w4 discussions Humanities Assignment Help

w4 discussions Humanities Assignment Help. w4 discussions Humanities Assignment Help.

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Each question should have a response of 100-150 word. Responses should be scholarly and written in APA format. Please use each question as a header.


  • With respect to Gestalt, there are positives and negatives about this approach from a biblical perspective. Where do you stand as far as implementing this approach?
  • With respect to Gestalt, do you think the strengths outweigh the weaknesses and why or why not?
  • How do you resolve conflicts using Gestalt therapy?


  • Do you find it interesting that “rebellious” adolescents do not often rebel against religious beliefs?
  • Does knowing about sex make it more likely that a teenager will be sexually active? Why or why not?

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One question of statistics Mathematics Assignment Help

  1. Consider a population of 8 units (y1, …, y8) = (15, 34, 35, 36, 11, 17, 36, 15). Sup- pose you take a simple random sample of size 3 with replacement.
    1. List all possible values of the sample total T.
    2. Find the sampling distribution of the sample total T .
    3. Let zi = 1 if unit i is selected into the sample and zi = 0 otherwise. Calculate the correlation of zi,zj.
    4. Recalculate the sampling distribution of T when sampling without replace- ment.
    5. Recalculate the correlation of zi , zj when sampling without replacement.
    6. Calculate mean and variance of the sample total T for both sampling withand without replacement distributions.

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help m writing my paper Humanities Assignment Help

this is all the questions that I have from the teacher.

As noted in your text, chronic stress (long-term reactions to stressors) and daily hassles can be damaging to your physical and psychological health. No one can avoid stress. However, there are a number of factors that can either contribute to becoming overwhelmed by stress or to flourishing in spite of it. For example, having a sense of control, social support, relaxation, and a sense of meaning can all contribute to effectively combating the effects of stress.

In this exercise, you will complete a number of scales to help you determine your stress level, how you respond to and cope with stress, and resources you have to combat stress. You will use the results of these scales to develop your personal stress profile. To make the exercise more fun, you might want to have you partner, spouse, or friend complete the scales too. That way you can compare your stress profiles.

What You Must Do to Create Your Profile

  • Complete, and score the following scales. You cannot fill in the tests online, you must print them out first. Do NOT READ HOW TO SCORE A SCALE UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED IT. You do not need to submit your scored scales – this is your own personal information that you will need to write your paper.
    1. Stressed Out
    2. Susceptibility to Stress (SUS)
    3. Response to Stress Scale
    4. Are you a Type A or Type B?
    5. Coping with Stress
    6. Multidimensional Health Locus of Control
    7. Locus of Control
    8. Life Orientation Test
  1. Identify at Least 5 of Your Personal Stressors and 5 Daily Hassles
  2. Using the above information, write a self-reflection paper that includes:
    1. Your scores on each of the above scales and a statement about what that score means for you.
    2. A summary of your five stressors and five life hassles
    3. A summary of what you might do to reduce your stress.
    4. Relate your self-reflection to the information provided in your text. At least two references are required, one of which may be your textbook.
    5. Paper should be three pages, plus a title page in APA Style, as well as a reference page in APA Style (five pages total). Be sure to start your paper with an introductory paragraph, giving an overview of your paper and ending in a thesis statement (the purpose of your paper). End your paper with a concluding paragraph, summarizing main themes of your paper. Your paper should be written in APA format and style (an abstract is not needed).

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National security careers intelligence analysis Humanities Assignment Help

must be written as a Analytic Paper: write a paper (8 pages in length) reflecting on personal skills, abilities and interests, analyzing a minimum of three Intelligence Community agencies/organizations and identify two careers of interest to the student within those agencies. There is no right answer. Analytic papers will be submitted through the assignment drop box within the course by DATE. The paper must analyze the strengths and challenges facing the agencies , the reasons why the student ‘ s skills and abilit ies match with the agency , AND should be well-written (minimal spelling, grammar , or sentence structure errors), and have clear introduction (with Bottom Line Up Front) , body and conclusion .


1. Students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively, employing appropriate style, organization and writing mechanics on an analytic writing assignment.







Network Security Plan Computer Science Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will create 2 additional sections for the Network Security Plan document.

First, you will create a 2–3 page section in the plan to list all of the policies that you would have for your organization and a brief description of what each policy will contain. After the risks have been identified within an organization, you must devise a plan that will provide the best possible protection without significantly impacting daily operations. Then, you must write and implement written policies that will inform everyone within the organization what can and cannot be done while they are connected to the Internet. Written polices need to adhere to the following guidelines:

• No more than 2 pages

• Clearly identified rules

• Clearly identified punishments if rules are not followed.

• A way to monitor the network for violations of the policy.

The following are the first task’s deliverables:

• Update previous sections based upon your peers’ and instructor’s feedback

• Update the table of contents.

• Update date on the cover page.

Security Policies Section

• Identify what written polices need to be created for your organization.

• For each policy, you will address how you plan to monitor the policy.

