UWLA Compute the Annual Income and Expenses for The Last Twelve Months Case Ques Economics Assignment Help

UWLA Compute the Annual Income and Expenses for The Last Twelve Months Case Ques Economics Assignment Help. UWLA Compute the Annual Income and Expenses for The Last Twelve Months Case Ques Economics Assignment Help.

answer the following questions with full sentences and complete though

1.PFP 2– two month budget estimate-2-1-1.docx your budget for the first 2 months of the semester. Write only in the “Estimate” column for this assignment at this time. You will revisit this assignment later in the class to reflect on your actual spending. I do not expect every financial item to apply to each person. Fill in what applies to you. You should be able to type directly into the document. You can add and delete rows to personalize this budget format to create your own personal budget.


Every one needs to live within their means in order to manage their money, no matter what their income is. What are 2 tips/strategies you use with your budget to live below or within your means? How have they been successful? with min 250 words.

3.PFP #03: Financial Statements & Financial Ratios

One of the first activities in this class is to prepare financial statements, including a balance sheet and a cash-flow statement. Financial statements give you a good indication of your financial condition and help with budgeting.

The balance sheet, also known as a net-worth statement, is important because it is a snapshot of your financial wealth as a specific point in time. Financial institutions will ask for your net-worth statement when you apply for a loan. The net-worth statement shows where you are in your wealth-building process. It is always a good financial practice to complete a balance sheet on the first day of the New Year. It is not uncommon for young adults just starting out to reflect a negative net-worth. This means that they owe more than they own. As adults move up the financial pyramid, their net-worth should change, eventually showing a positive net-worth.

A Cash-flow is another essential tool in financial management. It is a continuous cash account (cash inflows and outflows) over a period; it also is known as an income and expense statement. Cash inflows come from more than just salaries. A full list of sources of incoming monies is provided in this lesson. A positive net cash-flow means that you brought in more than you spent and you have money left over. A negative net cash-flow means that you spent more than you brought in. In other words, the net cash-flow shows your solvency, an indication of your financial strength. The more solvent, the more available money is for investments and other uses. The cash-flow statement, if constructed correctly, will show what changes have occurred between two balance sheets. Complete an Annual Income and Expense statement (Cash Flow statement) for the 12-months: January through December .

You might need to approximate some of the amounts you use for the two statements because the data required covers a lot of time. Just do your best and try to be as realistic as possible. For entries in which you do not have amounts, enter zeros or leave blank. You can see how these two statements (Balance Sheet and Cash-Flow Statement) together help to monitor your spending and increase your net-worth. A positive net cash-flow in a given period can be applied to acquiring assets or reducing liabilities.

Financial Ratios – A ratio is a statement of how two numbers compare. Financial ratios take various financial statement numbers and compare them to other financial statement numbers to measure financial progress and strength. Financial ratios are a means of making sense of your financial situation; much like the speedometer provides a driver feedback on how fast a car is moving down the road. Financial ratios are expressed as percentages. Throughout this course, you will be expected to convert percentages into decimals and vice versa. Be sure that you understand how .0932 becomes 9.32%, in other words, how a decimal becomes a percent.

Converting Percentages and Decimal Numbers – To convert a percentage into a decimal amount, divide the percent by 100, as such: 5% = 5/100 = .05. To convert a decimal into a percentage, multiply the decimal by 100, as such: .05 x 100 = 5%. A percentage must include the percent sign (%)

.Click onPFP 03-3-1-1.docx to download and open the assignment, a Word document. It will appear below in this box. You can write right into the PFP document.

UWLA Compute the Annual Income and Expenses for The Last Twelve Months Case Ques Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

QNT 275T University of Phoenix Concept of Probability & Faculty Member Discussion Writing Assignment Help

Post a total of 3 substantive responses. This includes your initial post and 2 replies to classmates or your faculty member.

Probability is about mathematically determining how likely an event is to happen. Probability can be applied to many different aspects of our lives and help us make informed decisions.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the concept of probability, including the notion of an experiment, outcomes, and sample space. How can each of these be useful to us?
  • Describe an example from your own personal or professional experiences where you are focused on obtaining a specific, desired outcome. Evaluate what the ideal experiment, outcome, and sample space are for that situation.

student 1

The way I understand probability is the chance of an event happening. It can be written in terms of percentages ranging from 0 to 100 percent. For example, we use probability a lot when we try to predict the weather. Different weather channels show the probability of having rain the next day. In this case, they are using probability. The notion of the experiment is would be anything that can be observed and has a result. For example, an experiment can be tossing a coin and observing the results. The outcome of this experiment can either be heads or tails. Sample space considers all the possible outcomes from an experiment. Continuing with the coin example, the sample spaces of this experiment can be heads and tails.

