Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help

Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help. Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help.

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based on the hypothesis below answer the following questions please.

Hypothesis: Water will diffuse from a region of high water potential to a region of low water potential when both solutions exhibit a water potential gradient and are separated by a semi-permeable membrane because water movement occurs along the water potential gradient.

  1. What is your independent variable? (what you are manipulating or testing)
  2. What is your experimental group?
  3. What is your control group?
  4. Is your independent variable continuous data (e.g. time, distance, length, etc.) or discontinuous data (e.g. categorical data like color, binned data like small, medium, large categories, etc.)
  5. What will be similar about how you will treat your experimental and control groups? (i.e. what are your controlled variables)
  6. What will be different about how you treat your experimental and control groups? (i.e. what is your experimental variable)
  7. What is your dependent variable and how will you measure it? (the outcome you are measuring; the duration, interval of sampling, unit of measure, etc.)
  8. What do you predict will be the relationship between your independent and dependent variables? (i.e. what do you think will happen if your hypothesis is supported, not supported?)
  9. Sketch or describe a graph of your expected results if your hypothesis is supported. Remember that independent variables are plotted on the x-axis and dependent variables are plotted on the y-axis.

Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Block 2 HW Mathematics Assignment Help


I have an assignment that i would like it to be done.

In the first file below you can find the instruction for the homework.

In the second and third files (you can find them in the same folder) below you can find the files that you have to use to complete the work via Minitab 19.

In the last three files below you can find a chapters that you might need to done the work.

Note: the homework must be done in Minitab 19 then you can copy and paste to MS Word Document.

You have use (1) IS 242 Business Statistics or (2) Basic Business Statistics by Berenson, et al 13th ed to answer some of the questions.

Basic Business Statistics by Berenson, Levine, Szabat 13th edition from Pearson, ISBN 13: 978-0-321-8700-5, ISBN 10: 0-321-87002-6, is available on Internet.

Or, IS 242 Business Statistics: ISBN-10: 1323532110 ISBN-13: 9781323532119. It is a custom book based on Basic Business Statistics by Berenson, Levine, Szabat 13th edition from Pearson.

Note: It is an ( IS business statistics ) course.



Financial Economics – Leverage and Diversification Economics Assignment Help

Question 3 – leverage and diversification

Imagine you have a risk-free asset, whose return is 0, and two risky assets with μ1=0.1, σ1=0.1, μ2=0.2, σ2=0.3, ρ1,2=0. Once we compute the tangency portfolio, we get that it has μT=0.118 and σT=0.098 (you do not have to compute it).

  1. What are the mean return and standard deviation of the portfolio on the efficient frontier as a function of the share of the risk-free asset in the portfolio?
  2. Assume that you are rational and risk-averse, so that you choose portfolios along the efficient frontier from the question above. Moreover, assume that you have leverage in your portfolio of the following sort: you sell short (borrow) so much of the risk-free asset that its share in your portfolio is -0.5. What is the mean return and standard deviation of your portfolio?

You wake up next day and you see that the only parameter that changes is the correlation between your risky assets: it decreased to ρ1,2=-0.5. This led to the change in your tangency portfolio, which has now the following parameters μT=0.122 and σT=0.073 (notice what happened with these two parameters).

  1. In order to earn the same return as in question 2, what share of your portfolio should be in the risk-free asset? Does your leverage increase or decrease? What happens with the variance of such portfolio?
  2. In order to keep the risk (variance) of your new portfolio the same as in question 2, what share of your portfolio should be in the risk-free asset? Does your leverage increase or decrease? What happens with the mean return of such portfolio?


netbeans- read the description properly Programming Assignment Help

This assessment item relates to the unit learning outcomes as in the unit descriptors.

This checks your understanding about object-oriented software development.

This assessment covers the following LOs.

LO1 Demonstrate understanding of classes, constructors, objects, data types and instantiation; Convert data types using wrapper methods and objects.

LO2 Independently analyse customer requirements and design object-oriented programs using scope, inheritance, and other design techniques; Create classes and objects that access variables and modifier keywords. Develop methods using parameters and return values.