• For each policy, you will provide what you feel the appropriate punishment should be for violators. These punishments must be able to be enforceable, not just a threat.

• For each policy, you will identify a timetable for when each policy should be reviewed and updated and who will do the review.

The second task this week is to prepare for how you would handle an incident. It is best to have a thorough, rehearsed plan to be prepared for a potential incident. This will help to limit the damage and it will help recovery afterward. You will create an Incident Response section of 2–3 pages that includes the actions that need to occur when an incident is in progress.

The following are the second task’s deliverables:

Incident Response Section

• Identify the process of how your organization will identify an incident.

• Identify the process for classifying the incident.

◦ What are the criteria for each classification within the organization?

• Identify what the response will be for each classification identified.

• Identify a general plan to recover from the incident.

• Identify a process for evaluating the incident response plan after each incident has been mitigated.

Discuss how the incident response plan will be tested and updated.

The final step in developing the network security plan is to define how the plan that you have developed will be implemented within the organization. Implementing security controls and adding security devices can be a complex process that will affect every aspect of the organization. A detailed plan that phases in controls and new devices—and has a backup plan for any problems—will greatly increase the success rate of implementing a network security plan.

• For this assignment, you will add a detailed implementation plan of 4–5 pages, which will describe your proposed solution for the implementation of a network security plan in your organization.

• Finally, you will refine the Network Security Plan document to produce the final draft version. Updates may be based upon peer and instructor feedback.

The project deliverables are the following:

• Update the Network Security Plan with a new date.

• Update the previously completed sections based upon your peers’ and instructor’s feedback.

• Implementation Plan

◦ Develop a plan to implement the security controls and policies that you identified in previous sections.

◦ Develop a plan to implement new security devices and modify existing security devices that are required to monitor the network and the polices that were created or updated.

◦ Describe how these controls, policies, and security devices have addressed the key security areas of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, and nonrepudiation cryptographic services.

• Network Security Plan

◦ Revise the entire document, and make any necessary changes and improvements.

Ensure that the final version is sufficiently detailed to allow the organization to confidently move forward with the implementation of the security controls and devices based upon your recommendations.



Write a memo Writing Assignment Help

write a memo about my school plan progress I need to verify the accuracy of this degree audit. I wrote what you have to write in the memo just make my words into a professional way.

1- I need you to say that I have reviewed or checked my school plan progress and all the information are correct and accurate

2-I’m taking Cyber security as specialty and minoring in Information system, and all my classes are counted under my specialty courses

3-the transfer and substituted courses are in the right spot

4- I only have left 9 credits hours, one course which is Math 260 and an internship to be taken in summer, my expected graduation is in August 2019.

Write a memo Writing Assignment Help[supanova_question]

K-Means Cluster Algorithm and APRIORI Algorithm Other Assignment Help


included with this assignment is an Excel spreadsheet that contains data with two dimension values.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate steps performed in a K-Means Cluster analysis.

Review the “k-MEANS CLUSTERING ALGORITHM” section in Chapter 4 of the Sharda et. al. textbook for additional background.

Use Excel to perform the following data analysis.

  1. Plot the data on a scatter plot.
  2. Determine the ideal number of clusters.
  3. Choose random center points (centroids) for each cluster. (Note: Each student will select a different random set of centroids.)
  4. Using a standard distance formula measure the distance from each data point to each center point.
  5. Assign each data point to an initial cluster region based on closeness.
  6. For each cluster calculate new center points.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6.

You will use Excel to help with calculations, but only standard functions should be used (i.e. don’t use a plug-in to perform the analysis for you.) You need to show your work doing this analysis the long way. If you were to repeat steps 4 through 6, what will likely happen with the cluster centroids? The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.

Here is a link to an example spreadsheet using a smaller data set. It contains two tabs. The first tab is the raw data. The second tab contains the analysis that was performed. Make sure that you use a different starting center points from the example.


Included with this assignment is an Excel spreadsheet containing customer receipts.

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate steps performed in an Apriori analysis (i.e. Market Basket analysis).

Review the “APRIORI ALGORITHM” section of Chapter 4 of the Sharda et. al. textbook for additional background.

Use Excel to perform this analysis.

  • List the SKU which was purchased the most.
  • List the two SKUs that were purchased most frequently together.
  • List the three SKUs that were purchased most frequently together.
  • List the four SKUs that were purchased most frequently together.

Make note of any pattern that you noticed while performing the analysis. As a retail business owner, how would you use the results from this analysis? The rubric for this assignment can be viewed when clicking on the assignment link.


10. The authors of your textbook discuss the interpretation of norm-referenced scores. List and describe the interpretation of each score. Other Assignment Help

Restricted-Response Essay

Q.The authors of your textbook discuss the interpretation of norm-referenced scores. List and describe the interpretation of each score. Confine your answer to one page.

