Visual theory-practice relationship Health Medical Assignment Help

Visual theory-practice relationship Health Medical Assignment Help. Visual theory-practice relationship Health Medical Assignment Help.

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Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice discusses the theory-practice gap in detail in many chapters. As you’ve read throughout the course, there is ongoing discussion about the connection between theory and practice, and the application in day-to-day nursing activities. This assignment is designed to illustrate that although there may be a gap, other factors play an important role in decision-making and each aspect of theory, research, and practice experience are integral to well-rounded patient care.

Click the Paper tab for a link to Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice and review Figure 1.4 Correlation: education, science and practice.

Think of a scenario in which theory, research, and practice interact to create good patient outcomes.

Create a visual representation of the theory-practice relationship or gap by replacing the text in the Theory-Practice Gap diagram template.

Write a minimum of 525- to 700-word narrative explanation of your visual representation following the diagram.

  • Describe the chosen theory, research, and practice guideline or standard.
  • Explain the relationship between the three and discuss the role each plays in quality patient care in the scenario.
  • Explain any gaps, such as a lack of research, no practice standard, or no useable theory.
  • Determine the best course of action for making decisions in the absence of one aspect.

Include documentation of the practice guideline or standard, and your corresponding research, evidence, or literature example.

Cite your research and practice guidelines in-text and on the references page at the end of the template.

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I need an Essay Due in 48 hours Writing Assignment Help

  1. From the list below, choose ONE of the questions/problems facing the United States. I have identified the issue and provided you with one or two sources, which you must use in your paper. In one case, I provide an optional source.
  2. While you may already have a position, do not formulate your conclusion until thoroughly researching a diversity of perspectives on the issue. Practice the critical thinking skills you have learned in this module and keep an open mind.Give yourself over to the research and the process of discovery–about the issue and about yourself. Tompkins shares a lot with her readers, and this in turn strengthens her argument.
  3. Conduct extensive research on the question/problem (primary, secondary, and tertiary sources) and then narrow them down to best represent a diversity of perspectives in your paper. You are not restricted to U.S. sources.
  4. Once you determine your conclusion/major claim, identify your audience, which should be uninformedand/or resistant to your position. Like Tompkins, you are going to take them through your research to lead them to your conclusion.
  5. Use inductive reasoning and Tompkins’ structure as a model for the writing of your essay:
    • narrate history and personal relationship (experiential, observational, and or intellectual) to the question/problem;
    • establish broader, national context for question/problem;
    • present/define question/problem;
    • summarize, analyze, and evaluate select research representing a diversity of perspectives;
    • synthesize response to research;
    • present your conclusion, your resolution or solution to the question/problem (which may side with one or more of your sources), and provide reasons and evidence to support it;
    • if applicable, share any new question/s or problem/s encountered as a result of your research and critical thinking (as Tompkins did in her last paragraph).
  6. Adapt Tompkins’ style and tone with your own; it is particularly effective for a resistant audience, a way of showing (rather than “telling”) and persuading them to arrive at your conclusion. Yes, you may use “I,” as you are taking your audience through your epistemological adventure, but be strategic with it.
  7. Note: Rarely is this type of argument meant to utterly convince an audience; in fact, it is enough to just get a resistant audience to reconsider their own position/perspective in light of your own. One might also say that many people do not have fully informed opinions on subjects–this paper counters that. Arguments at this level are not about “winning,” and this is not a course in debate.

List of Contemporary Questions/Problems Facing the United States (you must choose one):

While the Grossmont College Databases are excellent and should be used, you should also have no problem finding a plethora of perspectives on any of these current questions and problems.

