week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help

week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help. week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help.

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This is the format the teacher looking for

  1. Use ONE Excel file
  2. Your first worksheet within that file should be your name and the assignment title
  3. Put ONE problem on each separate worksheet within that file
  4. Label each worksheet with the chapter and problem number (i.e., Ch3-pr8)
  5. Include ALL formulas in the function ribbon for each cell so I can check your work
  6. HIGHLIGHT your final answers (I don’t care what color, as long as I can read the answer)

I do apologize that I could not put all the questions in the description due to the pictures associated with.

In the excel file every part of the question must be on 1 sheet. I.E. problem 1 a-d should all be on the same sheet

week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

Unit 5 Individual Project Current Rehabilitation Issues Business Finance Assignment Help

Written assignment on strategies for classifying and treating offenders (10-12 pages)
Based on the seven (7) types of offender rehabilitation treatments:
•Substance abuse
•Sex offender
How should offenders and treatment needs be determined and classified?
These programs have been proven to assist numerous offender populations, but there are no clear guidelines that address how or when they should be implemented within correctional institutions. In this assignment, students will select 5 of the 7 types of rehabilitative treatments to analyze and discuss.
Assignment Guidelines
•Select five (5) of the rehabilitative treatment types from the list above.
•Write 5-6 pages that address the following: ◦The name and purpose of each selected rehabilitative treatment
◦The scope of the treatments ◾What conditions or problems do the programs aim to treat?
◾What are the limitations of the programs?
◾What type(s) of offenders should be treated?
◾How you classify offenders and treatment needs?
◦The effectiveness of the programs within your rehabilitative treatment categories ◾What types of offenders are ideal candidates for these types of treatments?
◾Be sure to use examples to support your explanation.
In 3-4 additional pages, discuss the impact that one of your selected rehabilitative treatments has had on the field of corrections and society’s view of offender rehabilitation within the last 10 years.
Please submit your assignment.
For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.


Earned Value Assignment, Revise assignment with instructors comments Programming Assignment Help

The original assignment was: The most common method for determining project progress and, ultimately, project success is called Earned Value. The attached PowerPoint presentation explains this quite well using an example to help you understand it. The complete the exercise attached. It asks you to determine the earned value of a few projects at certain points in their progress. One of the most tried and true methods of approaching this questions is to first draw a diagram of where the project was planned to be at this particular point in time. That will help you detrmine what was plannned so that you can then check for variance against what actuallly happened.

My initial submission is attached along with the Earned Value material. Please revise my original assignment with the instructors comments

Comments”The duration section at the bottom of the page needs to be a single entry not two. Task B and Task A for each scenario is not independent of each other, rather they are related to determine what the final relationship should be.”


Unit II Essay ( Standards for Healthcare) Health Medical Assignment Help

Unit II Essay

Write a three-page essay that identifies your goals. Use the following timeframes as a guide, or identify your own timeline if

already established.

Short-term: 6 months–2 years

Mid-range: 3–5 years

Long-term: 5–8 years

Your essay, at a minimum, should address the issues below.

Include all four types of goals presented in the lesson.

Identify the personal skills you will need to attain your goals.

Briefly discuss your action plan for meeting them.

Discuss the value or impact that meeting the goals will have on your life and on your contribution to the healthcare


Your essay should be a minimum of three pages in length, not including the title or reference pages.

You must use at least three outside sources, including the textbook. All sources used must be referenced; paraphrased and

quoted material must have accompanying citations. All references and citations must be in APA style.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.


journal assignment Writing Assignment Help


This journal assignment will help you reflect the classroom environment
and daily schedule. Think about the arrangement of the classroom and
the flow of the daily schedule. Do the children have free access to all
materials and supplies they need? Does the flow of the schedule allow
ample time for freeplay and small group activities? What recommendations would you make to ensure quality learning opportunities were in place?

The Assignment
Complete the Reflective Journal assignment using the topic assigned.

This assignment fulfills/supports

  • Module Outcome One: You will have identified components of effective environments and schedules to create positive learning environments for young children.
  • Course Outcomes One and Two: You
    will have functioned as an early childhood provider in a childcare of
    early childhood setting and implemented reflective and professional
  • General Education Competency Two: You will have used critical thinking to analyze problems and make logical decisions.

Journal Topic

about the schedule and the classroom arrangement in your practicum
site. How does the schedule and the environment assist children with
their behaviors? How does the schedule and the environment act as the
third teacher? Do the children have enough time to engage in learning


NAEYC Standards Summary – document is attached.