Another everyday example of probability is rolling the dice when playing games. The experiment would be rolling the dice and the outcome can be from 1 to 6. So if I need a 6, my question would be what is the probability to get a 6. For this, I would need to know the sample spaces, which are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Now I can calculate the probability of getting a six which is around 16.7 percent.

Student 2

The concept of probability is the likelihood that something will occur when measured with the desired outcome. The desired outcome is determined when compared with data that can be determined based on situations done through observation. Someone’s experience and opinion can also be a concept that produces a result that can determine possibilities.

When someone flips a coin, the likelihood of a head or tail is the only two possibilities that would result from that action. In my personal and professional example would be to compare the possibility that my boss will have a meeting depending on her schedule. I can determine if I would need to sit in on the meeting to take notes or order catering depending on her previous meetings and work pattern. When taking a survey, I can determine how many people will have the same opinion from the demographic, and who usually responds to previous inquires. I find that when taking surveys, those results are very consistent based on previous responses, and most importantly when it involves politics and or economic benefits.


University of South Florida The Jewish Bride Contextual Analysis Discussion Humanities Assignment Help

Every student should make at least one original contextual analysis post and two comments to other students’ posts for each module. Posts should be in full, grammatically correct sentences that create at least one solid response of at least 600 words–make sure you include a word count. The 600 word count does NOT include any headers or references section. All posts must be relevant to the assigned materials (although you may build upon previous knowledge from earlier weeks and include personal observations). Start by answering the prompt, and then build upon the prompt to consider your own perspectives and experiences. You MUST attach photos and web links to support your position. An important part of your grade for this assignment is to communicate with your classmates. Because this is intended to be your opportunity to discuss topics with your classmates, the professor/TA will generally refrain from commenting or actively participating in the discussions aside from reading and grading them.

Each of the two comments should be at least 200 words (include a word count) on two different classmates’ posts each module to receive full credit.

Posts: For this post, select one work of art (two-dimensional or three-dimensional art) has NOT been already analyzed or extensively discussed in the course readings or videos…part of the fun in learning about art is in DISCOVERING it! You are required to make one post. In a narrative format, the post should contain the following elements:

  • Define and Identify: Brief information about the artist and work. For example, birth/death dates, place of birth or work, where work is displayed, name of work, medium of work, context for creation of work.
  • Experience and Appreciation: For example, where you found the work (website, another book, museum), what made you select the work, what about this work speaks to you.
  • Observe and Analyze: Use and underline three terms that were introduced in the module to observe/analyze your chosen work. Add any other relevant information to improve your paper.
  • Critique and Compare: Compare your work to similar pieces or to examples used in the module. Consider the impact of the work on a particular social angle and/or the evolution of the media. Consider the impact of experiencing the work on your general outlook on the medium or appreciation of art.
  • Apply Social Angles AND Context: Identify at least one social angle from the list below that can be observed or analyzed as part of the work. Address how the social angle is connected to the work. Plus, a thorough contextual analysis of the historical, cultural, and social implications should be discussed.
    • race and ethnicity,
    • gender and sexuality,
    • class and highbrow/low,
    • colonialism, postcolonialism, place and regionalism,
    • nature (environment, ecology) and culture,
    • memory, history, generational identity,
    • food culture, and
    • body and mind

Students will be expected to define, identify, and apply at least three terms (underline them so I can quickly find them) from the module in the post. Make sure to underline the terms so that I can quickly identify them. College-level writing and mechanics are expected; however, the purpose of this assignment is to move from experiencing art to analyzing art to evaluating art. Make sure to include a references section at the end of every post, even if you only cite the lecture video. All in-text citations and references should be in MLA.

Comments: For each of the two comments, select a classmate’s post, read the post, critique the post, indicate your reaction to the chosen work, discuss a comparison work from the module or any other outside source that is similar to the work identified in the post, and either add personal commentary or pose a question to stimulate conversation.

Example attached


ECD 315 Ashford University Curriculum Planning Presentation Writing Assignment Help

Sharing Curriculum with Families

If we want the families of the children we work with to be involved in their learning, we must take time to communicate with them about how we plan and design our curriculum. One effective way to do this is to invite families to a presentation to learn about how you approach curriculum. For your assignment this week you will do just that.

