Utility Ethics Health Medical Assignment Help

Utility Ethics Health Medical Assignment Help. Utility Ethics Health Medical Assignment Help.

Utility Ethics

Assignment Overview

In the Module 3 Case, we will use the Utility Test to inform our understanding of the Mattel case study.

Required Reading

Visit the library, and locate the following article:

Sethi, S., Veral, E., Shapiro, H., & Emelianova, O. (2011).
Mattel, Inc.: Global manufacturing principles (GMP) – A life-cycle
analysis of a company-based code of conduct in the toy industry. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 483-517. Retrieved from ProQuest.

Case Assignment

In a well-written, 4- to 5-page paper, apply the Utility Test to the Mattel case study.

Keys to the Assignment

  1. Choose an ethical issue raised by the Mattel case study (e.g., you might choose to analyze Mattel’s treatment of employees).
  2. Apply the Utility Test: http://ethicsops.com/UtilityTest.php
  3. Be sure that you follow each step of the Utility Test (use a separate section heading for discussion of each step of the test):
    1. Introduce the test.
    2. Briefly discuss why utility ethics is a valid way of deciding right and wrong.
    3. Apply the test

      Step 1: Identify the
      alternative actions that are possible and the persons and groups (the
      stakeholders) who will be affected by these actions.

      Step 2: For each of the most promising alternatives, determine the benefits and costs to each person or group affected.

      Step 3: Select the action in the current situation that produces the greatest benefits over costs for all affected.

      Step 4: Discuss what would happen if the action were a policy for all similar situations.

    4. Draw a conclusion. If the same action is selected
      in Steps 3 & 4, then the action is an ethical one. If different
      actions are selected, decide whether the individual action will produce
      the greatest good and the least harm, for all affected, over the long
  4. Be sure to use at least two sources from the library to support your discussion and analysis (choose sources that are not included in the Background section of Module 3).

Follow the guidelines in The Student Guide to Writing a High Quality Academic Paper.

You are expected to demonstrate evidence of critical thinking – as defined in the background materials and the grading rubric.

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Anthropology: Aspect of culture, topic I chose was Rites of Passage, social science homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Attached is the Assignment from week 3 that you would need to read before doing this journal. You may also have to read the article, I wrote the name of the article on the assignment to have a better understanding.

For this journal, consider the sources that you summarized for Part I and Part II of your paper in your “Week Three Assignment Worksheet.”

  • What was your initial response to the sources you read for your paper? Include in-text citations and full reference entries in APA format to all sources you will be using for your Final Research Paper.
  • Can you identify any biases that you might have about the cultural practices you will discuss in either Part I or Part II of your Final Research Paper?
  • Identify any problems you might be having in examining your own culture from an etic perspective or the other culture from an emic perspective. Review Miner’s article Body Ritual Among the Nacirema, and explain how his discussion of Americans (also known as Nacirema) will help you take an outsider’s perspective on your own culture.

The journal entry should be at least 250 words in length. You should also include a title page and a references page.


Rock and Roll Questions Humanities Assignment Help

12 Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Can the sound of music or the meaning of song lyrics cause listeners to do things
they would not otherwise do?

13 Progressive and Glitter Rock Progressive rock is sometimes called pretentious. Why do you think that is? Why
does androgyny make some people uncomfortable? To what degree was glitter an
expression of homosexuality, and to what degree was it merely rebellion against
those who were easily offended by it? Might glitter have reflected or promoted the
gay rights movement?

14 Ska and Reggae Reggae is music of politically and socially oppressed people in Jamaica. Is the
international popularity of reggae most likely to be based on its identiy with those
people, or is it popular more because it is good dance music? Might the reasons
for reggae’s popularity in England be different from those for its popularity in the
United States? Why? What current bands play ska or reggae?

15 Punk Rock and New Wave Punk is angry music and it is most effective when the anger is directed at some
particular issue, person, or practice. In what ways do Christian Punk bands handle
both religious and Punk attitudes? What about New Wave, which is generally fairly
alienated from emotion? Could it express a positive or religious message

16 Funk and Disco Along with most rock music, funk is a style that is primarily dominated by male
performers (at least as group leaders), whereas many disco stars are female. How
do those styles each compare with other rock styles that are or are not also male
dominated? are the male-dominated styles ones that women would not care to
perform or is there something inherently macho about them to the point that fans
do not want to hear female performers? Are there any characteristics about disco
that give it particular appeal for women and homosexuals?

