Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help

Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help. Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help.

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I need some one to answer these that I will post below. Please, You must write 400-500 words.

1. What are the arguments in favor of taking supplements? Who really need them?
2. What are the arguments against taking supplements? Who are at risk of toxicities, and related problems?
3. When choosing a supplement, is comparing the labels of two supplements at the grocery store an effective way to choose a supplement? Why or why not?
4. Application: do you or, someone close to you take supplements? What is your experience or, the experience of someone you know with taking supplements? Do they help? Please share with the group the experience, or, your own opinion after reading the content of this controversy.

Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Please read and give full detail Business Finance Assignment Help

Rock-paper-scissors is a simple game played all over the world. No matter which of the three elements you choose in any round—rock, paper, or scissors—one is a clear winner with power over the other two elements. Rock smashes scissors, scissors cut paper, and paper covers rock.

For this courtroom version of rock-paper-scissors, you will be deciding which element wins. Write each of the following five titles on a slip of paper (they are the names of personnel who play important roles in the efficiency of court proceedings):

  • Judge
  • Lawyer
  • Litigant
  • Court clerk/manager
  • Court administrator

Close your eyes and randomly pick two slips of paper bearing different titles. Based on Chapter 8 of Judicial Process in America, and the “Legal Staff and Court Staff in the United States Judiciary” document from the module resources, consider the powers and duties of each of the two court participants named on the slips of paper chosen. Decide which of the two titles that you picked wins that round—that is, decide which of the two roles has power over the other and the ability to stop, stymie, interfere with, or delay the work of a person in the other role. For example, if you pick “judge” and “litigant,” you might decide that the judge wins because the judge can deny the litigant’s requests for a delay of a hearing date.

In your initial post, identify which two titles you selected, state who you decided was the winner, and explain why.

In response to your peers, take the contrary view—that is, explain why the other court participant should have won that round. For example, you might argue that the litigant should win the round over the judge because the litigant can appeal a judge’s decision regarding case scheduling.


leadership class Business Finance Assignment Help

Answer these questions:

What happens to leadership when the world is no longer predictable but characterized by continual volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?

The authors claims that we are on the edge of technology tsunami that will be as or more disruptive for us that the Industrial Revolution was for our ancestors. What did they call this emerging era, and what is your opinion about their assertions?

What does the phrase, “…technology will likely dominate operational excellence and make human innovation the strategic value creation differentiator”, mean to you?

In the SMA, small, networked teams will become the dominant organizational model, and decision making will be data driven and based on an idea of meritocracy, not on hierarchy. Data and the quality of thinking will far outrank positional authority. Enablers will role-model and cultivate four core mind-assets/behaviors – called the 4Es of leadership. What are these 4Es, and briefly describe them?

After you submit the answers, I’ll provide you with 2 posts from the my classmates discussion. I’d need you to comment back on them and define my answer with at least 80 words for each of the two posts. (attached is the rubric for the requirements)


I need a study guide based on the following concepts. Mathematics Assignment Help

If you can give me a summary on how to solve problems for the following examples and possibility give an example for each one, that would be perfect.

  1. Construct the frequency distribution:
    1. Compute the relative frequencies, cumulative frequencies.
    2. Compute the mean of the frequency distribution.
  2. Construct the histogram of the data.
  3. Construct the boxplot and modified boxplot (with outliers) of the data.
  4. Determine if data has outlier (with 1.5 × IQR rule)
  5. Construct the stem and leaf plot. From the stem and leaf plot find theQ1, Q2 (median) and Q3
  6. Compute the mean, variance and the standard deviation of a raw (unorganized) data. Make sure to show work.
  7. Find the percentage under Normal Distribution curve.
  8. Find the raw score that corresponds to the certain percentage under the NormalDistribution curve.
  9. Probability Rules:
    1. Addition, Multiplication rules.
    2. Using complement of the probabilities.
    3. Conditional probabilities.
  10. Computing the mean and standard deviation of a probability distribution.
  11. Computing a Binomial probability distribution. Computing the mean and standarddeviation of a binomial probability distribution.
  12. Uniform Probability Distribution. Computing the mean and standard deviation ofa uniform probability distribution.