LO3 Demonstrate adaptability in building control and loop structures in an object-oriented environment; Demonstrate use of user defined data structures and array manipulation.

LO4 Create object hierarchies using additional utility methods, application programming interfaces (API) and interfaces, in conjunction with existing classes and objects.

LO5 Demonstrate usage of collection to access data structures effectively and compose full-fledged object-oriented applications.

LO6 Extend the on object-oriented concepts and design patterns introduced in lectures to carry out further research on a chosen object-oriented design pattern or emerging recent programming languages.

Rubrics for MITS4002 Project

Criteria (used as a guide only)

Level of Performance







Mouse adaptor being used

DrawTriangle class was created with appropriate parameters and used; The use of inheritance from JPanel

Screenshots of evidence of trial runs & output

All questions answered

Source codes and NetBeans project folder

Code indentation

Code with comments

Total: /25 marks

Problem Description

Draw a circle with three random points on the circle. Connect the points to form a triangle. Display the angles in the triangle. Use the mouse to drag a point along the perimeter of the circle. As you drag it, the triangle and angles are redisplayed dynamically as shown in Figure 1.

You will need to create a DrawTriangle class (not main class) which takes some appropriate parameters in one of its methods to draw the triangle within the circle as shown in Figure 1. Your will not get full marks if DrawTriangle class is not created nor used as it as part ofObject-Oriented Software Development.

Figure 1: Sample output

Here is the formula to compute angles:

Note, acos(x) is cos-1(x)

What to submit:

Submit the 5 screenshots of the output along with a check list of the following steps using this word document and full NetBeans Project folder. Note, your project should be developed using NetBeans otherwise your work will not be marked. Copy and paste your code into this word document too.

Put this word document in your NetBeans project folder and then zip before submission.

Your code:

1. Can your program display a circle in the centre of the frame, if not, why?

Write your answer here:

2. Can your program display three points on the circle, if not,why?

Write your answer here:

3. Can your program draw a triangle using these three points, if not, why?

Write your answer here:

4. Can your program compute the angles in the triangle, if not,why?

Write your answer here:

5. Can your program display the angles in the triangle, if not,why?

Write your answer here:

6. Note that three points are three small circles. Can your program detect which small circle is pressed by the mouse, if not, why?

Write your answer here:

7. Can your program drag a small circle that has been pressed, if not, why?

Write your answer here:

8. Can your program drag a small circle along the perimeter of the circle, if not, why? (Hint: Ignore the mouse drag if it is not along the perimeter of the circle.)

Write your answer here:


HUM250 Quiz 4 lesson12 Humanities Assignment Help

Question 1: After viewing the video, please select three pieces of art that illustrate some of the beliefs present in art during the Renaissance. For each piece of art, be sure to identify the piece, identify the artist, and provide some discussion of the themes and form used in the piece.

Question 2: Perform a Web search on ONE of the following topics. You should be familiar with the others as topics from the course, but you only need to write about one. When you have made your selection, thoroughly define the topic and discuss three prominent illustrations in art such as painting, sculpture, architecture, music, or literature. BE SURE TO CITE YOUR WEB SOURCE(S) HERE!

a. Humanism

b. Neoplatonism

c. Mannerism

d. Renaissance versus High Renaissance art



write an essay following the instructions below Humanities Assignment Help

Final Draft – must be submitted to the plagiarism checker.

Students benefit from a minimum of 6-paragraph structure, but you’re welcome to add more. A sample student essay will be provided on Canvas as well as the grading rubric.

Format Requirements: 1,500 to 2,000 words, MLA format.
Writing Requirements: Must meet academic writing standards. Papers should

Work Cited Page is required.

Essay Structure Requirements:

INTROUCTION PARAGRAPH: introduction paragraph with a hook, title of the reading, the author of the reading, publication the article appears in, explanation of what is the author’s main claim (what is their argument), explanation of the reading, and a clear thesis.

