Wearable Technologies Writing Assignment Help

Wearable Technologies Writing Assignment Help. Wearable Technologies Writing Assignment Help.

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A large communications technology manufacturer desires to develop, manufacture, and sell new devices based on this week’s technologies that complement its current line of communications products. Management has asked you or your team to perform a feasibility study that analyzes the potential of the technology. Use the initial additional readings and templates for this week as a guide in producing the study.

Write a feasibility study including a SWOT analysis for this Module’s Technologies Paper (Student to create their own title for the paper). The paper should free from spelling errors, grammatically correct, third person, and written in a professional tone. The paper should be 1000 words minimum.

See week 1 Wearable tech template.

If you are not sure what topic to discuss in your Module 01 Assignment, here is a potential list of subjects:

Smart Watches
Virtual Reality Headset (PS4 / Xbox / Gaming)
Garmin Forerunner (GPS Running watch)

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Write a 750-1,000-word paper about your selected diagnosis; PTSD, psychology homework help Humanities Assignment Help


Select a diagnosis from the following:

  1. PTSD ********** This is my preference, please*************
  2. Anorexia Nervosa
  3. Schizophrenia
  4. Bipolar Disorder
  5. Insomnia
  6. Other type of diagnosis with instructor approval

Write a 750-1,000-word paper about your selected diagnosis. Use headings and include the following in your paper:

  1. A brief summary of the chosen disorder that includes symptoms, prevalence, development, and course according to the most recent version of the DSM
  2. An explanation of the types of tools that would be used in order to make a diagnosis of the disorder. One tool described should be the DSM‘s cross-cutting symptom measure.
  3. A minimum of two recommended psychological tests that could be used for the selected diagnosis
  4. For each of the tests listed, include an explanation if the test is considered reliable and valid (use the Mental Measurements Yearbook in the GCU Online Library for this information). The Mental Measurements Yearbook can be found by navigating to the following link, then scrolling to the Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print: http://library.gcu.edu/Database/Subject?subject=Co…
  5. Additional information about each test to include the price, length of time to administer, and any other relevant information
  6. Why wouldn’t a personality assessment be an appropriate tool for diagnosis?

Include at least three scholarly references in addition to the textbook in your paper. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

**In addition to the paper, provide an answer for the two question below. No minimum word count – please include references.**

1) How is information about personal values used in career counseling? Is it important? Why or why not? How can personal religious or spiritual values play into career counseling?

2) What kinds of interest inventories might you use in your counseling practice? Why?


Organizational Chart and Operations Chart for UBER. Business Finance Assignment Help

Part 3: Organizational Chart and Operations Chart (Topic 4)

Organizational structure is a factor in implementing your plan. Using a graphic organizer, create an organization chart. Be sure the graphic organizer describes the relationships between people.

Completing the “Operations Chart,” begins to provide a plan of how strategic initiative is executed. Be sure the “Operations Chart” is in the context of the Organization Chart.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.



data modelling, normalization and Implementing a database, programming homework hlep Programming Assignment Help

This assignment calls for you to create the logical model for a relational database based

on a problem statement, and physically implement the database using SQL. There are two

parts to the assignment. Part 1 is the data modeling and normalization of a data set into a

3NF ERD. Part 2 is writing the SQL script to physically implement the tables, populate

them with sample data, and query all of the records.

Part 1: Data modeling and normalization

Create the logical model for the following problem statement. Use Crow’s Foot notation

form to illustrate the ERD, and use dependency diagrams to demonstrate functional

dependencies in 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF as deliverables for the assignment.

Problem Statement:

ABC Real Estate is a very small real estate company owned by James Good. In fact, the

company is so small that James is the only agent in the company. He wants to have a

database that keeps track of key information for his company. Of course, property

information is very important. James wants to be able to store the address (street, city

state, and zip) for each property. He also wants to track the number of bedrooms and

bathrooms and the listing price for each property. Some properties are single-family

homes. For these properties, he wants to store the lot size. For condominiums, he wants

to know the monthly association fee. Information about the area in which each property is

located is also important. James wants to track the name of the area, along with the names

of the schools, including the high school, elementary school, and middle school. He also

wants to store general comments about the area. James uses a variety of advertising

outlets, such as newspapers, magazines, and Web sites, to advertise the properties he is

selling. He wants to track which outlets are used to advertise each property. Keep in mind

that a property may be advertised several times in the same outlet. James also wants to

know when each ad was placed and how much the ad cost. The database must also store

the name and main phone number of the outlet.

Information about each client must also be stored, including first and last names, main

contact phone number, and email address. James wants the database to track which client

sells each property and which client buys each property. Remember that different clients

sell and buy each property. James pays past clients for referring others to his company.