13. Confidence intervals for one sample proportion and the mean.

  1. Confidence intervals for two-sample proportions and the means.
  2. Hypothesis test for one sample proportion and the mean.
  3. Hypothesis test for two-sample proportions.
  4. Hypothesis test for two-sample means (Dependent samples).
  5. Hypothesis test for two-sample means (Independent samples).


Essay for English 120 Humanities Assignment Help

You will be given two short articles, which express opposing viewpoints on the use of technology in the classroom.

You should take a clear stance on the issue (choose a side) but also address the counter argument somewhere in your essay.


This assignment asks you to respond to the topic both articles address with an argument of your own in an essay that is 4-6 paragraphs in length.

In your argument, be sure to:

Include a thesis statement identifying your position on the topic. To develop your thesis, provide clear topic sentences/sub-claims/reasons.

Support your argument with evidence of and analysis from the provided texts, using correct MLA format for citations. (PIE format)

Be sure to address and respond to a counter-argument in your essay.

English 120 Exam Topics

1) Are automated retail stores a good idea?

2) Should community service be a requirement for graduation?

3) Do smartphones benefit classroom learning?

4) Should high schools require financial literacy classes?



Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Reform Health Medical Assignment Help

Discussion: Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Reform

As health care delivery in the United States continues to evolve, either through mandates, improved technologies and training, or other drivers, nurses remain at the forefront in facilitating the success of new initiatives. In 2010, the Institute of Medicine formed a committee of experts to address the following question: “What roles can nursing assume to address the increasing demand for safe, high-quality, and effective health care services?” In the final report of the committee, The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health, the authors stated:

This report offers recommendations that collectively serve as a blueprint to (1) ensure that nurses can practice to the full extent of their education and training, (2) improve nursing education, (3) provide opportunities for nurses to assume leadership positions and to serve as full partners in health care redesign and improvement efforts, and (4) improve data collection for workforce planning and policy making. (p. 10)

For this Discussion, you will focus on the research recommendations presented by the committee concerning the role of nurses as leaders. The committee members believe that answers to these research questions are needed to advance the profession of nursing and to further expand their role in health care reform and improvement.

To prepare:

  • Review Chapter 7 in The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health report provided in the Learning Resources. Focus on the information in Box 7.3, “Research Priorities for Transforming Nursing Leadership.”
  • Select one of the research priorities listed in Box 7.3 that is of particular interest to you and applicable to your career interests. Consider the benefits and challenges of researching and addressing this priority in nursing.
  • Using the Walden library, identify two to three current articles that address your selected research priority. Consider the current state of research efforts on this priority.
  • Reflect on how the research findings for your area of priority impact nurses as leaders in organizations and health care reform. Why is research on this priority important?

By Day 3

Post a description of the priority you selected and the benefits and challenges of further researching this area. Provide an overview of the articles you found (using appropriate APA citations) relating to this priority, and highlight any key findings. Explain how continued research in this area could strengthen the ability of nurses to lead in both individual organizations and as advocates of health care reform.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses. Focus particularly on those questions raised to which you can add comments based on shared experiences or situations. Consider how your colleagues’ postings reflect and/or differ from your own perceptions and opinions. Review the Learning Resources for any clarification needed before responding.

Nurses as Leaders in Health Care Reform Health Medical Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Write a paper about oppression Writing Assignment Help


We began the class with a study of the importance of personal and public narrative– what Marshall Ganz calls a “Story of Self,” a “Story of Us,” and a “Story of Now.” Over the last several weeks of this class we have also discussed the concepts of oppression and internalized oppression and noted the negative effects they have had on the promise of American democracy. We have defined oppression as “the systematic, institutionalized and socially condoned mistreatment of a group in society by another group or by people acting as agents for society as a whole.” Make sure you are very familiar with the “Oppression and Democracy” article.

The Assignment:

The task of this paper is to tell a story examining the form of oppression that most centrally affects YOUR life. In writing your story, you should identify the specific form of oppression you wish to discuss (what is the group being mistreated) and then write about the concrete and daily ways that it shows itself in your life. That is, from whom, in what ways, and where do you note the effects of oppression? In your paper you should incorporate some theoretical aspect of at least 3 of the assigned readings and videos for this class dealing with oppression. While some theoretical framing of your topic is necessary, we also want you to be as specific and personal to you as possible. If you are unclear about the meaning of the term “oppression,” make sure you have read the article “Oppression and Democracy,” (Yuen) posted on the website for unit #6 readings. If you have not read and understood this article you will not do well on this assignment.

