University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help

University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help. University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help.

1)Summarize and discuss a few concepts in Ch. 9, Decision Making and Problem-Solving in Groups, that interest you and enhance your understanding of how groups make decisions and solve problems.

2)Summarize and discuss concepts in Ch. 10, Critical Thinking and Argumentation in Groups, which increased your understanding of the role of argumentation in groups, the role of Emotional Intelligence in arguing effectively, and of how you can become more effective at argumentation in groups.

text book in this link…

3)1)Summarize and discuss concepts in Ch. 11, Emotions in the Workplace (Module 7), which increased your understanding of the role of emotion in work life and within organizations and that you have either already experienced or observed in work environments and/or anticipate will be relevant to your future career and participation in organizations.

University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

UCLA Wellbeing and Wellness Resource Document Report Humanities Assignment Help

Develop a Wellbeing/Wellness resource document. The resources will be those that can be used by therapists and/or by clients to find resources that will help in promoting their wellbeing/wellness. Write a short description of at least 3 resources and a short description of each section outlining the theme and importance of the section. The resources will be listed alphabetically and each will have a brief description of the resource, how or where it can be accessed as easily as possible (website, book in both APA format and hotlinks if possible, etc.), and a 1-2 paragraph description of the resource’s target audience and content.


PUAD 7035 Capella University World Trade Centre Attack Public Policy Essay Writing Assignment Help

Contemporary Public Policy Paper

Assignment Overview

For your final assignment, you will examine the rapidity of change in our contemporary society and what happens when a public policy outlives its original intent. You will analyze the theory of Social Construction of Reality and how public policy is influenced by societal, political, and economic factors. You will choose an existing public policy and conduct an evaluation of that policy. The evaluation will be done in the form of a 10–12 page research paper that can be written in one of two options. Choose one option.

Assignment Options

Option 1: Pivotal Events in Contemporary Society

Think of a public policy that has changed in contemporary society after a pivotal event. Examples:

  • Pearl Harbor attack.
  • Oklahoma City bombing.
  • World Trade Center attacks.

What was the impact of this event? How did it change the societal structure? How did it affect public policy? Examine both the societal structure and the impact on public policy. Elaborate on ethical considerations.


HCA 430 PMIT Electronic Health Record HIPAA & Security Rules Presentation Health Medical Assignment Help

For this final project, you are analyzing a policy and making a presentation to the Board of Directors on how it should be changed. You are presenting the policy to the hospital board, explaining its purpose, the content, how it will be deployed, and any existing problems it might be used to fix. Keep in mind that in most hospitals, the Board is made up of community members, and not medical personnel. Thus, make sure to fully explain electronic information laws and regulations, and why your new policy exists.

To start, find online, one existing hospital policy involving electronic information, EHRs, cut and paste, retention, or any related policy you can find. There are many, but here are some examples:

These are just examples. There are hundreds available on any electronic information topic you choose. It is preferable that you find your own.

Create a PowerPoint presentation with a minimum of 15 slides. It must be free of grammatical and spelling errors. At the bottom of each slide, in the “Notes” section, place the content of what you would tell the Board of Directors for each of your slides. Make sure to completely develop each of your ideas—one liners will not get much credit.

You must provide supporting research and include in-text citations either on each slide or in the speaker notes for all facts and non-original ideas. The last slide must be an APA formatted References slide.


Points Possible: 50

5 points for title and summary/conclusion slides

5 points for 15 slides in logical order

20 points for Notes content that clearly presents the policy, explains why it is needed, and what it will accomplish

5 points for consistent, easy to read slide design

5 points for writing mechanics

5 points for references in correct format

5 points for appropriate images or graphics


SOC 325 PMIT American Myth the Pursuit of Happiness Myth by Thomas Jefferson Essay Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of this assignment is for you to apply everything you have learned in this course about diversity benefits and challenges, personal attitudes, and their impacts to a personal exploration and re-imagination of a core American myth. Your exploration will be both reflective and researched-based as outlined in the following instructions.

