Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help. Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help.

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Network Security for
a Small Accounting Firm

 You have been
recently hired as a network security analyst for a small accounting firm. The
firm realizes that it needs help to secure its network and customers’ data.
With your background and skills, the firm is looking to you to provide
guidance. In addition to helping the firm secure its network, the firm requires
that you obtain your CompTIA Security+ certification within 60 days of being

In addition to the owner, who serves as the overall business
manager, there are about 20 people on staff:

➢ 10 accountants

➢ 3 administrative support

➢ 1 vice president

➢ 1 financial manager

➢ 2 interns

There is also one IT support technician on staff, who has
basic computer hardware and networking knowledge. He has requested that the
firm create a website, hosted internally, so that new customers can get
information about the firm. This will be important to remember as you complete
your final project.

The firm has a simple network. There are 20 computers and
two multipurpose printers. All computers and printers are connected wirelessly
to a NETGEAR MR814 device. This router is connected to a Motorola SB3100 cable
modem. Staff email accounts are set up through the company’s Internet provider.
Employees use a combination of Microsoft Outlook and standard web browsers to
access their e-mail. The owner uses his personal iPad during work hours to
check and respond to email messages.

Prior to your hiring, the firm hired a network cabling
contractor to run Cat 6 cables from the central wiring closet to all offices
and cubicles. The firm wants to move away from using wireless as the primary
network connection, but wants to keep wireless access for customers coming to
the building. The technician who did the wiring mentioned to your supervisor
that he should look into setting up a Windows Server domain to manage user
access, instead of the current peer-to-peer network. He also recommended that
the firm invest in a managed switch and a firewall, and look into having some
backups. The internal IT support technician agreed with these recommendations
but needs your help to implement them.

You’ve been asked to assess the current vulnerabilities and
provide a recommendation to the firm’s owner on how to better secure the
network infrastructure. Now that you are aware of the firm’s history, your
assessment and recommendation should provide specifics about the network
security settings that must be implemented and the equipment that must be
procured, installed, and configured. The firm’s owner has a basic understanding
of computing, so it is important that you explain the technical issues in
layman’s terms.

Satisfy standards of writing style and grammatical

This includes:

Using IEEE intext citation style and reference list

Using credible reasoning, appropriate research, and
supporting evidence in communication

Synthesizing sources appropriately using paraphrase,
summary, and quotation

Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Network-level security issues, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help


Throughout the reading materials, there are references to security as it pertains to public and private cloud models. Create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following items for these two types of models:


Network-level security issues

Host-level security issues

Application-level security issues

Compare and contrast the models to help your audience understand the differences.  The audience for your presentation will be the CFO of your organization who doesn’t have much IT or security experience. The presentation should be a minumum of 10 slides in length.  (The title slide, “Any Questions?” slide, or references slide do not count toward the minimum slide number.  Only content slides count.)  Use the Notes area of PowerPoint to explain each slide.


Some authors make the assertion that there are no new security issues with cloud computing at a network-, host-, or application-level. They maintain that cloud computing may exacerbate existing issues, but that cloud computing does not present new security issues. Do you agree with that assertion? Explain some of the security issues with cloud computing. Use examples and references to support your answer.


Qualitative research paper nursing, health and medicine homework help Health Medical Assignment Help

I need the second half of my paper fixed I have to turn it in by tomorrow afternoon I will provide an article and the format it needs to be in and will provide the paper that was turned in PART B DID NOT PASS!!! Here are the instructions AND notes from the teacher:

B. Evaluate a primary qualitative research peer-reviewed journal article (suggested length of 3–5 pages) that has healthcare implications by doing the following:

1. Identify how the researcher addresses the five following areas of the selected journal article, using the attached “Evidence Table”:

• background or introduction

• review of the literature

• discussion of methodology

• data analysis

• researcher’s conclusion

2. Critique whether the evidence presented in each section of the journal article supports the researcher’s conclusion.

3. Explain the protection of human subjects and cultural considerations of the journal article.

4. Identify strengths and limitations of the study.

5. Describe how the evidence informs nursing practice.

C. Acknowledge sources, using APA-formatted in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.

Qualitative- and also subtypes- most often case study, others are grounded theory, phenomenology, and also descriptive subtypes.

Use the readings in module 3, chapter 6, to help you understand different methodologies researchers use.  Read your article as the researchers should tell you the methods they used to research their questions. Identifying research types and subtypes is a big concept.

Data Analysis

How did the researchers analyze the data collected?  Did they explain it enough for you to evaluate for external or internal validity? What statistical testing was used?  What analysis was discussed?  For quantitative studies examples include T-Test, ANOVA, Logistic Regression, Linear Regression, Chi-Square or descriptive statistics like frequencies, prevalence, and rates or incidence.  For qualitative studies the data is interviews or focus groups and the data is coded for themes and then analyzed based on the subtype.  If it is qualitative descriptive the sample is small and the subjective responses of the participants are usually reported without coding or analyses.


What are the conclusions of the researchers; do they make sense to you as a clinician?

A & B 2

Based on your analysis of the five areas in the table, assess whether the evidence presented in the research report supports the conclusion.

Begin by paraphrasing the author’s conclusion in a sentence; then, discuss how each of the first four sections of the research report described in the table (1 sentence each) supports the author’s conclusion (section 5).  Approximately 5 – 7 sentences total should be enough.


Can these researchers make the conclusions that they made? Would anything else explain their results? Are there any other plausible explanations for their conclusions? Remember, you will want to justify your answer. Give a full paragraph on why or why not the evidence in the first four areas of the research paper supported the conclusion in section 5.

B 3

Identify the ethical principles that the researcher should have addressed prior to the study.  For example, what considerations should the researchers have addressed regarding informed consent, privacy, confidentiality, etc. for the specific subjects in the studies you chose to critique.  (1 – 2 paragraphs)

B 4

The strengths and limitations refer to the study design, not to the procedures or interventions being studied in the articles.  Consider things like sample size, level of research, quality of research, sampling strategy, and study design.  Also, consider what the author has stated in the last few sections of the research report regarding strengths and limitations.  (1 – 2 paragraphs)

B 5

Please discuss how the results of the study you selected impacts nursing practice.  (1 – 2 paragraphs)

Include a reference page and in-text citations where appropriate.


gather a minimum of five peer-reviewed, scholarly sources on the topic you selected, psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

You have already selected your topic from the list below in Week Three of the course to complete an annotated bibliography. These sources should inform your thinking and assist you in making a conclusion regarding the “truth” (i.e., scientific validity) of a commonly held belief. You must continue with your selected topic unless you have received permission from your instructor otherwise.  Click here for the various topic options that are available. 

  • To begin, gather a minimum of five peer-reviewed, scholarly sources on the topic you selected.  Much of this was completed in the Week 3 Annotated Bibliography, but you will likely find gaps in your information as you begin to write and need to locate more material to fully inform your thinking.  Visit the Ashford Library to obtain your scholarly articles.
  • As you read each article, make notes about what you have read and what it means to you, as well as how it supports your topic, in order to assist you in the process of writing. Click here for additional information on how to successfully summarize information from an article.   
  • After you have read and considered these sources, write a paper in which you summarize psychological theory and research that is pertinent to this topic.  The paper should appraise the evidence contained within your articles, supporting and/or contradicting the statement you have chosen to examine.  Your task is to distinguish whether or not this commonly held belief accurately represents psychological knowledge of the topic and discuss your conclusions.
    • If theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is false (i.e., it is instead bubba or pop psychology), infer an alternative truth based on the literature.
    • If the theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is true, point out how the research supports the statement.


modernist movement, Midterm term essay help Humanities Assignment Help

  These are two different stories and one poem.

Hands by Sherwood Anderson is on page 265, The man who was  almost a man  by Richard Wright on page 899 and the poem., the fingers make early flowers of is by E. E Cummings on page 638. 






General Instructions: Write an essay of at least 750 words (including
quotations from the poems and short stories that you use as support) on ONE of
the numbered topics below. If you use sources in your response (even those I
have provided for you), be sure to cite them, using MLA format. Quotations from
the textbook require only a page number. You should choose different poems or
short stories than those you used in your reading responses for Volume D. The
three examples should be by different authors. 

All stories and poems must come from
Volume D of the textbook.

To prepare for the midterm, you will need to read the introduction to Volume D,
“American Literature Between the Wars: 1914-1945,” especially the
following sections: “American Versions of Modernism”  (D:
  and “Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds”  (D:

The midterm will require you to
apply ideas from the introduction to specific short stories (fiction) or
poems written during this time period (1914-1945). This does not include
essays (non-fiction prose).

·  You may choose short stories or poems by the writers that I
assigned for the reading responses, as long as you choose different poems or
short stories (fiction) than you chose for your reading responses

·  Here are a few of the writers (from Volume D) I would have
included in the course if there had been more time: Amy Lowell (imagist poet),
Wallace Stevens (poet), T. S. Eliot (poet), E. E. Cummings (poet), John Dos
Passos (fiction writer), Ernest Hemingway (fiction writer), Thomas Wolfe
(fiction writer), John Steinbeck (fiction writer).

·  To help you choose, you may find it useful to read the
biographical introductions to the writers since most of these introductions
discuss the author’s work in a general way.

·  Although you may use authors that you have already responded
to, reading other authors is a good way to expand your knowledge and create
original responses. If you use some of the same authors, be sure to choose
different poems or stories. 

·All reading selections must come from Volume D. If you do
not have the textbook, please check the table of contents provided on the

  • The paper should be in essay form with an
    introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion
    (not a collection of
    reading responses–no sub-headings).
  • You should use quotations from the reading selections
    as support for your general ideas. Your examples must show that you have
    read the literature that you are discussing, not just the author’s
  • Do not use long poems or novels as examples, since I want you to discuss the reading selections
    specifically, not just a short part of a longer work. Do not use The
    Waste Land
    by T. S. Eliot.
  • A brief overview isn’t adequate. Again, you must show
    that you read the selection (poem or story) carefully.


1. In the section called “Modernism Abroad and On Native Grounds,”
the editors say that “[m]any writers chose to identify themselves with the
American scene and to root their work in specific regions” of the country (D:
(1188). Discuss at least three poems or short stories (fiction) by
three different authors that chose to focus on a particular part of the United
States. In your paper, you should show how these writers combine modernism and
regionalism. You may wish to use quotations from this introductory material,
but you should also use quotations from the literature (poems or stories)
themselves. (Note: Usually the phrase “specific regions” means parts
of the U. S. away from urban literary centers–the West, Midwest, South, New
England, etc.)
This section includes many examples, so you may want to
choose three of them (see D: 17).

The section called “American
Versions of Modernism” (D: 13-16) will help you choose writers to include.

2. During the 1920’s African
American writers began to make significant contributions to American
literature, especially during the Harlem Renaissance. Choose at least three
poems or fiction
from this literary movement to discuss, perhaps applying
the ideas in Langston Hughes’ essay The Negro Artist and the Racial Mountain (D: 348-50)  or from the discussion in the
textbook introduction. Many of the writers of the Harlem Renaissance are also
modernists, so you may wish to quote from one or more of the modernist
manifestos as well. (Note: “How It Feels to Be Colored Me” is an
essay, not a short story, so it doesn’t count as fiction, though you may use it
to illustrate an idea that does appear in fiction or poetry.)

Useful quotation from the introduction to Volume D:

The Harlem
Renaissance sparked arguments between those who wanted to claim membership in
the culture at large and those who wanted to stake out a separate artistic
domain; between those who wanted to celebrate rural African American lifeways
and those committed to urban intellectuality; between those who wanted to join
the American mainstream and those who, disgusted by American race prejudice,
aligned themselves with worldwide revolutionary movements; between those who
celebrated a “primitive” African heritage and those who rejected the
idea as a degrading stereotype. (D: 8)

See D: 7-8 for a discussion of
changes for African Americans during this time period (the Great Migration out
of the South, the gathering of artists, musicians, and writers in Harlem in the
1920s, the publication of two major journals of opinion, The Crisis and Opportunity).

3. Define modernism, using
quotations from the introduction to Volume D of The Norton Anthology of
American Literature
or from
one of the Modernist Manifestos (D: 335-350).  Then, apply your
definition to at least three reading selections (poetry or fiction),
using quotations from the reading selections that reveal the work’s (poem or
story) modernist attributes. Each reading selection should be by a different
writer. Please note that the manifestos do not qualify as poetry or fiction,
though it’s fine to use them as part of your discussion of modernism. You must
still have three examples that are fiction or poetry (not non-fiction prose).

“Some writers rejoiced while
others lamented; some anticipated future utopias while others believed that
civilization had collapsed; but the period’s most influential voices believed
that old forms would not work for new times, and were inspired by the
possibility of creating something entirely new” (D: 6). (Everything
following this quotation will help you write your essay.)

This quotation seems important:
“At the heart of high modernist aesthetic lay the conviction that the
previously sustaining structures of human life, whether social, political,
religious, or artistic, had been destroyed or shown up as falsehoods, or, at
best, arbitrary and fragile human constructions” (D: 14).

4. Women writers also became more
prominent during this time, despite the fact that “to some extent, male
modernists tried to define their movement by defining women out of it”
(1082, 6th edition). In the 7th  edition, the editors assert that
“the increasing prominence[of women writers]. . . generated a backlash
from some male modernists, who asserted their own artistic seriousness by
identifying women writers with the didactic, popular writing against which they
[male writers] rebelled” (1189). Discuss at least three poems or short
stories by three different women writers, showing how their work fits into the
literary trends of the era. You may use Mina Loy’s “Feminist
Manifesto” as background material if you wish, but it isn’t a poem or
short story, so it doesn’t count as one of the three.

See D: 7 for a discussion of changes
for women.

Note: In previous semesters, several students have had to rewrite their essays
because they didn’t follow instructions regarding their choices of poetry and
fiction (short stories). I hope that you will ask questions about the assigned
topics so that I can help you before you write your essay.



functional versus non-functional system requirements, computer science help Computer Science Assignment Help

  1. Compare and contrast functional versus non-functional system requirements, and provide an example of each.                    
  2. Complete these items for the exercise.

    • Using the Wilderness Weather Station case study for reference, document a detailed list of five or more user requirements. Prioritize this list.
    • Still using the Wilderness Weather Station case study for reference, document a detailed list of five or more system requirements. These system requirements should contain a mix of functional and non-functional requirements, and should also be prioritized.
    • Review the list of system requirements, and introduce at least one functional and one non-functional requirement change. Document these changes and the impact those changes might have on the development process.

    Each assignment should include a prioritized list of both user and system requirements. The changes to the software system requirements (both functional and non-functional) must also be listed, along with observations regarding the impact those changes might have on the development process.


    Using the list of User Stories you prepared for assignment 3.3, derive 20 requirements.

    Each requirement should be in the form “The System shall <something>”.  A very useful variation is “The System shall provide the capability <for the user to do something>”.

    For each requirement, identify the User Story number from which you derived this requirement.  If you didn’t number your User Stories then include the full text of the User Story you are using as the source for each requirement.

    Special note:  If you want to revise one or more of your original User Stories, or even create new ones, you may do so.  Just supply the text of the new or revised User Story.

Below are the attached files for the question 2 & 3

functional versus non-functional system requirements, computer science help Computer Science Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Create a wholistic care plan for disease prevention, health promotion, and acute care of the patient in the clinical case, management homework help Business Finance Assignment Help

Create a wholistic care plan for disease prevention, health promotion, and acute care of the patient in the clinical case. Your care plan should be based on current evidence and nursing standards of care. 

Visit the online library and research for current scholarly evidence (no older than 5 years) to support your nursing actions. In addition, consider visiting government sites such as the CDC, WHO, AHRQ, Healthy People 2020. Provide a detailed scientific rationale justifying the inclusion of this evidence in your plan. 

Next determine the ICD-10 classification (diagnoses). The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) is the official system used in the United States to classify and assign codes to health conditions and related information.

USE care plan template to help you design a holistic patient care plan. The care plan example provided here is just a reference for you to build your care plan. You are expected to develop a comprehensive care plan based on your assessment, diagnosis, and advanced nursing interventions. Reflect on what you have learned about care plans through independent research and peer discussions and incorporate the knowledge that you have gained into your patient’s care plan.

Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Care plan demonstrated involvement of the client in the process of recognition, planning, and resolution of the problem.


Care plan included effective nursing interventions that were customized for the client and appropriate to the goal.


Care plan included diagnostic workup, medications, conservative measures, and a follow-up plan. 


Care plan provided rationale for choosing a particular treatment modality.


Care plan demonstrated logical diagnosis, which was substantiated with relevant evidence. 


Care plan focused on patient education, maintained a fine balance between major and minor health issues of the patient. 


Care plan included nursing interventions that are specific, appropriate, and free of essential omissions.


Used APA standards consistently and accurately.



Psycholinguistics Language is an important tool for storing, organizing, and retrieving information Humanities Assignment Help

Questions in Psycholinguistics
Language is an important tool for storing, organizing, and retrieving information that has been acquired throughout one’s life, as well as for thinking, modifying, and sharing such information with others. Thus, there are many questions researchers ask about language and its use. For this assignment, complete the steps listed below:
• Select one of the following topics:
o Recent research has shown that bilingualism shapes the human mind. What are some of the short-term and/or long-term consequences of bilingualism on information processing? Include at least two sets of findings (e.g., speed of processing and vocabulary size) in your paper.
o Human language is more than a communication system. What are the unique properties of human language that make it different from communication systems used by other species?
o Most of language use in adults relies on reading, an ability that is often acquired later in life than the ability to speak and understand speech in one’s primary language. Why is learning how to read more challenging than learning how to speak in one’s primary language?
o Ambiguities in the meaning of words and phrases are far from rare occurrences. Yet, both speakers and listeners (or readers) often do not appear to notice them. What are these ambiguities, and why do they often go unnoticed?
o Can you “forget” words in your first language while you are learning a second language? Summarize the available evidence to explain your answer.
o What do speech errors reveal about the way people think?
o More than half a century ago, two researchers, Noam Chomsky and B. F. Skinner, debated the role of nature and nurture in language acquisition. What was the viewpoint of each researcher? What was the evidence upon which their contrasting viewpoints relied?
o Can other species learn human language? If so, is it really language? In your answer, you may consider cetaceans, birds, and chimpanzees.
• Review the literature on the selected topic. For each topic, use at least two peer-reviewed articles that can answer the question(s) related to it.
Engage your critical thinking skills. Carefully summarize the evidence you have found and then critically examine it. For instance, ask yourself if the available evidence is sufficient to support the interpretations that researchers have proposed, and/or whether there are ambiguities and unknowns.


Mass Incarceration, Is it about rehabilitation or a business of making money, sociology homework help Humanities Assignment Help

For the purposes of this paper, your topic should pertain to a current area of interest in the news and/or government policy forums.


  • Mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex. (Mass Incarceration, Is it about rehabilitation or a business of making money?) is the subject of this paper

In your paper, you will apply ethical theories and perspectives to the issue that you select. You do not have to use all six, but you should apply at least two ethical theories and at least one ethical perspective in your paper. Make sure that you write primarily on ethical topics and concepts, aiming to be both balanced and intellectually driven in your work. You may share your personal views, but do not rely on opinions (yours or those offered by others) to make your case. Think about the evidence that helps to make your case and use it.

Address the following questions:

  • What are the ethical issues?
  • Where are there breaches of ethical behavior?
  • How could each ethical theory you cite help people think about what constitutes virtuous or ethical behavior?

The paper must be four to six pages in length (excluding title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style. Excluding the textbook, you must use at least five scholarly sources to support your claims. You can also use the Sociology Research Guide located in the Ashford University Library. Cite your sources within the text of your paper and on the reference page. For information regarding APA, including samples and tutorials, visit the Ashford Writing Center.


cover letter for Health data analyst, English homework help Humanities Assignment Help

Cover letters are recommended, and in some instances required, for job applications. If you want to stand out from other candidates, you will want to write a unique cover letter for each position you apply to.  Cover letters allow you to clarify, detail, and expand on your most relevant skills and competencies. In addition, a cover letter allows you to showcase your written communication skills.  It is important that you have a compelling cover letter. To write an impactful cover letter, you need to answer the following questions before you begin composing it. Starting with these questions will help provide a clear and concise message for the person reading your cover letter.

  • Why are you interested in the position? Consider what makes the position, organization, or company interesting to you.
  • What three skills or competencies do you possess that match the skills the employer is seeking in a candidate?
    • You can find these skills by viewing the job description. These specific skills are the reason every cover letter should be unique for each job for which you apply.

For this discussion, you will explore the components of a cover letter, reflect on your most relevant skills, and assess what action steps you can take to make your cover letter stronger.

  • The Cover letters resource contains step-by step instructions for creating a cover letter including formatting suggestions, tips regarding how to highlight your best skills and qualifications, and how to tailor your letter for specific job you wish to apply to.
  • For more in-depth guidance for writing a cover letter, please watch the Creating a compelling cover letter webinar.

In your initial post

  • Identify a position on or other similar websites , that interests you as a potential job opportunity. Using the job description, identify three skills or qualifications that match your background and type them out.
  • Using the format suggestions from both the webinar and cover letter sample, create a three- to four-sentence paragraph that communicates the three matching skills and/or competencies you would like to highlight for the employer. The goal is to tailor the body of your cover letter to the position you seek.
  • Paste the link of the job description you are interested in and the three- to four-sentence paragraph that you have written for this job application into the discussion forum so you can obtain feedback from your classmates.


Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Vulnerabilities Assessment and Recommendation Document, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

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