THEN, conclude your paper with 1-2 paragraphs outlining a SPECIFIC AND DO-ABLE plan of political action YOU could carry out that would lead in the direction of eliminating this oppression from your life and the world.

The strongest stories will address the following questions:

  • How does this oppression affect YOU personally? How is it about YOUR life? (i.e., tell a “Story of Self”)
  • What are some of the larger social SYSTEMS/INSTITUTIONS that create support, and perpetuate this oppression?
  • Why is what you are writing about not just an isolated or peculiar thing that happens on an individual basis? That is, why is it really “oppression” as opposed to just “mistreatment?” How is this a problem that your entire group faces and not just you as an individual. (i.e., tell a “Story of Us”)
  • How does this oppression interact with other forms of oppression in a mutually reinforcing way?
  • In what ways have you “internalized” the behaviors and belief systems imposed by this oppression?
  • How does your personal story relate to the theoretical insights from the assigned readings? Use at least 3 sources from our assigned readings, WITH FOOTNOTES– tell us EXACTLY where you got the material, etc using an academically appropriate method of citation.
  • How well have you learned to apply the lessons from the practicing democracy and civic engagement components of this class to this topic? Have you presented a realistic plan of action that you could implement right now and that you could get others in your community to participate in? (i.e., tell a “Story of Now”)

Systematic and Institutionalized Mistreatment:

What we are looking for is strong evidence that you understand the concept of oppression, can distinguish it from simple mistreatment, and can explain the SYSTEMATIC AND INSTITUTIONAL aspects of the oppression. By systematic, we mean that the mistreatment is frequent and pervasive– not just occasional and isolated.

Also, have you been paying attention both to the assigned readings and the class lecture/videos, AND can you apply these concepts to your life and the world around you…

YOUR Life:

This paper is not a research essay but rather a thought and analysis assignment that requires you to examine YOUR OWN LIFE critically. The readings from this course and class lecture should provide you with ample background for your paper. Remember, though, that we are primarily interested in your own thoughtful analysis of oppression as you experience it in your daily life.

Final Note:

Some of you may feel as though you personally are not targeted by oppression. Thus, you may, if you like, discuss a form of oppression where you personally are not the chief target of the oppression. But if you do this, you must still discuss it from the perspective of how it affects you personally. That is, as an adult, you might discuss how the oppression of children affects your life as an adult. As a European American, you might discuss how racism against people of color affects your life. As a woman, you might write about how the oppression of males affects you as a woman. Etc…


I want you to write about oppression on Young People or New people in workplace. Thanks

CITATIONS: You need a minimum of 3 references from the assigned class material. All direct quotes must be in “quotation marks.” All references MUST be listed on the template and then also cited in the body of the paper. Any recognized scholarly form of footnoting is acceptable. I prefer Chicago Style footnotes. Here is a link that shows examples of Chicago Style footnotes:…

Use at least 3 article as references from articles in following link,

How Will Your Paper Be Evaluated?:

Overall we are asking… “Does this paper demonstrate an understanding of the theory of oppression? Does the paper apply this understanding to your own life? Are you thinking deeply or superficially?

  • 10%- Integration of Assigned Class Material – (need 3 minimum). Integration of the assigned class material- readings and videos. Need 3 minimum). Did you use at least three of the assigned readings or videos from class, integrating the THEORETICAL components as opposed to just citing data or examples. Did you use appropriate sources for your paper? Did you choose the easiest, most simply material or did you incorporate more challenging articles. How sophisticated was your integration of the material?
  • 40%- Personal Application/Story – Are you talking about YOUR real life- experiences, insights, feelings, etc…. Are you telling what Marshal Ganz would call a good “Story of Self?”
  • 40%- Clear understanding of oppression – systematic and institutionalized, group nature of the target and the perpetrator groups. Does your narrative do a good job of connecting your “Story of Self” to what Marshal Ganz would call a “Story of Us?”
  • 10%- Action Component- Do you have a realistic plan of political action that uses resources available to you in your immediate environment to bring about effective institutional change? Is it realistic? Specific? Clear? Do-able? Would it be politically effective? Would it engage others in your community? Would it lead to longer-term institutional change? Do you have a plan to recruit, organize, inspire and mobilize others? Have you told a good “Story of Now?” (Ganz’s term for a narrative that calls people to take action in a manner that is within their actual capacity to take.)