Write an essay (at least 1500 words) with an introduction and a conclusion in which you address the following topics. List any resources used in standard format at the end of your paper.

  1. Identify and describe a core myth that you personally relate to as an American. Separation of church and state, the right to bear arms, that all men are created equal, and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are just a few examples. Note: You may apply the myth specifically to health care, if you wish, but you are not required to do so. (3 points)
  2. Research and explain the origins of the myth, including where it came from and what purpose it was meant to serve. (5 points)
  3. Share examples of symbols, language, institutions, and values that are associated with this myth and your understanding of their cultural importance. (5 points)
  4. State your feelings about this myth. Do you believe in it or reject it? Why? Where did those feelings come from: Parents? School? Life experience? (3 points)
  5. Describe the importance of this myth and your feelings about it to your personal identity. (4 points)
  6. Explain how this myth influences your behavior and shapes your attitudes about others in positive as well as negative ways. Extend your explanation to include how this myth impacts American behaviors and shapes our cultural attitudes about others in positive as well as negative ways. Support your observations about the behaviors of others with statistics. (6 points)
  7. Identify which cultural groups benefit the most and the least from this myth. Compare and contrast some ways in which this myth helps and hurts American society and its members. Support your observations with statistics. (5 points)
  8. Describe how you personally would like to see this myth evolve so that it benefits the greatest number of people and explain your reasoning. (4 points)

Points Possible: 45

35 points for substantive answers to all eight questions and inclusion of course concepts

8 points for writing level (LEVEL 3)

2 points for including an introduction and conclusion and an essay length of a minimum of 1500 words.



NSU How Countries are Responding to the Financial and Economic Crisis Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

I’m working on a business question and need an explanation to help me understand better.

Thinking back on what you have learned in this course, what articles you read, will be most applicable or helpful as you think about your dissertation?


How are countries responding to financial and economic crisis?

These two articles from week 5 are most helpful.

  • Chauhan, Y., Chaturvedula, C., & Iyer, V. (2014). Insider trading, market efficiency, and regulation. A literature review. Review of Finance & Banking, 6(1), 7-14.
  • Klock, S. A., & Bacon, F. W. (2014). The January effect: A test of market efficiency. Journal of Business & Behavioral Sciences, 26(3), 32-42

NSU How Countries are Responding to the Financial and Economic Crisis Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

University of Minnesota Markov Chain and Equilibrium Probability Questions Mathematics Assignment Help

I’m working on a probability question and need an explanation to help me study.

A storage facility has space for 3 containers. During each interval,

each of the k containers in storage, where k may be anything from 0 to 3,
is removed with probability p, independently of the other containers in
storage. Also, during each interval, exactly one container arrives with
a request to store it. It is accepted if there is space (after possible
departures described by the process with probability p), and is turned
away otherwise. Write down the transition matrix for the Markov chain
that best describes this. What is the equilibrium probability that the
incoming container will be turned away?

You can compute the last answer just for p = 1/7, but write down the
matrix for general p.


California State University Police Report Sketch of The Scene Paper Other Assignment Help

I’m working on a other project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Instructions: Read police report and answer questions. This is what needs to be included.

  1. An evidence inventory, which includes a list of evidence items collected by the police.
  2. A summary of the results of analysis for each of the evidence items collected, including comparison to the appropriate reference samples, and conclusions about the possible source(s) of the evidence.
  3. Questions to answer are in bold italics.

You will use these items to answer the following questions:


  1. (5) Draw a sketch of the scene based on the details provided in the police report. Start with the blank scene sketch at the end of this assignment sheet as the starting point for your sketch.
  2. Identifying the hypotheses (scenarios) based on the stories of the two principals (what caused the problem):

These are the examples I highlighted

Lohan says:

Hilton says:

