USC Input Value Moving Letters & Setting Attributes Sublime Text Coding Exercise Programming Assignment Help

USC Input Value Moving Letters & Setting Attributes Sublime Text Coding Exercise Programming Assignment Help. USC Input Value Moving Letters & Setting Attributes Sublime Text Coding Exercise Programming Assignment Help.

Need to code on sublime text

Assignment Info:

Rename your project folder “lastname-firstname-AS4,” then zip it up before submitting it. Send the whole folder not just the files you worked on. Your instructor will tell you how to submit your assignment.

Intro to coding:: Assignment 4:

Complete each of the problems listed below. Build them in the template provided:

The finished assignment should look and function (mostly) like this:

Assignment 4 template:


This template contains most of the HTML (with some styling) for the five problems. You MUST use the HTML provided, and then add your own to complete the assignment.

[PROBLEM 1] :: JQuery: Get the value of the input field to replace or add text [ uses html or append ].

[PROBLEM 2] :: JQuery Get/Set elements: Move “letters” from one div into a new div [use get/set .append() also .clone()]. Add a send div / button that shows the sent text and a delete div / button that clears out the “message.”

[PROBLEM 3] :: JQuery Get/Set attributes: Get user input from a form field: user enters numbers and colors in the input fields and then the script dynamically updates the font size and font color, and moves the icon to the right, based on the user’s choices when the button is clicked. The icon moves back to its original position when the “Change Me Back” button is clicked.

[PROBLEM 4] :: Interactive photo gallery [ uses get/set .attr() ]. Also add an action that changes the caption number ( the top left “# / 5” number ) on click.

[PROBLEM 5] :: jQuery/Javascript: The mini-calculator (see completed assignment)

USC Input Value Moving Letters & Setting Attributes Sublime Text Coding Exercise Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

MGT 201 Saudi Electronic University Marketing Management Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Leaning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the global competitive environment and the changing marketing practices. (LO- 1.8)
  • Ability to formulate marketing strategies that incorporate psychological and sociological factors which influence consumers (LO- 1.9)
  • Build a strong understanding of the social, economic, ethical and technological challenges facing marketers (LO- 3.4)

Case Study

Read the Chapter Case Study “McDonald- A Global Giant” from Chapter 8 “Global Marketing” Page: – 257 given in your textbook – “Marketing” (7th Edition) by Dhruv. Grewal and Michael. Levy (2020) and answer the following Questions:

Assignment Question(s):

Important Notes :

is in the attachment, the solution is required to have no similarity ratio.

assignment must be completed within one or two days as a maximum.

at least 3 references.APA style.


Northern Virginia Community College Margaret Sanger and The Eugenics Movement Essay Humanities Assignment Help

  1. Margaret Sanger is credited with the invention of the birth control pill and also the founder of Planned Parenthood. She is most often presented as a heroine and advocate for women’s rights and birth control. By reading the following two sources, you will see two very different sides of her.
  2. Under “The Film and More,” select “Primary Sources.” Read the 1966 article “The Pill: Negatively Affecting US Morals? (Links to an external site.)
  3. Watch the PBS film, The Pill [Duration: 56:11]
  4. Finally, please answer the following questions and submit your answers in a two page paper using the assignment link below:
    • What did you learn about Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement? In the early days of her work, why did she target minorities and women with intellectual disabilities? Why do you think this part of the story is not mentioned in Sociology textbooks and women’s rights organizations?
    • What connections can you make with Sanger’s early attempts to target minorities and the minority populations today that access birth control and abortion clinics?
    • Discuss how Sanger and her scientist can be seen as leaders of a social movement. Both did not live to see the full implementation of this product.
    • What did you think of the 1966 anti-pill article? What connections do you see between what was said here and current discussions of sexuality and reproduction?
    • What are the important points you learned from the video about sexuality and reproduction before the pill and after the pill? How has life for women and families drastically changed due to the invention of this small pill?


Save your essay as “The-Pill-Your Last Name” in .doc or .docx format. Click the Submit Assignment button above to submit it as an attachment.


University of Nairobi Manipulative Tactics on Prisoners Essay Humanities Assignment Help


Prisons as Repositories

After the closing of most of the country’s mental health facilities, many wonder if prisons are the new mental health facilities.

After reading/viewing the following sites reflect on your thoughts. Should prisons be for profit? What is society’s role in protecting those who cannot care for themselves? Who should pay for these services? Is this worth your tax dollars? What steps should be taken?


Prisons are the ‘new asylums’


False ConfessionsThe book outlines police tactics that have elicited false confessions.

The book outlines police tactics that have elicited false confessions. Do you think police should be able to use these tactics? Look at the following resources and cite your own.

If you have Netflix (you can get free trial)

Documentary False Confessions

Wrongful convictions


MGT 321 Saudi Electronic University Saudi Aramco SWOT Analysis Paper Business Finance Assignment Help

APA style for references, and no pilgrims.