To prepare for your assignment,

  • Please refer to the Week Two Guidance for further tips and examples that will support your success on this assignment.
  • Read Chapter 5: Curriculum as a Collaboration with Families and the Community in your course text.
  • Read the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and Statement of Commitment, section 2: Ethical Responsibilities to Families (p. 3-4)
  • Review the ECD 315 Week 2 Assignment Template for help as you create your presentation.

Assignment Directions: Imagine that you have been asked by your administrator to develop a presentation for families to explain your approach to planning curriculum. Your presentation must include the following:

  • One slide that clearly states the age group your curriculum plan is designed for.
  • One slide that sets the purpose for your presentation by explaining the importance of a collaborative approach to working with families regarding the curriculum.
  • One slide that briefly summarizes the philosophy of curriculum planning that you use (Montessori, Reggio, Waldorf, etc.). Refer back to your Week One Journal: Your Curriculum Philosophy for support.
  • One slide that explains the history and research that supports your philosophy of curriculum planning. Refer back to your Week One Discussion: The Evolution of Curriculum for support.
  • One slide that discusses how you use early learning and academic standards to drive your curriculum. Refer back to your Week Two Discussion: Developing Learning Objectives for support.
  • One slide that synthesizes how you differentiate your curriculum to meet the needs of diverse learners. Refer back to Week Two Discussion: Developmental Curriculum for support.
  • One slide that examines the professional and ethical practices related to working with families when planning contemporary curriculum for diverse learners. Refer back to Week One Discussion: Contemporary Curriculum Planning.
  • One slide that summarizes how you will use play as a part of your curriculum. Refer back to your Week Two Discussion: Developmental Curriculum for support.
  • One slide that explains how you will keep families informed about curriculum throughout the year.

The Sharing Curriculum with Families presentation

  • Must be nine to eleven slides in length (not including title and reference slides) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.
  • Must include a separate title slide with the following:
    • Title of presentation
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use at least three scholarly resources in addition to the course text.
    • The BA ECDDI Research Guide is a resource that has been developed to assist you in completing the library research required for this assignment. Click on the button titled ECD 310 from the homepage of the research guide to gain access to additional resources that can support you with the development of your assignment.
  • Must document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Please refer to the In-Text Citation Guide for further assistance.
  • Must include a separate reference page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Please refer to the APA References List resource for further assistance.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.


USA Engaging in Managing the Operations of Different Companies Personal Statement Health Medical Assignment Help

The personal statement provides an opportunity for applicants to present themselves to the Master’s Admissions Committee and to highlight qualities relevant to success in a graduate business program that may not be evident in test scores and past academic performance.
In a single essay, no more than 750 words in length, please explain why the Robinson College of Business, and the particular program to which you are applying, is best for helping you achieve your short-term and long-term career goals. You should also address reasons why you believe you would be good fit for the Robinson College of Business and the program to which you are applying.

Im applying for my Master in Business Administration with a concentration in health care management. I have a bachelors is professional health science management. I have over 10 years of experience of being a store manager and operations manager from 4 different cooperate companies



ECOM 421 Saudi Electronic University Apple Business Model Canvas Essay Economics Assignment Help

Each assignment needs to have all following instructions, but you have to clarify for your students that these instructions must not be included in their answer sheets:

q Use the cover page. One mark will be deducted if there is no cover page. In case the student included the cover page with some missing information, (0.5) mark will be deducted.

q Ensure that you follow APA referencing style for referencing any sources.

q The Submitted Assignment must respect the name file: Student Name_ID_CRN

q Use Font Times New Roman, 12 Font size,

q Use 1.5 Paragraph line spacing with adjust to all paragraphs (Justified alignment)

q Use Footer function to insert page number

q Number of words per answer (Minimum 250 Words limit for your each answer).

q The Submitted Assignment must be in MS Word Format.

q Write your answer by labelling answer number for each of the question.

q You must check the spelling and grammar mistakes before submitting the assignment.

q 20% of the total grade will be deducted for providing a poor structure of the assignment. For example, if the assignment is marked out of 15, the student provided an excellent content and answer that met all the requirements of the assignment’s question with poor writing structure. Then the student will get 15 based on the content and you will deduct up to 20% (3 marks) from the total grade (5% for paper style, 5% spelling and grammar errors, 5% for referencing and 5% for word count).

q A ZERO will be given to any submission that includes copying from other colleague’s assignment.

q Plagiarism of your answer will be not accepted at any cost. Write your answer using your own words and use proper APA style of referencing wherever necessary.

q In case of any problem in understanding about Plagiarism and Referencing style, contact your instructor to understand about it.

