Variance Report Business Finance Assignment Help

Variance Report Business Finance Assignment Help. Variance Report Business Finance Assignment Help.

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As the new budgeting and finance administrator for a local government agency. Your first responsibility is to become familiar with the agency, the budget, programs, and capital projects. As the administrator, you will be responsible for analyzing, examining, proposing, and preparing the agency’s budget for the next five (5) years. Write a three to four (3-4) page paper addressing the criteria below. (Note: Change the title of the report to reflect the selected agency’s name and the years to 2013-2014.)

  1. Find the variances for both the revenue and expenditures sides and then discuss two to three (2-3) problematic areas for the agency. Provide the results of the variances in a table (Excel or Word).
  2. Recommend two (2) policy actions for each problematic area discussed in criterion 1. Justify the recommendations.

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Safe Environments Business Finance Assignment Help

For this discussion, think about the information presented in Chapter 8

regarding safe and supportive indoor and outdoor environments. In

addition, think about your personal philosophy of learning and choose

one developmental level (e.g. infants, toddlers, preschoolers). When

thinking about developmental levels, consider your future career

aspirations. Some of you may want be to be an infant and toddler home

daycare provider, a family specialist for Head Start, or you may want to

be a kindergarten classroom teacher. Please use the subject line of

your discussion post to state what you wish to be in your future role.

Then for your discussion, attach four pictures that you feel show

elements of safe and supportive physical environments that you wish to

create in your future role. Two of the pictures should be indoor

environments and two of the pictures should be outdoor environments.

These pictures can be from environments that you have access to,

Microsoft clip art, or they may be from the Internet.

For each picture, your discussion should address the following questions:

  1. What specifically do you like about the features of the environment?
  2. What specific elements make this a safe environment?
  3. What specific elements make this a supportive environment for the developmental level and future role you have identified?

You may attach the pictures directly to your discussion, or you may

attach a Word document in which you compile your pictures and

reflections. Be sure to include a reference to the textbook and at

least one outside resource to support your ideas with justification.


Criminal Law Business Finance Assignment Help

Requirements: Complete responses should meet or exceed the required word count listed within the questions. There will be deductions for providing responses that do not meet the word count required. However, quality and accuracy is the primary determinant of the credit awarded. Proper Complete responses should necessitate you to provide sources, therefore, you must provide a reference and in-text citations using proper APA Format.

1. Summarize the purposes of confinement in Europe before it became a major method of punishing criminals. Describe how offenders were punished before the large scale use of confinement. Explain why confinement began to be used as a major way of punishing offenders in Europe. (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

2. Describe the recent trends in the use of incarceration in the United States. What are the most common characteristics of the incarcerated population in the United States? (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

3. Summarize what recidivism research reveals about the success of the prison in achieving deterrence and rehabilitation. Summarize the research findings on recidivism rates among offenders on probation. How do the recidivism rates of parolees and probationers compare? (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

4. Explain the functions of a parole board. According to a recent study, what are the four most important factors parole boards consider before granting release on parole? (respond with a minimum of 150 words)

5. A client tells you that her boss is treating her unfairly at work because of her criminal record and probation or parole status. Your client is afraid of being fired and having her probation or parole revoked. What do you do?

6. You discover that a client is using marijuana. You like the client, and other than the marijuana use, he has been doing well on probation or parole. What do you do?


Health and Wellness Appraisals Business Finance Assignment Help

You are a teacher in a 4-year-old classroom and begin each day with your

daily health and wellness check. You notice that a child who is

dropped off looks very tired and is uncommonly quiet as she walks into

the classroom. She was dropped off by bus so you have no additional


Given the above scenario, choose one of the following possible causes

for the change in the child. Please indicate the cause you selected in

the subject line of your discussion post.

  1. Sickness/Illness
  2. Trauma
  3. Abuse
  4. Oral Health Issue: Tooth ache, poor oral health
  5. Nutritional Concern: Inadequate nutritional intake, food allergy, food intolerance
  6. Hearing Concern: Ear Infection, ear ache
  7. Vision Concern: Eye infection
  8. Social-Emotional Issue

Examples of some of these common situations are described further in

Chapter 7. After you select one of these as a possible cause for the

child’s change in demeanor, use your imagination to develop it further

discussing what you may see when you conduct your observation of the

child. Be mindful to detail what you might look for and how you will

document your observations. Based on your fictitious observation,

create a plan of action for how to proceed. This plan should include

both immediate and long-term actions that you will take.