When such referrals result in a sale, he pays the referring client a small fee. Although a

client may earn many fees, James will only pay once for a referred client.

Finally, James sometimes sells properties that are listed by other companies. For these

properties, he wants the database to track which company listed the property. He also

wants to store basic information about each company, including name and phone number.

Part 2: Physically Implementing the Database

Write one SQL script that will create the database, populate it with at least five sample

records, and generate a report to show the records in each table. Provide the SQL script as

a deliverable for the assignment.


Law Enforcement Scandal, Week Seven Research Paper help Humanities Assignment Help


The Research Paper is the focal point for the class. It will demonstrate your ability to think critically and properly analyze a major scandal in Law Enforcement. You will need to do research outside of your required readings. Some good examples would be the Rodney King incident, the Rampart Scandal or Boston Police cocaine trafficking. You need to define the incident, the major players, and most importantly how the scandal affected law enforcements relationship with the community.

This is a college level, 10 page, research paper. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and in APA format using Arial 12-point font with 1 inch margins. Remember, this is a research paper so a majority of it will be cited. You should have at least five references for this paper. This paper will be graded not only on content, but also grammar, spelling and structure with strict adherence to the APA format. You will also be required to provide a title page and bibliography of the work cited in the paper. The research paper is worth 150 points.

Save your paper as a .doc with your name and the assignment name in the file, using Last Name_Assignment. So, if your name was Alicia Jackson, and this is Essay 1, you would title it Jackson_Essay 1. Upload your research paper here.



No Plagiarism Please! Business Finance Assignment Help

Utilizing the Step-by-Step MRP Calculation Process, students will solve the following MRP problem given: Product A is an end item and is made from two units of B and four of C. B is made of three units of D and two of E. Product C is made of two units of F and two of E. Product A has a lead-time of one week. Products B, C and E have lead-times of two weeks. Products D and F have a lead-time of three weeks.

a. Show the bill of material (product structure tree). b. If 100 units of A are required in week 10, develop the MRP planning schedule, specifying when items are to be ordered and received. There are currently no units of inventory on hand.

1,200-1,500 words

No Plagiarism Please! Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

creating a storyboard for an application, computer science homework help Computer Science Assignment Help

Sound harder than it looks but its not. Get this done miraculously by tomorrow at Midnight and ill tip an extra $20.

Paper, story board and wire frame should be 3 separate documents.

Week 1

This week, you will begin by creating a storyboard for an application.

Using any graphic resources, such as scanning hand-sketched paper drawings or using Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop, create a simple storyboard to examine a possible project and unify a team around a design.

To do so, complete the following tasks:

  • In a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, propose an application, that is, small software which performs a service on a mobile device or on a smart phone or tablet.
  • Make the purpose small and achievable. For example, imagine an application that constantly keeps you updated on what is happening in the class, with classmates posting and commenting on your work and assignments. Be sure to explain the purpose of your proposed application.

  • Create at least six screens representing various states of the interface depending on what the user does or selects. Using images, demonstrate how an application like this might work: Open and close screen options and simple branching

Note: Do not use any video in this application. Just develop a storyboard, which can be created on paper and then scanned or use Drawing or Diagramming in Google Drive.

Week 2

Continuing with the assignment you started in Week 1, in this assignment, you will study how the design requirements for an application are captured. In Week 1, you created a storyboard. This week, you will analyze the design requirements and create a wireframe for your application.

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, research how the design requirements for a project may be specified.

Click here to view a video that will introduce you to Google Sites. You need to create something along the lines of rapid prototyping with Google Sites and Drives.

Based on your research and readings and viewings in the week, add a minimum of three pages to the Microsoft Word document from W1 Assignment 3 to include the answers to the following questions:

  • Are decision trees, navigation maps, and storyboards enough for your design to represent the hierarchy of information or do you require an additional tool for the same? Give reasons in support of your answer.
  • Is it important to map the physical interaction of users with the design requirements of the intended interface? Why can’t we perform both of these activities in isolation? Give reasons for your answer.

Additionally, continuing with the assignment you started in Week 1 Assignment 3,complete the following tasks:

  • For the proposed application in Week 1 Assignment 3, develop a wireframe of your design. This can be developed in any tool you are comfortable with or with Google Drive Drawing, but the emphasis of evaluation will be on the quality and depth of the design decisions you make. Identify your users and imagine how they might work. The wireframe must be submitted to the W2 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Week 3

This week, you will continue with the detailed assignment you started in Week 1.

In Week 1, you created a storyboard for your application, and in Week 2, you created a wireframe for the application. This week, you need to document user goals.