NAEYC Standards for Two Year Programs – NCFELD Standards Summary

Acceptable Length
The journal must be a minimum of 3 paragraphs, each paragraph must be a minimum 10 sentences in length.

first paragraph should contain a description of the event, activity, or
interaction that pertains to the topic. Be specific and detailed to
give a clear understanding of the event, activity or interaction you
have selected.

second paragraph should contain one NAEYC Sub-Standard (ex. 5c) from
the standard summary document that is attached to the assignment. You
should reflect upon how this sub-standard is applicable/appropriate to
the first paragraph. Give detailed information that relates the NAEYC
sub-standard you selected to the event, activity, or interaction from
the first paragraph.

third paragraph is your chance to reflect on the event, activity, or
interaction. As you reflect, think about what you learned, what could
have been done better or differently, or what went exceptionally well.
Perhaps this will cause you to change your practice with children and
families. Remember this is your chance to respond honestly and think
about your role as an early childhood professional. How have you grown
as a professional? These are all suggested to help you reflect, it is
not necessary to include all the suggestions in your reflective

Grading Criteria

Journals are worth 100% and are 2% of your overall grade.

  • 10 points are deducted if an NAEYC Sub-Standard is not included in the second paragraph.
  • 5 points are deducted if the sub-standard is included but it is not relevant to the event, activity, or interaction.
  • 10 points are deducted if three paragraphs are not included
  • 10 points are deducted if the minimum 10 sentence requirement is not met in all three paragraphs.
  • 0 – 10 points are deducted for spelling and grammar
  • 0 – 15 points are deducted if the event, activity, or interaction does not relate to the given topic.



create npv analysis Business Finance Assignment Help

Suppose you are consultant for a farmer who owns 100 acres of usable land. She wants to plant some combination of corn and wheat on the land. She wants you to build a spreadsheet that will calculate NPV and IRR based on her estimates for costs and revenues related to this project.

Create an NPV analysis template that the farmer can use to make the optimal investment decision. Use the following template.

Excel HW #4 – template.xlsx

“Assumptions” Tab

  • Insert placeholder data of your choosing into yellow input cells
  • Create dynamic calculations for all non-input cells

“Worksheet” tab

  • Create dynamic calculations using data from assumptions tab

“ROI” Tab

  • Create dynamic cash flow calculations for each year using data from the other tabs
  • Use excel formulas to calculate NPV and IRR based on the net cash flow data
  • Use conditional formatting to indicate when the NPV and IRR indicate a good investment

“Scenarios” Tab

  • Answer the questions relating to each scenario using your completed spreadsheet as the calculator

Seek help from classmates and/or TAs as necessary. Upload your completed file to Canvas prior to the due date

create npv analysis Business Finance Assignment Help[supanova_question]

See the below discussion questions Business Finance Assignment Help

Respond with at least 250 words for each of the following questions.

  1. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the law enforcement community in the next 25 years? Explain why, and include a solution.
  2. After reading Ashley J. Craw’s article, “Call to Arms: Civil Disorder Following Hurricane Katrina Warrants Attack on the A Posse Comitatus Act,” do you agree or disagree with her viewpoint that the amendments made to the Insurrection Act in 2006 are insufficient to properly and effectively deal with large scale natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005, because of the limitations of the Posse Comitatus Act?


Investing in stocks can be risky. Mathematics Assignment Help

Investing in stocks can be risky. Depending on the amount invested, a person stands to lose or gain a significant amount of money. Because of this, people use various metrics and measures to determine whether or not to invest in a specific stock.

You have been given $5000 to invest in any stock on any stock exchange. Select any stock from any exchange. Using ten different stock prices over the past month, calculate the mean price of the stock, the range of the ten stock prices, and the standard deviation.

Because the standard deviation is a measure of variation, based on the standard deviation explain why or why not you would invest in this particular stock.