17 Hip-Hop and Rap

Rap music tends to have a racial identity. To what degree does that reject the idea
of racial integration as an ideal?

18 Pop and Alternative styles

If you were a new music artist trying to get noticed by the masses, where would
you go to get attention? Is MTV still a viable option? Why do you feel that way?
The term alternative is still used today when describing some music. What does
that mean?

19 Alienated and Back to the Roots Rock

Much postpunk alternative music is much more depressed than rock music of the
sixties, when many musicians and fans were really experiencing war and death in Vietnam. What might have been attractive about death and depressed themes for
young people during the eighties? What rock styles express similar themes today?
20 Rock in the Nineteen nineties

It is true that music separates the generations? How do bands like Led Zeppelin,
the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones, whose music is often popular with both the
youngest and oldest rock fans, transcend the generation gap, or do they

21 Rock in the Early two-Thousands Are there any limits to the emotions that might be expressed in rock music? Is the
statement that only the poor go to war, as expressed in the song “B.Y.O.B.,”
correct? Who is in the US military today and why are they there? Was there ever a
time when young people were required to go to war even if they absolutely did not
want to?


Solutions to Issues in Developmental Psychology Humanities Assignment Help

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, please read the required Baltes (1987) articles for this week.

For your initial post, choose one contemporary issue or problem related to developmental psychology that is prevalent in today’s news and research a minimum of one peer-reviewed article on this issue in the Ashford University Library. Evaluate the issue based on one of the theoretical perspectives (Freud’s Psychosexual Theory, Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory, Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, etc.) that we have studied across this course. Explain how the theory provides a deeper understanding of the contemporary issue. Propose one well-developed solution to address the issue or problem.


Organizational Behavior Business Finance Assignment Help

Conflict Identification and Resolution

We live in a very complex and culturally diverse society. When we bring individuals together from diverse backgrounds in a work environment conflict can arise when expectations are not realized or met. Rather than hoping conflict will go away, this paper will explore and identify the reasons for conflict and how to successfully address them in a team environment.

Write a four- to five-page paper (excluding title and reference pages) assessing the components of conflict. The following need to be addressed within your paper:

  1. Describe a conflict within an organization or team with which you are familiar.
  2. Identify and describe the source(s) and level of the conflict and support with evidence.
  3. Describe the steps taken to resolve the conflict or, if it is an ongoing conflict, propose steps to resolve the conflict.
  4. Describe a minimum of three conflict outcomes that could reasonably occur as a result of the conflict resolution. Support your reasoning for each possible outcome.

Your paper must use a minimum of three scholarly sources, in addition to the textbook, your paper must be formatted according to APA style



Leg Edema and lymphadenopathy of the neck Health Medical Assignment Help

Can you please write 2 soap notes Following the example below You can use some of the wording from the example ( All the bolded areas from the example need to be kept Fallow the exact exalple of the soap note provided only changing what is appropriate to the case )
1) Leg Edema Possible DVT 44 y/o female
2) Lymphadenopathy of the neck on 63y/o male
SOAP Sample
Chief Complaint: “I have no energy.”
HPI:25 y/o Caucasian male presents to the clinic today with complaint of lethargy and feeling progressively more tired and lethargic. He stopped taking his thyroid medication six months ago.The patient discontinued his thyroid medication because he didn’t feel like he needed it any longer. He reports general lethargy increasing in frequency to daily over the past six months. He describes a feeling of “fog” in his head, falling asleep at work, and lasting from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed.Patient also reports weight gain of 20 pounds over the past six months.Reports pain 0/10 on 0-10 scale.He reports nothing makes the feeling of being tired any better. He states he has been using caffeine and energy drinks to help him feel better without success.The lethargy occurs daily and has begun to interfere with his job and his social life.
Medications: None Noted.
Allergies:NKDA.No food, insect or environmental allergies noted.
Personal/Social History:Denies using alcohol; denies tobacco use; denies illicit drug use; able to complete all ADL’s without difficulty; able to complete all IADL’s without difficulty; does not exercise and eats a lot of fast food.
O: T 97.7, BP 140/82, HR 75, RR 18, SpO2 98%, BMI 34.9.Neuro: A&Ox4, Balance and gait intact.Respiratory: Symmetric chest wall, RR clear with no distress noted.Lung fields intact to palpation.No rales, rhonchi, wheezes or rubs.Cardiovascular: RR intact, S1 and S2 intact with no S3 or S4, no clicks, rubs or murmurs.Capillary refill <2 seconds.No edema noted to BLE. Thyroid: No thyromegaly or nodules.
A:Patient presents to clinic with complaints of tiredness, lethargy and weight gain.
ICD-10:E03.9 Acquired Hypothyroidism, R53.83 Fatigue, Z68.34 BMI, Adult 34.0-34.9
P:Labs Ordered:CBC with differential, CMP, TSH, FREE T3, FREE T4, LIPID PANEL TODAY.
RTC for f/u in 1 week to discuss lab results. Levothyroxine will be restarted if thyroid levels are out of range at f/u, dosage to be determined at f/u.Educated patient on s/s of hypothyroidism, disorders.Educated patient on healthy lifestyle choices, diet, exercise and adequate sleep. Patient voiced understanding of teaching provided.