In the Microsoft Word document you created in W2 Assignment 2, add 2–3 pages to complete the following tasks:

  • Perform a task analysis, and write the steps needed to complete the task. You can divide a task into subtasks. Use appropriate task scenarios.
  • In your design, also consider the futuristic Google Glass or Microsoft Surface project and imagine how technology such as this could change your existing design.

As you work on the design, you can refer to the Futuristic Technology category in the Webliography to know more about these technologies.

Support your answers with appropriate examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.


Developing a MM Research Plan, Mixed method help Writing Assignment Help

Developing a MM Research Plan .

Research Proposal Components

Please include the following;




• Introduction and Problem Statement (~ 4 paragraphs)

Summary of the literature framing history of the issue, using at

least 10 articles related to the problem

Gaps and/or deficiencies in prior research

Importance of present study = Why the study should be pursued

and for whom is it important

• Purpose of the Study (1 paragraph)

• Nature of the Study and Research Questions (with hypotheses as


Include the type of study design here, please. Briefly describe

the key study variables (independent, dependent, covariate, and

such) in quantitative components and concept/phenomenon in

qualitative components. More details are requested in the methods

section of this paper.

• Conceptual Framework (whatever it takes, length-wise)

Theoretical and conceptual bases and origins of or sources for

theory and description of concepts

Contexts that informed the framework

Where and how theory has been applied and concepts evidenced

in previous literature

Rationale for conceptual lens

State how the framework relates to the study approach and key

research questions, as well as to the instrument development and

data analysis, where appropriate.

• Operational Definitions. Any specialized terms you are including, or

variables under investigation in the study, must be defined. For variables

under study, your definition should be an operational definition (the tool

or instrument that is used to measure the concept represented by the

variable). Define terms used in the study that have multiple meanings

(Do not include common terms or terms that can easily be looked up in

a dictionary.) Include citations that identify support in the professional

literature for each definition.

• Assumptions.

Clarify aspects of the study that are believed but cannot be

demonstrated to be true. Only include assumptions critical to the

meaningfulness of the study.


the reasons

why the assumption(s)

was (were)


in the context of the study

• Limitations.

Describe limitations of the study related to design and/or

methodological weaknesses (including issues related to limitations

of internal and external validity, construct validity, and confounder


Describe any biases that could influence study outcomes and

how they are addressed.


Describe reasonable measures to address limitations

• Scope and Delimitations. Delimitations describe the “bounds” of the

study and the sample being used to test the hypotheses.

◦ Conclusion.

APA format


Cost-Voulme-Profit Analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Purpose of Assignment

The Case Study focuses on CVP (Cost-Volume-Profit), break-even, and margin of safety analyses which allows students to experience working through a business scenario and applying these tools in managerial decision making.

Assignment Steps

Resources: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Tutorial help on Excel® and Word functions can be found on the Microsoft® Office website. There are also additional tutorials via the web offering support for Office products.

Scenario: Mary Willis is the advertising manager for Bargain Shoe Store. She is currently working on a major promotional campaign. Her ideas include the installation of a new lighting system and increased display space that will add $24,000 in fixed costs to the $270,000 in fixed costs currently spent. In addition, Mary is proposing a 5% price decrease ($40 to $38) will produce a 20% increase in sales volume (20,000 to 24,000). Variable costs will remain at $24 per pair of shoes. Management is impressed with Mary’s ideas but concerned about the effects these changes will have on the break-even point and the margin of safety.

Complete the following:

  • Compute the current break-even point in units, and compare it to the break-even point in units if Mary’s ideas are used.
  • Compute the margin of safety ratio for current operations and after Mary’s changes are introduced (Round to nearest full percent).
  • Prepare a CVP (Cost-Volume-Profit) income statement for current operations and after Mary’s changes are introduced.

Prepare a maximum 700-word informal memo to management addressing Mary’s suggested changes.

  • Explain whether Mary’s changes should be adopted. Why or why not? Analyze the above information (three bullet points above) and use this information to support your suggestion.

Show your work in Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Complete calculations/computations using Microsoft® Word or Excel®.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


Mile High Cycles Individual Case Write-Up, assignment help Business Finance Assignment Help



Before you prepare your written case analysis, review “Case Analysis” and “Requirements for Written Cases” in the Course Overview. Grades for the written case analysis will not be posted until the discussion of Mile High Cycles is completed.

Answer the following questions:

  1. Using the approach discussed in Week 3, Presentation 3, develop a 2004 flexible budget, and compute the flexible – actual variances.
  2. Determine direct cost variances (six for Frame; four each for Wheel and Final) and two overhead variances.
  3. What is causing these variances? Do you see any patterns or relationships among the variances that suggest possible causes?


Wearable Technologies Writing Assignment Help

Wearable Technologies Writing Assignment Help

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