Address the following points in your discussion:

    • Fictitious elaboration of what you observe in the child
      including the possible cause. Include enough so that you can make a
      plan of action
    • Short-term plan of action detailing the procedure of how you will address the issue immediately or by the end of the day
    • Long-term plan of action detailing the procedure of how you will follow-up your short-term plan of action
    • Specific discussion regarding how you will support the child during this time


    Performance Management and Compensation Health Medical Assignment Help

    5-6 written pages, excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page In any health care organization, employees seek good job
    satisfaction, and employers seek good performance. This can partly be
    achieved through a good compensation system. For this assignment,
    address the following:

    • Describe in detail 3–4 goals that a compensation program should attempt to achieve.
    • Explain and discuss some of the unique dilemmas health care organizations face when creating a compensation system.
    • Describe the systematic approach health care organizations may use to determine the monetary value of a job.

    The paper should be 5–6 written pages, excluding cover page, abstract page, and reference page.

    Note: Use APA style to cite at least 5 scholarly sources from the last 5 years.



    Course Reflection Business Finance Assignment Help

    Write an in-depth journal response reflecting on the

    content presented in the course, the knowledge you have gained, and your

    goals for future professional positions. In your reflection, be sure to

    address the following:

    1. How has your knowledge of physical activity, physical fitness,
      nutrition, and safety for young children been affected during this
      class? Describe three new ideas/concepts you have learned so far that
      you feel have been the most valuable.
    2. How do you see this class affecting you actions and decisions in your future role?
    3. What additional areas related to health and wellness would you
      like to better understand? How will you further your learning of these

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    Creating a company leave/pto policy HR Legal Business Finance Assignment Help

    Deliverable length: 1,500 to 2,000 words, not counting test from APA cited sources. minimum 2.

    The Elora Jean & Co. owner has come to you asking for guidance on a few issues that were brought to her attention. With the rapidly growing workforce, an increasing number of employees have requested extended time off from work. The owner does not want to grant the time off because of its effect on productivity.

    When asked for examples of the requests, she provides you with the following scenarios:

    • Employee #1 has been with Elora Jean & Co. for 13 months. She has requested time off to help care for her terminally ill mother-in-law. She is not sure how long she will need to be out of work, but it could be as long as 3 months.
    • Employee #2 has been with Elora Jean & Co. for 18 months. His wife just had a baby, and he is asking to take 6 weeks off of work to help with the new responsibilities at home.
    • Employee #3 developed health problems since her start with Elora Jean & Co. 7 months ago. Her work attendance is unpredictable. She has exhausted all of her sick days and advised her supervisor that her doctor is requiring her to stay home for a period of 6 weeks.
    • Employee #4, who has been with Elora Jean since the company started, has a son that has been called to active duty for the military. Her son, who is a single parent, has a 3-year-old daughter who needs to be cared for. The employee wants to take 8 weeks off work to get her granddaughter situated and transitioned into a new routine as her father leaves to fulfill his military responsibilities abroad.

    As the human resources (HR) consultant, you have many questions, and you would like to gather all of the necessary information before providing additional guidance or recommendations. You are aware of the company’s legal limitations and discretions, such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The owner has also advised you that the company has no formal leave policy for any type of employee absence, other than 7 paid sick days per year.

    After conducting your research, in a memo to the owner, address the following questions:

    • Considering the Elora Jean & Co. work environment and history (124 employees, in business for 18 months, mix of union and nonunion), is the company currently exposed to any legal risk by not having a defined leave policy in place? If so, what are the risks and the penalties for violation?
    • Of the 4 employee cases described, discuss whether each one would qualify for FMLA leave. Why or why not?
    • For employees who do not qualify under FMLA, what would you recommend to the company? Explain other employee leave options for the company without compromising the company’s financial objectives.
    • Develop a sample leave policy to be presented to the company owner. Be sure that the policy covers the key components of a comprehensive leave policy, including requirements for eligibility, leave benefits provided, job restoration, pay, and benefits status while on leave. Outline a summary of your recommendations to the company owner, and advise her about the value of implementing this type of policy.

    more background info: Elora Jean and Co., based in central Indiana, is a family-run manufacturing business. The company manufactures grain products for the food industry. Currently, the organization consists of a production facility that has 110 unionized production employees and 2 administration offices that have 14 nonunion employees. Elora Jean and Co. is in the process of opening a production facility in Malaysia, which will have 20 nonunion employees. Elora Jean and Co. has been operating as a sole proprietorship for 18 months.