1. Lohan had the paper they were working on together, and Hilton grabbed it. The paper tore

1. Lohan writing gossip about her on a piece of paper, and Hilton tried taking the paper. The paper tore

Conflict: Project information on paper in either or both handwriting

Conflict: gossip on paper in Lohan’s writing

2. Lohan crumpled her half and threw it at Hilton

2. No comment on fate of paper

Conflict: crumpled paper

Conflict: no crumpling

3. Lohan states that Hilton attacked her with pen

3. Hilton says nothing about attacking Lohan

Conflict: Hilton attacks with pen

Conflict: Hilton would deny it

4. Lohan says pen broke in her arm

4. Hilton says nothing

Conflict: pen in Lohan’s arm

Conflict: no pen in arm

5. Lohan says Hilton broke potted plant over Lohan’s head

5. Hilton says Lohan struck her with potted plant

Conflict: Hilton broke potted plant on Lohan’s head

Conflict: Lohan struck Hilton with potted plant.

  1. (10) What physical evidence exists to differentiate between the opposing hypotheses that you proposed? For each piece of evidence that could differentiate between the hypotheses, indicate what result would favour which hypothesis.
  1. Results of the analysis, comparison, and conclusions is provided at the end of the Fashion Police Report.

Using the conflicting hypotheses in question 2:

  1. (10) Which of your hypothesesare excluded as a result of the evidence examination results?

  1. (10) Whose storyis supported by each item of evidence that you examine? Why?
  1. (10) Prepare a short synopsis of your evidence examination relating which part of each story is supported by the evidence, and which is refuted by the evidence?


CSUN The Meaning of Life Approach of Strengths in Life & Achieving Goals Essay Writing Assignment Help

Please write a 2-3 page essay answering all parts of the following

question. Feel free to use material and ideas from throughout

Chapter 9. However, if you choose to use any direct quotes from

the chapter, or any other outside sources, then please remember

to properly cite that material using MLA format.

Your completed assignment must be submitted by 11:59 pm on

Sunday December 20. No work after that time will be accepted.

You are not required to complete this assignment. However, if

you choose to submit the extra credit writing assignment then

your score on this assignment will replace your lowest writing

assignment or quiz score from the semester.

Chapter 9 discusses several different approaches to answering

questions concerning the meaning of life. Do you think that any of

these theories can be used to ascribe meaning to our lives and

actions? Why or why not?


POL 606 UM Resistance and Change Management Strategies US Department of State Paper Humanities Assignment Help

The purpose of this project is to understand a significant change that was attempted at the U.S. Department of State, identify internal and external resistance to that change, and offer innovative techniques worked out through Teamwork to improve the State Department’s change management strategies.

write a 3-page not including title and reference page. Report on how to mitigate both internal and external resistance to change at the State Department and affiliated organizations, and to make the reforms more successful.



Case Study: Identifying Resistance in Managing Change

Trader-Leigh, K. (2002).

Embassy Management 2004

To access this 2004 Report, click on the blue underlined Embassy Management link above.

This 2004 GAO Report both details the specific components of the U.S. State Department ICASS reform and highlights specific external resistance to its implementation. Pages to read from the above source: 1-26 and 29-38 (top)

U.S. Government Accountability Office. (2004, September).

Embassy Management 2012

To access this 2012 Report, click on the blue underlined Embassy Management link above.

This 2012 GAO Report about the U.S. State Department ICASS builds on the earlier Report from 2004, highlighting continuing external resistance and offering a specific solution not mentioned previously. Pages to read from the above source: 1-36

U.S. Government Accountability Office. (2012, January).

The Integration of Six Sigma and Lean Management

To access this article, paste the title into the search bar at:

This scholarly journal research article provides a detailed analysis of lean management (focuses on reducing costs by eliminating waste and increasing value) and Six Sigma (focuses on eliminating variations in production and service provision. It may not always reduce costs, which is why some scholars think that the two strategies cannot be combined. Salah, Rahim, & Carretero argue that they can be combined into a single strategy of organizational change management. Make sure to strategically read this article: cut through the jargon and the complexities to extract key points that you can use for your Team Project, individual Report, and Individual Video Presentation.

Salah, S., Rahim, A. & Carretero, J.A. (2010).


University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help

University of Missouri Decision Making and Problem Solving in Groups Book Report Business Finance Assignment Help