Select a Saudi company that operates in Asia, and write (a minimum of 500 word) report covering the following points:

  • Present the study report with clear Introduction and Conclusion including your own views.
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis for your chosen company based on your research.
  • Analyze the political, economic, cultural and legal challenges the company currently faces in any of the country it operates (select one country in which the company operates for this analysis).

Strengths: List the strengths of the selected company;

Weaknesses: Describe the areas of weakness in the company’s operations;

Opportunities: Examine factors that may improve the company’s chances of success;

Threats: List the external threats to the business company’s success.



Florida International University Info Retrieval Project Programming Assignment Help

Project on SQL

Requirements (Please see attached file)

You will be creating a database for a theme park. You must create a SQL Script to perform all the following functions:

Step 1: Create the tables

Table # 1 Name: Employee

Columns and Data Types:

  • empNumber (char(8)), firstName (varchar(25)), lastName varchar(25)), ssn (char(9)), address (varchar(50)),
  • state (char(2)), zip (char(5)), jobCode (char(4)) , dateOfBirth (date), certification(bit), salary(money) )

    Table # 2 Name: Job:

    Columns and Data Types:

  • jobCode (char(4), jobdesc(varchar(50))
  • Next You will write the script to create constraints on these two tables. The following constraints must be created:

  • A Primary Key named PK_EmpNumber on the empNumber column in the Employee table.
  • A Primary Key named PK_JobCode on the jobCode column in the Job table.
  • A Foreign Key constraint named FK_JOB on the Employee table’s jobCode column which upholds referential
  • integrity to the Job table’s primary key.

  • A Legal Value constraint on the Employee table named EMP_STATECHECK on the state column which can
  • only be in either CA or FL.

  • A Legal Value constraint on the Job table named JOB_JOBCODE on the job column which only have one of
  • the values ‘CAST’, ‘ENGI’, ‘INSP’ or ‘PMGR’

    Step 2: Insert the data

    Write the Insert statements to populate 3 sample employees. Make up any sample data for your employees. Make sure

    your data doesn’t violate any constraints.

    Write the Insert statements to populate the following available jobs codes and job descriptions:

    CAST Cast Member

    ENGI Engineer

    INSP Inspector

    PMGR Project Manager

    Step 3: Create Views

    Write the statements to create the following views:

    – vw_CertifiedEngineers: This View will show the empNumber, firstName, lastName and jobDesc of the

    employees who are engineers and have a certification value of 1.

    o Column Names: empNumber, firstName, lastName, jobDesc

    – vw_ReadyToRetire: This View will show the empNumber, firstName and lastName of those employees who are

    over 62 ( Hint: use the birthdate year to calculate their age based on the current date year)

    o Column Names: empNumber, firstName, lastName

    – vw_EmployeeAvgSalary: This view will show the average salary and the employee jobcode grouped per the

    different job codes.

    o Column Names: AvgSalary, jobCode

    Step 4: Add indexes

    Create the SQL Scripts for indexes on the following columns:

    Index name: IDX_LastName Table: Employee Column: lastName

    Index name: IDX_ssn Table: Employee Column: ssn

    Step 5: Verify Objects

    Verify Object names

    Once you have completed your work and created the required objects in your database, you will need to run the

    Project1Verifier to assure that:

    – Your objects have been properly created

    – Object naming is correct.

    Run the Project1Verifier.sql script on the database where you created your objects. If any errors appear, you need to

    review them before proceeding.

    Florida International University Info Retrieval Project Programming Assignment Help[supanova_question]

    Park University Path Goal Styles & Theory Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

    Chapter 7: Self-Assessment13.3 Path-Goal Styles


    Each chapter contains a Leadership Instrument based on some of the theory presented in the unit chapter(s). Complete the relevant instruments as directed and write an interpretation of your results.

    The purpose of this self-assessment is to:

    • Identify your path–goal styles of leadership.
    • Examine how your use of each style relates to other styles of leadership.

    Unit Learning Outcomes

    • Illustrate the importance of leading through obstacles (CLO 5).
    • Recognize common team obstacles (CLO 5 and CLO 6).
    • Examine the role of leaders, followers, and the context in toxic/destructive leadership (CLO 2, CLO 3, and CLO 5).


    The most possible points will be given to an original analysis that includes:

    • Responses that are fully developed (this includes a brief discussion of the topic of the instrument, the instrument scores/findings, interpretation of those scores/findings, and how you might use that information to develop your skills through a self-reflection).
    • Responses that demonstrate a familiarity with the related materials and topics being referenced in the analysis and chapter(s) by referencing readings to examine the results of the data gathered and interpret the findings according to the relevant theory.
    • Responses that are well-formatted and organized.

    Length: Analysis should be 1 page in length (typed and double spaced).

    All cited material must include both internal citations and a complete reference list at the end of the paper.


    • Complete the assessment by clicking the button below and analyze your findings.
    • After completing the Path-Goal Styles Questionnaire, compare your scores for the four types of path–goal leadership (directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented) to determine which style is your strongest and which is your weakest.