  1. Should the United States provide reparations for slavery? “The Case for Reparations” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by Ta-Nehisi Coates
  2. Should Confederate monuments be removed from public spaces? “Confederate Statues Honor Timeless Virtues–Let them Stay” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by Arthur Herman
  3. Migrants at Southern Border. “What We Know: Family Separation And ‘Zero Tolerance’ At The Border” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by Camila Domonoske and Richard Gonzales
  4. Trade Wars. “The President’s 2017 Trade Policy Agenda” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
  5. Is Hip-Hop harmful? Both of these sources must be used: “Can Hip-Hop Inspire a New Generation of Architects?” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and “Jazz Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis Calls Rap Music ‘more damaging than a statue of Robert E. Lee’,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. by Ben Kaye. One more optional source you might want to include:


Final essay should be:

  1. a clear response to the directions;
  2. 8-12 pages in length;
  3. in correct MLA format and style, including in-text citations and the Works Cited page (do not include a cover page);
  4. well organized with effective transitions between ideas and paragraphs;
  5. efficient with regards to close work with sources, including, but not limited to, precise and concise summary and the smooth integration of direct quotes, block quotes, and paraphrases;
  6. the product of original, deep critical thinking, both with regards to content and form.
  7. meticulously proofread and primarily free of sentence-level errors;
  8. contain a minimum of eight sources (including the one I have provided).


make sure it is a unique essay because we use vericite


Method for Estimating Annual Energy Production Using Monte Carlo Wind Speed Simulation Engineering Assignment Help

Development of the Monte Carlo wind speed simulation

Data analysis

Method construction

2. Verification of data

Filter the raw wind speed data with respect to unusual and unrealistic wind speed


Verify the power curve of the test wind turbines

  • Rated power given by manufacturer 2.5 kW

kW) by comparing the

calculation to the actual power production data

3. Verification of method

Conduct autocorrelation analysis of the wind speed data to determine the length of blocks

in the MC wind speed simulation

Generate estimates of the wind speed densities based on the MC wind speed simulation

and compare these estimates to the density based

on actual wind speed observations from the site; This is done at a 10 m measurement height

Simulate AEP assuming the test wind turbines based on the 2.5kW power

curve and compare these values to the observed AEP to evaluate the accuracy of the

two wind speed simulations

more details and data to validate the model will be given


Case 8 – Knottyville Country Club Business Finance Assignment Help


In the media piece provided, read Case 8: Knottyville Country Club (linked in the Resources), which addresses asset misappropriation risk factors, and post your answers to the questions. Your lists should include 2–3 items with an explanation. Your initial post should be about 200 words


In the media piece provided, read Case 20: Moha Computer Services Limited (linked in the Resources), which addresses corporate governance and professional ethics. Answer the questions at the end of the case. Your initial post should be about 200 words


In the media piece provided, read part two of Case 22: TechTennis USA (linked in the Resources), beginning with “Gathering Evidence Part II: Other Information.” Post your response to questions 6–10 at the end of the case. Your initial post should be about 200 words


Environment essay-6 Writing Assignment Help

Read the following paragraph, write 300 words response, and answer the question he put in the last sentence.

In the chapter titled “Ecocentrism: the Land Ethic” in the “Sand County Almanac,” Aldo Leopold states the lack development of a land ethic has to led to ecological disasters. Throughout the chapter he mentions how our treatment of land as property has led to the creation of a relationship with land that is “strictly economic, entailing privileges but not obligations” (Leopold, 104).

As human beings, we are trained to act ethically towards all other humans, however we do not extend this same consideration toward animals, soils, waters, plants. Our lack of ethical consideration toward this world community has led to an ecological imbalance that has already wreaked havoc on the world. Leopold asserts that the land ethic is simply an expansion of the moral community circle to include everything of the land. It is important to note, Leopold doe not mention that a land ethic already existed in Native American culture and history; he focuses mainly on the Western perspective. I think it can be argued that this lack of acknowledgment is revealing and begs the question, “Why didn’t great academic, North American conservationists like Leopold study Native Americans and their relationship with land?”

Several of the accounts by Native American authors mentions Native perception of land as a living entity- as a mother. There is a relationship between people and land. However, Western treatment of land as a commodity producer- an object- has led to loss of identity with the land. The lack of land ethic (along with objectifying the different components that make up land) has allowed for a situation like the one taking place at Alberta Tar Sands in Canada. In the documentary, “Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss” it is apparent that a profit motivated treatment of land has introduced a plethora of problems (like cancers in people and animal life along with polluting of the major waterways, etc) near these areas of operations. Perhaps the damage we are wreaking on our planet could have been mitigated had settler groups and non-Indians studied from Natives?



Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help

After learning about Therapeutic Communication (Ch 20) in the textbook, please read “Caring for the Nguyens” on page 493 and complete the assignment. 1. Begin by analyzing the overall situation in a short paragraph

You may want to retype each of Zach’s statements to make clear which one you are writing about.

2. Identify each comment identifying open-ended and closed questions.

3. Identify in each comment which therapeutic communication technique is being used.

4. Comment on each of Zach’s comment what might have been improved upon. (Was it an appropriate comment? How could it have been made better?)

Assignment Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Human Growth and Development Humanities Assignment Help

The transition into adulthood may differ depending on cultural traditions and rites of passage from adolescence to adulthood. The transition into adulthood is also a time for relationships and romance from a normative perspective.

  • Describe at least two unique rites of passage to adulthood on the basis of ethnic or cultural variations.
  • Explain the concepts of pluralism and assimilation and describe how they affect the rites of passage of individuals.
  • Describe different attachment styles.
  • Explain the attachment style you feel would be most effective in forming lasting relationships.
  • Describe the different types of attraction.
  • Explain the type of attraction you feel would be most effective in establishing lasting relationships.


please be original Business Finance Assignment Help

Option 2: Developing Models

Select a response (dependent) variable of your choice, for example US corn yield in the year 2012, from the USDA site (; or the gasoline price at pump in the US in 2013; or the current obesity level in the US population from ( After learning about this variable and doing some research, identify one or two classification (independent) variable(s) that may be affecting your selected response variable. Your classification (independent) variable may be a quantity or a category. Depending upon your collected data, now perform an adequate analysis. For example, if both of your variables (independent and dependent) are quantitative, then perform correlation and regression analysis; however, if your classification variable is a category and you have more than two means to compare, then perform analysis of variance. In each case, your analysis should be comprehensive, using SPSS, including all the required components of the selected analysis, such as r, R2, residuals, forecast equation (y = intercept + slope * x; where y is response (dependent) variable and x is independent variable). In the case of ANOVA, develop an appropriate table and test your hypothesis.

In either analysis, determine if there exist other variables (confounding or lurking) that may be significantly affecting your model outcome.

Your well-written paper should include 8-10 pages of written material plus additional pages as needed to accommodate graphics. Follow APA format, according to CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements. Include a title page and reference page. Use outside academic sources other than the textbook, course materials, or other information provided as part of the course materials. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.


In need of two essays Writing Assignment Help

2 essays 1300 words for each.

make sure to clearly state the question you are answering at the start of your essay.

I will provide you 10 topics of essay, you can choose two of them:

(1) What is the ‘Mary’ problem against physicalism, and how effective is it?

(2) What are philosophical zombies, and what problem are they meant to pose for physicalism? How plausible is the zombie argument?

(3) What is the argument from illusion, and how is it used to motivate indirect realism over direct realism? Is it effective?

(4) What is the problem of fiction, and how do you think one should respond to it?

(5) Can the Bseries capture everything there is about the nature of time? If not, what does it leave out?

(6) What are abstract objects? Are there any?

(7) What is the most persuasive mereological account of the relationship between parts and wholes? Defend your answer.

(8) What is an indispensability argument? What problems do such arguments face?

(9) How should we demarcate genuine science from pseudoscience?

(10) Critically evaluate the merits of scientific realism by focusing on what you take to be either the strongest argument in its defense or the strongest argument against it.


Mock Coaching Session Humanities Assignment Help

You will conduct a mock coaching session with someone acting as your client. You will create at least 10 questions to use in your session. Your question should reflect your communication skills and techniques you will use to build rapport and trust. In that session, you will review the informed consent, begin building rapport and trust. After your mock coaching session, in 250-500 words, reflect on the following:

  1. Describe the techniques you used to begin building rapport and trust with the client.
  2. Describe the communication skills you used in the session to create trust.
  3. Describe how you introduced the informed consent.

Submit both the questions and the reflection of your mock coaching session.

Use two to four scholarly resources, for each submission, to support your explanations.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Visual theory-practice relationship Health Medical Assignment Help

Visual theory-practice relationship Health Medical Assignment Help

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