University of Texas Cultural Anthropology & Forms of Diversity Discussion Writing Assignment Help

University of Texas Cultural Anthropology & Forms of Diversity Discussion Writing Assignment Help. University of Texas Cultural Anthropology & Forms of Diversity Discussion Writing Assignment Help.

As mandated by the University, courses that fulfill this requirement must include “Signature Assignments” that ask that you present your understanding of the respective material. You are required to complete two of these assignments; you will choose one from among the three options: Archaeology, Biological Anthropology, and/or Cultural Anthropology.

A Signature Assignment consists of a written assignment ranging from 3-4 pages that focuses on Archeology, Biological Anthropology, or Cultural Anthropology, and presents your observations/findings related to the guidelines in each assignment. You are responsible for completing one among the choice of three options. All three involve an activity that will require virtually visiting a local museum, a national zoo, or video-interviewing an individual (though not a student enrolled in this course).

Each Signature Assignment must be typed; double-spaced; with one-inch margins on all four sides; in Times New Roman 12-point font; with no additional line-spacing before or after each paragraph.

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Chamberlain College of Nursing Collaborative Care of People Essay Health Medical Assignment Help

1, Please find a) My nursing phoilosophy instruction and example b) study material c) rubric in the attached file.

2, a) My nursing philosophy instruction is very important, it teach u how to write the paper step by step, please make sure you will not miss any of the key questions.

b) even in the instruction and example, it has two examples of nursing theory, I think the rubric only require one,

( Hint: the nursing theory that guide my practice is Madeleine Leininger -Transcultural nursing theory, nurses need to know According to transcultural nursing, the goal of nursing care is to provide care congruent with cultural values, beliefs, and practicesSunrise model consists of 4 levels that provide a base of knowledge for delivering cultural congruent care. )

3, The study material is for your reference, but won’t help that much.

4, APA style, at least one outside reference that is not from study material or textbook.

5, Again, please read the instruction and rubric very very careful before you start. Thank you.


CMICH Miltons Self Righting Principle on Current Events Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Our text, in several places, refers to Bertrand Russell.

Russell was a Nobel Laureate, philosopher, mathematician, political activist and “citizen of the universe.” Here are a few Russell quotes, upon which I invite you to contemplate:

“In America everybody is of the opinion that he has no social superiors, since all men are equal, but he does not admit that he has no social inferiors, for, from the time of Jefferson onward, the doctrine that all men are equal applies only upwards, not downwards.”

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

“The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.”

Russell lived from 1872 to 1970. So, in terms of philosophical thought, he is pretty current. He was not doubt influenced by John Stuart Mills (1806-1873). In our current discussion, please contemplate Mills’ “Self-Righting Principal.”


Do you think the agnostic Mills would agree with this quote from 20th century Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton.

“At the center of our being is a point of nothingness which is untouched by sin and by illusion, a point of pure truth, a point or spark which belongs entirely to God, which is never at our disposal, from which God disposes of our lives, which is inaccessible to the fantasies of our own mind or the brutalities of our own will. This little point of nothingness and of absolute poverty is the pure glory of God in us. It is so to speak [God’s] name written in us, as our poverty, as our indigence, as our dependence, as our [birthright]. It is like a pure diamond, blazing with the invisible light of heaven. It is in everybody, and if we could see it we would see these billions of points of light coming together in the face and blaze of a sun that would make all the darkness and cruelty of life vanish completely. . . . I have no program for this seeing. It is only given. But the gate of heaven is everywhere.”

Thomas Merton, Conjectures of a Guilty Bystander (Doubleday & Company: ©1965, 1966), 142.

(Now-reread the above, substituting the word “ego” in place of “poverty.” By poverty, Merton means “lack of ego.”)

Can you provide examples that support the Self-Righting Principle?

Can you provide examples that contradict the Self Righting Principle?

You might consider current events such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, the #MeToo Movement, Coronavirus News and the upcoming Presidential Election.

Finally, respond to the writing prompt below. In your response consider the Assertions by Mills, and anything else you deem relevant from Chapters 4-9 in your text.

Writing Prompt: “The Truth has no Agenda.