Added extras: doing a good job on the issues below can make up for weaknesses in any of the sections above.

  • Especially strong understanding of and examples of “internalized oppression”
  • Interactive nature of oppression (e.g., looking at the way that the oppression of young people leads to these young people eventually acting out oppression on others, or sexism and male oppression, etc.)
  • Taking on an uncommon or more complex topic


OPTION #2: Case Analysis: Coupon Offer Business Finance Assignment Help

Option #2: Case Analysis: Coupon Offer

Companies occasionally offer a coupon or warranty offer to increase sales. Management must estimate the redemption rate and record and expense the corresponding liability. A manager could intentionally under estimate the redemption rate. The increased sales would be recorded in the current period to meet a sales goal, but the redemption cost would not be recorded until the following period.

Could this situation happen to a company with a good control environment? Describe any steps a company could take to prevent such abuse. Who might be harmed? Do you consider this example to be management fraud or employee fraud? Describe how it fits the definition of your choice.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • Three to four pages (750-1000 words) in length (not including cover and reference pages)
  • Formatted according to APA guidelines as explained in the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA(subheadings, 1“ margins, and double spacing)
  • Supported by three credible, academic sources in addition to the textbook. Academic sources should be located using the CSU-Global library. All paraphrased and quoted material must be properly cited per APA guidelines; only cited sources should be listed on the reference page.

Write clearly and logically, as you will be graded on content, analysis, and your adherence to the tenets of good academic writing, which should be succinct where possible while also exploring the topics appropriately. Scholarly sources should be cited and integrated to bolster your own assertions and to supplement your ideas.

Review the rubric in the Module 2 Materials folder for specific grading criteria.


Complete the following two steps Business Finance Assignment Help

Step 1: Export the pdf file into Excel

Step 2: Add insight or thoughts to the information below, include a citation to support statement.

To import text data into Microsoft Excel,

  1. Go to File > Open.
  2. Select data.
  3. Select from text/csv
  4. Locate and double-click the text file that you want to open.

To import internet data into Microsoft Excel,

  1. Go to File > Open.
  2. Select data
  3. Select from web
  4. Type or copy/paste the URL in box.
  5. Select okay

To import Microsoft Access data into Excel,

  1. Go to File > Open.
  2. Select Get data.
  3. From the drop down, select from database
  4. Click Microsoft Access database
  5. Locate and double-click the Access file that you want to open.

The simple instructions noted in this discussion post only instructs how to import data, it doesn’t guarantee the data will be imported correctly. The real challenge is organizing data that didn’t import correctly from text, another Excel worksheet, web or Access. I’ve tried importing data off the web that did not import correctly. However, once the data is imported into Excel, the next step is to calculate. The step by step tutorial videos in our module 3 interactive lecture helped me understand how to organize and identify data outliers. The tricky part, for me anyway, is to understand what those outliers mean. Forensic auditors are expected to find financial statement fraud even though GAAS has long held that they might not be able to detect all frauds. Large deviations signal a change in conditions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the deviation is the result of fraud. Data from Access to import data into Excel off the internet. I would like an opportunity to practice importing data to get a visual idea on how well it imports into Excel. Does anyone know where I could find a safe website to download sample data from Access?


​A small part in a presentation for a management class Business Finance Assignment Help

I have a small part in a group presentation( Only one Slide).The professor gave us an article about CVS to read. The topic of the presentation is SVS Pharmacy. My part is ( CVS Analysis using 6s model) My partner already did 3, so please complete the other 3.

Please complete the 3 points

1- Shared Knowledge

2-Spreading Capital

3-Similar Business Model

After you finish the slide please write a WORD file the dialogue that I have to say when I present I will read it from a paper.

The CVS article is. ( Attached )

I add the class slides to help you understand the Analysis using 6s model. ( attached)

I add the slides that My partner made so please make it similar to his work.

Thank you


Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help

Vitamin Supplements: What are the Benefits and Risks? Health Medical Assignment Help

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