*Example Template

Snap Inc. Ticker Symbol SNAP

Date Close Price Deviation Deviation Squared

Feb. 27th $16.32 -2.105 4.431025

Feb 26th $17.09 -1.335 1.782225

Feb 23rd $17.45 -.975 .950625

Feb 22nd $17.51 -.915 .837225

Feb 21st $18.64 .215 .046225

Feb 20th $18.93 .505 0.255025

Feb 16th $20.42 1.995 3.980025

Feb 15th $19.75 1.325 1.755625

Feb 14th $19.56 1.135 1.288225

Feb 13th $18.58 .155 .024025

Stock Price Mean = 18.425

Range of 10 day data set = $4.1

Avg Standard Deviation squared = 1.535025

Standard Deviation = 1.23896126


Assignment 2: Fieldwork Observation Task Humanities Assignment Help

Assignment 2: Fieldwork Observation Task

Fieldwork Observation: Overview

In this course, you will experience a fieldwork placement designed to introduce you to professionals and to specialized practices in the field of forensic psychology. This assignment will help you learn how to apply the knowledge learned in this course in the real world as well as develop and polish your networking skills.

In Module 1, you will investigate and develop a list of potential fieldwork locations for observing and talking with forensic psychology professionals. Develop a list of at least three potential placements. There is a wide range of professionals who work within the legal and correctional systems. Your interaction with these professionals can be face-to-face, as with a tour of a facility or an interview, or it can occur over the phone when face-to-face meetings are not practical.

You have three fieldwork-related assignments in this course.

To prepare for your fieldwork, perform the following tasks:

  • Develop a plan in Module 2 in which you identify options and develop time lines for the fieldwork you will complete throughout the course.
  • Document plans for specific days and times for the observation and conversation scheduled for fieldworks to be conducted.
  • Actively plan, reconfirm, and conduct fieldwork activities; however, the actual scheduling of these activities may be staggered to accommodate fieldwork practitioner’s schedules.
  • Develop alternate plans in the event one or more scheduled activities might be cancelled.

Your fieldwork observation should include the following:

  • Name of the professional
  • Affiliation of the professional
  • Degrees and licensure
  • Types of training in forensic psychology (if applicable)
  • Primary job responsibilities
  • Client population served
  • Any ethical conflicts the professional routinely encounters
  • Recommendations to a graduate student in forensic psychology
  • Other observations as deemed appropriate
  • Reflection on what you learned from the fieldwork experience

By Module 2, you should have a schedule for conducting your fieldwork assignment so that you can submit a fieldwork plan in M2 Assignment 1. You will report on the fieldwork experience in M3 Assignment 2 RA 1.

It is crucial to contact individuals this week in order to arrange a time to meet or converse with them as many of them may have busy schedules and will need advance notice.

Identify Potential Fieldwork Locations

In this module, you will investigate and identify options for observing and discussing with professionals on various aspects of forensic psychology at work in the legal system. The fieldwork observation can occur at a variety of facilities and with a range of professionals, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Forensic psychology professionals in private practice
  • Forensic psychology professionals working in a correctional setting
  • Mental health professionals in facilities providing forensic services such as community-based treatment for offenders or crisis centers accepting involuntarily admitted patients
  • Attorneys who work with forensic psychology professionals as in family law, personal injury for psychological damages, or with issues of competency and criminal responsibility
  • Police departments

Note: Some police departments may only use psychology professionals on a consulting basis. Therefore, it would be helpful to inquire at the local police agency about whether it has a psychology professional among the staff or whether it uses one as a consultant for preemployment evaluations. You may also want to speak with polygraph administrators who assess offenders.

  • Mental health professionals at juvenile detention centers and mental health professionals who provide services to victims of abuse and sexual assault in public and private agencies
  • Polygraph administrators who assess offenders
  • Mental health professionals who work with children and adolescents involved in the legal system, such as juvenile courts


In a minimum of 250 words, respond to the following:

  • Develop a list of three potential fieldwork locations.
  • Describe why each might be of interest and value. Also, include any additional information gathered about each location.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Submission Details:

  • By the due date assigned, post your responses to this Discussion Area.
  • Through the end of the module, respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. While responding, compare the similarities and differences between what you have constructed and what your classmates have.
Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Quality of initial posting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions


Quality of responses to classmates


Frequency of responses to classmates


Reference to supporting readings and other materials


Language and grammar





Culinary Arts ​Country Presentation Powerpoint Humanities Assignment Help

I was assigned the country of Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the International cuisine (the international culinary schools at the art institutes) textbook pg 742. In addition to information in the text, I need you to include significant food related content to help round out the
knowledge of the area and one video about the cusine in this country.

Areas to address:

Culinary heritage

Prominent dishes

Country sizes and location (compare the size of the country to a state in america)

How geography/ religion/ weather affects the foods available.

The presentation must include a powerpoint or other similar media.

Presentation should last 20-25 minutes.

Q&A will happen after the ending time and is not included in the presentation.


week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help

week 10 hw Business Finance Assignment Help

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