    At the start-up phase, the company owner did not forecast an exponential increase in demand for her product. Consequently, she did not apply for unemployment insurance, purchase a general liability insurance policy, or obtain a worker’s compensation policy, because she planned to use her own family members to operate the business. Over the last 13 months, however, the company has grown, in part because of its aggressive hiring strategy and need to manage production demands. In spite of the company’s rapid growth, it does not have a dedicated human resources department. Instead, the company’s owner delegated human resource administration duties to the operations manager (OM), but the OM’s knowledge of human resource policy, practice, and regulation is limited. As the company continues to expand its operation, the owner has detected an increase in employee grievance cases. The owner foresees certain legal ramifications of an undermanaged workforce because of this lack of human resource administration experience.

    You are a contracted strategic human resource (HR) consultant for Elora Jean and Co. Your role, over the next 5 weeks, is to ensure that the company’s HR policies and processes comply with local, state, and federal labor statutes.

    The critical areas in which you intend to focus include equal employment opportunity (EEO) staffing laws, antidiscriminatory hiring practices, foreign worker provisions, and affirmative action regulations. You will be asked to review labor laws and relevant cases, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. You are also being asked to communicate labor and employment litigation risks and solutions to the owner.

    The production facility with its union representation will present additional challenges. You have had experience dealing with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the past, and you are focused on keeping Elora Jean and Co. clear of its investigations and hearings. Therefore, you plan to review and identify management practices to minimize the risk of unfair labor practice charges. A comprehensive review of grievance procedures and labor relations practices within the context of union representation will be on your list of priorities.

    Additionally, the production facility presents an increased risk for safety accidents. The owner has asked you to initiate a safety audit to ensure that Elora Jean and Co. is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) laws. You will also review the safety records at Elora Jean and Co. to determine the company’s legal liabilities and limitations regarding its drug-free workplace policy. With the Malaysian production facility on the horizon, there will be international HR policies and regulations to consider, too. Elora Jean and Co. needs you to determine which U.S. and international HR laws might apply to the offshore operation, as well as the employer’s responsibilities to U.S. employees and non-U.S. employees working abroad.

    The HR issues at Elora Jean and Co. will provide a challenging 5-week project for you, the human resource professional. The success of Elora Jean and Co. depends on your in-depth knowledge of U.S. labor laws, general knowledge of HR regulations as they apply to a global workforce, and your HR policy guidance to keep the company within its legal boundaries of human resource management.


    250 word response discussion questions apa format 5 questions Business Finance Assignment Help

    1)The legal framework for nonprofit organizations is quite diverse in its purpose and category. As a result of the Enron scandal, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed in 2002 and most of its focus and attention was paid to the for-profit sector and its compliance with federal regulations. Recently, the IRS has now turned its attention and applied some of the same standards to nonprofit organizations. With the increased scrutiny being focused toward the nonprofit sector, many organizations are either being fined or losing their tax exempt status.

    2)In this discussion, identify the category that your nonprofit initially filed as and provide an analysis as to its current state of compliance with that filing and how it does, or doesn’t, pass the tests and doctrines defined in the Renz text (pages 47–53). Use the organization’s most recent 990 filing to identify its efforts toward better governance and reporting of its revenue sources, including any social enterprise ventures and unrelated business income.

    3) Nonprofits historically have been the driving force in creating social change. The road to creating this change can be much like a juggler in a circus—there are many balls thrown up in the air, from government to business to individuals and other nonprofit networks. In order for the nonprofit to succeed it must keep its eyes on all of the balls and not let any fall to the ground.

    4) Using your social cause topic and organization and what we have already learned, propose an idea for a new social entrepreneurship and enterprise activity in the areas of both earned income and corporate philanthropy. Provide a level of detail that includes the rationale for what you have selected and what the anticipated outcomes would be. Substantiate your selection of corporate philanthropic activities and its relation to your nonprofits mission and cause.

