vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help. vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Complete labs 2-5 using Visual Logic in which you:

  1. Submit the .vls file you create in Visual Logic as well as a screenshot of the output. For full credit, the program must function correctly, produce the correct answer, and be logically succinct.
  2. Write a short answer (four to five [4-5] sentences) in the comment text box located with the assignment submission link to the following:
    1. A summary of the technical experiences that you used in completing this lab.
    2. The commands that were of greatest benefit to you.
    3. Your general comments on the overall lab experience.

Note: This is an academic writing assignment. Correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling are necessary. Points will be deducted for poor writing.

vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Qualitative and Quantitative Research 405 assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Throughout the remainder of this course, you will design an original research project. Although you will not have enough time to complete and analyze the data for your research, you will develop an original research design plan and present it in the form of a proposal and the elements that are necessary to complete the research.

The proposal should consist of three (3) sections:

  1. A description of the research problem or subject;
  2. A review of existing literature on the subject; and
  3. A methodology section explaining how the data would be gathered for the study and the statistical methods used to analyze the data explaining the reasons for the choice of each.

For this assignment, address the following sections in 10–12 pages:

Part 1

  • Select a current issue in criminal justice and begin to research previous studies and literature that are available using the library, Internet, and other available resources. Choose an issue that relates to one of the following criminal justice topics:
    • Corrections
    • Juvenile justice
    • Victimology
  • Then, write the draft of the introduction to the topic and related issues (variables) that impact this issue.
  • Follow the introduction with a summary statement of the purpose for your research.

Part 2

  • Then, develop a literature review (annotated bibliography) with a minimum of 10 references that will begin the research for your research project.

Part 3

  • How do you intend to gather the data for your study? Explain.
  • What are 3–4 types of statistical methods can be used to analyze the data? Explain in detail
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of statistical data analysis method? Explain.
  • Which method do you prefer to use most? Why?


Strategic Advantage and SWOT Analysis, business and finance homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Option #2: Strategic Advantage and SWOT Analysis

Consider Nikolaou, Ierapetritis, & Tsagarakis (2011) and analyze this question in light of our learning in the past three weeks:What do they have to tell us about using a SWOT analysis to develop a strategic advantage? How can you most efficiently develop a SWOT analysis; and when might you decide not to use one?

Your well-written paper should:

  • Be 3-4 pages in length, not including cover and reference pages.
  • Be formatted according APA requirements. 
  • Cite a minimum of three sources–two of which should be academic peer-reviewed scholarly sources to support your responses–in addition to your textbook.

Note that written assignments must have a title page, section headers, an introduction, a conclusion, and a reference page


The Peckham Decision, psychology assignment help Humanities Assignment Help

The Peckham Decision dictates that school psychologists in California
may not use intelligence testing on African-American children to
determine special-education placement. This is due to a cultural bias
because a large percentage of African-Americans were being placed in the
Educable Mentally Retarded category.

How might this decision help and potentially harm African-American
students with special educational needs? Remember to support your
arguments with information drawn from the online content, the textbook,
and other credible, scholarly sources to substantiate the points you are
making.  Apply APA standards to writing and citations to your work.


Jefferson’s Message to Congress (1803), discussion help Humanities Assignment Help


Read Chapters 7-8 and the information included in Jefferson’s Message to Congress (1803). Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items:

  • Thomas Jefferson wrote this secret message to Congress about the Lewis & Clark expedition in 1803; what does it tell us about Jefferson’s views of westward expansion and Native Americans?
  • What solutions does Jefferson propose to the friction between the fledgling republic and the Indian tribes of the West?
  • What arguments does he use to explain the Lewis & Clark expedition?

Answer all questions with no less than 250 words

Read Chapters 20 and 21 as well as the Share Our Wealth information by Huey Long. Once all reading is complete, respond to the following items:

  • What were the most radical aspects of Long’s plan? 
  • Did any of his ideas become reality?
  • Upon whose law did Long base his ideas?
  • Do you think this assertion increased or diminished support for his ideas?
  • What did Long predict would be the consequences if the nation failed to adopt a program such as his?

Answer all questions with no less than 250 words



Requirements engineering, computer science assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

SHORT ESSAY: Write your answers in a separate
document in Word (.doc/.docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) and post it to
the course online system by deadline.

Please note that the answer to each of these
questions is hardly more than half a page. So your answers must be short
and to the points. Writing too much and “irrelevant” to the question
will cost you points. Also for each question you must add the
source at the end of your answer (page number from the textbook or the URL from the Web).

1. Identify the type and the category of each of the following goals
for an ambulance dispatching system. Discuss the reasons for your

a)  The red button on the ambulance panel shall be pushed when the ambulance arrives at the incident scene.

b)  The stress inherent to working conditions of ambulance crews should be reduced.

c)  An ambulance is displayed by the software as being available
if and only if it is actually ready for intervention at its ambulance

d)  The nearest available ambulance shall be mobilized for the incident.

e)  An ambulance may not be mobilized for an incident if it has not been allocated to that incident.

f)  Upon mobilization the selected ambulance shall receive a mobilization order on its mobile terminal.

2. Prepare a process-based reviewing plan for the library system.
From the preliminary problem description in Section 1.1.2 (of the
textbook), define a specific role for each reviewer and, for each role,
inspection directives based on specific checklists.

3. Build a Z specification for a simple diary management system
allowing users to make appointments, cancel them, move them to another
date and obtain the dates of appointments with a given person.