BODY PARAGRAPHS: Detailed supporting paragraphs started by topic sentences, and an adequate concluding paragraph. Each supporting paragraph must focus on only one aspect, trait, reason or point. Create detailed illustrations so your reader can “see” what’s going on. YOUR BODY PARAGRAPHS MUST INCLUDE SUPPORT FROM THE ASSIGNED READING. You must explain the Rhetorical Strategy the Author is using after you have incorporated the quote and how that strategy works on the reader. You can use “I” statements (this is a personal essay).

CONCLUSION: Full conclusion that ties up your essay.
Purpose: to write an essay that analyzes the assigned text.
Audience: your classmates, instructors, and people unfamiliar with the topic.

clearly state the significance of the topic, and be organized with adequate

Crane 1




Crane 2Length: 1,500 to 2,000 words. THE WORK CITED PAGE DOES NOT


Is Lying a Good or Bad thing? Explain your reasoning.

Your answer to this will form your Thesis Statement. You will develop your argument in at least the first three body paragraphs of your essay.

Your last body paragraph must be a counter argument to your argument and must include a rebuttal.

What is a counter argument that can be used against your position? Your counter argument must have a rebuttal (Your counter argument – rebuttal should be together in one paragraph – there should be a quote included. This paragraph should be the last paragraph before your conclusion.

For this essay you should present at least three clear topics or opinions (each topic or opinion should be its own paragraph – so this essay MUST BE a minimum of 6 paragraphs in total – (the counter argument is included as one of these topics). Explain your answers and support with examples from any of the article I have assigned. You must use the Assigned Reading in all your body paragraphs. You are only allowed one quote per body paragraph (maximum of 3 to 4 lines) – NO block quotes are allowed. The quote you use should support your position. You are not expected to conduct ANY research and you cannot add your own materials. This essay should include personal opinions, previous experience and observations to support your thesis.

write an essay following the instructions below Humanities Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Design the Network Infrastructure Computer Science Assignment Help

This is a two part assignment. Part 1 is the IP Scheme for the network (completed and attached) Part 2 is the Visio network design that details network components with IP addresses. Please Provide legend for Network Diagram.

Part 2: Design the Network Infrastructure

Create a network drawing using Visio or, specific to this organization listing the network’s topology.

In your diagram, include any necessary hardware. The drawing should include enough detail to show the interconnections of the topology. The viewer should be able to understand the Bacon Enterprises network environment.

All devices require hostnames and should use the following naming conventions:

  • Routers: Rx; where x is the site number
  • Switches: Sx; where x is the site number
  • Include necessary details for high availability.
  • Any external source that is consulted should be cited properly.

Note: You will need to use this diagram in Project 3, so save the source file.


Article Research Paper and Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

This is a graduate course and students will be expected to research and write papers summarizing in their own words what they have found on current topics from the weekly readings. Research is a theoretical review and application of a topic to a specific industry or field.

The research must be conducted using peer-reviewed trade or academic journals. While Blogs, Wikipedia, encyclopedias, textbooks, popular magazines, newspaper articles, online websites, etc. are helpful for providing background information, these resources are NOT suitable resources for this research assignment.

Assignment Requirements:

  1. To access the Article Research Paper and Posting Assignments, go to the “Discussion” tab, and click on the particular week’s assignment (Week 6).
  2. Choose a research topic from the chapter readings or from the weekly list provided by your professor.
  3. Research/find a minimum at least one (1), preferably two (2) different peer-reviewed articles on your topic from the University of the Cumberlands Library online business database. The article(s) must be current/published within the last five (5) year
  4. Write a four (4) page double spaced paper in APA format discussing the findings on your specific topic in your own words. Note – paper length does not include cover page or References page.
  5. Structure your paper as follows:
  6. Cover pageAn example paper has been provided for students. Please review this paper thoroughly for structure and APA formatting.
    1. Overview describing the importance of the research topic in your own words
    2. Purpose of Research of the article in your own words
    3. Review of the Literature summarized in your own words
    4. Conclusion in your own words
    5. Personal Thoughts
    6. References
  7. Attach your paper to the Discussion board by the Saturday due date (150 points).
  8. Read and respond to at least four (4) other student postings by the Sunday due date (20 points).
  9. Students will be asked to present their research findings (informally) during a weekly online collaborate session.


written report (PDF format). Jupyter Notebook .ipynb .ONE csv file of test results Programming Assignment Help

I provide all the information in the file. please read carefully, and I also provide one ipynb that i did so far.