Leg Edema and lymphadenopathy of the neck Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Final Paper on Sun Tzu Humanities Assignment Help

Final paper is expanded work on previous paper with additional 2 pages focusing on a real word decision…….original attached

The second paper is an expansion of your Mid-Term paper that is to be 5-7 pages long when complete. (Your title page and bibliography do not count towards your page count) If previous feedback has been received, you will take such feedback into consideration, and adjust your thesis as necessary to create a single, cohesive essay. After demonstrating the proof of your thesis with logic and other strategic theories, you will select a real-world strategic decision and show how it further validates your thesis. Do not use a decision reached by the theorist, or one informing his thinking… which means you’re looking for a practical example separated in either time or distance from the theorist. Feel free to consult the professor about topic selection, and know BOTH PAPER TOPICS before you begin writing the first paper.


Cloud Computer Assignment 3 Scope and Potential of Cloud Computing Computer Science Assignment Help

Assignment 3: Scope and Potential of Cloud Computing

The era of cloud computing is here! There are many ways in which
cloud computing is utilized in both your personal and professional
lives. For this assignment, you will analyze and create a Microsoft
PowerPoint presentation of approximately 5–6 slides. The slides should
mention the ways in which cloud computing shapes your future.


Create a 5- to 6-slide presentation and answer the following questions:

  • Define cloud computing and five common terms that would be used in
    text messages, e-mails, or video and audio streaming. Provide relevant
    examples. Include both textual and multimedia types of communication.
  • Consider your own environment and the manner in which you connect
    with people. Explain how cloud computing is utilized in your day-to-day
  • Identify and explain at least five drawbacks or risks of cloud computing.
  • Choose an organization with which you are familiar and discuss how
    cloud computing can help the employees collaborate in new and more
    effective ways while not substantially increasing risk.

Note: Utilize at least three scholarly or
professional sources (beyond your textbook) in your presentation. Your
presentation should be written in a clear, concise, and organized
manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and
attribution of sources (i.e., in APA format); and display accurate
spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Statistics Project Question (two population means) Mathematics Assignment Help

I have a statistics project where you can either compare two population means or two population proportions. I found a topic I just want some clarification if i’m on the right track.

I’m comparing female responses and Male responses to which year they think we will have our first female president.

Is that a two population mean?

Also can you help me with writing the traditional sentence to explain the statistic and p-value please?

Here is my data set on StatCrunch:


Also i will leave the set in Exel as well down below


Persuasive argumentative essay Writing Assignment Help

In about 1000 words, write a persuasive argumentative essay defending your position in order
to argue for your particular stance on this issue. Other than providing supporting arguments for
the position you take on this issue, you MUST anticipate objections and provide
counterarguments to write the paper. Relevant information for you to gather would be:

  • Definition of the expanded DSA scheme
  • Issues (educational, economic, social or etc.) surrounding the current expanded DSA
    scheme allowing applications from both academic and non-academic domains
  • Arguments for upholding the current expanded DSA scheme allowing applications
    from both academic and non-academic domains
  • Arguments against upholding the current expanded DSA scheme allowing
    applications from both academic and non-academic domains

Please refer to the attached document for the full instruction.



Also i will leave the set in Exel as well down below