeal. Include appropriate title and references on poster.

Note: Title and reference pages/slides do not count towards the count requirements.

Management and Leadership – Motivation and Organizational Climate
Description: The baccalaureate-graduate nurse will demonstrate an awareness of complex
organizational systems.
Course Competency: 3) Examine the change process and how it may impact an organization
both positively and negatively.
QSEN Competency: 2) Teamwork and Collaboration
BSN Essential II
Area Gold
Mastery not
Climate and
Fully discusses
the organizational
climate and
motivation of a
unit where you
currently or
discusses the
climate and
motivation of a
unit where you
currently or
Lists the
climate and
motivation of a
unit where you
currently or
Does not identify
climate and
motivation of a
unit where you
currently or
Leaders and
Fully discusses
how leaders and
evaluate the level
of motivation and
discusses how
leaders and
evaluate the level
of motivation and
Lists how leaders
and managers
evaluate the level
of motivation and
Does not discuss
how leaders and
evaluate the level
of motivation
Analyzes Two
Fully analyzes
two actions found
in the literature
that leaders could
employ to
improve the
management of
workplace issues
scheduling or
discusses two
actions found in
the literature that
leaders could
employ to
improve the
management of
workplace issues
scheduling or
Lists two actions
found in the
literature that
leaders could
employ to
improve the
management of
workplace issues
scheduling or
Does not include
two actions
found in the
literature that
leaders could
employ to
improve the
management of
workplace issues
scheduling or
Spelling, and
No errors in APA,
Spelling, and
One to three
errors in APA,
Spelling, and
Four to six errors
in APA, Spelling,
and Punctuation.
Seven or more
errors in APA,
Spelling, and
References Provides two or
more references.
Provides two
Provides one
Provides no


Suicide Note by Janice Mirikitan Poetry Discussion Response Humanities Assignment Help

develop a paragraph response to your new poem, or you may discuss another more appropriate literary element (e.g., imagery, characterization, theme) as best fits your selection:

  • What are some of the key symbols and/or metaphors in the poem, and how are they used?
  • What are some of the meanings they convey to readers?
  • How do these elements enrich the poem and deepen your understanding of its themes?
  • my poem is Suicide Note by Janice Mirikitan

    150 words atleast


Remember to provide evidence for your claims in the form of quoted passages from the poem. Quotations, paraphrases, and summaries should be cited according to APA rules of style, including in-text and reference citations. Quoted material should not exceed 25% of the document.



North Carolina A & T State University Hans and Marta Case Study Humanities Assignment Help

I chose to take a look at the case study involving Hans and Marta. They are having extreme marital discord due to physical violence in the home and fear is keeping Marta from making the hard decisions for herself and her children. The biological factors are what is most likely causing these psychological factors to happen and then lead to the social factors and issues at play. They are all connected in some way or another, and they contribute greatly to the individuals presenting problem. In this case Hans is being abusive to Marta and sometimes his children, his biological factors state that his father was physically abusive as well. Marta just gave birth 6 months ago and is still trying to deal with her hormones and getting her natural body to go back to normal, Hans is complaining that Marta is less loving and doesn’t want sex anymore, these all play into the biological factors and explain why each person is reacting in the way that they are. The plan for treatment is to continue with individual therapy for each of them so that they can start to learn and understand how these biological factors are connected to what is happening and how they have contributed to their marriage historically. They will need to develop safety plans to make sure they have the tools needed to handle situations differently when the idea of abuse comes into play, and Marta will need to develop a plan in case she is abused by Hans again.

Plante, T. G. (2011). Contemporary Clinical Psychology. (3rd ed.) Wiley.


University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help

University of Colorado Boulder Forest Fires in Amazon Rain Forest & Media Essay Humanities Assignment Help

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