Tasks Data Understanding: Conduct a thorough EDA to gain a better understanding of the given data and business objectives. This includes but not limited to: checking/dealing with missing data and outliers if any; top popular items sold and their characteristics; recommendation and rating patterns across departments and product types. buying and reviewing behavior of different age groups, etc. Carefully present your analysis and findings in your report.

Build a Benchmark Model to Predict Recommendation: Build a simple logistic regression model to assess the feasibility of recommendation prediction and establish a baseline model. For this task, you are required to build your baseline model using bag of words of the review text only. Use scikit-learn’s logistic regression model with “solver” set to ‘liblinear’ and all other parameters set to default. Use scikit-learn’s CountVectorizer with “max_features” set to 500 and all other parameters set to default. You need to choose appropriate evaluation metrics and model evaluation strategies to validate your model. Present your analysis and discuss your findings. Improving Your Benchmark Model: You are required to make attempts to improve the performance of your benchmark model as much as you can. You should consider using more advanced feature engineering techniques and adding extra features to rebuild your model. Your choice of decisions should be justified based on the evidence from the data and accompanied by detailed explanation. You must properly validate your model and optimize appropriate hyperparameters that apply. Simply building a model without any consideration of validation and optimisation does not meet the minimum requirements. You should demonstrate evidence of your efforts and you will be assessed based on the depth of your exploration. Provide a summary of what has worked and what has not. Report on your improved models and make comparisons with the benchmark model. Note: You must use logistic regression and no other models are allowed for this task. Interpreting Results: Decide on your best model and provide analysis and interpretation of its behavior. For example, you may report on the features associated with positive/negative recommendation. For your interpretation, you should focus on identifying general rules that might be useful for the company to improve its business in the future. Final Test Results: Finally, apply your best model on the test data. You are asked to report the classification results on the test data. Save your results into a csv file containing two columns, one for the Review Index (ID from product_test.csv) and the other column Recommended for the predicted labels (1’s or 0’s). An example file of test results test_results_example.csv is also provided. Name your file as GroupID_Test_Results.csv. The results on the test data will be assessed to decide your group performance among the entire class (group competition!).


MGMT672-2002B-01 Ctu Unit 2 Individual Project Business Finance Assignment Help

Library Research Assignment

You now have change programs in various stages of implementation at a large number of the 60 companies in your portfolio. Some of the companies are doing quite well, and others are stalling or are nonresponsive to the change initiatives being implemented. You have a feeling that there is resistance that is taking place, and you want to roll out some new concepts and ideas to help the leaders of these companies handle this resistance. A number of these leaders have asked you for ideas that would help them understand the resistance and to perhaps create action plans to address the issues involved. You presented a set of possible issues, which has prompted the line managers to ask for more specifics to increase the success of all the change initiatives.

Complete the following:

  • What is the relationship between change drivers and impediments to change in an organization?
  • Explain different external and internal change drivers, and describe their impact on people in an organization.
  • What are the applicable models and strategies to overcome resistance to change?
  • How does your current set of recommendations demonstrate either a reduction in the resistance to change or the need to adjust some of the change drivers?
  • What are at least 5 specific recommended steps that can be taken in the present situation described?

Note: You have the choice of the following delivery options for this assignment:

  • A paper of 1,800–2,200 words
  • A PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes totaling 2,000 words (plus or minus 10%)
  • Visio flow charts with an accompanying script of 2,000 words
  • Viseo with accompanying script with 2,000 words (plus or minus 10%)
  • Smart charts

Note: Use a minimum of 1 chart in your analysis or description of a model or strategy being recommended, and use 1 flow chart to visually show the stages in your recommendation.

Be sure to use APA formatting and valid graduate-level references.

Please submit your assignment.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.



Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help

Using the Scientific Method: Designing a Controlled Experiment Science Assignment Help

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