Colorado Technical University Differences in Social Customs Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Need reference page for the following:

In preparing to launch a global project, choose a country outside the United States. This could be a new country or one you have used in earlier units. You are planning to visit the country to interview potential global team members. You know it is important to be aware of the value differences and social customs in each country to develop trusting relationships to avoid potential conflicts.

  • What are some of the nonverbal behavior differences among the countries such as silence, eye contact, body movements, proxemics or interruptions that may affect doing business with your global team?
  • How do the nonverbal differences impact the business world, for example in decision making?


A1 Business and Technical College Labor Relations Essay Business Finance Assignment Help

800 – 1,000 words

Traditionally, the activities of labor unions have supported the development of gains for the American worker. As labor unions negotiate with management, those gains set a standard for other non-union organizations. The U.S. has enacted a number of laws that protect workers such as the Civil Rights Act, Equal Pay Act, Occupational Safety and Health Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act. In this assignment, you will explore some of the major US labor laws.

Prepare an 800–1000 word paper that addresses following:

  • What is a yellow dog contract as described in the Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932?
  • What was the purpose of the Wagner act of 1935?
  • Compared to the Norris-LaGuardia Act of 1932 and the Wagner Act of 1935, what impact did the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947 have on labor unions?
  • Do employment laws replace the need for labor unions? Are these acts still relevant in today’s business environment? Why or why not?



PSY 102 Brenau University Developmental Milestones in Adulthood Humanities Assignment Help

Erikson’s psychosocial theory of development centers on the resolution of a given conflict or struggle that each individual faces within certain developmental time frames. The theory is still highly regarded and utilized for not only academic purposes, but also to generally help people in gaining understanding of the self. One of the most important contributions we have from the Eriksons (Erik and his wife/collaborator Joan) involves their willingness to view development as a lifelong process, while Freud’s earlier theory has been criticized for the notion that development reaches a stopping point at adolescence.

Not surprisingly, the Eriksons dedicated much of their later work to exploring the experience of late adulthood. This work has particular relevance today, as the “Baby Boom” generation progresses toward this stage of life in considerable numbers. An interview with the couple, estimated to have taken place in the early 90s, can be viewed here

: Erik and Joan Erikson (Links to an external site.)
Minimize Video

According to the Eriksonian psychosocial stages, what is the core struggle of later adulthood? What specific concerns might older adults have today? Share your thoughts on how people can best prepare for a satisfying life in their later years. The Coreys point out that in many traditional societies, the oldest members are looked to for their wisdom and guidance in solving problems of society. Identify older adults in this society who possess wisdom, in your view. They can be individuals you know personally (e.g., parents or grandparents, mentors) or older adults you’ve read about or otherwise observed via media. What makes them wise?

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Miami Dade College Benefits of Entrepreneurship & Ownership Discussion Writing Assignment Help

  1. What new insight this you gain after completing this module?
  2. What were the most important lessons learned in this module?
  3. What was the most difficult point or concept in this lesson?
  4. How will you apply the lessons learned in this module in your professional life?

Module Objectives

In this module you will review the characteristics entrepreneurs and the benefits of entrepreneurship;  different forms of business ownership, different types of organizations, and categories of business. After completing this chapter, you will be able to decide on the form of business for your organization and you will be able to conceptualize how to start a business in the state of Florida.


MBA 5001 SU Starbucks Corporation Change for Motivation Case Study Business Finance Assignment Help

Scenario: Starbucks Corporation

Management has reviewed your work from two weeks ago about how the employees’ low job motivation may affect the company internally and externally and determined that there is sufficient evidence to support an organizational change. It has asked you to recommend changes that will help to boost employee job motivation.

Recall that a survey showed job motivation among employees was lower than average, with complaints such as:

  • My job is so boring!
  • My boss micromanages me but never tells me how I’m doing.
  • I’ve been in my position for seven to fifteen years, but I am never allowed to provide any input about making the work better.