ECOM 421 Saudi Electronic University Apple Business Model Canvas Essay Economics Assignment Help[supanova_question]

HCCC Financial Analysis Pay Pal Merck & Co Discussion Business Finance Assignment Help

Financial Analysis Assignment, using Yahoo finance to find data and evaluate the stock of a company, provide you with additional tools to do that.

This two company is PayPal Holdings Inc. (PYPL) and Merck & Co. Inc. (MRK)

You will be given the names of two companies and their stock symbols (say, XYZ and ABC), and assuming that you have money to invest, analyze both companies and recommend the one whose stock you should buy.You will be able to get their latest Annual Reports by googling “XYZ annual report”. The annual report is a document that all companies prepare for their stockholders and it looks like the one for GameStop(GME) that is included as an example in this module. In it, you will find all financial statements of the company, plus a ton of other information. You should also get pertinent information about the company (additional ratios, analysts’ opinions, etc.) through Yahoo finance.You should write a two page report making the case for the company. For each company write about the industry they are in, their size, some background, what they do, their past performance, their current financial condition, and expectations for the near future. Then make comparisons about their current conditions and future prospects, and then make your recommendation (and reasons for it) about which one to invest in.


University of Nairobi Introduction to SciFinder Detection Limit Analysis Paper Science Assignment Help

Step 1: Gain access to SciFinder. If you do not already have a user account with SciFinder, use your favorite web browser to go to the chemistry database list on the UE library website. Click on the “New Users” link in the text next to the “SciFinder” listing and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the capabilities of SciFinder as a search tool. With some practice, you should find it very comprehensive and quite useful.

Step 3: Find an article that has an “extremely small” reported detection limit (think about the 6.7 aM discussion from class). Write a two-page summary of the article. Some things you may consider in your summary are:

  • ▪ The “real-world” significance of the detection limit (e.g. is there a specific application that requires such a low limit)
  • ▪ A description of the methods used and why they are the best available for this compound
  • ▪ A discussion of the mass versus concentration limits of detection and the significance of thecomparison
  • ▪ A discussion of any chemical amplification steps used and how they relate to the actualconcentration of the species being detected
  • ▪ A comparison of this method to other similar methods for the same compound or class ofcompounds
  • Step 4: Submit your paper to the Turitin Assignment on our Blackboard page by the start of next week’s lab.


UMGC Wealth Turns Into Health the Socioeconomic Status & Healthy Life Case Study Writing Assignment Help

For this final project you will continue with the social issue that you selected (language and power; freedom and security; health and wealth) and you will write an essay where you discuss your perspective. You will use the ideas and information from the summary-response and the quote log to write your case study. You will submit a first draft and a revised draft of this assignment.

  • Describe a “real life” instance of your selected social issue in a professional or a personal setting.
  • Discuss your perspective on your selected social issue, including the reasons for your viewpoint.
  • Discuss how your core values inform or influence your perspective on your selected social issue.
  • Demonstrate that you are really thinking about your issue—don’t settle for easy answers, don’t pretend that conflicting evidence doesn’t exist, and don’t feel that you have to take an either-or position.
  • Discuss the complexities of your selected social issue. For example, do not just conclude that using academic language is always good, or that government surveillance is always bad, or that wealth automatically leads to health. Think about the intricacies of these issues and how they play out in everyday life.


ITS 530 Campbellsville University Peyton Manning Record Editorial Extraction Computer Science Assignment Help

– Editorial Extraction

Select any
visualisation/infographic and looking at any individual chart included. Try to
extract and write down in language terms what this chart shows across the
angle, the framing, and (where relevant) the focus?

Does it feel that the definition
you have arrived at is consistent with the aims/claims of the chart as it is
published? In other words does the chart show and include what you think it is
actually supposed to be doing or is there a disconnect?

Assignment Link: http://book.visualisingdata.com/chapter/chapter5

Assignment Length (word
count): At least 550 words (not including direct quotes).

References: At least three peer-reviewed,
scholarly journal references.



Assignment Length (word
count): At least 550 words (not including direct quotes).

References: At least three peer-reviewed,
scholarly journal references.