4. Consider the library, train control and meeting scheduling case
studies (of the textbook). For each of them, identify the types of
document that would be worth considering for background study prior to
the use of other elicitation techniques.

Refer textbook here  https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/978EUDTE00270/cfi/4/4!/4/2/2@0:0

Requirements engineering, computer science assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Develop a Company Description for Business Plan for a new business Writing Assignment Help

this is a milestone for my portfolio project.

Write the Company Description, including the description of your products and services. You will submit a Company Description that meets the following requirements- Develop a comprehensive business plan for a new small business. This business must be a new business venture and not an existing venture. 

*** develop company description, 1-2 pages in length for a new, small business – real estate investing company 

  • Be 1-2 pages in length, not including cover and reference pages

must have reference page with 4 references and be in APA format with cover page and reference page and running head. must have all section headers and be written according to APA requirements. 


Basic Human Resources Questions, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

1. There are two types of sexual harassment. Explain both categories and the concept of each of them…please be sure to give examples of each. (10 points)

2. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 set up 5 new legal concepts embedded in Employment Law. Please select and explain 3 of those 5 concepts below. (20 points)

3. Explain the definitions of both Exempt and Non-Exempt positions. Be sure to describe the main difference that makes a job exempt or non-exempt. (20 points)

4. Please describe the difference conceptual between Affirmative Action Plans and Diversity in the Workplace. (10 points)

5 How many Titles did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 have?

Please answer each question. No specific length required, as long as they are answered. Please please please submit in the timeline given as there is a strict deadline. 


LMS Questionnaire, week 3 assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help

Please respond with 1 page report, 12 font times romans, citations,references.

For this assignment,
review your submitted work completed in week 3 and submit a one page report on
whether you can ensure the results of your week 3 assignment will provide
validity and reliability. Modify your week 3 assignment to ensure it provides
validity and reliability. Support your response citing sources on validity and

Week 3  Assignment is below:

LMS Questionnaire 

1.  Introduction

Dear student,

Good day! The school is aiming to
do some changes to the learning management system (LMS) to better serve yon all
and help achieve your satisfaction. The IT management would wish to know your
experience with the existing learning management system and any improvements
that you may perceive helpful for optimal system performance. By the need of
the survey, the management wishes to know your satisfactory rate and your
expectations level concerning the system. Your response will significantly help
in the modifications of the system thus the school requires you to be open and
honest while filling in the questionnaires. Kindly fill in as instructed. In
case you need any clarifications please contact us for clarity.

2.  Questions

Guidelines: Kindly indicate your
degree of disagreement or agreement with every of the following statements
concerning the existing learning management system in the school. Put an X
label as you answer. Also leave a brief but precise comment where the question
obligates you to do so.

Q1. How many times in a week do you interact with
the LMS?


Q2. Do you successfully operate the system without

□ Yes □ No

If No, why?


Q3. Please choose your extent of agreement for the following


Sturdily Agree




Or Sturdily Disagree

The system is user friendly.


The security level of the system is high.


The LMS meets my learning objectives.


The LMS properly supports mobile devices.


Q4. To what extent does the LMS meet your learning
objectives? Explain.


Q5. How do you perceive your general experience
with the system?

□ Very satisfactory

□ Satisfactory

□ Average

□ Unsatisfactory

□ Very Unsatisfactory

Q6. What do think we could do to make your
experience with the LMS better? 


3.  Demographic

Name: (not compulsory) _______________

Age: ____ years

Gender: _______

Email (optional): ______________.

the questionnaires have been given out to students to feel out, they will be
collected after 3 days where every student will be expected to have completed
filing his comments and views. The data will thus be checked for validity and
reliability based on the consistency of the measurements provided by the
students. The information that will be deemed reliable is the one that will
exhibit repetition and concurrency from many students. The results will also be
checked for validity, that is, face, content and criterion validity. (Forbrig,
et al, 2010) On the face value, the management will access if the questions are
representing construct as the responses depict. The content validity will be
performed to check if the every critical direction of the construct is taken
care of. Most critically, the results will be stored for future comparison with
repeated surveys where concurrent validity will be evaluated (Dias, et al,
2013). Content validity will occur where the use of same methods in the same
context and under same constraints will bare similar results. After analyzing
the data, the IT team will be given the propositions for the new system so that
they develop a system that meets users’ requirements.


‘Dias, S. B., Diniz, J. A., &
Hadjileontiadis, L. J. (2013). Towards an intelligent learning management
system under blended learning: Trends, profiles and modeling perspectives

TC13 Human-Computer Interaction
Symposium, Forbrig, P., & IFIP World Computer Congress. (2010). Human-computer
interaction: Second IFIP TC 13 Symposium, HCIS 2010, held as part of WCC 2010,
Brisbane, Australia, September 20-23, 2010. Proceedings
. Berlin: Springer.


St Dismas Assisted Living Facility, Civil Engineering project help Engineering Assignment Help

A couple of questions based on chapter in a book we study . 3 main questions only !

  1. Read the Case “St Dismas Assisted Living Facility –I (page 111) Answer the four(4) questions at the end of the chapter.
  2.  Do problems13, 14, 15, and 16. On page 145.
  3. Read the incident for Discussion” Plymouth Zoo’s Re-engineering Project”  on page 110. What information should he ask the consultants for before accepting their proposal? What project planning tools would you suggest Avery ask the consultants to use to outline the project more specifically and address his concerns?
I can provide a link for the book !


vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

vls file you create in Visual Logic, assignment help Computer Science Assignment Help

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