    5) Using your social cause topic and organization and what we have already learned, propose ideas for creating new alliances and networks that would meet either a new or current social entrepreneurship or enterprise activity in your nonprofit. Provide a level of detail that includes the rationale for what you have selected and what the anticipated outcomes and advantages would be from each of these alliances.


    Thematic Backpack Plan Business Finance Assignment Help

    As educators, we want to encourage active participation among the

    diverse and busy families we work with in ways that consider their

    various structures, needs, lifestyles, and schedules. We teach children

    about health, wellness, nutrition, and safety in school; however, we

    want to offer families support for continuing this education in the

    home. Thematic backpacks, which are sent home with children for a week

    throughout the year, either on a rotating schedule or a sign-out system,

    is one idea for how to engage families at home. Thematic backpacks

    include materials, parent information, games, manipulatives, and other

    resources all centered on a teacher-created thematic plan to explore the

    contents in a fun and engaging way at home with the family. Children

    love these, and family members can be involved in learning at home when

    it is convenient for them.

    Create a plan for the development of a health, wellness, nutrition, and

    safety unit backpack that you can send home with your families. For this

    assignment, only the written plan is required; however, you are

    encouraged to create this resource as you develop the plan. The purpose

    of the backpack is to encourage families to explore the areas of health,

    wellness, nutrition, and safety at home.

    The requirements for your written plan are as follows:

    1. Introduction letter (no longer than one page):
      • Explain the purpose of the backpack. This should be written
        in a family-friendly form and be visually appealing. You may wish to use
        colored font, graphics, or pictures to set the tone for a fun and
        engaging experience.

    2. Health:
      • Describe one idea, activity, or game centered on an
        important health concept for families to explore. For example, you may
        include a sorting game that has pictures or text of sick/hurt children.
        Families can sort into two piles: “Okay to go to school” or “Stay home.”
        Example pictures/text could include runny nose, fever, scraped knee,
        sneezing, band-aid, etc. Try to think about creative fun ideas that
        allow families to explore the topic and materials.

    3. Wellness:
      • Describe one idea, activity, or game centered on an
        important wellness concept for families to explore. For example, you may
        include ideas for a family exercise night or an outdoor scavenger hunt.

    4. Nutrition:
      • Describe one idea, activity, or game centered on an
        important nutrition concept for families to explore. For example, you
        may include a healthy recipe book, a recipe to make a healthy snack
        together, or a grocery store game.

    5. Safety:
      • Describe one idea, activity, or game centered on an
        important safety concept for families to explore. For example, you might
        include a composition notebook in the backpack and encourage children
        and families to draw a picture of something that they do safely or draw a
        picture of a safety practice they follow at home.

    6. Reference page:
      • One APA citation for a children’s book that you can include
        in the backpack for families to read together. In addition to the
        citation, please include a summary of the story.

      • One APA citation for a resource that will support families
        to learn more about one of the areas. In addition to the citation,
        please include a summary of the resource.

    Your written assignment should include a page for each of the following:

    introduction including your name, health activity, wellness activity,

    nutrition activity, safety activity, and resources (for a total of six

    pages). You may wish to include a picture of your backpack if you choose

    to create one. Because this assignment is meant to be useful for your

    future role, you do not need to submit a title page or a resources page;

    however, you will need to include references to any materials that you



    Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Resources Business Finance Assignment Help

    When we think about overall well-being, it is important to consider our

    children and families. For this discussion, you will explore several

    social, emotional, and behavioral resources that could be shared with

    children or families. You may find a preschool website with a game about

    good choices, or you may find a book about using kind words. You may

    also locate a website with parent information on helping children who

    have difficulty with detachment. You may use the Ashford University

    Library, the Internet, or your local resources. These resources can be

    videos, books, podcasts, websites, games or publications. After you

    have researched these, complete the following:

    1. Provide a summary of the resource you found to support positive social development.
      • Provide a APA citation for the resource
      • Suggest how specifically you will use this resource in the classroom or as a home support.

    2. Provide a summary of the resource you found to support positive emotional development.
      • Provide a APA citation for the resource
      • Suggest how specifically you will use this resource in the classroom or as a home support.

    3. Provide a summary of the resource you found to support positive behavior development.
      • Provide a APA citation for the resource
      • Suggest how specifically you will use this resource in the classroom or as a home support.

    Your post should be a minimum of 250 words and include three APA citations


    Variance Report Business Finance Assignment Help

    Variance Report Business Finance Assignment Help

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