    Purdue University Data Visualizations That Lie Reflection Discussion Writing Assignment Help

    write minimum 500 words in single spaced based on the attached

    Required Reading Instructions:How Charts Lie – Read Chapter 4

    Required Video Instructions: Tableau Conference 2019 – Breakout Session –Low Tech Superpowers For Data Storytelling (Cole Nussbaumer, @storywithdata) video link:…

    Similar to last week, in one page, please share your *stand-out* reflections, observations, and/or opinions about the required textbook chapters and video. I’m looking for what surprised you, caught your attention, or triggered an idea…please do not simply repeat what we read and watched – I’m looking for something unique in your responses, and reflects that you read and grasped the assigned material. Do your best to think it through as you share your thoughts.

    I upload the book below


    WVU About Covid Treatment Discussion Writing Assignment Help

    The purpose of this exercise is to help a classmate to improve their research project. You will produce a one-page letter that provides feedback on the person’s research proposal.

    Your audience is a peer in class. This means this is not a simulation. Your classmates are developing writers, like you, and like you, they want to write the best paper possible in order to be successful in the course. What strategies can you use to connect with this audience? What would connect most with you? How would you want someone to respond to your writing?

    As you read your classmate’s work and prepare your feedback, review the ”assignment sheet for the Research Proposal”. That way, the feedback you provide aligns with the assignment goals and instructions.

    I have assigned pairings based on your research groups, whenever possible. When not possible, I have randomly assigned pairings.

    Here’s what to include in your letter:

    • Your letter should open with “Dear…”
    • Begin by reflecting back to the author what you think their argument is (what is the exigency to which their project responds?). Also reflect back to them what you think their project entails. What do you think their study is trying to find out, and how do you think they’ll collect data?
    • Tell the author what’s effective.
    • Address the areas of the proposal that could be improved.
    • You may not provide comments on grammar.
    • Use the PACT peer review handout as a guide. You will notice that many of the questions on the handout are yes/no questions. I do not want you to simply answer yes or no. Instead, I expect you to write several fully developed paragraphs in which you engage with the writer’s attention to purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble. Essentially, think about your reaction as a reader to their piece, and construct a cohesive letter to them in which you provide them with meaningful feedback. Support your feedback with details and examples. For example, you might quote an excerpt from and ask for them to clarify it.
    • Here are questions that you might address as you craft your response.
    • What is the purpose of the project? What does the writer want to have happen? Does it need to be clarified further or earlier?
    • What is the exigency/need/current conversation that propels the research? Does the writer provide evidence from their annotated bibliography to support the exigency?
    • Who is the main reader for this proposal? How can you tell? Is the writing style appropriate for that reader? Are key terms defined sufficiently so that you can follow the ideas?
    • Are the research questions specific? Do you think the writer will be able to collect data? What issues might the writer run into?
    • Your letter should be well organized. Each paragraph should address one major point. Use topic sentences and transitions, and proofread your work.

    Formatting Specifications

    Format your response as a formal letter in order to practice the conventions of letter writing. If you aren’t sure how to write a letter, then consult the Purdue OWL’s useful handout here. Use Times New Roman 12 point font (single spaced). Write your letter as a Word or PDF document (acceptable file extensions include .doc, .docx, or .pdf). Name your file using the following conventions: lastname-exercise4-daymonthyear. The last name portion should be your last name.


    This exercise will be graded as part of your mid-term portfolio and again in your final portfolio. As I read your letter, I will apply the following criteria:

    • Letter provides helpful feedback to a peer on their research proposal and project
    • Feedback is supported with evidence and details. Paragraphs and ideas are adequately developed for the purpose and audience.
    • Tone is appropriate for the audience of a classmate who is a developing writer and wants to submit their best work.
    • Feedback is formative and substantive; the student avoids editing the writer’s work.


    West Virginia University National Organization and Target Audience Discussion Health Medical Assignment Help

    National Organization and Target Audience)

    Describe the potential national organization and target audience you will be proposing a program for(Education and Type 2 Diabetes). Include evidence that the organization would be on board with your project. You can choose an organization such as the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, etc. You are choosing a potential organization that would be interested in your proposed topic for your proposal. You DO NOT have to contact an agency or organization for this project. Here is a link to where you can search for a national organization:…

    Please do not choose a professional society for your organization. A professional society is focused on its members and not on health promotion for a particular target population. If you have a question regarding the national organization you have chosen, please reach out to the course instructor immediately to check if your organization is appropriate. Each member of the group should research a different organization and do the research for that specific organization. You will give each other feedback on this assignment and discuss among your group each of the organizations you each wrote about.


    Please do not choose a professional society for your organization. A professional society is focused on its members and not on health promotion for a particular target population. If you have a question regarding the national organization you have chosen, please reach out to the course instructor immediately to check if your organization is appropriate. Each member of the group should research a different organization and do the research for that specific organization. You will give each other feedback on this assignment and discuss among your group each of the organizations you each wrote about.