Here is a few items from the book, that will help you out,! No Plagiarism

Interpreting Norm-Referenced Scores

The score a student receives when a test has been scored according to the directions is called the raw score. On a classroom test, this is typically the number of items a student answers correctly. Although raw scores are used in classroom testing, the interpretations and comparisons made with standardized tests require that the raw scores be converted to some type of derived score. Comparison of performance on two different tests (e.g., reading and math), for example, require that both tests be on the same scale. Raw scores won’t work because the two tests may differ in the number of items in the test and the difficulty of the items. By converting both sets of raw scores to the same derived score scale, we provide a common basis for comparing relative performance. Although there are many different types of derived scores, the most common types used in school achievement testing are

1. Percentile ranks.

2. Grade equivalent scores.

3. Standard scores.

The raw scores on a standardized test are converted to derived scores during the norming of the test. Attempts are made to obtain norm groups that contain a sample of students like those for whom the test is intended. National norms, for example, typically include students from the various geographic regions of the United States, urban and rural schools, and schools of different size. A balance of boys and girls, socioeconomic levels, and ethnic groups is also sought. Thus, national norms should approximate as closely as possible the student population throughout the United States. The same care is typically also followed in obtaining regional, state, and special group norms (e.g., private schools). Despite the care in obtaining norm groups, however, the obtained sample of students only approximates the ideal sample, due to such constraints as the needed cooperation of selected schools to administer the tests and the time limits for obtaining the norm sample.

After the norm groups have been selected and the tests administered and scored, the raw scores are converted to derived scores and presented in the test manual in tables of norms. These tables present the raw scores and derived scores in columns so that a raw score can be converted into a derived score by going across the parallel columns from the raw score to the derived score. Of course, the printout from machine scoring will give both the raw score and the derived score.

Before using the derived scores from a standardized test, it is wise to consider the nature of the norm group. Does the norm group provide a relevant basis for interpreting student performance? How was the norm group obtained? When were the norms obtained? We can obtain the most meaningful norm-referenced interpretation of test scores when the norms are relevant, representative, and up to date.

A final caution. The scores in the norm group should not be viewed as goals or standards. They are simply the scores that a representative group of students have earned on the test. They aid in interpreting and comparing test performance, but they do not represent levels of performance to strive for. They are average or typical scores obtained in average or typical schools.


in description Writing Assignment Help

or today, you’ll submit –

  • your text annotations for readings five-six
  • a rhetorical précis and your response questions for readings five-six

Readings Five-Six

Text Annotations

Submit your text annotations. To create your annotations, you may use Adobe Acrobat (see directions below). You may also convert pdfs to Word and use Word tools to annotate, print texts and handwrite your annotations, or choose another method that works for you. Try to produce a single document for each annotated text.

Rhetorical Precis Instructions

Write all précis on a single, continuous document as shown in the template to minimize the number of attachments.

In addition to the précis, you will respond to the following questions after the précis for each source, providing specific details:

    • Using the CRAAP test, how sound is this source and why?
    • What do you find strong or especially agree with based on your current understanding and why?
    • What do you find weak, fallacious, or especially disagree with based on your current understanding and why?
    • Has your thinking about your chosen topic changed as a result of this source and why/why not?
    • How might you use this source in an essay you might write?


Human Resource Recommendation Writing Assignment Help

Assume for this assignment that you are being highly considered for a director-level HR management position for a best-in-class national retailer. You are in the final phase of the interview process and must respond to the interview panel regarding specific questions and scenarios that will help them determine if you are a good fit for the new role. The company’s culture is centered on the effective development of strategy, plans, and selection criteria aimed at building and sustaining a competitive and profitable organization. It will be extremely important that you respond with a strategic mindset in order to convince the organization you are able to help them ensure the execution of the business strategy.

Write a six to seven (6-7) page paper in which you:

  • Analyze different types of strategies (cost leadership, differentiation, and focus/niche) and select which one you would deem more appropriate for an “efficiency-minded” retail organization and explain your rationale. How would the selected strategy ultimately affect how HR does its job?
  • Examine the four (4) approaches to job design/redesign and provide an example (not a definition) of each. Then, make a case to the interviewing panel on the importance of effective job design applications in supporting the overall strategic goals of the organization.
  • Consider challenges and constraints associated with recruiting workers and identify and discuss at least two (2) issues. What advice would you give to ease your selected issues? Be specific.
  • List and describe 2–3 candidate selection process ideas that might add value and overall effectiveness to the process. HINT: http://www.selectinternational.com/blog/bid/147051/5-Tips-for-Designing-an-Effective-Employee-Selection-System. Also, what problems should HR and management teams avoid during the selection process?
  • Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:
  1. Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  2. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment (with running head), the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required page length.
  3. Include a reference page. Citations and references must follow APA format. The reference page is not included in the required page length. Use the Strayer University Library at https://research.strayer.edu to locate additional sources to support your work.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ to locate additional sources to support your work.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ to locate additional sources to support your work.


https://anyessayhelp.com/ to locate additional sources to support your work.


w4 discussions Humanities Assignment Help

w4 discussions Humanities Assignment Help

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