Write a paper and provide in-text citations and references in which you:

  • Defend at least two organizational changes and explain how these changes will improve job motivation in the workforce. Support your recommendations by citing the theories covered in the readings or your own research.
  • Assess potential conflicts that may arise due to the changes, including why you anticipate these conflicts.
  • Justify a change implementation plan for leading the change initiatives and helping the organization overcome any resistance to the changes.
  • Justify an appropriate communication plan that announces the changes and continues through the change management process.
  • Submit your six- to eight-page paper in APA style


MGT 280 Strayer University Characteristics of Great Leadership Discussion Writing Assignment Help

What does it take to be a Great Leader?

Throughout this course, you will be creating a personalized leadership handbook that can be used for years to come. We will research and apply management techniques in each class assignment, and at the end of eight weeks, you will have a blueprint for your success as a manager.

Let us look at four essential management concepts: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Using the class text and, predominately, articles from Trident Library’s full-text databases (like Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, and/or ProQuest Central), research each of the essential management functions. Do not use any quotations. Consider best practices from a management perspective. Talking points are included for each of the functions.


  • A manager’s role in supporting the company’s vision and mission
  • Managerial participation in strategic, tactical, and operational planning
  • How managers establish and track goals and objectives for themselves and their teams


  • Organization Design, including individual job responsibilities
  • Maintaining Corporate Culture and Social Networks


  • Leadership and Decision-Making
  • Communications
  • Working in Groups or Teams
  • Motivating subordinates


  • Systems/Processes (Establishing and tracking performance standards)
  • Strategic Human Resources: having the right people in positions

Since you are engaging in research, be sure to cite and reference the sources in APA format. NOTE: Failure to use research with accompanying citations to support content will result in reduced scoring “Level 2-Developing” for Meets Assignment Requirements, Critical Thinking, and Use of Sources and Mechanics on the grading rubric.

The paper should be written in the third person; this means words like “I,” “we,” and “you” are not appropriate. Refer to yourself in the third person as “manager,” or you can write about what the “project team” will do, rather than saying “I” and “we.”

Assignment Expectations

Use the APA-formatted template (MGT280 Case1) to create your submission.

Your submission will include:

  • Trident University International’s cover page
  • A 3-page paper with APA citations (2- or 3-sentence introduction, 3-page body, 2- or 3-sentence conclusion)
  • The reference list page in APA format

Grading Note:

At Trident University International, rubrics are used for grading. These rubrics specify the points available for each component of an assignment. Points are earned based on the level of the work submitted. The rubric in the Case Dropbox is used for this Case Assignment.


Wk 1 Diabetes an Expensive Disease Disccusion Writing Assignment Help

APA style, no plagiarism, follow instructions , please do exercise 2.5

Under the section “Exercises and Discussion Questions” select  Exercise 2.5  OR Exercises 2.6  and respond with a minimum of two (2) paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each.

  1. You should address each bullet point in the exercise you select.
  2. Your work should have in-text citations integrating at a minimum one scholarly article from this week’s readings and course textbook.
  3. APA format should be utilized to include a reference list.
  4. Correct grammar, spelling, and APA should be adhered to when writing, work should be scholarly without personalization or first person use.
  5. Respond to a minimum of two (2) individuals, peer and/or faculty, with a scholarly and reflective post of a minimum of two (2) paragraphs of 4-5 sentences. A minimum of one (1) scholarly article should be utilized to support the post in addition to your textbook.

Posting Directions

  1. Posts should be made on a minimum of 3 separate days/dates.
  2. All faculty replies to students must be responded to directly in the discussion board.
  3. Minimum posting is:
    • Initial discussion board post to the weekly prompt, two peer posts (if there are no faculty postings), or one peer post and a faculty post.

Exercise 2.5 

Diabetes affects a growing number of Americans. You have been invited to join a collaborative of community agencies interested in tackling diabetes from a community perspective.

  • What resources will you use to identify different outcomes related to diabetes?
  • What outcomes related to diabetes are of most interest to community members?
  • How will you compare the outcomes you select to monitor at the local level with state and national outcomes?

Exercise 2.6 

APRNs should not only recognize but also make it part of their practice to develop strategies to reduce or eliminate health disparities. Review information from Healthy People 2020 and the CDC Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities websites.

  • What health disparities can you find that are relevant to your community ?
  • How can you better advocate for minority groups who have poorer health outcomes?
  • What specific objectives in Healthy People 2020 can help this effort?

Review the following for integration into your writing/responses: