w3 paper

w3 paper. w3 paper.

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Part I: Job Placement (3–5 pages)

Presume you have been hired to use data to develop an employee placement process for middle school teachers. Review the media, “Employee Observation,” and your generalized work and abilities ratings of the teachers in Competency WO002.

  • Review the resource, “Instructions for Making Work Style Ratings.” Then, use the document, “Data Collection Form for Work Styles,” to rate the middle school teacher job using the O*NET work styles scales from the worker characteristics domain. Your ratings are only for your analysis and not for submission.
  • Summarize the findings of the three ratings (generalized work ratings, ability ratings, along with your work styles ratings). You should have completed the ratings for the Generalized Work and Abilities Scales in Competency WO002.
  • What is the method for determining the level of job difficulty and related KSAO levels?
  • Based on the data (i.e., the ratings from the second bullet), explain the important parts of the job that should serve as a foundation for placement to ensure a good person-job fit.
  • Summarize the job placement findings and their relationship to your ratings.

Part II: Performance Appraisal

The Assignment (3- to 5-slide PPT with speaker notes)

Presume you have been hired as a consultant to support an organization that is looking to maximize the potential benefits of its performance appraisal program. Consider how would you inform the client about how effective appraisals can be used for future assignments, potential advancement, identifying training needs, adjusting compensation, etc

  • Develop a PPT presentation to brief the client on potential use of performance appraisals and their importance.

Part III: Training and Development (3–6 pages)

  • Briefly describe a job-related training program that you may have experienced or that you may be aware of through other sources. Then, describe two employee-training needs (e.g., job-related, organizational, etc.) that the program was intended to address, and explain whether these needs were met and why. Finally, explain the significance of needs analysis in job training.
  • Many organizations, in an attempt to reduce costs, have sought to leverage online training. It is assumed since most employees use a computer on their job, have ready access to computers at work and home, etc. that they would be able to immediately complete mandated training online. Conduct a needs analysis of what the company would have to provide its employees to be able to effectively complete online training. Assume they know how to use a PC as well as the internet already, and that the training would be delivered via Blackboard which they have not used extensively, that they would have to write a paper to summarize their learning, and that the paper would have to be sent as an email attachment.
  • Imagine that you are a personnel consultant advising a human resources manager who is contracting for the evaluation of the online training program. Describe three factors you might consider when proposing a training evaluation for the online training program and explain why you selected those factors. Finally, describe the most important aspect of training to evaluate, and explain why it is the most important.

w3 paper

w3 paper

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